File apparmor-usr.bin.node_exporter of Package golang-github-prometheus-node_exporter

# AppArmor profile for prometheus node-exporter

abi <abi/3.0>,

#include <tunables/global>

profile /usr/bin/node_exporter {

  #include <abstractions/base>
  #include <abstractions/nameservice>

  ptrace (read) peer=unconfined,

  # for local NTP access
  network inet dgram,
  network inet6 dgram,

  network inet  stream,
  network inet6 stream,

  /usr/bin/node_exporter mr,

  # Grant read access to kernel and performance data of all processes
  @{PROC} r,
  @{PROC}/** r,
  @{sys} r,
  @{sys}/** r,

  /run/udev/data/* r,

  # Grant read access to files in directory for text exports
  /var/spool/metrics/ r,
  /var/spool/metrics/*.prom r,

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