File _feh of Package feh

#compdef feh
## completion for feh 3.0, based on feh(1)

function _feh_theme {
	[[ -r ~/.config/feh/themes ]] || return
	typeset -a themes
	typeset -i cont=0
	typeset cur_theme cur_desc

	while read theme_name theme_options; do

		if [[ ${theme_name} == '#'* ]] {

		if (( ! ${#theme_name} && ! ${#theme_options} )) {


	done < ~/.config/feh/themes

	_describe 'theme' themes

function _feh_button {
	typeset expl
	_wanted button expl button \
	compadd {0..5}

function _feh_background {
	_alternative \
	'file:file:_files' \

function _feh {
	_arguments -s -S \
	'(--action -A)'{-A,--action}'[action to perform on images]:shell command:_cmdstring' \
	--action{1..9}'[additional action]:shell command:_cmdstring' \
	'--auto-rotate[automatically rotate images based on EXIF data]' \
	'(--auto-zoom -Z)'{-Z,--auto-zoom}'[zoom pictures to screen]' \
	'(--borderless -x)'{-x,--borderless}'[create borderless windows]' \
	'--cache-size[Imlib2 in-memory cache size]:cache size in MiB' \
	'(--cache-thumbnails -P)'{--cache-thumbnails,-P}'[cache thumbnails]' \
	'(--caption-path -K)'{--caption-path,-K+}'[enable caption mode]:caption directory:_files -/' \
	'--conversion-timeout[set ImageMagick conversion timeout for unlodable files]:timeout in seconds (-1 to disable)' \
	'(--customlist -L)'{--customlist,-L}'[custom list mode]:feh format string' \
	'(--draw-actions -G)'{--draw-actions,-G}'[show defined actions]' \
	'--draw-exif[show EXIF data]' \
	'(--draw-filename -d)'{--draw-filename,-d}'[show filename]' \
	'--draw-tinted[show overlay texts on tinted background]' \
	'--edit[change files in-place when using rotate and mirror keys]' \
	'(--filelist -f)'{--filelist,-f}'[load from/save to filelist]:filelist:_files' \
	'(--font -e)'{--font,-e+}'[set global font]:font' \
	'(--fontpath -C)'{--fontpath,-C+}'[set font path]:font path:_files -/' \
	'--force-aliasing[disable antialiasing]' \
	'(--fullindex -I)'{--fullindex,-I}'[index mode with additional information]' \
	'(--fullscreen -F)'{--fullscreen,-F}'[start in fullscreen mode]' \
	'(--geometry -g)'{--geometry,-g+}'[set window geometry]:WxH[+X+Y]' \
	'(--hide-pointer -Y)'{--hide-pointer,-Y}'[hide pointer]' \
	'(--image-bg -B)'{--image-bg,-B+}'[set image background]:background style or X11 colour:(default checks)' \
	'(--index -i)'{--index,-i}'[index mode]' \
	'--index-info[image info for thumbnail/index mode]:format string' \
	'--info[filo info command]:shell command:_cmdstring' \
	'--insecure[disable HTTPS certificate checks]' \
	'(--keep-http -k)'{--keep-http,-k}'[keep cached HTTP files]' \
	'--keep-zoom-vp[keep zoom and viewport when switching images]' \
	'(--list -l)'{--list,-l}'[list mode]' \
	'(--loadable -U)'{--loadable,-U}'[list loadable images]' \
	'--max-dimension[set maximum image dimensions]:WxH' \
	'(--menu-font -M)'{--menu-font,-M+}'[set menu font]:menu font' \
	'--min-dimension[set minimum image dimensions]:WxH' \
	'(--montage -m)'{--montage,-m}'[montage mode]' \
	'(--multiwindow -w)'{--multiwindow,-w}'[multiwindow mode]' \
	'--no-jump-on-resort[do not jump to first image after resorting]' \
	'(--no-menus -N)'{--no-menus,-N}'[disable menus]' \
	'--no-screen-clip[disable window size limits]' \
	'--no-xinerama[disable Xinerama support]' \
	'--on-last-slide[set behaviour when advancing past the last slide]:behaviour:(hold quit resume)' \
	'(--output-dir -j)'{--output-dir,-j+}'[set temporary file location]:directory:_files -/' \
	'(--preload -p)'{--preload,-p}'[eliminate unloadable images before starting]' \
	'(--quiet -q)'{--quiet,-q}'[do not report non-fatal errors]' \
	'(--randomize -z)'{--randomize,-z}'[randomize filelist]' \
	'(--recursive -r)'{--recursive,-r}'[recurse into subdirectories]' \
	'--no-recursive[do not recurse into subdirectories]' \
	'(--reload -R)'{--reload,-R+}'[regularly reload filelist and current image]:seconds' \
	'(--reverse -n)'{--reverse,-n}'[reverse sort order]' \
	'(--scale-down -.)'{--scale-down,-.}'[scale down too large images]' \
	'--scroll-step[set scroll granularity]:pixels per scroll step' \
	'(--slideshow-delay -D)'{--slideshow-delay,-D+}'[set slideshow delay]:seconds' \
	'(--sort -S)'{--sort,-S}'[sort images]:sort key:(name filename dirname mtime width height pixels size format)' \
	'(--start-at -|)'{--start-at,-'|'+}'[start slideshow at file]:start file:_files' \
	'(--theme -T)'{--theme,-T+}'[set theme]: :_feh_theme' \
	'(--thumbnails -t)'{--thumbnails,-t}'[thumbnail mode]' \
	'(--thumb-title -~)'{--thumb-title,-'~'+}'[set thumbnail window title]:feh format string' \
	'(--title -^)'{--title,-'^'}'[set window title]:feh format string' \
	'(--unloadable -u)'{--unloadable,-u}'[list unloadable images]' \
	'(--verbose -V)'{--verbose,-V}'[verbose mode]' \
	'--version-sort[use natural sorting for --sort]' \
	'--zoom[set default zoom level]:percent' \
	'(--alpha -a)'{--alpha,-a}'[set thumbnail transparency]:alpha level' \
	'(--bg -b)'{--bg,-b}'[set montage background]: :_feh_background' \
	'(--ignore-aspect -X)'{--ignore-aspect,-X}'[ignore aspect in montage mode]' \
	'(--limit-height -H)'{--limit-height,-H}'[limit montage height]:pixels' \
	'(--limit-width -W)'{--limit-width,-W}'[limit montage width]:pixels' \
	'(--output -o)'{--output,-o}'[save created montage]:output file:_files' \
	'(--output-only -O)'{--output-only,-O}'[only save created montage]:output file:_files' \
	'(--stretch -s)'{--stretch,-s}'[enlarge too small images in montage mode]' \
	'(--thumb-height -E)'{--thumb-height,-E}'[set montage mode thumbnail height]:pixels' \
	'(--thumb-width -y)'{--thumb-width,-y}'[set montage mode thumbnail width]:pixels' \
	'(--thumb-redraw -J)'{--thumb-redraw,-J}'[set thumbnail mode redraw interval]:interval' \
	'--bg-center[set centered background]' \
	'--bg-fill[set filled background (zoom until filled)]' \
	'--bg-max[set maxed background (zoom until image fits)]' \
	'--bg-scale[set background without preserving aspect ratio]' \
	'--bg-tile[set tiled background]' \
	'(--title-font -@)'{--title-font,-'@'}'[set title font]:font' \
	'*:image, directory or URL:_files'

_feh "$@"
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