File system.fvwm2rc of Package fvwm3

## Major cleanup.
## Thomas Adam <>

# window buttons
#Large up Triangle for Maximize

## The least we can do here is define a decor.
DestroyDecor DefaultDecor
AddToDecor   DefaultDecor
+ ButtonStyle 2 4 50x24@1 75x74@0 25x74@0 50x24@1
+ ButtonStyle 4 4 50x74@1 75x24@0 25x24@1 50x74@1
+ ButtonStyle 3 13 20x60@1 20x40@1 40x40@1 40x20@1 60x20@1 60x40@0 80x40@1 80x60@0 60x60@0 60x80@0 40x80@0 40x60@1 20x60@0
+ BorderStyle Inactive -- HiddenHandles NoInset

#general configuration

DeskTopSize 3x2
EdgeResistance 250 10
EdgeScroll 0 0
ClickTime 750
ColormapFocus FollowsMouse
IgnoreModifiers L2
## Having this set to unlimited ensures potential users aren't confused due
## to the XGrabServer() call when having to draw the rubber-band which would
## have happened had OpaqueMoveSize been set to the default.
OpaqueMoveSize -1

#paths specific to fvwm3
##         The difference between 6.x and 7.x
## If you switch to version 6.9 or below change the paths for ImagePath
## /usr/lib/X11/fvwm3 -> /usr/X11R6/lib... 
## /usr/share/X11/fvwm3/pixmaps -> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fvwm3/pixmaps

### No, redefining ModulePath is the wrong thing to do.
##ModulePath /usr/lib/X11/fvwm3

## Adding $[FVWM_USERDIR] here doesn't hurt, and neither does prepending the
## *internal* ImagePath.

ImagePath /usr/share/X11/fvwm3/pixmaps:/usr/share/wallpapers:$[FVWM_USERDIR]:+


# 0 = Default colors
# 1 = Inactive windows
# 2 = Active windows
# 3 = Inactive menu entry and menu background
# 4 = Active menu entry
# 5 = greyed out menu entry (only bg used)
# 6 = module foreground and background)
# 7 = hilight colors

Colorset 0 fg black, bg rgb:6f/a1/dc
Colorset 1 fg black, bg rgb:a1/b2/c8
Colorset 2 fg black, bg rgb:70/a2/dd
Colorset 3 fg black, bg rgb:c8/d3/e5
Colorset 4 fg black, bg rgb:91/ae/d6
Colorset 5 fg rgb:d2/bf/a8, bg rgb:b4/aa/94
Colorset 6 fg black, bg rgb:b4/aa/94
Colorset 7 fg black, bg rgb:94/ab/bf

# run FvwmTheme before anything else is done
##ModuleSynchronous Timeout 5 FvwmTheme
# general setup
Style * Colorset 1
Style * HilightColorset 2
MenuStyle * MenuColorset 3
MenuStyle * ActiveColorset 4
MenuStyle * GreyedColorset 5

XORvalue 255

DefaultFont 		"StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:sans-serif:encoding=iso10646-1:size=10;-misc-*-medium-r-semicondensed-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1"
IconFont        	"StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:sans-serif:encoding=iso10646-1:size=8;-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1"

#fvwm system functions

AddToFunc QuitSave
 +	"I"	Quit

AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I Test (Init) Module FvwmBanner
+ I Test (Init) Exec exec xterm -ls -geometry +150+85
+ I Test (Init) Exec exec xli -onroot -fillscreen -border black /usr/share/wallpapers/openSUSEdefault/contents/images/1600x1200.jpg
+ I Test (Restart) Exec exec xli -onroot -fillscreen -border black /usr/share/wallpapers/openSUSEdefault/contents/images/1600x1200.jpg
+ I Module FvwmButtons

AddToFunc ExitFunction
 +	I	Exec xsetroot
 +	I	Exec xsetroot

#fvwm window modifier functions

AddToFunc MoveOrRaise
+                         C      Raise
+                         M      Raise
+                         M      Move
+                         D      Lower
AddToFunc ResizeOrRaise
+                          C      Raise
+                          M      Raise
+                          M      Resize
+                          D      Lower
AddToFunc MaximizeFunc
+                          M      Maximize   0 100
+                          C      Maximize   0  80
+                          D      Maximize 100 100

## all.
AddToFunc MoveOrIconify
+                          I   Raise
+                          M   Move
+                          D   Iconify

#buttonbar menu

AddToMenu bargraphicspopup "Graphics"	Title
 + "Gimp"		 Exec exec gimp
 + "Inkscape"		 Exec exec inkscape
 + "XV"			 Exec exec xv

AddToMenu bartoolspopup "Tools"	Title
 + "Firefox"		 Exec exec firefox
 + "OpenOffice"		 Exec exec soffice

AddToMenu barshellspopup "Shell in XTerm"	Title
 +	"Shell in XTerm"	Exec exec xterm -ls
 +	"Root shell"		Exec exec xterm -ls -vb -sb -sl 2000 -T Root -n Root -j -rw +vb -bg \#ff8c6d -e  su -

AddToMenu barsusepopup "openSUSE"	Title
 +	"Control Center"	Exec exec xterm -e su - -cyast2
 +	"Help"			Exec exec susehelp
 +	"openSUSE menu"		Popup xdg_menu

## Adding Pick here ensures we always ensure a window context.
AddToMenu windowops "Window menu (Shift-Alt-Space)"	Title
 + "Mo&ve                  (Alt-F5) "	Pick Move
 + "Resi&ze                (Alt-F6) "	Pick Resize
 + "&Iconify               (Alt-F4) "	Pick Iconify
 + "&Maximize/Normal (Shift-Alt-F3) "	Pick Maximize
 + "(Un)St&ick       (Shift-Alt-F4) "	Pick Stick
 +    ""  Nop 
 + "Window &list          (Alt-F11) "	WindowList
 +    ""  Nop 
 + "&Close                 (Alt-F9) "	Pick Delete
 + "&Kill                 (Alt-F11) "	Pick Destroy

#Menu: Fvwm-Manpages

AddToMenu manpages_popup "Fvwm-Manpages"   Title
 + "FvwmEvent"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmEvent
 + "FvwmAuto"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmAuto
 + "FvwmBacker"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmBacker
 + "FvwmBanner"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmBanner
 + "FvwmButtons"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmButtons
## + "FvwmCascade"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmCascade
 + "FvwmCommand"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmCommand
 + "FvwmConfig"		 Exec exec xterm -e man fvwm-config
 + "FvwmConsole"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmConsole
 + "FvwmConsoleC"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmConsoleC
 + "FvwmCpp"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmCpp
 + "FvwmDebug"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmDebug
 + "FvwmForm"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmForm
## + "FvwmGoodStuff"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmGoodStuff
 + "FvwmIconBox"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmIconBox
 + "FvwmIconMan"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmIconMan
 + "FvwmIdent"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmIdent
 + "FvwmM4"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmM4
 + "FvwmPager"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmPager
 + "FvwmSave"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmSave
 + "FvwmSaveDesk"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmSaveDesk
 + "FvwmScript"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmScript
 + "FvwmScroll"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmScroll
## + "FvwmTalk"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmTalk
 + "FvwmTaskBar"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmTaskBar
 + "FvwmTile"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmTile
 + "FvwmWharf"		 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmWharf
 + "FvwmWinList"	 Exec exec xterm -e man FvwmWinList

#Menu: Modules

AddToMenu modules_popup "Modules"   Title
 + "Event"		 Module FvwmEvent
 + "Autoraise off"	 KillModule FvwmAuto
 + "Autoraise 500ms"	 Module FvwmAuto 500
 + "Banner"		 Module FvwmBanner
 + "Buttons"		 Module FvwmButtons
 + "Cascade"		 Module FvwmCascade
 + "Command"		 Module FvwmCommandS
##+ "Config"		 Module FvwmConfig
 + "Console"		 Module FvwmConsole
 + "Debug"		 Module FvwmDebug
 + "Form"		 Module FvwmForm
## + "GoodStuff"		 Module FvwmGoodStuff
 + "IconBox"		 Module FvwmIconBox
 + "IconMan"		 Module FvwmIconMan
 + "Ident"		 Module FvwmIdent
 + "M4"		 	 Module FvwmM4
 + "Pager"		 Module FvwmPager 0 0
## + "Pipe"		 Module FvwmPipe
 + "Save"		 Module FvwmSave
## + "SaveDesk"		 Module FvwmSaveDesk
 + "Script"		 Module FvwmScript
 + "Scroll"		 Module FvwmScroll
 + "Talk"		 Module FvwmTalk
 + "TaskBar"		 Module FvwmTaskBar
 + "Tile"		 Module FvwmTile
 + "Wharf"		 Module FvwmWharf
 + "WindowMenu"		 Module FvwmWindowMenu
 + "WinList"		 Module FvwmWinList

#Menu: WindowManager

AddToMenu THISWM_MENU_popup "WindowManager"   Title
 + "Modules"	 Popup modules_popup 
 + "Fvwm-Manpages"	 Popup manpages_popup 
	+	""	Nop
 + "Fvwm3-Manpage"		 Exec exec xterm -e man fvwm3
	+	""	Nop
 + "Restart Fvwm3"		 Restart
	+	""	Nop
 + "Exit"		 Quit

#Menu: Keyboardclicks

AddToMenu settings_kbdclick_popup "Keyboardclicks"   Title
 + "hard"		Exec exec xset c 100
 + "Off"		Exec exec xset c off
 + "soft"		Exec exec xset c on

#Menu: Mouse

AddToMenu settings_mouse_popup "Mouse"   Title
 + "fast"		Exec exec xset m 4 2
 + "Left handed mouse"	Exec exec xmodmap -e
 + "normal"		Exec exec xset m 2 5
 + "slow"		Exec exec xset m 1 1

#Menu: Speaker

AddToMenu settings_speaker_popup "Speaker"   Title
 + "loud"		Exec exec xset b  100 600 50
 + "normal"		Exec exec xset b on
 + "loud and long"	Exec exec xset b 100 600 300
 + "Off"		Exec exec xset b off

#Menu: Screensaver

AddToMenu screen_popup "Screensaver"   Title
 + "Blank"		Exec exec xset s blank
 + "Off"		Exec exec xset s off
 + "Pattern after 5 min"		 Exec exec xset s noblank s 300 300
 + "Immediately"	Exec exec xset s activate
 + "Default"		Exec exec xset s default

#Menu: Settings

AddToMenu settings_popup "Settings"   Title
 + "Keyboardclicks"	Popup settings_kbdclick_popup 
 + "Mouse"		Popup settings_mouse_popup 
 + "Speaker"		Popup settings_speaker_popup 
 + "Screensaver"	Popup screen_popup 

#Menu: Work

PipeRead 'xdg_menu --charset UTF-8 --format fvwm2'

AddToMenu WORK_MENU_popup "Work Menu"   Title
 + "xterm"		Exec exec xterm
 + "Firefox"		Exec exec firefox
 + ""			Nop
 + "Top"		Exec exec xterm -e top
 + ""			Nop
 + "Settings"	 	Popup settings_popup 
 + "WindowManager"	Popup THISWM_MENU_popup
 + "openSUSE"		Popup xdg_menu

Style	"FvwmPager"	!Title, Sticky, WindowListSkip
*FvwmPager: Rows	1
*FvwmPager: Columns	1
*FvwmPager: Geometry	-0+0
*FvwmPager: Fore	Black
*FvwmPager: Back	grey67
*FvwmPager: Hilight	grey50
*FvwmPager: Font	none
*FvwmPager: SmallFont     "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:sans-serif:encoding=iso10646-1:size=6;-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--7-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1"

AddToFunc barthiswmpopupfunc
 +	"I"	Popup THISWM_MENU_popup

AddToFunc barsusepopupfunc
 +	"I"	Popup barsusepopup

AddToFunc bargraphicspopupfunc
 +	"I"	Popup bargraphicspopup

AddToFunc bartoolspopupfunc
 +	"I"	Popup bartoolspopup

AddToFunc barshellspopupfunc
 +	"I"	Popup barshellspopup

*FvwmButtons: Font        "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:sans-serif:encoding=iso10646-1:size=9;-*-*-medium-*-semicondensed-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1"
#*FvwmButtonsFore	Black
*FvwmButtons: Back	rgb:91/ae/d6
*FvwmButtons: Geometry	+0+0
*FvwmButtons: Rows	1
*FvwmButtons: (2x1 Frame 0 Swallow(UseOld, Respawn, NoClose) "FvwmPager" "Module FvwmPager 0 0")
*FvwmButtons: (Swallow FvwmXeyes 'Exec xeyes -name "FvwmXeyes" -geometry +0+0 -bg grey67 &')
*FvwmButtons: (Swallow FvwmXclock 'Exec xclock -name "FvwmXclock" -geometry +0+0 -padding 1 -bg rgb:91/ae/d6 &')
*FvwmButtons:(Title "Fvwm", Icon fvwm.xpm, Action (Mouse 0) Function barthiswmpopupfunc)
*FvwmButtons: (Title "openSUSE", Icon openSUSE.xpm, Action (Mouse 0) Function barsusepopupfunc)
*FvwmButtons: (Title "Graphics", Icon gimp.xpm, Action (Mouse 0) Function bargraphicspopupfunc)
*FvwmButtons (Title "Tools", Icon toolbox.xpm, Action (Mouse 0) Function bartoolspopupfunc)
*FvwmButtons (Title "Shells", Icon xterm.xpm, Action (Mouse 0) Function barshellspopupfunc)
#style options for modules and programs in fvwm2

##Style	"*"	BackColor Grey
##Style	"*"	ForeColor DimGrey
Style   *	UseDecor DefaultDecor
Style	*	SloppyFocus
Style	*	DecorateTransient
Style	*	IconBox +55 +85 +130 +480
Style	*	StickyIcon
Style	*	SmartPlacement, RandomPlacement, ActivePlacement
Style	*	NoPPosition
Style	FvwmWinList	!Title, WindowListSkip
Style	FvwmButtons	!Title, Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style	FvwmBanner	!Title, Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip
Style	IconManModule	!Title, Sticky, !Handles, Icon toolbox.xpm

Style	"xeyes"	        SmartPlacement, RandomPlacement
Style	"xclock"	SmartPlacement, RandomPlacement

# see bug n#51189
Style   "AcroRead"      SmartPlacement, RandomPlacement
# see bug n#51188
# Style   "OpenOffice*"   NoPPosition, RandomPlacement, EWMHIgnoreStrutHints, EWMHMaximizeIgnoreWorkingArea, EWMHPlacementIgnoreWorkingArea, IgnoreGravity

*FvwmBacker: Desk 0 -solid steelblue
*FvwmBacker: Desk 1 -solid midnightblue
*FvwmBacker: Desk 2 -solid yellow
*FvwmBacker: Desk 3 -solid cadetblue2
*FvwmBacker: Desk 5 -solid cadetblue3
*FvwmBacker: Desk 6 -solid cadetblue4

*FvwmIdent: Back	MidnightBlue
*FvwmIdent: Fore	Yellow
*FvwmIdent: Font  "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:sans-serif:encoding=iso10646-1:size=10;-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--13-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1"

*FvwmWinList: Back	Grey
*FvwmWinList: Fore	Black
*FvwmWinList: FocusBack	Black
*FvwmWinList: FocusFore	Grey
*FvwmWinList: IconBack	LightGrey
*FvwmWinList: IconFore	DimGrey
*FvwmWinList: Font        "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:sans-serif:encoding=iso10646-1:size=11;-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--15-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1"
*FvwmWinList: Action	Click1 Iconify -1,Focus
*FvwmWinList: Action	Click2 Iconify
*FvwmWinList: Action	Click3 Module "FvwmIdent" FvwmIdent
*FvwmWinList: Geometry	+0-1
*FvwmWinList: UseSkipList
*FvwmWinList: UseIconNames

# Key bindings

Key	Left	A	SM	Scroll -100 +0
Key	Left	A	C	CursorMove -1 0
Key	Left	A	SC	CursorMove -10 +0

Key	Right	A	SM	Scroll +100 +0
Key	Right	A	C	CursorMove +1 0
Key	Right	A	SC	CursorMove +10 +0

Key	Up	A	SM	Scroll +0 -100
Key	Up	A	C	CursorMove +0 -1
Key	Up	A	SC	CursorMove +0 -10

Key	Down	A	SM	Scroll +0 +100
Key	Down	A	C	CursorMove +0 +1
Key	Down	A	SC	CursorMove +0 +10

Key	F1	A	M	Menu	WORK_MENU_popup
Key	F2	A	M	WindowList
Key	F3	A	M	Menu	xdg_menu
Key	F4	A	M	Pick Iconify
Key	F5	A	M	Pick Move
Key	F6	A	M	Pick Resize
Key	F7	A	M	Pick Raise
Key	F8	A	M	Pick Lower
Key	F9	A	M	Pick Delete
Key	F10	A	M	Pick Destroy

Key	F11	A	M	Prev (AcceptsFocus) focus
Key	F12	A	M	Next (AcceptsFocus) focus
Key	Tab	A	4	Next (AcceptsFocus) focus
Key	Tab	A	S4	Prev (AcceptsFocus) focus

Key	F3	A	SM	Pick Maximize
Key	F4	A	SM	Pick Stick
Key	F5	A	SM	Pick RefreshWindow

Key	BackSpace	A	SM	Function QuitSave

#button bar popup menus
Key	s	A	SM	Function barsusepopupfunc
Key	g	A	SM	Function bargraphicpopupfunc
Key	t	A	SM	Function bartoolspopupfunc
Key	l	A	SM	Function barshellpopupfunc
Key	m	A	SM	Function MailFunc

Key	F1	A	SM	Restart

# Mouse bindings

Mouse	1	R	A	Menu	WORK_MENU_popup	Nop
Mouse	2	R	A	Module	FvwmWinList	Transient
Mouse	3	R	A	Menu	xdg_menu	Nop
Mouse	2	FST	A	Menu	windowops	Nop

Mouse	1	1	A	Menu	windowops	Delete
Mouse	2	1	A	Menu	windowops	Destroy
Mouse	3	1	A	Menu	windowops	Nop

Mouse	1	SF	A	Function "ResizeOrRaise"

Mouse	1	T	A	Function "MoveOrRaise"

Mouse	1	I	A	Iconify
Mouse	2	I	A	Iconify
Mouse	3	TSIF	A	RaiseLower

Mouse	1	2	A	Maximize 0 100
Mouse	2	2	A	Maximize 100 100
Mouse	3	2	A	Maximize 100 0
Mouse	0	4	A	Iconify
Mouse	1	3	A	Stick
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