File README.SUSE of Package orage

* Beginning with version 4.7.6 Orage uses a different format in parameter files
  and will loose existing parameters. In order to prevent this add the row
  as first line to the parameter file (~/.config/orage/oragerc).
* The Orage Xfce panel plugin changed its name in 4.7, if you had it in your
  panel you will have to remove it and add it back.
* The location where Orage stores its ICS calendar files has moved to
  ~/.local/share/orage. If you're upgrading from an earlier version of
  orage, don't panic when all your appointments seem to be lost, you can
  import them into the new version! Just make sure to quit orage and run the
  command "mv ~/.config/xfce4/orage/*ics ~/.local/share/orage" (without the
  double-quotes) on the command line prompt. Start orage again and your
  appointments are back again.
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