File hydrogen.changes of Package hydrogen

Thu Jan  4 07:15:20 UTC 2024 - Konstantin Voinov <>

- Remove Fix-driver-switching-whil-using-JACK.patch
- Expand %cmake macro weirdly fixes audio engine crash
- Update to 1.2.2+git.107.2aec080
* Added
  - Forward compatibility for .h2song and drumkit changes introduced in
    version 1.3.0
* Fixed
  - Restore mute button state of master mixer strip on song load.
  - Recorded MIDI notes were inserted ahead of the beat (#1851).
  - Drumkit Property Dialog:
    - Images were written regardless whether one hits the ok or
      cancel button.
    - When using Save As to create a new drumkit, the added image
      was put in the old drumkit folder instead and not properly
      copied into the new one.
  - Allow to Save As drumkits derived from kits not found on the
    current system.
  - Audio Engine: In Song Mode with Loop Mode deactivated Hydrogen
    missed notes very close to the end of the song.
  - Fix crash on playing back notes with custom length (#1852).
  - macOS: fix naming of CoreMIDI header (#1865).
  - Fix various rendering issues with custom length notes.
  - Fix potential crash/failing startup on Windows in case PortAudio
    or PortMidi device is already occupied (#1893)
  - Fix crash on shutdown, song export, or driver changes in the
    Preferences while using JACK on Linux (#1902, #1867, #1907)
  - Pattern Editor:
    - Only delete stop notes clicked by the user. (#1859)
    - Proper undo of moving notes out of DrumPatternEditor. (#1859)
    - Custom note lengths are now only drawn till the next stop
      note. (#1859)
    - Highlight selected stop notes too. (#1859)
    - Update selected notes visually on left and right keyboard
      movement. (#1859)
    - Fixed stop note color which was no different than
      the default note color (#1854).
    - Fixed grid line rendering on rational pattern size nominator.
    - Fixed grid line colors on very fine resolution.
  - Fix broken file browser dialogs on Linux when using translations (#1908).

Wed Jan  3 10:14:54 UTC 2024 - Konstantin Voinov <>

- Add Fix-driver-switching-whil-using-JACK.patch

Wed Jan  3 05:47:00 UTC 2024 - Konstantin Voinov <>

- Remove fix-obsolete-appdata.patch now upstream
- Set noarch for libhydrogen-core-devel package
- Update to version 1.2.2

  * Hydrogen is now released as AppImage for Linux as well.
  * Playlist dialog can now be resized and remembers geometry,
    position, as well as visibility.
  * Save and restore Director position, geometry, and visibility.
  * New and properly licensed AppStream metainfo files
    org.hydrogenmusic.Hydrogen.metainfo.xml replace old
  * Hydrogen shows an error dialog and exits on the first invocation
    with no hydrogen.conf file present on user and system level
    (application was not properly installed).
  * A new cmake option WANT_DYNAMIC_JACK_CHECK was
    introduced. When set Hydrogen does check on startup whether
    jackd, jackdbus, or pw-jack is installed and disables JACK
    support in case none of them was found. This is intended for
    bundled builds, like AppImage and Flatpak, and can be overridden
    by setting the audio driver manually to "Jack" in the
    hydrogen.conf or by passing the "-d jack" CLI option.


  * Spanish translation updated.
  * Minor tweaks in French and German translation.
  * On Linux the order of audio drivers tried when selecting Auto
    changed from "JACK > ALSA > OSS > PulseAudio" to
    "JACK > PulseAudio > ALSA > OSS".


  * Style combo box in Preferences > Appearance > Interface is
    working again.
  * Fix segfault on hitting "Panic" button while transport was
  * Instrument/strip-specific actions, like MIDI action
    STRIP_MUTE_TOGGLE, did void the instrument selection of the
    Instrument Editor if the specified instrument was not the
    currently selected one.
  * Do not start playback at cursor when cursor in Song Editor is
    beyond the current song length.
  * Fixed compatibility with PortMidi version 217 (Hydrogen v1.2.1
    was incompatible) (#1795). All versions of Hydrogen >=1.3 will,
    however, require on a more recent PortMidi version (at least
  * Fixed allowed range of MIDI output notes to be [0,127] again
    (#1828) (introduced in v1.2.0).
  * Hydrogen does now successfully startup even if no data folder is
    present on user and system level.
  * Allow an arbitrary number of notes in a pattern (#1827).
  * Fix playback track volume fader (#1449)

Sun Jun 11 04:50:09 UTC 2023 - Konstantin Voinov <>

* Update to version 1.2.1
* Remove hydrogen-Fix-beat-and-bar-calculation-in-pattern-mode.patch
  now upstream
* Update patch release-version.patch
* Update French translation
* Bugfixes
  - Fix reopening of last used Playlist. In addition, in case the
    PlaylistDialog was opened at the end of the last session - when
    "Reopen last used playlist" is checked in the Preferences - the
    dialog will be reopened too at the same position.
  - Fix spurious marking of opened songs as modified.
  - Fix MIDI (output) feedback for metronome toggling and pan
  - Fix superfluous MIDI event - Action bindings. An incoming MIDI
    event can be mapped to an Action only once.
  - Fix tool tips of MIDI-learnable widgets. All bounded MIDI events
    will be shown.
  - Fix MIDI note output for channel 16 (previously only channel
    1-15 were accessible in the InstrumentEditor).
  - Fix spurious tempo changes to 120bpm when switching songs or
    between pattern and song mode (#1779 and #1785)
  - Support "START", "CONTINUE", and "STOP" type System Realtime
    MIDI messages in PortMidi and CoreMidi.
  - Fix MIDI action binding to incoming MMC_DEFERRED_PLAY event.
  - Fix missing MIDI driver restart when adjusting corresponding
    parameters in Preferences.
  - Fix MIDI Machine Control (MMC) event type handling on Windows
  - Fix loading of legacy drumkits. All layers but the first one
    were dropped during drumkit upgrade (#1759)
  - Fix MIDI input handling with "Discard MIDI messages after action
    has been triggered" checked. Incoming NOTEON message were
    dropped without triggering a sound (#1751)
  - Fix beat and bar calculation in pattern mode (#1741)
  - Fix compilation in GCC with -Werror=format-security (#1739)
  - Explicit usage of Python3 in script
  - Fix build against Musl (nekopsykose)
  - Omit git commit hash in displayed version of release builds

Tue Apr 25 14:12:20 UTC 2023 - Konstantin Voinov <>

- Add upstream patch:

- Update to version 1.2.0

* General behavior
  - Remembering paths in all export/import/save/open dialogs.
  - Introducing keyboard shortcut for the Open Pattern dialog.
  - Allow for opening more than one Pattern at once.
  - All available audio drivers can now be chosen via CLI.
  - Implement missing EFFECT_LEVEL_RELATIVE MIDI action
  - If the Timeline is activated, the tempo set using the BPM
    widget, BeatCounter, Tap Tempo, or MIDI/OSC commands is used left
    of the first tempo marker.
  - The tempo provided by an external JACK timebase master
    overwrites all internal tempo settings.
  - The BPM widget switches to read-only mode and displays the
    current playback speed when the Timeline is activated.
  - Activation of the Timeline is now stored in each individual
    .h2song file.
  - Autosave files will be hidden. The interval they are stored with
    as well whether there is an autosave at all can be set via the
    Preferences. Hydrogen will inform the user whether there are
    unsaved changes to recover taken from the autosave file.
  - Hydrogen is now able to recover changes applied to a new and
    empty song in case they are discarded or the session end
    untimely (using autosave files)
  - Multiple actions can be assigned to a single MIDI event.
  - The virtual keyboard is now decoupled from the "Hear New Notes"
    button in the Pattern Editor and can be used to play back notes in
    song mode with playback rolling too.
  - Mutable warning dialogs are shown when saving/exporting a
    drumkit containing samples of mismatching license and when
    saving/exporting a drumkit or song containing a copyleft license
    or one requiring an attribution.
  - Drumkit properties dialog does now feature a table listing all
    contained samples and associated licenses.
  - All actions accessible via right-clicking in the SoundLibrary do
    affect the stack drumkits and not the instrument list of the
    current song.
  - All actions accessible via the Drumkits tab of the main menu do
    affect the loaded drumkit using the current song's custom
    instrument and component list.
* Interface
  - Improved scalability (most PNG images were replaced by SVGs,
    hardcoded PNG labels are now directly drawn by Qt, and spin boxes,
    buttons, and combo boxes are now based on native Qt widgets)
  - Improved internationalization (all labels are translatable now
    and support UTF-8)
  - Improved accessibility (widgets were increased to fill available
    space, preference option to (de- and) increase font size)
  - All colors can be altered via the preferences
  - Input widgets (rotary, fader, combo box, spin box, button) do
    support both mouse and keyboard input (e.g. setting numerical values)
  - Input widgets are faintly highlighted when hovered and more
    strongly highlighted when clicked (focuses). Only the focused
    widget can receive keyboard input
  - MIDI-learnable widgets now show their corresponding MIDI action
    and it's binding in the tooltip
  - It's now possible to jump to the beginning of the currently
    playing pattern by clicking its position on the ruler in the
    pattern editor.
  - The length of patterns can now be changed while transport is
* PreferencesDialog > Appearance tab overhaul
  - Drop previous font options in favor for three different
    levels of font (without exposing their point sizes)
  - Ability to decrease or increase the overall font size
  - All settings in the Appearance tab - except the overall layout
    and the scaling policy - take effect immediately (no restart
    required anymore)
  - Drop the "fixed" coloring methods and rename "steps" to
  - Via a colored button the particular line color can now be
    adjusted using a QColorDialog
  - Custom color tab to alter all colors in the GUI (big thanks to
    the Muse4 team for the original code).
  - All options set in the Appearance tab can be imported and
    exported into and shared via dedicated .h2theme files.
  - Overhauled MIDI Table
    - Per effect or layer setting are now done in dedicated spin
      boxes instead of providing individual actions for each.
    - Only spin boxes for parameters required for a particular
      action are shown.
    - Rows can be removed by unsetting both the Event and Action
      combo box.
  - Clicking the widget showing the status messages does now open a
    dropdown menu displaying the last 100 messages.
* Audio processing
  - Set CoreAudio (macOS) buffer size to control latency
  - New fast exponential ADSR envelope processing
* InstrumentEditor UX improvements:
  - rework start/end/loop frame slider selection and motion.
  - rework velocity/pan envelope editing
* SongEditor UX improvements:
  - Tags can now be inserted at all possible columns
  - Hovering a Tag displays its content
  - Changed behavior of the Tempo Marker dialog: When clicking an
    existing Tempo Marker it can be moved, edited, or
    deleted. Clicking a column with no Tempo Marker present allows
    to create a new one at an arbitrary location.
  - Timeline is deactivated automatically when switching to Pattern
    Mode or a JACK timebase master is present
  - The tempo used left of the first tempo marker is painted in a
    darker color.
  - The currently used Tempo Marker gets highlighted.
  - Tags have been moved into Timeline (next to the Tempo Markers)
    in order to make room to accommodate the cursor in the ruler to
    highlight the current position
  - Tags can be inserted by left-clicking the bottom area of the
    Timeline (above the ruler).
  - Clicking the ruler is now always enabled and automatically
    switches transport into Song Mode.
  - Full-size playhead
  - The icons in the pattern list indicating whether a pattern is
    playing in stacked pattern mode are now colored and can have four
    different states: on, off, off next (pattern is played till the
    end and then turned off), and on next (pattern is played as soon
    as transport is looped again)
  - In song mode the pattern editor can be locked meaning that
    always the bottom-most pattern of the current column the
    playhead resides in as well as all other playing notes are
    shown. Pattern selection is done automatically when moving into
    a different column.
* PatternEditor UX tweaks:
  - Relocating transport by clicking the ruler is now supported
    (like in the SongEditor) and automatically switches transport
    into Pattern Mode.
  - Full-size playhead
  - The ruler was decoupled from the currently selected pattern. It
    always has the size of the largest playing pattern and always
    shows the transport position using a playhead. Whether or not the
    current pattern is played back is indicated by a full-height
  - All note properties except of the note key can now be altered in
    both the drum pattern editor and the piano roll editor by
    right-clicking and dragging a note.
  - All notes of the currently playing patterns will be hinted in
    stacked pattern mode, when selecting a virtual pattern, or in
    case the pattern editor is locked in song mode. Even those notes
    exceeding the length of the current pattern are shown.
  - Add command /Hydrogen/LOAD_DRUMKIT
  - Add command /Hydrogen/UPGRADE_DRUMKIT
  - Add command /Hydrogen/VALIDATE_DRUMKIT
  - Add command /Hydrogen/EXTRACT_DRUMKIT
  - Add command /Hydrogen/BPM
    can now be called without any argument too
  - Add `--upgrade` option to upgrade a drumkit
  - Add `--check` option to validate a drumkit
  - Add `--extract` option to extract the content of a drumkit
  - Drumkit supplied using `-k` option can now be either the name of
    an install kit or an absolute path to a kit (does not have to be
    located in the Hydrogen's drumkit folder).
* Bugfixes
  - fix dithering of SongEditor when viewing the playback track
    and resizing the application or for very small size (#1379).
  - fix rewinding to beginning of pattern in pattern mode with no
    pattern inserted in SongEditor (#932)
  - fix display of tags and tempo marker while loading a song
    (introduced in 1.1.0) (#1393)
  - default MIDI driver is now picked with the system's capabilities
    in mind
  - remove unwanted samples at the end of the exported song (to
    .wav) (#946)
  - fix undefined tempo before first tempo marker (#416)
  - fix Song export to keep writing till all notes and FX have faded
  - notes at first ticks in pattern were missed when relocation
    transport using the position ruler
  - fix playhead glitches when adding toggling patterns at the end
    of the song after transport was loop at least once
  - deactivating loop mode result stopping transport at the end of
    the song even if transport was already looped at least once
  - relocation of the playhead use JACK is now also support in case
    transport is not rolling
  - Hydrogen is now able to handle multiple drumkits featuring the
    same name in the SoundLibrary. The drumkit's absolute path will be
    used as unique handler from now on.
  - Mixing instruments from different drumkit in one Song works
  - Hydrogen shows a now a warning dialog when exporting/saving date
    to read-only folders
  - fix text overflow in Director
* Crash reporting
  - Fatal errors will now show a GUI report including details to report
    and potential hints about the cause

Sat Jul 23 07:00:27 UTC 2022 - Dirk Müller <>

- update to 1.1.1:
  * Keyboard cursor-driven pattern, song and note properties editing
  * Note selection and movement in pattern editors
  * New OSC commands (new song, open song, save song (as), quit,
  * toggle looped playback, toggle timeline, toggle Jack transport,
  * toggle Jack timebase master, add/delete timeline marker,
  * toggle song/pattern playback mode)
  * NSM support reworked
  * Deprecating JACK-session
  * Instrument main pitch shift offset
  * Custom pattern size support with representation in note values
  * Custom pan law support in mixer
  * Audio output device selection in CoreAudio (macOS) and PortAudio (Windows)
  * Preferences dialog 'OK' bug
  * Audio problems when using LADSPA plugins with PulseAudio
  * MIDI crashes and other issues on 64-bit Windows
  * Missing tags and markers
  * Inability to control audio latency on Windows (PortAudio) 
- add release-version.patch to avoid devel-build warning
- drop fix-version-soversion.patch: this needs to be, if at all

Sun May  9 14:07:12 UTC 2021 - Dirk Müller <>

- update to 1.0.2:
  * User-selectable translation language
  * Bug fixes including critical startup bug on macOS Big Sur

Sun Nov 15 11:46:57 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 1.0.1
  * Fixed compilation with libtar
  * Fixed jack transport tempo drift when using non-integer bpm values
  * Disabled "development mode" warning
  * Fix crash on saving ladspa settings
  * Added manual + tutorial files to Windows and OS X Installers

- Update to version 1.0.0
  * QT5 support
  * MIDI feedback
  * OSC support (incl. feedback)
  * Playback track
  * Menu redesign
  * Note probability property
  * Velocity automation
  * Full screen mode
  * New default kit: GMRockKit

- Add fix-obsolete-appdata.patch
- Add fix-version-soversion.patch (replaces hydrogen-0.9.6-lib64.patch)
- Remove hydrogen-no-current-time.patch (__DATE__ and __TIME__
  are considered by SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and the compiler)
- Remove hydrogen-fix-qt5.15.patch (fixed upstream)
- Remove hydrogen-gcc47.patch (obsolete)
- Remove hydrogen-0.9.6-lib64.patch (obsolete)
- h2cli.1 is now created during %install
- Clean up spec file

Wed Jun 03 09:32:49 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 0.99+git20200527 and fix factory build against
  qt 5.15 with hydrogen-fix-qt5.15.patch
- Remove incorporated patches:
  and hydrogen-SongEditor-Fix-timeline-scrolling.patch
- Upstream changes:
  * Fix buffer and period size calculation
  * hydrogen.cpp: change return value behavior of audioEngine_process()
  * Fix prefs dialog buffersize driver restart message
  * Fail gracefully on failure to set ALSA period (Fix #879)
  * Bugfix for #857: Check audioEngine_process() ret. value when exporting
  * Do not update specific UI parts if song export is active  (see #857)
  * More smaller fixes which address compiler warnings..
  * ExportMidiDialog: initialize pSmfWriter
  * Fix #874 - improve scrolling to newly selected pattern (#875)

Wed Feb 12 17:42:55 UTC 2020 - Stefan Dirsch <>

- hydrogen-ongEditorPanel-clean-up-scroll-signals.patch,
  * adjusted git commits from upstream, which fix scrolling in
    Song Editor (boo#1163519)

Sun Apr  7 14:27:51 UTC 2019 - plater <>

- Update to 1.0.0-beta named version 0.9.9pre1
- Now builds with qt5
- Rebased hydrogen-0.9.6-lib64.patch, hydrogen-gcc47.patch and
- Removed hydrogen-0.9.6-desktop.patch.

Wed Mar  7 06:22:36 UTC 2018 -

- Remove lash dependency and enable pulse audio support.

Wed Apr 12 14:10:18 UTC 2017 -

- Modified hydrogen-no-current-time.patch to remove all references
  to current date and time.

Wed Jan 25 23:00:56 UTC 2017 -

- Trim description and fix all the incomplete sentences.

Thu Jan 12 21:22:08 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 0.9.7, adapt patches
- Drop hydrogen.1 source file, move the included man page to the
  right place instead of installing our own version
- Updated h2cli.1 man page
- Use desktop-file-utils macros instead of update-desktop-database
- Upstream changes:
  * The color of the SongEditors squares is now configurable
  * Added support for midi cymbal choking
  * Added support for midi hihat pressure control
  * Added hihat pressure groups
  * Added basic non session manager support
  * Added instrument components
  * Basic lilypond export
  * New windows cross compilation script
  * Support for soundlibrary images
  * Configurable sample selection algorithm
  * Support for soundlibraries with images
  * New midi action:

Sun Nov 09 04:34:00 UTC 2014 - Led <>

- fix bashisms in post/postun scripts

Fri Sep  5 21:18:32 UTC 2014 -

- Update to final version 0.9.6, adapt patches
- Changed hydrogen-0.9.6-desktop.patch to not add quotes to the
  german Name and GenericName entries in the .desktop file, this
  doesn't really make sense and looks bad in the application menu
- Updated h2cli.1 and hydrogen.1 man pages
- Upstream changes (compared to 0.9.5):
  * Release 0.9.6
  * new build system (cmake)
  * add undo for song/pattern editor
  * jack-session support
  * jack-midi support
  * several bug fixes
  * tabbed interface
  * several small changes to the GUI
  * improve ExportSong add use of TimeLineBPM,
    RubberbandBatch processor and different types of resample interpolation

Sat Nov 23 12:57:20 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 0.9.6-beta3, adapt patches
- Upstream changes:
  * Release 0.9.6
  * new build system (cmake)
  * add undo for song/pattern editor
  * jack-session support
  * jack-midi support
  * several bug fixes
  * tabbed interface
  * several small changes to the GUI
  * improve ExportSong add use of TimeLineBPM,
    RubberbandBatch processor and different types of resample interpolation

Sun Jun  2 17:11:10 UTC 2013 -

- remove build requirements subversion and rsync

Sat Mar 17 20:38:28 UTC 2012 -

- Add hydrogen-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.

Tue Oct 25 14:29:14 UTC 2011 -

- fix another link into %buildroot

Fri Oct 14 14:23:05 UTC 2011 -

- Changed build to release due to the default debug build being

Tue Oct 11 14:37:43 UTC 2011 -

- Gave a SONAME and fixed the <= 11.4 build 
  which needed Qt webkit to have QtXmlPatterns with
  BuildRequires: pkgconfig(QtXmlPatterns)

Wed Oct  5 15:36:50 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 0.9.6, all patches obsolete, remade
  hydrogen-no-current-time.patch & hydrogen-0.9.6-desktopfile.patch
- Build system now uses cmake, rewrote the Build section and added
  man page for h2cli. Created devel and libhydrogen-core-0_9_6-0
  sub packages.
- Upstream changes :
  *Release 0.9.6
  *new build system (cmake)
  *add undo for song/pattern editor
  *jack-session support
  *some bug fixes

Mon Aug 15 01:40:40 CEST 2011 -

- make it build even if python reports platform as linux3 

Fri Mar 18 01:18:26 UTC 2011 -

- Update to Version 0.9.5 added portaudio.patch from upstream.
- Made hydrogen-no-current-time.patch use __TIMESTAMP__ instead of
- No more kde3 dependency since version 0.9.4, now uses Qt4.
- Added man page created with hepl2man.
- Added hydrogen-0.9.5-desktopfile.patch which replaces 
  linux/hydrogen.desktop file which is installed with the one in
  the top source directory.
- Upstream changes :
 *load playlists at startup
 *midi-learn works now with shift-click on some gui elements
 *multi-track export and LADI support
 *maximum number of bars is now configurable
 *added czech translation
 *fixed serveral export song failures
 *added ogg, flac, aiff export support
 *added some new commandline parameter for no_gui version
 *added rubberband-cli support
 *several improvements on sample editor
 *added support for app bundles on OSX
 *non destructive sample editor
 *piano roll editor and instrument midi out
 *destructive midi recording and added czech translation
 *support for midi "note off" messages & virtual patterns
 *time line to change song tempo and add tags
 *director and at least several small changes
 *Xml handling is now done by QtXml instead of TinyXML
 *improved support for non-ascii filenames / strings
 *remove direct dependencies to libflac
- For earlier 0.9.4 changes see ChangeLog

Fri Mar 26 19:48:05 UTC 2010 -

- disable parallel make to avoid the random failures we see

Mon May 18 14:54:20 CEST 2009 -

- fix build with gcc 4.4; add missing stdio.h inclusions

Mon Oct 22 15:48:26 CEST 2007 -

- fix build with gcc 4.3

Mon Jun  4 23:38:34 CEST 2007 -

- remove FLAC 1.1.4 patch for < 10.3

Mon May  7 10:17:29 CEST 2007 -

- fix build on < 10.3

Thu May  3 13:42:02 CEST 2007 -

- fix buildrequires: libraptor1-devel -> libraptor-devel

Thu May  3 06:40:43 CEST 2007 -

- fix buildrequires: raptor-devel -> libraptor1-devel

Mon Apr 16 11:11:49 CEST 2007 -

- fix build with FLAC 1.1.4.

Thu Jan 18 15:32:33 CET 2007 -

- use RPM_OPT_FLAGS for plugins.

Mon Jul 31 18:39:55 CEST 2006 -

- updated to version 0.9.3:
  * mostly bugfixes, including memory leak (#194576)
  * new plugins

Thu Jun 15 11:31:36 CEST 2006 -

- build parallel

Wed Jan 25 21:32:55 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Tue Oct 18 18:06:40 CEST 2005 -

- fixed for gcc 4.1.

Wed Oct 12 20:07:55 CEST 2005 -

- removed glib* from neededforbuild.

Wed Jul 27 17:23:57 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 0.9.2.

Wed May 11 14:56:15 CEST 2005 -

- Fix library order.
- Fix broken cast.

Thu Apr 14 17:17:06 CEST 2005 -

- Added audiofile-devel to neededforbuild.

Fri Jan 21 16:26:27 CET 2005 -

- updated to version 0.9.1.

Thu Dec 16 12:13:29 CET 2004 -

- tried to fix Makefiles, but disabled unsermake in the middle

Wed Aug 25 06:03:48 CEST 2004 -

- update to 0.8.2 (non-beta)

Mon Aug 16 16:58:23 CEST 2004 -

- run update_admin

Tue Mar  2 12:57:25 CET 2004 -

- updated to version 0.8.2beta1.

Fri Feb 20 13:12:50 CET 2004 -

- fixed the installation of desktop file.

Wed Jan 14 15:46:05 CET 2004 -

- updated to version 0.8.1.
  libhydrogen is merged again.

Sat Jan 10 17:15:46 CET 2004 -

- build as user

Fri Sep 19 13:05:56 CEST 2003 -

- fixed the desktop icon path.

Mon Sep 15 16:52:55 CEST 2003 -

- added desktop icons.

Fri Aug 29 16:48:26 CEST 2003 -

- added %run_ldconfig.
- fixed categories.

Thu Aug 28 11:56:06 CEST 2003 -

- fixed the change of types in the recent JACK.

Thu Aug 14 17:33:03 CEST 2003 -

- added desktop file.

Mon Jul  7 17:41:43 CEST 2003 -

- updated to version 0.8.0.

Tue Apr  1 17:21:31 CEST 2003 -

- initial version: 0.7.6.

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