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<!-- Copyright 2014 Richard Hughes <> -->
SentUpstream: 2014-09-23
  <id type="desktop">xonotic.desktop</id>
      Xonotic is a free and fast-paced first person shooter which combines
      addictive, arena-style gameplay with rapid movement and a wide array of
      Xonotic is easy to learn, but hard to master! Besides thrilling action for
      the casual player, the game also provides e-sport opportunities for those
      interested in its competitive aspects.
      From mapping contests and monthly quick cups to sponsored tournaments,
      Xonotic allows every e-sport enthusiast to participate in competitions
      hosted by its open-minded community.
      Features such as simple items, fully customizable configs and servers, a
      functioning anticheat system, the spectator mode, and the opportunity to
      watch and record games makes Xonotic attractive to competitive players.
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