File SweetHome3D.changes of Package SweetHome3D

Sat Mar  6 10:17:45 UTC 2021 - Antoine Belvire <>

- Update to version 6.5:
  + Many bug fixes and a few improvements.
  + Detailed changes available at
- Remove SweetHome3D_source_target_version.patch: Fixed by
- Split models and textures from main package spec file.

Sun Aug 30 14:12:27 UTC 2020 - Vinzenz Vietzke <>

- update to 6.4.2
  + Fixed an issue which detached joined walls, when split with Plan > Split wall menu item or recomputed with room modification pane.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements in Sweet Home 3D and Sweet Home 3D JS Editor.
- update to 6.4
  + Improved resolution scale management in the plan for HiDPI screens under Java 8.
  + Fixed a bug in redoing dimension line resizing.
  + Added IDs to home objects which may be modified.
  + Added support for editing home plans in Sweet Home 3D JS with the ability to save modified homes on a JSP server.
  + Fixed an issue in Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer which prevented touch management to work correctly under iOS.
  + Improved drawing order of transparent objects in Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
- update to 6.3
  + Added the Select object / Toggle selection menu item in the contextual menu of the 3D view to select or deselect the object under the mouse cursor with a right click.
  + Enabled reordering selected items in the furniture list with a drag-and-drop.
  + Added temporary dimension lines along a resized wall.
  + Added temporary dimension lines during the move of a room point with a diagonal dimension to allow triangulation.
  + Increased the maximum scale in the plan.
  + Added support for math expressions in values entered in editable plan tooltips.
  + Optimized the handling of 3D models made of repeated small parts like some trees found on 3D Warehouse.
  + Improved the management of Sweet Home 3D window size after opening a file saved with its window maximized under macOS.
  + Fixed some computing issues on 3D polylines with very large coordinates and wall sides with a null length.
  + Fixed double actions provoked by shortcuts on some non Latin keyboards.
  + Fixed an issue where some menu items didn't appear after a right click in the plan.
  + Fixed color setting on lines of 3D models in Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
- update icon to new version

Thu Aug 15 13:56:56 UTC 2019 - Robert Herb <>

- update to 6.2
  + Fixed a bug which prevented from modifying a piece of furniture in Virtual visit mode, after adding that piece to a group in Aerial view mode.
  + Fixed the totals update after a price change of a piece belonging to a furniture group.
  + Fixed a bug which prevented from changing a textured material to white color.
  + Fixed horizontal and vertical alignment while moving room or furniture names with the mouse and the Shift key pressed.
  + Added Adjustable searchable tag to find more easily an adjustable 3D model among the 87 available ones.
  + After Select all at all levels menu item is chosen, exported all selected items to OBJ format whether they belong to a level visible in the 3D view or not.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
 - updare 3D-models to 1.7.1

Wed Feb 13 13:45:22 UTC 2019 - Robert Herb <>

- update to 6.1.2
  + Fixed a regression that prevented from changing the dash style of polylines.
  + Fixed double actions provoked by shortcuts on some non Latin keyboards under macOS.
  + Fixed shortcuts for zooming and changing text size under macOS.
  + Other minor bugs fixes.
- update to 6.1 (skipped)
  + Managed the selection toggling of an item in the furniture list without losing the selection of other items in the plan.
  + Optimized the cache management of the furniture top views in the plan for similar furniture.
  + Fixed the location of the top view of a piece of furniture in its selection rectangle at large zoom factors.
  + Used more precise text widths to correctly align multi line texts.
  + Fixed how the application is displayed in languages oriented from right to left.
  + Fixed wrong parsing of some math expressions when the selected length unit is not cm.
  + Fixed 3D offscreen rendering under Windows when setting Z-buffer depth size is not supported.
  + Removed wall parts under openings higher than the top of a trapezoidal wall.
  + Added support for mirrors on hinge and rail with the sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_hinge_ / sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_rail_ new shape prefixes.
  + Accepted spaces in the texture image path of map_Kd items in MTL files.
  + Added information about the memory used by the program in About dialog box.
  + Improved the user interface of the Furniture Library Editor and Textures Library Editor when used with HiDPI screens under Windows and Linux.
  + Added a macOS application bundled with Oracle Java 8 in the portable version.
  + Replaced JRE 8u181 by JRE 8u202 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with Java.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

Wed Dec 26 10:49:32 UTC 2018 - Nico Kruber <>

- fix version numbers of the Textures and 3DModels subpackages

Tue Dec 18 08:28:05 UTC 2018 - Nico Kruber <>

- update to 6.0
  + Added the ability to rotate and slide openings and light spots.
  + Added a mannequin which can be articulated.
  + Replaced the 24 3D models contributed under LAL license in the
    default catalog by new models under GNU GPL / CC-BY license.
  + Updated rotating and sliding parts in the 3D model of doors,
    windows and furniture to support new rotation and translation
  + Added price management with currency choice and optional sales
    tax in preferences pane, new Price and Sales tax % fields in
    furniture modification pane, total prices displayed below the
    home furniture list and new columns to display price information
    in this list.
  + Added the ability to calculate math expressions in numeric
  + Added Plan > Flip horizontally and Plan > Flip vertically
    menu items.
  + Added support for multi line and text alignment in text
    modification pane.
  + Added X offset and Y offset spinner in texture modification pane
    to shift textures.
  + Enabled multi selection of materials in materials modification
    pane to change them by group.
  + Added Dash offset spinner in polyline modification pane to shift
    the pattern of dashed polylines.
  + Allowed polylines to be displayed in the 3D view.
  + Added an option in 3D view modification pane to view background
    image in 3D view at ground level.
  + Added Plan > Make level the only viewable one and
    Plan > Make all levels viewable menu items.
  + Displayed level menu items in a separate contextual menu bound
    to level tabs.
  + Managed Ctrl modifier (alt or option under macOS) to resize the
    selected piece of furniture only along its width or its depth.
  + Added a new indicator in the middle of the selected wall to
    easily change its curve.
  + Displayed wall arc length in the tool tip associated to Arc
    extent field in wall modification pane.
  + Allowed sloping walls to have a minimum height equal to 0 on
    one end.
  + Added 2.40:1 image ratio and updated video formats.
  + Saved column widths of the furniture list to restore them at
    home opening.
  + Made underground objects of a group individually dig the ground
    in the 3D view.
  + Increased Z-buffer depth to 24 bit when supported, to simplify
    the management of the front and back limits of the frustrum in
    the 3D view.
  + Ensured equirectangular images are correctly mapped in the 3D
    view when used as sky texture.
  + Forced CSV export encoding to UTF-8 on all systems and added
    com.eteks.sweethome3d.CSVEncoding system property to set the
    encoding to another value for backward compatibility.
  + Checked SH3D files start by ZIP magic number after a file is
    saved to warn users for rare fail cases.
  + Fixed angle of grouped furniture according to the angle of
    leading selected piece.
  + Fixed furniture and texture libraries loading under Java 10.
  + Improved HiDPI screens detection with Java 8/10 under Windows
    / Linux / macOS to automatically scale the user interface.
  + Optimized 3D walls update after the move of a door or a window.
  + Added sunjce_provider.jar library to installation programs to
    allow access to web sites with https.
  + Added architecture 32/64 bit radio buttons in Windows installer
    and selected 32 bit by default under Windows 10 64 bit.
  + Added support for ARM64 architecture in Windows installer.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
- update models to 1.6.4

Thu Feb  1 23:14:37 UTC 2018 -

- update to 5.7
  + Added a preview component to file choosers used to select an
    image under Windows and Linux.
  + Managed user defined furniture properties added to catalogs
    read by Sweet Home 3D and read/saved by Furniture Library Editor.
  + Fixed the visibility of horizontally rotated objects at upper
  + Fixed the size in the plan of a copied-pasted object which is
    horizontally rotated.
  + Fixed a bug that prevented to group unresizable furniture or
    read a SH3D file saved with a previous version which contained
    such objects.
  + Fixed the display of furniture catalog and furniture list when
    scrolling under Mac OS X 10.13 with Java 6.
  + Fixed Window menu management under Mac OS X with Java 8.
  + Replaced JRE 8u152 by JRE 8u162 in Sweet Home 3D installers
    bundled with Java.
  + Converted CVS repository on to SVN (sorry for
    the dead links to server that this
    change implies).
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

Mon Dec 18 08:01:36 UTC 2017 -

- update to 5.6
  + Fixed a bug that prevented to export to CSV format.
  + Fixed the size of furniture in subgroups when their parent group is resized.
  + Fixed wrongly computed threshold of doors larger than the side of a room.
  + Improved printing performances under Mac OS X with Java 8u152.
  + Replaced JRE 8u144 by JRE 8u152 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with Java.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

Mon Oct  2 08:01:36 UTC 2017 -

- update to 5.5.2
  + Fixed photo creation at the two lowest quality levels when two monitors are used.
  + Fixed how lights in groups are rendered at the two best quality levels in the photo creation tool.
  + Upgraded Java 3D to version 1.6.0 for the Mac OS X distributions running under Java 6 (Mac OS X 10.6.8 to 10.13), leaving the JAR Executable as the only version able to run Sweet Home 3D under Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, and/or PowerPC.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

Sat Sep  9 08:01:36 UTC 2017 -

- update to 5.5
  + Made doors and windows always cut out the both sides of the
    walls to which they are added.
  + Prevented opened doors to be deformed when their property
    doorOrWindowWidthDepthDeformable in a furniture library is set
    to false.
  + Ensured walls created with a double-click on a room don't
    overlap existing ones.
  + Added Plan > Join walls menu item to join selected walls at
    their intersection or join aligned walls broken in two parts.
  + Added the ability to rotate furniture around a horizontal axis
    with new spinners in furniture modification pane and a new
    indicator available on a horizontally rotated object (except
    for doors, windows, staircases and groups).
  + Added the horizontallyRotatable property in furniture libraries
    to prevent some models to rotate around an horizontal axis.
  + Added the ability to set the scale of a texture in texture
    modification pane.
  + Replaced 0° / 45° / 90° radio buttons used to rotate a texture
    by a spinner.
  + Allowed decimals in spinners used to enter angles.
  + Saved recently used textures in user profile to restore them
    at program start.
  + Added Creator text field in the furniture and texture import
  + Added the optional Creator column in the furniture list to
    display the creators of the 3D model of an object and the
    textures applied on it.
  + Displayed the size of the uncompressed files of a 3D model in
    furniture catalog tool tips and in the new optional Model size
    column available in the furniture list.
  + Added an option in preferences pane to choose the size in
    pixels of furniture icons in the plan, when viewed from top.
  + Added in preferences pane the Select visitor in plan at 3D
    move option, which can be unselected to prevent selectioning
    and showing the virtual visitor in the plan at each move in
    the 3D view.
  + Added Ctrl M shortcut to display preferences pane under
    Windows and Linux.
  + Added Ctrl Alt M (cmd alt M under macOS) shortcut to display
    the modification pane of the virtual visitor.
  + Added a triangle and five other new objects in the default
    furniture catalog.
  + Released also under CC-BY license the 76 3D models of the
    default catalog which are available under GNU GPL.
  + Added File > New from demo menu item with 9 demos (5
    apartments and 4 houses) distributed under GNU GPL and
    CC-BY license.
  + Improved how front and back clip distances of frustrum are
    computed in the 3D view.
  + Fixed a crash of the program under Windows 10 Creator update
    when a file dialog box was displayed.
  + Fixed an issue where some textures were displayed upside down.
  + Fixed the management of the wall sides color / texture when
    changed with the room modification pane.
  + Fixed the location of 3D models with a non-cuboid shape when
    rotations applied at importation are not a multiple of 90°
    (objects in existing plan are not updated to prevent breaking
  + Set a default size of 100x100 cm for texture borrowed from
    the 3D model of an other object.
  + Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
- update models to 1.6.3

Thu May  4 07:58:52 UTC 2017 -

- update to 5.4
- update textures to 1.2
- remove binary download from _service file

Wed Jan 04 11:15:47 UTC 2017 -

- changed BuildRequires to java-1_8_0-openjdk-devel

Sun Dec 11 11:15:47 UTC 2016 -

- update to 5.3
- update 3DModels to 1.6.2

Sun Feb 28 10:56:59 UTC 2016 -

- update to 5.2
- note that these files and source code were updated on February 19, 2016 to fix a possible conflict during auto saving of homes for recovery (version in About dialog shown as 5.2a).

Tue Dec 15 06:09:40 UTC 2015 -

- update to 5.1

Wed Jul 29 06:09:40 UTC 2015 -

- update to 5.0
- added Textures subpackage
- fixed startscript
Sun Jun 28 15:09:40 UTC 2015 -

- update to 4.6
- updated 3DModels to 1.5.1

Fri Oct 24 15:09:40 UTC 2014 -

- updated 3DModels to 1.4.2

Fri Oct 24 10:39:30 UTC 2014 -

- update to 4.5

Mon Jul 21 10:14:40 UTC 2014 -

- updated 3DModels to 1.4.1

Fri Jul 18 10:14:40 UTC 2014 -

- update to 4.4
- seperate changelog

Mon Jan 27 2014 Robert Herb <>

- updated to 4.3
- updated 3DModels to 1.3.2

Tue Dec 03 2013 Robert Herb <>

- update to 4.2
- added some more 3DModels

Tue Oct 30 2012 Robert Herb <>

- update to 3.7
- added some more 3DModels

Wed Aug 08 2012 Robert Herb <>

- update to 3.5

Mon Apr 02 2012 Robert Herb <>

- update to 3.4

Wed Dec 17 2008 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.5.1

Tue Dec 09 2008 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.5

Wed Oct 08 2008 Toni Graffy <>

- added some 3DModels as subpackage

Tue Oct 07 2008 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.4
- dropped own build.xml as upstream provides one

Thu Aug 28 2008 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.3.1

Wed Apr 30 2008 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.3

Thu Feb 14 2008 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.2.1

Wed Nov 07 2007 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.2
- using internal vecmath-1.3

Mon Sep 24 2007 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.1

Wed Sep 12 2007 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 1.0
- using PM-vecmath package

Sat Jul 21 2007 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 0.18

Mon Jun 11 2007 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 0.15

Tue May 29 2007 Toni Graffy <>

- update to 0.12

Sun Feb 11 2007 Toni Graffy <>

- added /usr/lib64 in startscript

Thu Nov 16 2006 Toni Graffy <>

- Initial build 0.10.0
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