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Tine20 requires a running Apache and MySQL database server.

Before first run it's necessary to configure tine20 following way:

1. Use the 'default' Tine20 location at /var/lib/tine20 installed
   by the RPM-package,
   OR add a new location using 
   "tine20-admin install /var/lib/my-tine20" which will
   create a structure to be used to store an tine20 system. In this case
   the installation can be added to the apache's configuration as suggested
   by the script.

2. Modify the prepeared configuration file, which is per default stored in
   /var/lib/tine20/webroot/ it following the Tine20 guidelines.

3. In the case you want to access Tine20 from all configured virtual hosts,
   edit /etc/apache/conf.d/tine20.php and enable the Alias. Otherwise copy
   the Alias to the Virtual Host's configuration section and reload apache.

   service apache2 reload

4. Access the http://YOURSERVER/tine20/setup.php, and configure the system as
   you need.

5. Access the new tine20 instance


Included Script:


This script creates a new symlinked tine20-structure and prints a recommented
Apache-Configuration to the console when used togehter with the "install"

Using the "update" command, the script updates all symlinks for the

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