File luksipc.changes of Package luksipc

Sat Apr 23 17:28:56 UTC 2022 - Marcus Meissner <>

- URL -> https

Thu Jan 11 10:48:23 UTC 2018 -

* SPEC file changes:
  - URL link to online tarball
    (allows OBS to verify the tarball is unmodified) 
  - 'Release' is set to '0'

Wed Dec 27 14:14:54 UTC 2017 -

* Update to version 0.04:
  - Greatly improved handling of disk I/O errors
    (graceful shutdown in more situation instead of simply bailing out)
  - Separated resume file specification and actual request for
    resuming an aborted luksipc process (--resume vs. --resume-file)
  - Unified exit code handling
  - Possibilities to do fault injection in order to
    efficiently develop and test code to increase robustness
  - Included whole test framework in release

* Delete files:
  - 0001-fix-already-open-sanity-check.patch
  - 0002-add-sync-option.patch 

Wed Dec 27 14:10:54 UTC 2017 -

* Update to version 0.03:
  - Allow reLUKSification of devices (i.e. converting LUKS to LUKS)
  - Checking of mount status of file systems
  - Resume files now have additional sanity checks
  - Fast CRC64-based PRNG generator for filling volumes with check data
  - Major code cleanups and refactoring
  - Major regression testing facilities
    (auto-aborting and resuming on large volumes and on loop devices)
  - Help page of luksipc now looks more professional
  - Partition backup file (128 MiB) is always generated at the start
    of a LUKSification process
  - Option to deactivate safety checks via command line parameter

Wed Dec 27 14:06:54 UTC 2017 -

* Update to version 0.02:
  - Fixed interpretation of return code of "cryptsetup status" which
    had changed with more recent cryptsetup versions to reflect the
    correct error if no such LUKS name was known.
    Thanks to Eric Murray and Christian Pulvermacher for reporting this issue.
  - Forced chunk size to be 10 MiB instead of the default of 3 MiB.
    Thanks to John Morrissey for the bug report (under some weird circumstances,
    the LUKS header apparently can become a lot larger).
  - Fixed a couple of warnings and used stricter compiler flags.
  - Switched to -stc=c11 to be able to use static assertions.
  - Improved error handling for wrong command line parameters
    (log level integer parsing).
  - Improved error handling at cleanup (unsynced luksClose may fail at
    the first try because the device is still busy, sync() filesystems
    and try up to three times now)
  - Display estimated remaining time until finish.
  - Assert resume file can be written to disk by writing it at very start
    once and then seeking to its start.
  - Added README file with detailed instructions.
  - More helpful help page

Fri Jul 27 13:27:44 UTC 2012 -

* Initial package
* Fixed "already open" sanity check
* Added "--sync" option that allows to survive forced termination
  without data loss

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