File racoon.conf_macros.patch of Package ipsec-tools

diff -ruN ipsec-tools-0.7-orig/src/racoon/samples/ ipsec-tools-0.7/src/racoon/samples/
--- ipsec-tools-0.7-orig/src/racoon/samples/	2006-09-09 16:22:36.000000000 +0000
+++ ipsec-tools-0.7/src/racoon/samples/	2008-01-26 18:44:40.000000000 +0000
@@ -4,15 +4,15 @@
 # "include" directive with relative file path.
 # you can overwrite "path" directive afterwards, however, doing so may add
 # more confusion.
-path include "@sysconfdir_x@/racoon";
+path include "@sysconfdir@";
 #include "remote.conf";
 # the file should contain key ID/key pairs, for pre-shared key authentication.
-path pre_shared_key "@sysconfdir_x@/racoon/psk.txt";
+path pre_shared_key "@sysconfdir@/psk.txt";
 # racoon will look for certificate file in the directory,
 # if the certificate/certificate request payload is received.
-path certificate "@sysconfdir_x@/cert";
+path certificate "@sysconfdir@/cert";
 # "log" specifies logging level.  It is followed by either "notify", "debug"
 # or "debug2".
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