File hamlib.changes of Package hamlib

Wed May 15 07:25:01 UTC 2024 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.6~git
  * latest commit cd453b5b7
  * Added SDR Radio SDRConsole -- TS-2000 is now hardware flow control
    so need separate entry
  * Added --set-conf=filter_usb, filter_usbd, and filter_cw to allow Icom rigs
    set mode to set filter number too
  * Added macros for applications to obtain pointers to Hamlib structures
    (issues #1445, #1420, #487). Internal conversion is still a WIP, but use
    of these macros will make the final cutover transparent to applications.
  * Added Guohe Q900 entry
  * Unify behavior of all rigctl split commands
  * Make the set_split_* commands modify the state of the specified split VFO
    -- the current or targeted VFO do not have any effect
  * Make the set_split_* commands enable split automatically if not enabled
  * Make the get_split_* commands return frequency of 0 Hz, mode NONE and
    filter of 0 Hz if split is not enabled
  * Allow all split commands to avoid VFO swapping if supported by the rig model
  * Improve Icom backend to set/get frequency, mode and filter without VFO
    swapping if supported by the rig model
  * Improve Yaesu newcat backend split handling
  * Expose "Targetable features" (RIG_TARGETABLE_*) in dump_caps output to allow
    clients to determine which commands can be executed without VFO swapping
  * Added RIG_FUNC_SYNC for FTDX101D/MP
  * Added Barrett 4100
  * Added DL2MAN (tr)uSDX -- needs refinement
  * Added Thetis entry -- derived from FlexRadio/Apache PowerSDR
  * Added VOICE/CW memory capability to many rigs
    -- thanks to David Balharrie M0DGB/G8FKH
  * Add -# --skip_init option to rigctl to skip rig initialization -- useful
    for executing commands quickly
  * rig_caps is no longer constant -- this may break some 3rd party relying
    on the "const" declaration.
  * IC7610 now has IPP, DPP, and TX_INHIBIT functions set/get
  * Hamlib now starts a multicast server that sends out rig information.
    Does not receive commands yet. See README.multicast
  * rigctld has new -b/bind-all option to try all interfaces -- restores
    original behavior.  This was done to fix duplicate rigctld instances
    on Windows
  * Yaesu rigs can now use send_morse to send keyer message 1-5 or a CW
    message up to 50 chars (which will use memory 1)
  * rig set level METER can now take SWR,COMP,ALC,IC/ID,DB,PO,VDD,TEMP
    arguments to set which meter to display
  * reg get level displays meter number=name now
  * Added parm BANDSELECT for Yaesu rigs
    'p BANDSELECT' returns current band of VFOA
    'P BANDSELECT BAND160M' example selects the 160M band
    'P BANDSELECT ?' shows  bands available for the rig
  * Added rig_cm108_get/set_bit to API and get/set_gpio to rigctl(d) for
    GPIO1,2,3,4 access on CM108
  * Added Quisk as a rig
  * Added BG2FX FX4/C/CR/L
  * Fixed IC7610 to use new 0x25 0x26 command added in latest firmware
  * Fix W command in rigctld to work propery -- can take terminating char
    or # of bytes to expect
  * Add rig_set_debug_filename so Python can redirect debug stream
  * Fix Yaesu LBL_NR to use proper values
  * Add IC-905
  * Add Anytone D578UVIII -- should work on any D558 model and perhaps
    others too
  * Add saebrtrack rotor
  * Add offset_vfoa and offset_vfob applying to rig_set_freq
  * Fix K4 to put it in K40 mode when requesting ID
  * 2023-11-XX -- Planned for Nov 2023
  * Fixes for M2 Rotors
  * Add rigctlsync utility to synchronize frequency from a rig to
    SDR# (or others)
  * Add SDR# rig for use with SDR#'s gpredict plugin -- can only get/set freq 
  * Add Apex Shared Loop rotator -- unidirectional only so far
  * Add client_version to rigctld so client can report it's version for future
  * Add --set-conf=tuner_control_pathname=hamlib_tuner_control (default)
    If file exists then it will be called with 0/1 (Off/On) argument
    with 'U TUNER 0' or 'U TUNER 1"
    Default path is for current directory
  * Add MDS 4710/9710 rigs
  * Add FLIR PTU-D48, E46, D100, D300 rotors
  * Fix FTDX3000 rig split
- Version 4.5.6
  * Fix rigctld/rigctltcp information
  * Fix FT817 get/set_vfo

Thu Apr  6 07:30:55 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.5.5
  * 2023-04-05
  * Add park to rotorez.c
  * Fix rig power on/off from rigctl cmd line and rigctld
  * Enable async mode by default to prevent WSJT-X crash on IC9700 with
    transceive on
  * Fix IC7610 get_powerstat to disable it -- cannot read power status
  * Fix K3 K22 command error for remote operations
  * Fix Gemini DX1200 gemini_set_level
  * Fix async I/O to not call flush
  * Change EX startup commands for Yaesu rigs to allow errors...Win4Yaesu
    not recognizing EX commands
  * Fix jst145 set_freq and get_freq
  * Restore tcflush as some odd behavior was seen that tclush fixes
  * Fix XG3 operations
  * Separate the validation cmd in newcat.c to allow rig post_write_delay
    to be in effect
  * Increase post_write to 20ms for FT710
  * Add attenuator level control for TS890
  * Update SMeter/SWR tables for TS890
  * Add fix for TMD700
  * Improve FT-857 get_vfo response when error occurs
  * Allow FT-857 to use cached vfo on get_vfo when error occurs reading EEPROM
  * Fix FTDX10 FT710 set_level AF
  * Fix FT-450D detection
  * Fix VFO A/B swapping for gpredict -- hopefully better behavior for VFO
    swapping rigs
    Should avoid setting RX freq while TX and avoid TX freq while RX
  * Fix QRP QDX PTT to new TQ command due to firmware changes
  * Remove EX103 check for FTDX5000
  * Fix K3/K3S VFOB setting of mode/width
  * Fix AGC level display in rigctld
  * Change FTDX10 to no serial handshake
  * Add TS2000 to has_ps exception
  * Add FT991 to 60M exception
  * Fix get_powerstat bad call in rigctl_parse.c
  * Really fix CM108 ptt_bitnum usage
  * Fix Elecraft power2mW precision/accuracy
  * Fix power on/off/on for Icom rigs with rigctld power_on=0

Tue Jan 10 08:00:00 UTC 2023 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.5.4
  * 2023-01-10
  * Fix CM108 ptt setting for non-default usage
  * Fix power on/off for Icom rigs with rigctld power_on=0
  * Fix get_powerstat status return for non-PS kenwood rigs
  * Fix FT-710, FTDX10, FTDX101D/MP usage on 60M
  * Fix timing on NRD-535D
  * Fix AGC levels with rigctld
  * Fix FTDX3000 EX039 error
  * Fix Elecraft power2mW operation
  * Fix rig_power2mW so it checks all ranges
  * Allow rigctld to start with autopower_on=0 to avoid startup timeouts
    when rig is powered off
  * Fix dummy device to work with grig by disallowing empty u call
  * Fix ID5100 and promote to stable and hopefully ID4100 too
  * Remove get_powerstat from Icom ID-5100,ID-4100,ID-31,ID-51 and fix
    get/set freq in all

Sat Dec 31 23:59:59 UTC 2022 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.5.3
  * 2022-12-31
  * Fix serial.c for hardware flow control on Linux and MacOSy
  * Add QRPLabs QCX/QDX rig -- not quite a TS480
  * Fix QRP QRDX firmware bugs in IF message so PTT works now
  * FTDX5000 will now remember startup front/read settings and restore it
  * Fix FTDX5000 write_delay with microham
  * Fix grep error on MingW build

Fri Dec 23 23:59:59 UTC 2022 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version Version 4.5.2
  * 2022-12-23
  * Fix PowerSDR ability to do commands while powered off
  * Fix TX-500 operations
  * Fix FTDX5000 to return to MIC input on closing
  * Fix rig.c calling rig_get_mode when backend does not have get_mode
  * Fix kenwood_ts890_get_level
  * Add Prosistel D elevation CBOX az to fix problem with azimuth control
  * Fix FT736R gpredict usage by adding cached get_freq
  * Fix get_powerstat problem with Log4OM/Flex and others
  * Fix -R option to not need argument
  * Fix -R option to close rig on last rigctld client disconnect
  * Add FTDX1200 to rigs that need to ensure PTT is off before
    changing frequency
  * Add --disable-parallel configure option for mingw builds on Linux

Fri Dec  9 08:28:47 UTC 2022 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.5.1
  * 2022-12-08
  * FT2000, FTDX3000/D, FT891, FT991, FT950, FTDX5000 now set CAT TOT to 100ms
  * Add missing NB2 setting to FT-950, FTDX-1200, FT-2000, FTDX-3000,
    FTDX-5000, FTDX-9000
  * Add missing meter reading to TS-890S -- thanks to Geore Baltz N3GB
  * Fix FT736 VFOB freq and mode set
  * Added send_raw to rigctl -- see rigctl man page
  * Fix AGC Level dumpcaps on most rigs
  * Fix rig_send_raw to return bytes read, fill buffer, and also work with
    fixed length response/null terminator
  * Change all Kenwood rigs to 500ms serial timeout
  * Fix dumpcaps filter printout to only show declared filters
  * Fix triggering PTT on XGComms device on Linux
  * Fix level_gran in all rigs
  * Add RIG_FUNC_TUNER to flrig.c
  * Fix FT-991 level_gran (needs to be done for lots of rigs)
  * Fix man page rigctl to show units for LEVEL items
  * Fix Flex6xxx if_len
  * Fix FLRig set_ptt
  * Fix missing KEYSPD to TS890
  * rigctl 'W' command can now use a singled char terminator like ; that
    allows for variable length responses with no timeout -- e.g. W FA; ;
  * New RIG_LEVEL_USB_AF to control audio gain from rig to computer --
    to allow AGC function in software using RF and USB_AF
  * Add RIG_LEVEL_AGC_TIME to allow AGC/OFF to be set for IC-7300,
    IC-9700, IC-705
  * Add RIG_FUNC_OVF_STATUS to get overflow status for IC-7300, IC-9700,
    IC-705, and IC-R8600

Sun Oct 30 07:15:43 UTC 2022 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.5
  * 2022-10-30
  * New rotator utility
  * Add FT-710
  * Add Rohde&Schwartz EK89X receiver
  * Add Xeigu X5105
  * Add Gemini DX-1200 HF-1K Amplifiers
  * Kenwood rigs should now support AI command packets
  * Add FT-990UNI for older 990 ROMs 1.2 and earlier
  * Add FT-650
  * Add get_separator and set_separator and -S option for rigctld -- node-red
  * Add GRBLTRK rotor project -- two axis rotor
  * enum meter_level_e is deprecated and will be removed in 4.6
  * Add SDRPlay SDRUno rig -- can now use Data/Pkt in WSJTX
  * Add ability to use cat_string to FLRig via the "w" and "W" commands
  * Add -B/--mapa2b to rigctlcom
  * Add password capability to rigctld via -A switch. 
  * Asynchronous rig data output handling to support transceive and spectrum
    data. Mikael, OH3BHX
  * See new set_conf option async for some Icom rigs
  * Multicast UDP packet output for asynchronous data. Mikael, OH3BHX
  * Rig state poll routine to serve commonly used data like frequency and mode
    from cache. Mikael, OH3BHX
  * deprecated hamlib_port_t at front of rig_state structure -- new one at end
    of structure
  * New RIG_LEVEL_BAND_SELECT for Yaesu rigs
  * New rig_get_conf2 to replace rig_get_conf buffer overflow potential
  * New rot_get_conf2 to reaplce rot_get_conf buffer overflow potential
  * Added Barrett 4050 -- not functional yet
  * Added TCI 1.X -- not functional yet
  * Added TM-V71(A)
  * Added IC-F8101
  * Added JRC JST-145 and JST-245
  * Added Xiegu X108G, G90, and X6100
  * Added CODAN Envoy and NGS
  * Added Lab599 TX-500
  * Added GOMSPACE GS100
  * Deprecated: rigctl commands \set_trn (A) and \get_trn (a) as they never
    worked as intended
  * Deprecated: field rig_caps.transceive and RIG_TRN_* macros

Fri Dec  3 08:44:28 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.4
  * 2021-12-02
  * Icom rigs now default filter 2 when setting PKTUSB but user can override
  * Fix FTDX9000 meter readings
  * Add Android sensor as a rotator
  * Added rig_get_vfo to some Icom rigs that have XCHG or 0x25 command
  * Added ability to build hamlib with docker
  * Added M0NKA mcHF URP rig
  * Faster serial i/o noticeable on higher baud rates
  * IC7300/9700/7800/785x set_clock/get_clock routines added -- no auto set yet
  * Yaesu FT1200/891/991/DX10/DX101/DX101MP set_clock/get_clock routines added

Wed Sep 15 08:05:18 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.3.1
  * 2021-09-14
  * Bug fix release
    - Do not do vfo_fixup on satmode rigs
    - Fix compilation of misc.c with gmtime_r replacement function for
    - Fix python build.  For some reason casting tp vfo_t in the
      RIG_VFO_N macro broke the swig parsing
    - Append the missing information to build hamlib v4.3 for Android
    - Change set_icom_set_mode_with_data to not change mode unless
    - Since Icom rigs default to filter 2 if a filter is not selected
      we will do the same when turning on data mode
    - Fix segfault in kenwood_set_vfo
    - scripts: Update example in readme, since 4.0 817 is 1020
    - Make testlibusb.c compatible with libusb < 1.0.23
      Note: On systems with libusb < 1.0.23 a warning will be emitted
      but compliation should proceed without error.
    - Update testlibusb.c warning to "may be" instead of "will be
    - Change kenwood to only set VFOA default on 1st rig_open call

Wed Sep  1 14:09:53 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.3
  * 2021-09-01
  * libusb-1.0.23 or greater is now required or use --without-libusb
  * Generating documentation now requires GNU source-highlighter.
  * Added IC-575
  * Less VFO swapping of newer Icom rigs -- zero swapping in WSJTX and JTDX
  * Dual rotator control in rotctl -R option
  * Started work on simulators -- very crude right now but usable to
    debug some things
  * Overhaul of rig split -- reverse split (VFOA=RX VFOB=TX) should
    work for rigs capable of it
    Starting VFO does not matter -- rig will end up on RX VFO
    S Main 1 Sub
    S Sub 1 Main

Mon May 17 06:29:47 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.2 2021-05-17
  * New rig_get_mode_bandwidths
  * New rig_get_info
  * New rig_get_vfo_info
  * USRP lib and gnuradio are deprecated and will be removed in 5.0
  * Added Radan rotator
  * Added Malachite SDR
  * Frequency and PTT are now validated -- may solve some random problems
    where freq and ptt get stuck or not changed
  * Major rework for PRM80
  * Add twiddle_timeout and twiddle_rit
  * rigctld --twiddle is deprecated and will be removed in 5.0 along with
    get_twiddle and set_twiddle
  * Rework Doxygen manual including default layout for Doxygen 1.9.1.

Mon Feb  1 20:48:21 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- Version 4.1 2021-01-31
  * rigctld and rigs should be more robust for disconnect problems
  * Several fixes for Icom and Yaesu rigs
  * Nobody should need to use rig->caps or rig->state anymore
    If you need a variable added please contact us.
    Note that rig->state abstraction is not implemented need known
  * New rig_get_caps_int and rig_get_caps_cptr functions to replace using
    caps-> values
  * New rig_get_function to replace using caps-> function pointers
  * Fix shared library problem with WSJTX, JTDX, and JS8Call
  * New model Barrett 950

Sun Jan 31 00:02:47 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.1~git

Wed Jan 27 09:24:30 UTC 2021 - Walter Fey <>

- changelog stripped

Sun Nov 29 09:00:32 UTC 2020 - Walter Fey <>

- update to version 4.0
  * API/ABI changes, advance ABI to 4 0 0.
  * Add GPIO and GPION options for DCD. Jeroen Vreeken
  * New backend: ELAD FDM DUO. Giovanni, HB9EIK.
  * All channel functions now take a vfo argument
  * New rotator backend: iOptron. Bob, KD8CGH
  * New model: Icom IC-R8600.  Ekki, DF4OR
  * New utility: rigctlcom.  Mike, W9MDB
  * New model: FT847UNI for unidirectional early serial numbers.  Mike, W9MDB
  * Remove GNU Texinfo files and build system dependency.
  * Rig model numbers have changed to allow future growth
  * Fix a lot of static code analysis errors and warnings.  Mike, W9MDB
  * Rearrange directory structure to put rigs and rotators sources
    under their own subdirectories.  Mike, W9MDB
  * rig_get_channel changed to add read_only flag.
  * rigctl(d) f command also returns VFO now.
  * caching of vfo, frequency, mode, and ptt speeds up rigctld for all.
  * caching of kenwood/yaesu "IF" speeds up polling from WSJTX/JTDX.
  * rig_get_channel now has read_only flag but it still needs to be
    implemented based on rig behavior, so if you use rig_get_channel you
    may get a RIG_ENIMPL error to contact us for fixing it.
  * New rig backend for Elecraft K4.
  * New rig backend for PowerSDR (Flex and Apache users).
  * Many fixes and enhancements. Mike, W9MDB and many contributors
  * PTT port is no longer shared by default, use --set-conf=ptt_share=1 to enable

Sun Aug 12 21:58:39 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 3.3
  * New models, R&S xk2100, TRXMAnager, Meade LX200
  * HTML manual is now generated at 'make dist' so users don't
   need GNU Info tools installed. TNX Greg, N1DAM for the suggestion.
  * Handle longer udev generated file names up to 512 characters
  * Add debug time stamps with new '-Z' option and '--debug-time-stamps'
   options to rigctl, rotctl, rigctld, and rotctld utilities.
  * rigctld/rotctld continue working after serial or TCP device
  * Updates and fixes to FT-817, K3, IC-7300, AOR 3030, TM-D710,
   OMNI VII, TH-D72, Flrig, TS-590, piHPSDR, TS-2000, and netrigctl.
  * Update utility manual pages (section 1) and remove their reference
   material from the Info manual so it only needs to be update in one
  * Add new general project manual pages (section 7) and edit the Info
   manual to match. These should not change much so keeping them in
   sync should not be too much of a burden. The Info manual may be
   removed at some point in the future.
  * Last planned release of the present API/ABI. Future releases will
   require recompilation and relinking by client programs using the C
   library interface (programs that only use the network daemons should
   be unaffected).

Thu Mar 15 22:10:19 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 3.2
  * New models, IC-7850/IC-7851 in IC-785x.  Mike, W9MDB
  * Fix ft991_get_mode, Mike, W9MDB
  * New model, FT-891.  Mike, W9MDB
  * New Barrett 2050 backend, Mike, W9MDB
  * New Flrig backend, Mike, W9MDB
  * New model, IC-M710, Mike, W9MDB
  * Build instructions and test script for Python3
  * Rename to bootstrap and don't call configure
  * micro-ham support. Christoph, DL1YCF
  * New rotator, SPID MD-01/02 in ROT2 mode, Norvald Ryeng, LA6YKA
  * New model, Flex 6400/6600, Mike, W9MDB
  * New model, IC-7610, Mike, W9MDB
  * Add support for CM108B PTT, Max Lock
  * Many other bug fixes and enhancements

Sat Dec 31 21:25:19 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 3.1
  * Fix kenwood_set_mode for ts590s and mode CW, RTTY or AM.
    Tks Tom, DL1JBE
  * Proper IPV6 and dual stack networking. Bill, G4WJS
  * Add a new command line option '--no-restore-ai' ('-n') to rigctl.
    Bill, G4WJS
  * Fix missing PKTUSB mode setting code for FT-817 & FT-897.  Bill, G4WJS
  * New Prosistel rotor backend from IZ7CRX
  * Install daemon man files to man1.  Nate, N0NB
  * Migrate from libusb-0.1 to libusb-1.0.  Stephane, F8CFE
  * Added support for Icom IC-2730.  robinolejnik
  * Added support for the Icom IC-7300. Mike, W9MDB
  * Add send_morse to icom rigs.  Mike, W9MDB
  * added instructions how to compile on OSX. DH1TW
  * New Perseus model.  Stephane, F8CFE
  * Added Lua binding and demo script.  Ervin, HA2OS
  * Added test to support Flex 6300.  Bill, KB4AAA
  * Many bug fixes and feature enhancements to the code base.  See the
    Git commit log for complete details.

Sun Sep 20 21:35:34 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 3.0
  * Kill RPC backends and rpc.rigd/rpc.rotd
  * Remove -e|--end-marker option from rigctld and rotctld
  * Build system updates--remove obsolete macros, now
    runs autoreconf to invoke Autotools to bootstrap the build
    system, libltdl is installed into the source tree as a part
    of the build system bootstrap and is included in the source
    tarball, ABI version is set to be compatible with the 1.2
    series, all Autotools installed files are copied rather than
    symlinked and put in the build-aux directory, building
    rigmem and rigmatrix are now user selectable at configure
    run time, building static libraries are disabled by default.
    Fixed TCL binding installation, fixed Perl binding build so it
    is not invoked by 'make dist' and clean up build files.  Cleaned
    up bindings builds to occur in alphabetical order.  Use new
    ax_pkg_swig macro and update ax_python_devel macro.  Test for
    presence of pkg-config before testing for pkg-config use.
  * Implement new RIT/XIT activation/deactivation through rig_get/set_func()
  * IC-PCR1500/2500 default write_delay to 0, IC-746/756, IC-PCR8500
    fixes, pcr.c, pcr1500.c: Add DSP support.  TNX Paul, KE7ZZ
  * WinRadio G313 updates.  TNX Julian Campbel
  * Readline editing and history support added to rigctl interactive
    mode.  Implement options for reading and writing history file.
  * Readline editing and history support added to rotctl interactive
    mode.  Implement options for reading and writing history file.
  * A new manual draft written in Texinfo added.  Both GNU Info and single
    HTML files are built and distributed, requires makeinfo.
  * Android build system support.  See android/  Android
    Makefile fragments are included in source tarballs.
  * Monolithic library, thanks to Remi Chateauneu for the majority of
    the work!  This allows enabling of a single static library so
    static libs are enabled by default.  Removes dependency on libltdl.
  * Fixes to easycomm, TNX Steve AI4QR.
  * Fixes to port handling allowing PTT and CAT on the same port.  TNX
    Bill, G4WJS.
  * New Peaberry models V1 and V2 added to kit backend.  TNX ON8VQ
    and R2AEE.
  * New IC-7100 model.  TNX Martin, CT1IQI.
  * Use AC_CHECK_LIB macro to search for libusb rather than rely on
    pkg-config.  Preserve environment variables LIBUSB_CFLAGS and
    LIBUSB_LIBS as user precious variables.  Two features,
    --with-xml-support and --enable-usrp still rely on pkg-config so
    only invoke pkg-config when either or both of these features are
    selected.  Only the Winradio g313 model uses libdl so test for it
    only when Winradio backend is enabled.
  * New IC-M700PRO, IC-M710, IC-M802.
  * New Icom ID-5100 model.
  * New rotor, cnctrk by KI4SBL
  * Many backend fixes and updates from many contributors (see Git
    log for complete details).
Fri Nov  9 00:06:33 UTC 2012 -

- update to version

Fri Feb  3 09:08:53 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 1.2.15 

Sun Jul 31 20:37:44 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.2.14 

Sun May 29 13:24:41 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 

Sun Mar 13 16:29:03 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.2.13 

Mon Sep  6 21:26:30 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 1.2.12 

Mon Jun  7 17:28:17 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 1.2.11
* Tue Nov 02 2009 -
- update to version 1.2.10
* Sun Mar 01 2009 -
- update to version 1.2.9
* Mon Nov 03 2008 -
- update to version 1.2.8
- disabled src_misc_c_strcmp.diff
* Sun Jul 22 2007 -
- version
* Wed Feb 20 2007 -
- import into buildservice
- version 1.2.6
* Tue Jun 20 2006 Tim Fischer
- rewrite spec file for SUSE 10.1
* Tue Sep 26 2004 Stephane Fillod
- New backends: skanti, racal, wj, tuner
- New command 'rigswr'
* Tue Jan 20 2004 Tomi Manninen
- Fix for 1.1.5pre2
- Better use of rpm macros
- Disable all bindings
* Tue Oct 08 2003 Joop Stakenborg
- Fix 'make rpm' again by disabling c++ bindings.
- rotclass.h and rigclass.h go into the devel package for now (FIXME)
* Wed Jan 15 2003 Joop Stakenborg
- Fix the spec file for 1.1.4CVS
- 'make rpm' should work now
* Thu Jun 17 2002 Stephane Fillod
- Added rotator support
- Added RPC daemon, hamlib.m4
* Mon Jul 18 2001 Stephane Fillod
- Made initial "working" SPEC file 

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