File flrig.changes of Package flrig

Sat Dec 30 08:09:17 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 2.0.05
- MinGW compile warning
  * fix to remove warning
- FT 891/991/991A
  *  correct start up method
- TMD710
  * add gett, sett trace statements to aid in debuggin
- IC705
  * update DV mode/bandwidths
- vector interpolator
- qmx14
  * update to AG get/set
    . change flrig AG control to be RF gain as that is
      the parameter most closely akin to the system gain
      that is controlled by the AG command set.  Phone
      audio output is not controlled by AG command.
  * update to MD get/set
- Documentation Overhaul
  * Change document structure
  * Add missing elements
  * Change xcvr naming for consistency in a product line
  * Update documentation source and source files as required
    . add missing transceivers
    . organize help files to generate a manual more easily
      searched and used by first time users
  * edited by Cliff Scott, AE5ZA, and David Freese, W1HKJ
- mingw64 warnings
  * code changes to eliminate compile warnings on mingw64
- XMLrpc get_swr
  *  Add new xmlrpc class
  *  Update PowerSDR class
- K4 update
  * submitted by Harry, W5PNY
  * hide opBW
  * set mode/bw relationship when set at xcvr or flrig
- Value Wheel Slider
  * fltk value_slider incorrectly draws '-0' when changing
    from a small negative value to zero.
    this is a force fix outside of the widget code
- xml client fix
  * bypass transceiver check() if executing as an xml client
- FT710 bug fix
  * vfoB frequency incorrectly parsed
- xml trace
- Test mode
  * allow NONE selection for all serial ports
- UI cosmetics
  * Change all occurances of 'Hang' to 'Delay'
- gcc 13 mingw fixes
  * changes needed for mingw build
- SWR xmlrpc
  * add get_SWR
    . returns string representing SWR in floating point
      a conversion from meter reading to SWR value
- Serial Port ID
  * add last used port to combos
- FreeBSD fixes
  * Submitted by Diane Bruce, FreeBSD maintainer
- FLTK 1.4.x / gcc 12
  * changes for fltk/gcc compatability

Wed Oct 11 15:03:03 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 2.0.04
- FLEX-1500
  * update to transceiver class methods
  * add new function wait_string for ASCII cat string processing
  * correct passband tuning
    . activate only for variable filters
  * change User Interface for controlling
    . mode
    . bandwidth
    . passband tuning
    . filter selection
  * tweak UI positions and sizes
- serial-i/o
  * restore end of string testing in ReadBuffer method
- Serial trace
  * restore serial_trace inhibit
- PowerSDR
  * change methods to use wait_string vice wait_char
- rigbase
  * add wait_string function
- IC7300
  * autostart code modification
- Serial read
  * more tuning of read serial method
    . remove dependency on find2, find2 strings
    . simplify parsing of return string for Icom echo
- Code cleanup
  * correct compile warnings
- FT991
  * remove get split FR command reference.  not available in 991
- IC7851
  * fix set/get modes
- PowerSDR
  * read voltmeter issue in xcvr software
    . disable in flrig PowerSDR class
  * change read methods for
    . noise reduction
    . swr
    . squelch
- Icom Echo
  * modify read code to make impervious to the state of ECHO at transceiver
  * improve Windows serial readbuffer and setcommtimeouts
  * disable serial write delay

Sat Aug 26 06:05:40 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 2.0.03
- SmartSDR
  * add support for Flex SmartSDR
- ALC image
  * Add new ALC 40dB scale for PowerSDR
- FTdx10 metering
  * add Idd and Vdd meterinig
- IC9700
  * correct get_sat_mode
- xmlrpc_rig
  * add ability to connect to an executing flrig anywhere on
    localhost, LAN, or WAN.
    . set address and port on "client" configuration tab
    . select "xmlrig" from serial port select control
    . only works with transceivers using serial streams for
      sending and receiving transceiver CAT data
    . uses target flrig xmlrpc interface commands

Fri Jul  7 07:26:30 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 2.0.02
- ic735 bw
  * remove has_bandwidth_control
- KX2
  * Add separate class for KX2 based on KX3
  * correct bandwidth table for KX3
- ui controls
  * fix label sizes
- flex 1500
  * remove startup reference to tci centers array
- rigs array
  * change xcvr order in rigs[]
- FTdx3000/9000
  * update mode lists
- FT991A agc
  * fix to annunciate AUTOr,  submitted by Dave, KZ1O
- xmlrpc alert
  * add indication when xmlrpc server active
  * add qrp_labs QMX transceiver
- sdr2 select
  * correct operation of select A/B channels
  * correct Smeter parsing
    . display for Rx #
    . display for Channel A/B
- tci interface
  * fix various issues with slice vice channel
  * fix various issues with set/get mode
  * add tci "sendCommand"

Tue May 30 18:40:18 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 2.0.01
- QDX has bandwidth
  * restore "has_bandwidth_control = true" to class instantiation.
    . needed to satisfy wsjtx xmlrpc client's request for bandwidth.
  * change rigbase default bandwidth (used if has_bandwidth_control is false)
    . was "NONE"
    . change to "3000"
- DSP-L/DSP-H bws
  * fix bws transfer to xmlrpc client; effects all transceivers
    with DSP-L and DSP-H bandwidth selectors
  * fix set_bw to correctly handle H/L as well simple BW parameter
- TS990 meters
  * add missing meters
- K3, KX3, K4 controls
  * update bandwidth controls to support both A and B independently
  * update xmlrpc bandwidth interface
- xmlrpc get bandwidth
  * ignore transceivers that do not support variable bandwidth or
    bandwidth tables
- rigbase vectors
  * failed to properly initialize rigbase vectors
    . only effects transceivers without either mode,
      bandwidth, or DSP controls; such as Yaesu FT-847
- fltk.1.4 mods
  * fltk-1.4.x compatability
- Missing FT987D
  * add missing instantiation code

Mon May 22 15:35:39 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 2.0.0
  * new rigs FT710, QDX - Digital Transceiver
  * lots of improvements an bug fixes

Fri Mar 10 23:04:58 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.8
  * new rigs IC751 ICR71
  * lots of improvements an bug fixes

Wed Aug  3 05:34:44 UTC 2022 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.7
  * Maintenance release
  * add missing image files to repository
  * fix failure to set new vfo A/B when selected from memory manager

Tue Jul 26 06:56:29 UTC 2022 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.6
  * Maintenance release
  Yaesu microphone gain
    * change scaling for these transceivers:
      . FTDX1200, FTDX3000, FTDX101D, and FTDX10
  Icom mode_type
    * add missing mode_type tables:
     . IC728
     . IC735
  Yaesu split
    * modify read split to monitor eeprom address when xcvr is in Rx.
      . FT857D
      . FT817BB
    * fix for min-gw builds
  SunSDR2 CW bandwidths
    * Change CW bandwidths in tcisdr transceiver class
  IC7600 mods
    * corrections and additions to code marked ALH
  IC9700 satellite support
    * add satellite support
  7300 FM CW
    * fix BW control problem when one vfo set to CW and the other to FM.
      . bandwidth table element "bandwidths_" not updated during
        select vfo operation.
      . deprecate use of 7300 swapAB command 0x07 0xB0 and use flrig
        internal swapAB processing.  Icom swap is simply to activate
        the alternate vfo.  flrig internal swap results in physically
        changing vfo A and B contents including filters and bandwidths.
        Emulates the Kenwood swap.
    * deprecated use of pass by reference in trace support functions
      printXCVRSTATE(XCVR_STATE ...) and *print(XCVR_STATE ...)
      to avoid parameter contamination by sibling thread access.
      Thanks Mike. "Hast thou killed the Jabberwock"
  fsk fixes
    * flrig -> flrig FSK keying would drop characters and
      miss end of transmission characters.  problem resolved
  CW keyer enhancements
    * Add macro substitutions
      . MYCALL
      . MYNAME
      . MYQTH
      . CALL
      . NAME
    * Add contest number faculty
      . set current (starting) number
      . send current number
      . increment current number
    * transmit log
      . plain text file
      . date-time stamped entry for each transmission
    * Add import/export ADIF text files
  SunSDR2 tci bandwidth
    * USB and LSB bandwidths selectively centered at
      specified frequency
      . add center and width controls for LSB and USB
      . width only for other modes
      . selection of center frequency and width is unique
        to the tci interface.  ExpertSDR2 will recognize
        the tci cat string lower/upper filter frequencies as 'user'
  FTdx10 Power out
    * correct get power out
  Vd / Idd metering
    * add Vd and Idd metering
      . selectable with SWR, ALC, IDD image/sliders
      . update to Icom transceivers:
        IC7100.cxx, IC7300.cxx, IC7600.cxx, IC7610.cxx
        IC7700.cxx, IC7800.cxx, IC7851.cxx
      . update to Yaesu transceivers
        FT2000.cxx, FT5000.cxx, FT950.cxx, FT991.cxx
        FT991A.cxx, FTdx101D.cxx, FTdx3000.cxx
  FT101DxMP voltage scale
    . add 50 V voltage scale for the Yaesu FT101DxMP
    * add support for SunSDR2 series of transceivers
      . serial support via virtual device
      . tci support via socket interface
        address/port configurable by operator
    * add identification of /dev/tnt* virtual devices created
      by tty0tty.
    * add power limit control.  disallow power above % of max
      when power limiting enabled (can still be ursurped at xcvr)
  X6100 / G90
    * update methods based on user feedback
    * add G90 get_ptt method, submitted by Steven Hiscocks, M7IWH
  Serial trace
    * additional serial trace statements
      . debugging on M1 MacOS
  FT991A/FTdx3000 mods
    * VFO B set/get - correct query and control of VFO B
    * read and annunciate inital xcvr compression values
      . on/off
      . value
    * Add backend for QCX+, a Kenwood style command set
  TS570 Split
    * Correct get logic
  pts ports
    * add /dev/pts to serial port search path
    * set inuse when reading vfo A/B
    * modify waitN to wait_char and add gett statements
  FT817 defaults
    * change to default serial and polling values, recommended by K0OG.

Sat Mar 26 21:53:55 UTC 2022 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.5
  * Maintenance release
    . update documentation
    * added get set noise
  trace mod
    * change temp storage to simple std::string
  cwio xcvr compensation
    * allow user to adjust keydown/keyup timing to compensate
        for keying delays in transceiver.
  FT817 startup
    * wait short time interval after serial port open before
        sending commands.  needed for xcvrs with marginal firmware
        processing power
      * correct PTT sensing for FT817/8 series
  IC F8101
    * trace statement additions
    * class methods
  visible tab
    * Correct logic for restoring visible tab between
  Serial Trace
    * change ReadBuffer implementation
    * add pause control to trace viewing dialog
    * add \r to <cr> conversion
  Variable PTT
    * PTT signal line can be one of
      . OFF
      . BOTH
      . SET
      . GET
    * Allows mixed use of h/w, and serial ptt signals
    * rewrite class methods
  RX polling
    * Revise RX polling sequence:
      . group 1: PTT, SMETER, FREQ(A/B)  polled every pass
      . group 2:  MODE, BANDWIDTH
        sequentially polled every pass
        sequentially polled every pass
          - PTT : SMETER : VFO : MODE : VOLUME
          - PTT : SMETER : VFO : MODE : VOLUME
          - PTT : SMETER : VFO : MODE : NOTCH
  TABS tracking
    * keep track of last selected TAB in extras tab group
  FT 857/897/D
    * Update FT897/D mode table, methods.
    * Add trace statements to methods
    * Add timing delays to some methods
    * Decode mode allowing for undocumented return code
      0xFC packet 9600 baud
  TT Eagle
    * add trace statements to TT599 methods
  freq control
    * Modify input method
      . set mouse over control
      . arrow keys, pg-up, pg-dn, mouse wheel all active
      . keyboard entry of frequency
        - enter most significant digit
        - open float_input text widget
        - enter remaining numeric value
        - ESC terminate without using entry
        - ENTER terminate and assign entry
  Xiegu X6100
    * add X6100 backend, emulates Icom IC7000
  vfo AB
    * disallow changing inactive vfo digits unless supported by
    * Icom filter # annunciation
    * changes to compensate for busy radio, i.e.
      Changing modes, bands, writing memories, someone  pushing buttons
      etc.  It can (and most likely will) "miss" a command or corrupt the
      transmitted data.  When querying the radio one should be aware of this
      and be prepared to re-read the data.  When sending a command that involves
      the radio changing its configuration, the code needs to wait a couple of
      hundred milliseconds before sending another command or reading the response.
      This is particularly true of commands that involve several bytes of data
        . such as reading the receive frequency and mode
        . switching vfos.
        . changing the mode
      Always read the status of the radio back (after having modified it) to make
      certain that the changes "stick."
      If the serial port very "busy" (i.e. requesting a lot of data) the radio may
      respond to commands sluggishly, or it may even miss certain button presses
    * Insure that xml_server vfo reads are consistent with other transceiver
    * implement TRACED macro for tracking function/method calls
  Source structure
    * split support.cxx into separate functional files
    * add run time tracing using TRACED macro
  Start up values
    * correct display of start up value
      . vfo A/B
      . mode
      . bandwidth
    * correct macro to avoid compiler optimization
  fskio idle
    * change idle sleep time
      . accurate sleep(...) consumes cpu when not actually sending FSK
  Power SDR
    * update to get power out
  namespace std
    * remove all "using namespace std" code and replace with
      explicit usage "std::" to c++ library calls
  AGC controls
    * correct AGC values for IC7300
    * add missing AGC controls, FT991A
  IC705 update
    * add igett trace statements to various get methods
    * change power out control to 0...10 vice 0...100
  FT 817
    * initial vfo fiasco
  7300 power table
    * update lower values
  CW keydown
    * Add key down/up button to cwio dialog
  cwio fskio
    * testing external interface
  10 W Power scale
    * Add 10 W power scale
    * Correct power scale auto switching logic
  G90 update
    * Update iaw V1.0, Radioddity CAT/Digimode manual
      - added CW spot
      - added Auto Tune On/Off
    * added FT1000MP_A transceiver class
      . something fishy in Yaesu land.  flrig now supports separate
        classes for FT1000, FT1000MP and FT1000MP_A to satisfy
        reported differences in vfo set/get on seemingly identical
        transceiver models
    * add get/set trace statements to FT990 and FT990A class
  VFO in use
    * change in use tracking to be class specific
  xmlrpc mod vol
    * correct logic
  FT-891 split
    * add split method to FT-891 transceiver class
  tab visible
    * Correct save/restore logic for tabs dialog
    * correct commands for vfo A/B select and split operation
    * Implement CAT get/set PTT
  Start up failure
    * Fix NULL bandwidth pointers for PowerSDR, Flex1500 etc.
  TS2000 split
    * change get_split to return 0,1,2,3 depending on
      vfo T/R usage.
  FTdx101D split
    * restore missing split button
  TX vfo
    * add read VFO when PTT enabled

Sat Dec 25 08:13:38 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.4
- Bug fixes, corrections:
  * FT450D - power out conversion method improved
  * FT 817/100D - correct reported power reading problems
  * Icom transceiver CIV selection controls active during xcvr select
  * IC7300 CAT query response cleanup
  * IC756 Pro - Add missing code to set mode A/B
  * IC7610 - correct various reported issues including attenuator control
  * TX500 code cleanup
    UI - enable-debug (NDEBUG) compilation to allow UI testing sans transceiver
    UI - add embedded / dialog tab selector for extra functions
    UI - FreqControl - remove FL_RED reverse colorization used for testing
    UI - Signal Bar - Change peak detect and averaging algorithm
    Wide UI - remove debugging code
    XmlRpc - add new xmlrpc exchange structures, correct reported problems
- New functionality:
  * CWIO - new accurate timing delay functions
  * CWIO - add execution of [ ] control characters to control PTT
  * FSK - add send FSK signals on DTR or RTS serial line(s)
  * TIME/DATE - add date/time synch for supported transceivers
  * TMATE2 - add support for Elad TMATE-2 control interface
  * Volt meter
    Add visible volt meter for supported transceivers
    Meters display dialog to view all meter types concurrently 
- Update documentation

Sun Nov 14 21:24:16 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.3
  cwio accu_sleep
  * replace milliSleep with new accu_sleep function
  * change activated state of configuration items based on
    port selection
  * change loop timing to use global accu_sleep
  A2B freq only
  * add shift-click to A->B button to transfer only
    frequency from vfoA to vfoB
  * add control-click to A->B button to transfer only
    frequency for vfoB to vfoA
  vfo adjust
  * change increment to fractional values
  start/exit set clock
  * add user configurable commands on program
   . start - immediately after normal start up
   . exit - immediately after normal exit
  * add time sychronization if supported by xcvr
    . xcvr clock synchronized to PC clock on next minute
      rollover, to nearest 50 msec.
    . implemented for these transceiver:
      - ic7100, ic7300, ic7600, ic7610, ic7700, ic7800, ic7851
      - FT991, FT991A, FTdx10, FTdx101D, FTdx101MP
        FT1200:time only
      - TS990
    . corrected deactivated controls on some supported xcvrs
    * Add Lab599 TX500 transceiver
    cw generator
    * update to timing intervals for CW generator
    * fix table lookups for bandwidth
    * add as independent transceiver backend
      . shares many identical CAT commands to FTdx101D
    * correct read vfo A/B conversion logic
    cw invert
    * allow user to specify DTR/RTS either normal (+) or
      inverted(-) signaling.
    Power control
    * change to floating point control to allow for
      fractional changes in power level, i.e. 0.1 W / step
    * Add ELAD FDM-DUO qrp transceiver
    g90 cw/power/swr
    * set CW/CWR tuning sense
    * update power/swr methods
    K3 power level
    * add OM; read for power level min/max/step initialization
    Disable Polling
    * USE to test various comms issues between flrig and transceiver
      . allow user to disable polling
      . allow user to disable xmlrpc server
    Transmit meters
    * FT991A reported as not showing power out during transmit cycle
    cmedia/serial port
    * allow both serial port and cmedia devices to be initialized
      during startup
    K3/KX3/KXPA metering
    * correct smeter conversion
    * read KX3 power out when KXPA is in standby mode
    * Add code to read SWR from KXPA if active
      . note: the KXPA100 programmers guide
    * Add get trace for KXPA swr reads
    * Change get/set vfoA/B to use x25, x26 command strings
    * correct set/get bandwidth by mode/data/filter
    KX3 ptt/if-shift
    * add get_PTT
    * add reset IF shift control based on current mode
    * add has_ptt_control as test for get_PTT call
    * poll for change in KXPA presence with poll of
      power level setting.  Perform test during both Rx and Tx status
    * use GET OPTIONS to discover KXPA100 presence
    kx3 extras
    * add programmed support for KXPA

Thu Aug  5 06:49:46 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.2
  * correct read vfo values of FT1000MP
  * open up additional get xmlrpc demands to direct
    access to transceiver CAT i/o.
  * add verification to set_split
  * fix missing select color schemes
  * add scheme "gleam"
  * PowerSDR/1500
    correct FM bandwidth table
    prevent using string data NULL pointer
  * add xmlrpc command to retrieve Smeter in dbm
    . get_smeterDBM
  * correct CAT strings for split control on
    . PowerSDR, Flex-1500
    . TS-2000
  * xmlrpc classes get smeter power_meter
  * remove Warnings & Errors exposed by gcc 11.1.1
  * corrected method to test for evidence of TS570 serial comms
    .  was limited to TS590 and failed if xcvr was TS570S.
  * corrected get_smeter method for variable length return string
    . 570 returns 6
    . 570S returns 7
  * add images for PowerSDR, Flex1500

Tue Jul 13 21:53:58 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.1
  * Maintenance release
  * update documentation
  Vfo A/B
   * Change quick vfo access for weak in the knees xcvrs
     includes all Icom and Xiegu transceivers that
     cannot independently control vfo A/B frequency
  cmedia ptt
   * add CM108... GPIO type ptt
   * add separate class for Flex 1500 based on PowerSDR
  ft891 modes again
   * correct data port command string
   * correct CW bandwidth tables
   * refresh bandwidth table with PowerSDR label strings
     whenever mode is changed
   * change order of bandwidth to comply with ordering on
     PowerSDR main dialog.
   * fix coding error for get/set split methods
   * add set/get squelch
   * correct set/get rfgain (AGC-T)
     scale to -20...120
   * restore ability to read power out in CW mode
   * update to power out algorithm
   * correct get power out method
  G90 update
   * remove tune control
   * modified trace statements in G90 class methods
   * corrected power out conversion
   * add wrapped get/set debugging statements
   * add backend for TS440
   * test to discern PKT-U from info return string

Thu Jun  3 18:14:00 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.4.0
  * new rigs
  * corrected rig methods
  * major change to serial i/o resulting in
  * significantly faster xcvr polling and a change in poll selection

Wed Feb  3 19:24:13 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.54
    * Added PowerSDR transceiver
    * compatible with Thetis
    * test for NR; response of ?;
    * initialize hcomm to invalid handle value when creating
      new WIN32 class instance
    * test for open port before attempting to reopen
      close port if necessary
  External close command
    * Fix shutdown segmentation fault encountered during
      shutdown initiated by external xmlrpc command
  Check PTT
    * add check for NON CAT ptt configuration
  xmlrpc server
    * correction to data types
    * change zmsec computation
    * allow xmlrpc requests for get/set_power & get_pwrmeter
    direct access to xcvr i/o.
    * add xmlrpc command rig.tune
      . enable transceiver tune function
    * update xmlrpc server method list to correctly indicate
      signature <ret:arg> types
    * rewrite set numeric as integer
    * add xml_trace statements to get/set
      . volume, mic gain, rf gain, power control
    * Add get/set trace statements
    * add trace statements for testing
    * add get_modetype
  macOS serial ports
    * update serial port detection function
  BigSur serial ports
    * Modify port discovery for Big Sur naming convention
    * Add break-in selection for transceivers which support
      set / get CAT commands for break-in
      - Icom, Yaesu
      - Change enable_break_in to set_break_in
      - Add get_break_in
        . method
        . polling
    * Add missing 1.2 GHz save/restore
  IC7300 power table
    * modify power table conversion method
    * return maximum available power to rig.get_pwrmax
    * Changes to transceiver autostart methods in supported
  IC7100 auto ON/OFF
    * rewrite autostart processing to show time for
      xcvr setup.  7100 takes about 5 seconds from a
      CAT wakeup command to when it can process additional
    * Disable text widget update if respective dialog not visible
    * Clear Fl_Text_Display buffer when buffer length exceeds 100000
      This will prevent excessive use of memory and possibility of
      segmentation fault caused by the text display widget.
  FT736R update
    * added mode type method
  xmlrpcpp tracing
  TOD clock
    * correction to millisecond field
  Icom sliders
    * adjust min power for 7100, 7300, 9100, 9700

Thu Dec  3 08:01:34 UTC 2020 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.53
  xmlrpc server
    * add command rig.cat_priority
      . receive and execute cat string with higher priority
        than any internal processes
      . required for sending CW text strings
    * Add serial port discovery for OpenBSD
  Xiegu G90 etal
    * Correctly parse Xiegu G90 power output in tenths of watts
    * Add XML-RPC API: rig.get_pwrmeter_scale. Divide rig.get_pwrmeter by
      this value to get the actual value in watts.
    * Add XML-RPC API: rig.get_swrmeter (currently broken with G90 since it
      seemingly always outputs 0)
    * adde Yaesu FT-757GX2 transceiver
  Cmd Buttons
    * fix issue with commands 17-24
    * Correct read ALC
    * change power set/get to % of full power
    * fix read/write of commands to status file
    * add AGC button
    * relabel IPO button
  Extras dialog
    * change tab labels for better fit on Pi & macOS
    * FT991A
      - Correct FT991A mic gain, values are 0 .. 100.
      - FT-991A split
        . The FT-991/A does not support the FR CAT command
        . change to use RI (Radio Information) CAT command
      - Add 50ms delay between setting PTT and reading
        . corrects timing problems with WSJTX.
    * FT991, clean up class code structures
  Remove superfluous ceil call in get_rf_gain() as the cast to int truncates it anyway.
  FT450D / TS-480SAT
    * Change for loops to while loops.
    * Simplify logic in some places.
    * Fix RF slider values on the FT-450D which were inverted
  CPU optimization
    * added new --enable-optimizations options to ./configure
      - RaspberryPi 1,2,3,4 [rpi1, rpi2, rpi3, rpi4]
      - BeagleBone Black [bbb]
      - Cyclone5 [cyclone5]
      - Optimize for sse4 [sse4]
      - Use AVX extensions [avx, avx2]
      - i486, i686 [i486, i686]
      - x86-64 [x86-64]
      - ARM CPU-native [nativeARM]
  Font Browser
    * fix segmentation fault

Fri Oct 30 14:52:15 UTC 2020 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.52
  Documentation Update
    * fix mic gain control for FT450 and FT450D
      - transceiver only returns 3 levels for mic gain.
    * add band selection
  24 user buttons
    * Increase number of user defined buttons to 24
    * fix slow start caused by font fixed/proportional enumeration
      - fixed point evaluator moved to separate thread during first
        instantiation of Font_Browser class.  Actual time to enumerate
        2650 fonts on an i5 3.2 GHz system is approximately 25
        seconds.  Background process does not effect UI, but selection
        of fixed fonts in font browser dialog may not show all of the
        fixed fonts until the evaluator thread exits.
    * code changes specific to i7 processor
  Memory Bank
    * Correct/add memory bank read/write for the following transceivers
      - 7100
  Memory leaks
    * fix memory leaks in xmlrpc interface code
    * fix memory leaks in xcvr_setup code
    * Correct mode select cat string
  UI wide resize
    * save and restore width of UI wide
  Extras Dialog
    * code clean up
    * allow user to resize horizontal dimension
    * always open beneath, aligned and adjacent to the main dialog
    * Add Icom 705 transceiver
      - based on IC7300
      - added DV mode to mode select
  gpio PTT
    * add Pi gpio PTT capability
  Memory UI
    * Add header line to browser
    * Increase font sizes
    * Change to user resizable dialog
  meter image
    * fix bug which caused alc/swr meter to display
      wrong image after change of bands / tune
    * Add bandwidth table.
    * Remove reference to 746Pro in class methods
  Xiegu G90
    * Added G90 transceiver backend
      - modeled after Icom 7100
  FreqControl Update
    * Simplify frequency control widget
  regex lib
    * remove -lregex from build
    * remove all references to clock_gettime
  PTT polling
    * add PTT to polling controls
      - disable PTT polling by setting control to zero
    * add get_trace statement to get_ptt method

Fri Jul  3 06:49:26 UTC 2020 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.51
  Doc Update
    * Update transceiver listings
    * Update configuration tabs
    * Separate parts of existing text into topic files
    * Add CW keyer documentation
  FT991A power
    * modify quadratic conversion of meter reading to power out
  signed / unsigned comparison
    * correct mixed comparisons
  User configurable CW/PTT
    * Add user enable/disable PTT when transceiver in a CW mode
    * change all references from long to unsigned long int
  check ptt
    * add serial mutex guard_lock
    * monitor PTT state changes made at transceiver
    * added basic freq / mode support
  CW server
    * add CW generator using DTR or RTS signal line
      - shared serial port with CAT i/o
      - separate serial port
    * add separate CW keyboard / mouse dialog
      - function key macros
      - live keyboard CW
      - buffer transmit keying on/off
    * xmlrpc controls with new control interface
      - rig.cwio_wpm NNN - set wpm
      - rig.cwio_text text... - append text to transmit buffer
      - rig.cwio_send 1/0 - enable/disable keying
        . starts buffer transmission if buffer contains text
    * add user selectable PTT or Break-in keying
    * add get_mic_gain
  xml server
    * Add a configuration item for xml server port
    * Implement changing xml server port during execution
    * clean up code
  Icom transceivers
    * IC7300 Correct debug string for get_pbt_outer, get_pbt_inner
    * Detect out-of-bounds BCD return values to
      both VFO and MODE queries when the the xcvr
      is in a memory vice vfo setting and the memory
      channel has not been programmed.
      - transceiver response is a single xFF
      - force flrig frequency to zero
      - force flrig mode to LSB, filter to zero
    * correct get SWR method
    * add mic gain get/set
    * add compression get/set
    * add SWR, Power Out tables
  CW sideband
    * fix read sideband code in IC7100, IC7200 and IC7300
    * Add Xiegu-5105 transceiver, based on IC7000
  Linux serial devices
    * remove std::cout statement
    * make serial combo user editable
    * erroneous character in m4 script

Sun Apr 12 07:43:01 UTC 2020 - Walter Fey <>

- use internal flxmlrpc libs

Wed Apr  1 23:15:14 UTC 2020 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.50
   * erroneous character in m4 script
  MacOS cu serial ports
   * enable /dev/ serial port identification
   * update build.m4 for building with Xcode 11
  CW sense
   * CW read CW sense on select Icom transceivers to correctly manage
     notch filter position
  IC7600 trace
   * added trace statements to aid user debuggin
  Icom Manual Notch
   * Adjust notch conversions by bandwidth and mode
   * Following Icom transceivers have notch on/off/set
     IC7000 . IC7100 IC7200 IC7300 IC746 IC746PRO IC756 IC756PRO2 IC756PRO3
     IC7600 IC7610 IC7700 IC7800 IC7851 IC9100 IC9700
  xmrpc command strings
   * update to read Icom hexadecimal strings
   * Correct reading of power output
   * Correct behavior of Tune On/Off
  Remote shutdown
   * add xmlrpc command string "rig.shutdown"
     - provides remote shutdown of both flrig and transceiver if capable
       and configured
  FT891 IPO
   * Add button label change to indicate IPO/AMP state
  IC7100 notch
   * enable notch functions
     - calibrate IC7100 internal notch value to audio frequency
  Poll tuner
   * add separate control to enable/disable polling of tuner state
  Doc Update
   * add location and descriptions of configuration and data files
   * bug fix - disallow UI slider changes when volume muted
   * bug fix - do not transfer data to xcvr on event FL_LEAVE
   * correct slider behavior using mouse wheel
   * add auto ON/OFF for Icom transceivers
     IC7100 IC7300 IC7610 IC7851 IC9700
  mat file aging
   * add aging for freq-mode list files (.mat)
   * Change default if_shift for digital modes to 1500
   * add ref adjust, calibrate table for power out
   * modified 'version' to include patch number
  User Command Buttons
   * Add normal and SHIFT usage to all command buttons
     - allows user to assign on/off etc usage to a single command button.
     - SHIFT-left-button or right-button invokes secondary button command
   * remap power i/o to 5...200 W
   * correct vfoB selection
   * corect width selection
   * add power on/off
   * add FTdx101MP class based off of FTdx101D
   * add auto on/off to both FTdx101D and FTdx101MP
  Yaesu tuner
   * change get/set tuner methods for these xcvrs
     - FT991, FT991A
   * correct indexing error

Mon Jan 13 00:53:13 UTC 2020 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.49
  * Change configuration from tab to tree pick metaphor
  * Change serial port discovery on OS-X to just use tty and not cu.
  * Change MINGW implementation to use nanosleep vice Sleep
  * add separate class to support the FT-991A
  * Add FL_RELEASE event processing to Fl_Value_Slider widget
  TT566 update
  * mods to TT566 class methods by W5PNY
    - detect PTT changes made at xcvr
    - correct S meter scale conversion
  * change xmlrpc implementation to return the transceiver response string
  * Start up seg fault if xcvr is in AM or FM mode
  * modify build scripts for current OS install
  Increase User commands
  * increase from 8 to 16 user definable commands
  Unguarded statement
  * fix unguarded statement in src/TS990.cxx
  * Correct bandwidth tables
  * Add Icom 9700 transceiver
  * add delay after changing mode
  * add extras drop down entries
  * add Commands tab
  * add Band select tab
    - band/mode select buttons
  * Add CTCSS and repeater controls tab
  * Store band data in prefs file:
    - freq, mode,
    - CTCSS tx/rx tones
    - FM simplex/minus/plus; offset frequency

Sat Aug 17 17:58:56 UTC 2019 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.48
  IC 746/756
    transceiver does not support get split
    Correct missing ptt control
    smeter scale
    split on VFO-B

Tue Aug  6 20:04:43 UTC 2019 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.47
    * Correct mode reads
      - contributed by Johan Maes, ON4QZ
    * update iaw recent changes to xcvr firmware

Tue Jul 23 17:42:07 UTC 2019 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.46
  ic7200 test
    * add get/set trace statements to test start/stop work flow
    * update to KX3 class backend
    * added support for KXPA100 power out query
    * add new transceiver class
    * change auto on to be first event in transceiver get/set sequence
  FT-450 / FT-450D
    * Comment out 3 second "wait for rig startup "
    * Move auto on before initialize() and check()
      - insures check can return true during initialization.
    * Correct set/get methods for
      - tune
      - preamp
      - attenuator
  IC F8101
    * Add backend for F8101 commercial transceiver
      - for use in Dominic emergency network
    * Change PTT to control audio in, Mic / Aux
    * add correct conversions for volume level
    * Add shutdown sequence:
      - return to memory / scan mode
    * Correct set mode CAT string
    * Add controls:
      - Preamp / attenuator
      - NB on/off
      - Speech processor on/off
      - Noise Reduction on/off
    * Add BW controls - pending resolution of CAT
      command access
    * update Smeter / POmeter mapping
  Split Tune button
    * split tune button into on/off and manual tune
    * add on/off and manual tune methods to:
      - FT1000.cxx, FT2000.cxx, FT450.cxx, FT450D.cxx
      - FT5000.cxx, FT891.cxx, FT950.cxx, FTdx1200.cxx
      - FTdx3000.cxx, FTdx9000.cxx
      - IC703.cxx, IC7100.cxx, IC7200.cxx, IC7300.cxx
      - IC746.cxx, IC756PRO2.cxx, IC756PRO3.cxx, IC7600.cxx
      - IC7610.cxx, IC9100.cxx, K2
      - Kenwood xcvrs with tune capability
    * update to compression, mic gain, and power control
      initialization.  add missing conditional statements
    * Change class to use base class KENWOOD vice rigbase
    * change get/set split to use generic KENWOOD CAT strings
    * add has_rfgain_control, has_ifshift_control
  Read VFO A
    * Fix error in support.cxx
  MacOS high-DPI
    * enable high-DPI on macOS and Microphone on macOS 10.14
      - enable highDPI on retina display
      - request microphone usage on macOS 10.14 (mojave)
    * fix for OS-X Xcode < 7.2
  Fix FT-450 split
    * FT-450 doesn't have separate Tx / Rx split commands.
      - changed FR; to FT;

Tue Jun  4 23:08:21 UTC 2019 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.45
  * FT-891 - update
  * TT-550 - restore tabs dialog visibility
  * sliders - add user configuration for sliders
  * modify Win32 build scripts
  * combo/listbox controls - remove readonly attribute of input box
  * RPC::XML methods - expose set/get for volum, mic, rfgain
  * Add Kenwood TS790 backend

Tue May  7 07:13:48 UTC 2019 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.44
  IC mode type
    * add missing generic get_modetype

Sat Apr 13 22:54:55 UTC 2019 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 1.3.43
  Start/Stop Progress
    * Change Initialize group to full UI
      - hides menu and disallows user from triggering unwanted behavior during
        the start/stop processing, while still allowing UI paint updates
  Trace start/exit
    * add code to enable get... set... trace during program start-up and exit.
  New xmlrpc functions
    * Add
      - rig.get_power() -- get PWR slider settings
      - rig.set_power() -- set PWR slider settings
    * Add TS-890S class
  Icom filter table
    * correct data stream with 00 as filter entry.
      - IC756
      - IC7200
      - IC7300

Fri Feb  1 21:01:54 UTC 2019 -

- update to version 1.3.42
  FT1000 debugging
    add trace debugging statements to FT1000 backend
  FLTK 1.4 test
    add test for valid FLTK 1.4 lib/headers
   add ALC read
   add power out calibration table
  Parse -psn
    correct launch issue on recent MacOS updata

Tue Dec  4 19:07:21 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 1.3.41
  a lot of improvements and bug fixes
  see ChangeLog

Wed Jul 11 21:38:59 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 1.3.40
  a lot of improvements and bug fixes
  see ChangeLog

Fri Feb  9 22:19:16 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 1.3.39
  Memory delete
   * fix segfault when deleting single entry in list
  OS X build script
   * Modify to only create dmg with dylibs
   * addition of 7850 transceiver class
   * Update bandwidth set/get
   * Update split operation
   * Added special 706MKIIG bandwidth status parameter
     - file IC-706MKIIG.prefs must be manually edited
       to effect filter selection
   * Changes by David, W1HKJ and Steve, AG7GN
  civ tests
   * debugging code for testing CI-V interface
  restore ab
   * correction to vfoA/B restore on program exit
   * fix start up seg fault, vfo pointer not initialized

Tue Jan 16 00:17:34 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 1.3.38
  xml server
    * fix IC7100 BW seg fault
    * change all slider callbacks to FL_WHEN_RELEASE
      - prevents flooding the transceiver with CAT commands while slider
        is being dragged.
    * Add new class for FT-991A
  Icom Split query
    * Change backends that attempted to query the split status using the
      0x0F CAT command byte.
      - xcvr will always respond with FA as the command byte is not supported.
  IC7100 / 9100
    * Major changes to both IC7100 and IC9100 class methods and members
    * IC7100 work coordinated between W1HKJ and AG7GN

Thu Dec 28 08:30:57 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.37
  concurrent with the new fldigi 4.0.13

Sun Nov  5 19:59:23 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.36
  * IC 9100, add ATT and PREAMP controls
  * K2, Correct get power CAT command string
  * IC7100, Add split VFO controls
  * KH6TY, requested RTS DTR buttons on menu bar of Touch UI

Tue Sep 26 12:49:29 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.35
  * FTdX5000 mods, fix scaling of power out and swr meters
  * xml, inhibit both client and server xml i/o until transceiver
    fully initialized.

Wed Sep  6 19:32:38 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.34
  * update help document
  * Allow user to selectively read, save and restore
    transceiver operating characteristics.
    - expansion of previous save/restore for freq
      mode and bandwidth
  * Separated Initialization of main, separate PTT and Aux
    serial ports
  * added Perl script for controlling flrig using the
      xmlrpc interface.
  * FT1000 backend code update
  * Changed IC7300 NR scale iaw AE5ZA tests
  * Correct compile warning in IC7200/7300 backends
  * IC7100
    - correct flrig always reported the mode as USB-D
      regardless of the radio's actual mode.
    - correct flrig would not set the radio to USB-D
      if it had previous set the radio to a different mode.
    - correct flrig would not set the attenuator.

Sat Jul 22 08:30:49 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.33
  IC7200 power scale
    added calibrated power scale
  IC7300 VFO B
    Fix vfo-B bandwidth set
    Adjust power out read scaling
    Correct positions of small sliders
  IC7200 small controls
    Correct erroneous placement of small controls on small UI
  ATT control
    adjust X position of attenuator control on small UI

Sun Jul  9 04:02:34 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.32
  * Modification to provide SCU-17 dual WIN COMM port support
    this mod is a fix to what appears to be a driver bug in the
    Silicon Labs Dual port USB serial USB device
  * FT900 Add a disable to power slider
  * FT-450D add read values during initialization
    get_cw_weight(), get_cw_wpm(), get_break_in(), get_qsk()
    get_qsk_delay(), get_cw_spot_tone(), get_vox_gain(), get_vox_hang()
  * change xmlrpc configure summary report

Tue May 16 22:08:06 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.31
  * IC735 Changed frequency resolution to 10 Hertz
  * FT817 CW MODE. Modify code to insure that CW is USB
    and CW-R is LSB type reception
  * Added FT-891 class and support code
  * IC7200 Initial BW  added
  * TS850 Added backend class for TS850 transceiver

Sat Apr  1 12:39:17 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.30
  * remove FT817 base class dependency from both
    FT857D and FT897D class definitions.

Thu Mar 30 18:55:15 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.29
    * Enable MON on/off for TX monitoring
    * Set / Read SWR & ALC
    * Replace all atoi(...) code with fm_decimal(p, n)
    * added code to read vfo B state
    * added 5 watt power scale
    * added undocumented read vfo A/B state
    0x00 0x55 0x00 0x00 0xBB
    * Implement undocumented CAT command BD to read
    PWR, SWR and ALC
    * Prevent flrig from making changes to xcvr vfo
    mode etc. when memory channel usage detected
    - display MEMORY on flrig main display when
      so detected
    * disabled POWER control on wide and touch UI
  Xcvr Init
    * cleaned up init code to provide improved code readability
    * added test for two vfos to VFO initialization
  k3 kx3
    * code change needed to read K3/KX3 meters
  AGC button
    * set button illumination to user color selection
  initial bandwidth
    * retain xcvr bandwidth when changing modes via xmlrpc server
  BCD/Decimal conversions
    * change parameter passing to string vice sz pointer.
    - 64 bit compiles were passing null strings when contents
      of original substr returned values were similar to "00 40" !
  Missing tooltips
    * Added tooltips for S-meter, CW-wpm
    * Add set all for meters & operating controls
  TS480SAT update
    * Update to NR, AN, and Squelch controls
    * Change default baud rate to 57600
  FT817 metering
    * Enable S-meter and Power-out metering
  Exchange-Equalize AB
    * Implement Exchange CAT command for Icom xcvrs
    - 718, 706MKIIG
    - 746, 746PRO, 756, 756PRO2, 756PRO3
    - 7000, 7100, 7200, 7300, 7410, 7600, 7800
    - 910, 9100
  IC7300 update
    * all updates combined effort of KB1OIQ and W1HKJ
    * change mode set/get methods
    * correct various command strings
    * added AGC, OFF, FAST, MED, SLO
    * add IF shift function using upper/lower passband tuning commands.
    - IF shift slider range changes to +/- BW/2 as bandwidth
      is selected.
    - IF shift slider always increments by 50 Hz
    * added tooltips to VOX and Compression controls
  PCR1000 update
    * correction to IF Shift control method
    * corrected various text strings
  IC7200 mods
    * modify set_split method
    * add get_split, can_split methods
    * add IF shift function using upper/lower passband
    tuning commands.
    - IF shift slider range changes to +/- BW/2 as bandwidth
      is selected.
    - IF shift slider always increments by 50 Hz
    * correct logic for queA / queB processing

Sun Jan 22 19:57:59 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.3.28
  Multiple xmlrpc servers
    * Add configuration item in the file "flrig.prefs"
      - xml_port:nn
        where nn is the port number, default is 12345
      - start and then stop flrig
      - edit the flrig.prefs file to change the port assignment
      - direct configuration usage with the --config-dir command
        line parameter.
  Separate PTT
    * Change to allow both DTR and RTS switching
  K2 comments
    * Added data strings received from M1CNK
  User defined command buttons
    * Added 8 user defined command buttons
      - allows user to add items like power on / off etc.
  ic7300 update
    * Corrected data mode tables and command strings
    * Corrected get bandwidth command strings
  IC9100 update
    * Added CAT strings for setting data mode for
      LSB and USB data modes added to mode combo box

Thu Dec  8 17:03:03 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 1.3.27
  TS480SAT extras
    * Added Noise blanker on/off, set/get value
  New controls
    * Added following controls
      - AGC
      For these transceivers
      - IC-7200
      - TS-480SAT
  Xmlrpcpp source director
    * update based on fldigi/src/xmlrpcpp.
      - needed for correct build on OS X Xcode8
    * Correct vfo tracking problem
  IC9100 mode/bw
    * Corrected Mode selection
    * Disabled BW selection
  TS990 TS590SG
    * Modification to read swr/alc
    * Modification to initialize ATT
  restore keep rig data
    * add missing set clear for menu items
  TT 550 Pegasus mods
    * enabled VFO adjust
    * changed method of setting TUNE command
    * added AT11 support
    * added power peak detect
  IC7300 serial defaults
    * Change to be same as 7200 defaults sans baudrate
    * correct meter reading methods
  fix XmlRpc tm_mday comparison typo
    * xmlrpcpp/XmlRpcValue.cpp: In function ‘bool XmlRpc::tmEq(const tm&,
      const tm&)’:
      xmlrpcpp/XmlRpcValue.cpp:159:52: warning: self-comparison always
      evaluates to true [-Wtautological-compare]
                 t1.tm_hour == t2.tm_hour && t1.tm_mday == t1.tm_mday &&
  mxe update
    * corrected mxe build scripts
  IC756 volume range
    * Change range to 0..100
  C11 errors
    * changes to correct C11 reported warnings/errors

Mon Jun 27 08:57:06 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 1.3.26
  IC7200 update, Added read attenuator method to IC7200 class

Sat Feb  6 20:20:23 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 1.3.24
  * Added backend for Yaesu FTdx9000 transceiver
  * Add new backend for Yaesu FT0991
  * FT5000 removed CW_SPOT_TONE method
  * FTdx3000 removed CW_TONE_SPOT method
  * removed dependency on enumerated list of rigs
    - a cause of numerous seg faults when adding and
      testing a new transceiver class
  * removed use of "rig_nbr" to reference either list of rigs
    or selected rig.
    - rigs are uniquely identified by noun name
  * TS2000 updates
   - VFO-B read/write
   - A/B switch
   - Corrected SL/SH tables
   - Corrected xml server updates of hi/lo cutoff values
   - Corrected rig enumerations in rigbase.h and rigs.h
   - Tested TS2000 class with physical transceiver
   - Calibrated notch filter settings
  * Added code in serial thread to isolate K3/KX3 vfo, mode, bw
    reads from the other supported transceivers.
  * FT900: Update from DJ7HS
    - vfo A/B swap fix
    - poll-split fix
    - read front panel vfoA/B select
  * IC7100 data mode detect

Sun Dec 13 21:35:36 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.3.23
  * FT817 FT857D FT897D,added read ACK after every write,
    up to 10 retries if ACK not received after write.
  * xmlrpc server, added new get's
    - rig.get_info, transfers all controls data in a single string
    - rig.get_update, transfers all changed controls data in a
      single string, "NIL" if no changes FT900
  * FT900 backend added, contributed by Ernst Schroeder, DJ7HS
  * Correct split behavior for have_splitAB designated xcvrs like
    the FT950 and FT900 TS590SG
  * add back end for 590SG MXE update FT990a
  * simple blind control of FT990 with very early ROM version Set
    Mode/BW controls
  * change ordering of set when mode change read from transceiver
    KENWOOD mods
  * change read SWR / ALC command strings and interpretation for TS990
  * correct various errors in Shift/Width, Lo/Hi cut tables.
    Reorder use of SL and SH variables - TS480 - TS590 - TS870
    - TS990 - TS2000 IC7800
  * Added IC-7800 class fldigi BW interface
  * Add missing bw_vals_ to various xcvr backends restore xml client
  * allow flrig to act as either a multi-client xmlrcp server or a
    single client to fldigi server BUILD_{DATE,USER,HOST}

Tue Apr 28 00:45:02 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.3.22
  requires libflxmlrpc

Sat Apr  4 15:30:21 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.3.21, Maintenance release

Tue Mar 24 20:51:52 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.3.20, Maintenance release

Fri Dec 26 20:07:21 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 1.3.19, Maintenance release

Wed Dec 10 23:34:41 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 1.3.18, Maintenance release

Thu Oct 16 08:04:51 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 1.3.17
   * new transceivers  FT450D, IC7410
   * support for touch screen interface

Mon Jun 30 18:42:33 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 1.3.16, Maintenance release
    * Corrected FTdx1200 get_mode
    * insure that RTS/DTR are inactive when closing the serial port
    * Added wait_char function
    * Modified FT950 code to use wait_char
    * fixed logic error for --config-dir expansion
    * Added detection of socat virtual ports created as $HOME/virtual/ttySnn
    * reorganize src directories / files in preparation for addition of remote server capability.
    * Added detection of executable location in folder ending in FL_APPS.  If found, that folder is used as the $HOME folder for all flrig configuration folders/files.
    * Added detection of flrig.files in $HOME.  If present that directory is used in lieu of .flrig
    * Updates iaw W3NR feedback (TT599)
    * Corrected FT847 power out and smeter conversions
    * Corrected Pegasus split mode operation
      - When ON
        . Receive frequency remains on active VFO
        . Transmit frequency changes to inactive VFO
      - When OFF
        . Rx & Tx frequency iaw active VFO
    *  IC756 xcvr added

    * add key stroke handler to popup
    * down arrow opens the popup if the combo has keyboard focus.
    * up/down arrow keys move selection in popup
    * enter key moves the popup selection to the output widget
    * escape key closes the popup
    * enter ASCII key sequence to search for and select corresponding entry in popup
    * closing popup erases keyboard buffer
    * added Fl_ListBox, derived from Fl_ComboBox

  License Declaration
    * Updated all source licensing to satisfy distribution requirements.  

Tue Feb  4 19:42:36 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 1.3.5, Maintenance release

Tue Oct 29 10:33:21 UTC 2013 -

- update to version 1.3.4, Maintenance release 

Tue Sep  3 07:14:05 UTC 2013 -

- update to version 1.3.3
  * Added FTdx3000 and IC-7100 

Fri May 24 23:47:08 UTC 2013 -

- update to version 1.3.2, Maintenance release
  * Added control class for Yaesu FT-990
  * Added serial port identification use /dev/serial/by-id/ entries
  * Added VFO adjust control for FT950
  * Add code to control A/B; B/A split operations for TS870

Sun Jan  6 20:09:06 UTC 2013 -

- update to version 1.3.11, Maintenance release 

Fri Dec 21 17:06:31 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.3.10 

Wed Dec 12 21:29:21 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.3.09, Maintenance release 

Sat Sep  1 20:57:39 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.3.08 

Mon Aug  6 21:43:41 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.3.07, Maintenance release 

Sat Jul  7 20:37:09 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.3.05, Maintenance release

Mon Jun 25 20:31:07 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.3.03 

Mon May  7 22:36:05 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.3.01

Tue Apr 17 21:37:23 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.2.13

Tue Mar 27 21:51:51 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.2.12 

Thu Jan 26 14:29:04 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.2.6, build with fltk-1.1.10 and fltk-1.3.0 

Tue Dec 27 19:36:12 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.2.5, maintenance release 

Wed Nov  2 18:07:28 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.2.2 

Mon Aug 22 11:56:30 UTC 2011 -

 - update to version 1.2.0

Sun Apr 10 18:44:09 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.1.3 

Wed Mar 30 19:59:28 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.1.2 

Tue Mar 22 21:46:35 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.1.1 

Sun Feb 20 10:19:28 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.0.1 

Sun Jan 30 00:35:04 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.0.0bX 

Sat Nov 27 09:49:27 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 1.0.0bO 

Thu Aug  5 15:15:26 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 1.0.0bN 

Sat Jul 17 04:10:34 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 1.0.0bI

Tue Jul  6 20:31:34 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 1.0.0bG

Mon May  3 05:53:21 UTC 2010 -

- import into buildservice

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