File libraw.changes of Package libraw

Mon Jan 30 14:58:42 UTC 2017 -

- renaming libraw15 to libraw16 and amend spec file to avoid such
  inconsistency [bsc#1021327]

Wed Jan 11 09:16:36 UTC 2017 -

- update to 0.18.0:
  * License changed to LGPL-2.1/CDDL-1.0
  * Camera support (+87):
    + Apple: iPad Pro, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus,
      iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus
    + BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera, URSA, URSA Mini
    + Canon PowerShot G5 X, PowerShot G7 X Mark II,
      PowerShot G9 X, IXUS 160 (CHDK hack), EOS 5D Mark IV,
      EOS 80D, EOS 1300D, EOS M10, EOS M5, EOS-1D X Mark II
    + Casio EX-ZR4000/5000
    + DXO One,
    + FujiFilm X-Pro2, X70, X-E2S, X-T2
    + Gione E7
    + GITUP GIT2
    + Google Pixel,Pixel XL
    + Hasselblad X1D, True Zoom
    + HTC MyTouch 4G, One (A9), One (M9), 10
    + Huawei P9
    + Leica M (Typ 262), M-D (Typ 262), S (Typ 007),
      SL (Typ 601), X-U (Typ 113), TL
    + LG G3, G4
    + Meizy MX4
    + Nikon D5, D500, D3400
    + Olympus E-PL8, E-M10 Mark II, Pen F, SH-3, E-M1-II
    + Panasonic DMC-G8/80/81/85, DMC-GX80/85,
      DMC-TZ80/81/85/ZS60, DMC-TZ100/101/ZS100,DMC-LX9/10/15,
    + Pentax K-1, K-3 II, K-70
    + PhaseOne IQ3 100MP
    + RaspberryPi Camera, Camera V2
    + Ricoh GR II
    + Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
    + Sigma sd Quattro
    + Sony A7S II, ILCA-68 (A68), ILCE-6300, DSC-RX1R II,
      DSC-RX10III, DSC-RX100V,ILCA-99M2 (A99-II), a6500,
      IMX214, IMX219, IMX230, IMX298-mipi 16mp,
      IMX219-mipi 8mp, Xperia L
    + PtGrey GRAS-50S5C
    + Xiaomi MI3, RedMi Note3 Pro
  * Floating point DNG support
  * More metadata parsed
  * Existing API changes:
    imgdata.params fields (all very specific purpose):
    sony_arw2_options, sraw_ycc, and params.x3f_flags
    replaced with single bit-field raw_processing_options
    See  LIBRAW_PROCESSING_* bits in documentation.
  * Fixed bug in Sony SR2 files black level
  * DNG files with BlackLevel both in vendor makernotes and
    BlackLevel: BlackLevel tag always takes precedence
  * ChannelBlackLevel added to canon makernotes
  * unpack_thumb() data size/offset check against file size
- removed libraw-0.17.1-gcc6-compatibility.patch (fixed upstream)

Sun Jul 10 19:56:24 UTC 2016 -

- update to 0.17.2:
  * strncpy usage was not compatible with glibc bounds check

Tue May 24 20:18:14 UTC 2016 -

- Complete libraw-0.17.1-gcc6-compatibility.patch to fix build
  on ppc as well

Tue May 24 16:21:17 UTC 2016 -

- Fix build with GCC 6:
  * Add libraw-0.17.1-gcc6-compatibility.patch

Thu Dec  3 13:56:58 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 0.17.1:
* fixed two errors found by fuzzer (CVE-2015-8367)
* phase_one_correct always returns value; handle P1 return codes 
  in postprocessing
- removed upstreamedretval.diff

Fri Nov 13 16:27:05 UTC 2015 -

- Update to new upstream release 0.17.0
* Fixed dcraw.c ljpeg_start possibly buffer overrun
* C API extension to support 3DLut Creator
* More metadata parsing/extraction: XMP packet extracted (if
  exists), DNG Color information parsed, GPS data (partially)
  parsed, EXIF/Makernotes parsed for used optics (for both RAW
  files and DNG converted by Adobe convertor). 
* Exif/Makernotes parser callback (called for each processed tag)
* Sony ARW2.3 decoder: params.sony_arw2_hack removed, decoded data
  are always in 0...17k range (note the difference with dcraw!);
  Additional processing options for Sony lossy compression techincal
* Dcraw 9.26 imported (but some changes not approved because Libraw
  does it better) with some exceptions: no Pentax K3-II frame
  selection code; and no built-in JPEG decompressor.
* Many improvements in data decoding/processing: Correct decoding
  of black level values from metadata for many formats, LibRaw does
  not rely on hardcoded black levels.
* 224 camera models added to supported camera list. Some of them are
  new (released since LibRaw 0.16 come out), some was supported
  before, but missed from the list.
* Fujifilm F700/S20Pro second frame support 
- Add retval.diff to resolve new compiler warnings

Sat Jun  6 19:09:45 UTC 2015 -

- Update to new upstream release 0.16.2
* Fixed several bugs detected by running American Fuzzy Lop.

Mon May 11 14:37:27 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 0.16.1:
  * Fix for dcraw ljpeg_start() vulnerability.

Thu Jan 30 13:52:19 UTC 2014 -

- updated to 0.16.0:
  * removed 0001-build-fix-return-of-random-data.patch (upstreamed)
  * Support for new cameras:
    Baumer TXG14
    Blackmagic Cinema
    Canon EOS 70D, C500, S120, G16
    Fujifilm X-M1, X-A1, XE2, XQ1
    Hasselblad Lunar, Stellar
    Leica C, X VARIO
    Nikon D5200, P7800, D5300, D610, Df, 1 AW1
    Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520
    Olympus E-P5,E-M1, STYLUS1
    OmniVision OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)
    Panasonic LF1, GX7, GF6, GM1
    Pentax K-50, K-500, Q7,K-3
    Richon GR
    Samsung NX300, NX1100, NX2000, Galaxy NX (EK-GN120)

Mon Sep  9 13:33:01 UTC 2013 -

- updated to 0.15.4:
    Additional checks to data to prevent broken file opening
    New camera/format support:
        Richon GR
        Panasonic LF1
        Canon EOS 70D
        Sony RX100II, RX1R
        Olympus E-P5 

Mon Jul 29 09:16:30 UTC 2013 -

- updated to 0.15.3:
  * New camera/format support:
     OmniVision OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)
     Nikon D5200
     Panasonic DMC-GF6
  * Fixed decoding error for some Canon sRAW files.

Wed Jun 12 10:22:06 UTC 2013 -

- remove libraw-gcc27.patch, it is upstreamed yet

Tue Jun 11 12:47:51 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 0.15.2
* Fixed possible double-free() on error recovery on damaged
  full-color (Foveon, sRAW) files. (CVE-2013-2126, bnc#822665)
* fixed wrong data maximum calculation for Panasonic files
* check for possible buffer overrun in exposure correction code
  (CVE-2013-2127, bnc#822665)
- Add 0001-build-fix-return-of-random-data.patch

Thu Jan 10 18:42:28 UTC 2013 -

- SONAME changed in 0.14, but prior update omitted package name
  change libraw2 -> libraw5. Do it now.
- Use more robust make install call
- Remove redundant %clean section, and remove unused .la files
- Run fdupes to hardlink duplicate files

Wed Jul 11 11:08:57 UTC 2012 -

- update to 0.14.7
 * Imported dcraw 9.15 (1.449):
   - New cameras supported: Canon 5D Mark III, G1 X, 1D X and
     Powershot SX200; Nikon D4,D800/D800E and D3200; Fuji X-S1 and
     HS30EXR; Casio EX-Z8; Olympus E-M5; Panasonic GF5;
     Sony NEX-F3, SLT-A37 and SLT-A57; Samsung NX20 and NX210;
   - Support for updated Samsung NX200 firmware. 
 * Makefile.msvc: easy additional compiler flag editing. 
- update to 0.14.6
 * Casio EX-Z500 support
 * (possible) I/O exceptions on file open catched in
 * Fixed possible read-after-buffer in Sony ARW2 decoder
 * Fixed mingw32 errors when compiling LibRaw_windows_datastream
 * Makefile.msvc: support of OpenMP and LCMS (uncomment to use)
 * Fixed decoding of some Leaf Aptus II files 
- update to 0.14.5
 * Fixed bug (uninitialized variable) in SMAL format decoding.
 * Imported new dcraw 9.12 (1.446): support for Leica V-LUX 3,
   updated color data for Canon S100, Fujifilm X10, Nikon 1 J1/V1,
   Panasonic GX1, Samsung NX200, Sony NEX-7 
- update to 0.14.4
 * Fixes to Panasonic/Leica file parser to prevent crash on
   broken jpegs.
 * Fixes to include order in src/libraw_datastream.cpp to better
   compile with KDEWIN
 * Floating-point DNGs are rejected on early processing stage.
 * Support for new cameras: Canon S100, Fuji X10, Panasonic GX1,
   Samsung NX200, Sony NEX-7. 
- update to 0.14.3
 * Bug fixes in black level subtraction code for PhaseOne files
 * New API call LibRaw::get_internal_data_pointer() for developers
   who need access to libraw_internal_data fields
   (i.e. Fuji SuperCCD layout).
 * doc/API-overview fixes to reflect 0.14 changes 
- update to 0.14.2
 * Fixed bug in Canon 1D and 1Ds files decoding.
 * New decoder information bit DECODER_HASRAWCURVE 
- update to 0.14.1
 * Imported dcraw 9.11/1.445:
   - Support for new cameras added: Fujifilm F600EXR, Nikon P7100,
     Olympus E-PL3 and E-PM1, Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Sony NEX-5N,
     A65 and A77.
   - Updated color data for: Olympus E-P3, Panasonic G3 and GF3,
     PhaseOne H25, P40 and P65, Sony NEX-C3, NEX-5, NEX-3, A35
     and A55.
   - Support for dark frame extraction on Sony cameras. 
 * DCB demosaicing: reserving 6 pixels instead of 3 to suppress
   colored image frame. 
- update to 0.14.0
 * Multiple rendering (LibRaw::dcraw_process() calls) allowed
   without re-opening RAW file thrfough the sequence of
   open()/unpack() calls.
   You should be able to change any processing parameters
   (except shot_select parameter) between dcraw_process() calls.
   - New sample in samples/multirender_test.cpp: renders data 4 times:
     in half and full modes with different white balance settings.
   - Unprocessed RAW data is stored in separate data buffer:
     (2 bytes per pixel for all Bayer-pattern images, 8 bytes per
      pixel for Foveon, sRAW, and other full-color raw formats),
     so now LibRaw uses 25% more memory for full processing of
     most common Bayer images; while for just unpack memory is
     reduced 4 times.
   - New call LibRaw::raw2image() fills imgdata.image array with
     fresh copy of data. There is no need to call raw2image()
     separately if you use dcraw_process() or
     dcraw_document_mode_processing() calls.
   - New call LibRaw::get_decoder_info() to determine raw data
     storage layout. See samples/unprocessed_raw.cpp for an example
     of how to use it.
   - New call LibRaw::free_image(), deallocates imgdata.image buffer.
     Use this call if current postprocessing results are not needed,
     but it is to early to call recycle() because dcraw_process()
     may be called later.
   - New C-API calls
     libraw_raw2image() - C API for LibRaw::raw2image()
     libraw_free_image() - C API for LibRaw::free_image()
     libraw_get_decoder_info() - C API for LibRaw::get_decoder_info() 
   If your code uses usual open()/unpack()/dcraw_process() call
   sequence, then NOTHING CHANGED: your program should produce
   same results. For interactive programs you may skip open()/unpack()
   calls after adjusting processing parameters, so user should see
   image refreshed much faster.
   If your code uses raw data (open+unpack calls), you need to call
   LibRaw::raw2image(), and imgdata.image will contain same bitmap
   as in LibRaw 0.13.x
   If you code uses access to masked borders data, you need to
   rewrite it. See samples/unprocessed_raw.cpp as a sample.
 * Other changes:
   - No separate imgdata.masked_pixels buffers, Bayer raw formats
     are read to buffer with borders.
     So, no ugly add_masked_border_to_bitmap() call.
   - No filtering_mode parameter. Raw tone curve is applied at
     unpack() stage; zero pixels removed on postprocesing stage.
   - unprocessed_raw and 4colors samples are adjusted to use new
     RAW data storage layout.
   - OpenMP speedup of postprocessing steps (up to 50% for half
     mode and 4-core machine)
   - Most of LibRaw_datastream function bodies are moved to
     separate source file
   - LibRaw_windows_datastream is merged to main source tree
   - Imported dcraw 9.10 (1.444), support for new cameras added:
     ARRIRAW format, Canon SX30 IS, Leica D-LUX 5 and V-LUX2,
     Olympus E-P3, Panasonic G3 and GF3, Sony NEX-C3 and SLT-A35
   - Support for RedOne digital movie cameras (R3D format).
     To enable this support you need to:
     * install libjasper JPEG2000 support library
     * compile LibRaw with -DUSE_JASPER compiler switch
       (./configure will do it for you)
     * If you use own LibRaw_datastream implementation, you should
       implement make_jas_stream() call for your datastream. See
       bottom of src/libraw_cxx.cpp for implementations in datafile
       and mem-buffer LibRaw streams. 
   - Bugfix: green matching is turned off if output image is
     shrinked due to wavelet filtering or aberration correction.
   - Removed imgdata.sizes.bottom_margin and right_margin data
     fields use imgdata.sizes.raw_width - width - left_margin to
     get right one, the same with bottom_margin.
   - Minor ./configure cleanup
   - Qmake files and Visual Studio Project files are updated.
   - New version check macroses.
   - Documentation changed to reflect 0.14 changes.
   - Removed LibRaw::rotate_fuji_raw() call and corresponding
     C-API call.
   - The LibRaw::adjust_sizes_info_only() call may be called
     repeated and mixed with dcraw_process() calls.
   - Postprocessing speedup and optimization, especially
     if cropping set.
   - Cropping works for FujiCCD raws. For the technical reasons,
     the position of top-left corner of crop area will be rounded
     to the nearest multiple of 4 (the corner is shifted top-left).
   - New sample samples/postprocessing_benchmark.cpp This sample
     measures postprocessing speed. All demosaic methods, averaged
     white balance, median filtering, wavelet filtration, highlight
     recovery, and cropping are supported. 
 * all client code should be recompiled due to internals change. 
- update to 0.13.8
 * Imported dcraw 9.10 (1.444), support for new cameras added:
   ARRIRAW format, Canon SX30 IS, Leica D-LUX 5 and V-LUX2,
   Olympus E-P3, Panasonic G3 and GF3, Sony NEX-C3 and SLT-A35
 * Bugfix: green matching is turned off if output image is
   shrinked due to wavelet filtering or aberration correction.
- update to 0.13.7
 * Changes in cropping code:
   - cropping is now works for Fuji files (instead of crash)
   - bad pixels map and dark frame subtraction is turned off if
     cropping enabled
   - for technical reasons, coordinates of top-left corner of crop
     box are rounded to multiple of 4 for Fuji files. 
 * ./configure stuff fixes:
   - install static libraries only when --enable-static is set
   - compiled samples are dynamically linked if shared library not
 * OpenMP enabled for Visual Studio 2008 SP1+, but not for RTM 
- update to 0.13.6
 * Cosmetic cleanup in Libraw_memmgr code
 * Permit OpenMP support on MS VS2008
 * More general mem_image interface:
   - New call get_mem_image_format returns bitmap size and bit depth
   - New call copy_mem_image can copy bitmap into buffer with
     different color order (RGB/BGR) and line stride
   - dcraw_make_mem_image() uses calls mentioned above
   - see documentation for info on these function parameters. 
 * libraw/librawwindows.h implements LibRaw_datastream class based
   on Windows memory mapped files.Win32/64-only Thanks to
   Linc Brookes.
 * Fixed parallel make errors in configure/ 

Wed Mar 14 19:29:33 UTC 2012 -

- Add libraw-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.

Wed Aug 24 11:53:14 UTC 2011 -

- Stop using _service files 

Tue Aug  9 20:03:58 UTC 2011 -

- Made html document file non-executable (fix for RPMLINT warning)
- Cleaned up spec file formatting

Sun Jun 12 00:07:49 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.13.5
* Imported new dcraw 9.08/1.443:
    New color data for Canon 600D and 1100D, Fuji S200EXR
    New camera supported: Fuji HS20EXR and F550EXR, Kodak Z990,
      Nikon D5100, Olympus E-PL1s and XZ-1, Samsung NX11,
      Sony A230 and 290. 
- update to 0.13.4
* Imported new dcraw 9.07/1.442:
    support for Canon 600D and 1100D, Hasselblad H4D-60, Olympus E-PL2
* Color data for Leaf Aptus II and Canon Powershot S2 IS
- update to 0.13.3
* Preliminary support for Leaf Aptus II cameras (no color data yet):
    Leaf Aptus II 6,7,8,10 and 12 are tested, Aptus II 5 should work.
* Preliminary support for Fujifilm X100 camera (again, no color data).
* Fixed possible after the end of buffer read when working with
    in-memory RAW data.
* Fixed possible loss of JPEG stream sync marks in LJPEG decoder
    (this bug was found only for Leaf Aptus II RAWs). 

Sun Mar 13 12:50:34 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.13.2
* This version contains several big changes, improvements and bug fixes:

    New low-level buffering code for Huffman decompression. Canon CR2
      files are opened about 1.5x times faster than on LibRaw 0.12, other 
      huffman-comressed files unpacks in 1.2-1.3 times faster.
    Exposure correction code based on linear-cubic root combination. 
      Correction range is from 0.25 (-2 stops) to 8 (+3 stops)
    All 0.12.x features, including new cameras support and half-size/green-matching fixes.
    Changes and additions in demosaic-packs:
        Banding suppression code.
        High-frequency noise suppression.
        Green channels local averaging to suppress maze artifacts.
        OpenMP speed-up in median filters and green equilibration. 
    Bug fixes and improvements:
        Better parsing of unknown command-line params in dcraw_emu sample
        Brigtness table in ahd_demosaic is calculated in reversed order to prevent 
        possible (very unlikely) multithreaded app problem.
        Fixed file extension in half_mt.c sample.
        Fixed incomplete data fields reset in LibRaw::recycle()
        Patches for ./configure system for better LCMS2 support
- now provides shared library

Fri Jan  7 19:53:50 UTC 2011 -

- simplify lcms2 build fix and rename to libraw-lcms2-build.patch, as
  it has nothing to do with the upstreamed libraw-pkg-config.patch
- remove duplicated documentation files rather than using fdupes
- build with -fPIC so the static archives can be linked into shared
  libraries/plugins (cf.

Fri Jan  7 13:57:57 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 0.12.2
  * Fuji FinePix S5500 size adjusted to ignore (rare?) garbage 
    at top of frame.
  * Sigma DPx processing disabled because of unsupported 
    compession scheme and incompatible metadata format.
    These cameras will be supported only if dcraw will
    support them.
- use liblcms2 now

Thu Dec 30 22:16:04 UTC 2010 -

- add libraw-pkg-config.patch to fix build issues in shotwell
  (already accepted upstream, cf.

Sun Dec 12 23:13:11 UTC 2010 -

-Update to version 0.12.0
-add libjpeg-devel to fix build on < 11.3
-drop default cflags patch - no longer needed with autotools
 + DCB interpolation and FBDD denoising integrated into main LibRaw.
 + Two addtional demosaic packs:   GPL2-licensed: AFD, LMMSE, VCD, Modified AHD and AHD+VCD interpolations.
 + Additional median filters from 'Modified DCRAW' package. Foveon support also included in this pack.
 + GPL3-licensed: AMaZE interpolation and chromatic aberrations correction from RawTherapee 
 +LCMS 2.x support
 +New ./configure script, based on GNU autotools.
 +Bugfixes:Fix in green_matching code to support nonstandard Bayer pattern
 + Fixed bug in add_masked_borders_to_bitmap() call for cameras with masked border composed of odd number of pixels. 

Tue Nov 16 21:18:09 UTC 2010 -

- add the right configure flags 

Tue Nov 16 20:35:55 UTC 2010 -

-Update to version 0.11.2:
  +Imported dcraw 9.05 (1.439)
  + Support for many cameras added:
    Canon: G12, SX120, 60D
    Hasselblad H4D, Nokia X2, Olympus E-5
    Nikon: D3100, D7000, P7000
    Panasonic: FZ40, FZ100, LX5
    Pentax: K-r, K-5, 645D
    Samsung GX20, WB2000  
-  added LCMS support so libRaw is color management capable
-  added openMP threading support for multi-core machines
Wed Nov 10 14:17:44 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.11.1:
  + Fixed bug in dcraw_emu sample command line processing
- Changes from version 0.11.0:
  + Processing pipeline has changed: black level is always
    subtracted on prostprocessing stage or by special
    subtract_black() call.
  + Cropping on postprocessing stage implemented.
  + New API call for clearing memory allocated by make_mem_image()
  + New iostreams based I/O layer, much faster on some systems
    (esp. Win32 and Linux).
  + Better exception handling code.
  + Secure FILE* I/O calls for Visual Studio 2008/2010.
  + Fixed bug with half_size processing.
  + Disabled OpenMP for wavelet_denoise under Mac OS X
  + Russian documentation re-coded to utf-8 from CP1251.
- Create a libraw-tools subpackage, containing command-line tools.
- Drop libraw-0.9.1-configure.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop libraw-0.9.1-configure-optflags.patch: the changes in
  libraw-0.9.1-configure-default-cflags.patch make it useless.
- Update libraw-0.9.1-configure-default-cflags.patch to apply
  without libraw-0.9.1-configure-optflags.patch.

Sun Sep 19 12:57:13 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.10.0:
  + Imported dcraw versions 9.01-9.04 (1.434-1.438):
    - Separate black levels for each color channel.
    - Changes in tiff metadata parser.
    - New cameras: Canon SX20 and 550D, Nikon D3s, Olympus E-P2,
      Panasonic GF1, G2 and G10, Samsung EX1, NX-10 and WB550, Sony
      A450, NEX-3 and NEX-5, Casio EX-Z1050, Fuji HS10/HS11, Kodak
      Z981, Phase One P65.
    - Color data changed for some cameras
    - Fixed file descriptor leak in dark frame subtraction processing
  + Small patch in Sony ARW2 unpacking code to make valgrind happy
  + New command-line switch -h in mem_image sample (half_size
  + Some patches by Johannes Hanika (darktable author):
    - OpenMP speedup for PPG-interpolation
    - green_matching - suppress of 'color maze' on cameras with
      different green channels. This option is controlled by the
      field with the respective name in imgdata.params
  + all client code should be recompiled due to structures size change
  + LibRaw::free() is now public instead of private.

Mon Aug 30 16:36:31 CEST 2010 -

- Split the static library files to a devel-static subpackage, to
  follow our packaging guidelines.

Thu Aug 12 12:39:30 CEST 2010 -

- Clean up package for inclusion in openSUSE, based on the Fedora
  package and the one made by djs_core. This was version
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