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Sun Mar 16 19:34:51 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 9.0:
  + This is a major release with lot of major enhancements and a full 
    year of bug fixes. There is a complete remove of dependency to 
    libgd and GD::Graph* Perl modules, graphs are now drawn using the 
    flotr2 javascript library. It adds support to ipv6 addresses, a 
    new week view in the calendar menu. It also restores reports on 
    postgrey and adds support to policyd-weight, sqlgrey and maiad 
    A new directive EXCLUDE_TO to be able to exclude some destination 
    addresses from reports and new Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  + UPGRADE: You need to reinstall all file and rebuild your 
    configuration file from the new default configuration file. Data 
    files may not need to be remove, backward compatibility should 
    be preserved.
- removed dependencies to perl(GD*) modules
- use upper case README.SUSE filename
- do not use 'restart': use 'try-restart' in logrotate instead

Thu Feb  7 18:07:38 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 8.7:
  + Fix major bug with new year change when LAST_PARSED has a last line
    parsed from December. Thanks to Richard Victor Correia for the report.

Wed Jan  2 14:18:41 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 8.6:
  + Fix details search of top sender and status in top rejected stats.
    Thanks to Arthur Gouros for the report.
  + Add SKIP_RCPT_RELAY configuration directive to bypass local delivery
    messages that double the count of messages. Default is dovecot.
    Thanks to Richard Victor Correia for the report.
  + Change install to copy sendmailanalyzer.conf.sample into the doc/
    directory and copy sendmailanalyzer.conf into etc/ if none already
    exist. Thanks to Igor Vuk for the report.
  + Fix search of rejected message on domain. Thanks to Arthur Gouros
    for the report. 
  + Fix virus name storage with spamd-milter quarantine detection.
    Thanks to Bill V for the report.
  + Change menu "Rejection & Errors" into "Rejection and Events".
  + Fix missing system message when it was registered at same time than
    a previous one.
  + Reorder command line option, short before long.
  + Fix top authid with anonymous TLS SMTP auth.
  + Add support to syslog high resolution timestamp. Thanks to Richard
    Victor Correia for the report.
  + Replace .orig extension into .sample.
  + Add anonymous TLS connection established into auth report instead,
    of errors/events report. Thanks to Arthur Gouros for the suggestion.
  + Fix top domain name search in top rejected view. Thanks to Arthur
    Gouros for the report.
  + Change in .spec file to reflect the config file renaming. Thanks to
    ivuk fro the patch.
  + Add missing spamd historical report in sa_cache. Thanks to Bill V 
    for the report.
- split out www subpackage including needed dependencies for apache
- specfile cleanup
- added systemd service files
- added apache configuration
- added manpage for sa_cache and README.SuSE

Wed Dec 26 12:19:08 UTC 2012 -

-  This is a bugs fix release with better signal handling and spam logs detection.
    - Fix spam report with spamd and add spamd to the SPAM_TOOLS configuration directive. Thanks to Bill V for the report.
    - Update documentation about start script and signal handling.
    - Add new starter file for distribution using systemd at init and a README file to explain how to install those scripts.
      Thanks to Durwin for the report.
    - Fix typo in regex pattern of spamd lines detection. Thanks to Bill V for the report.
    - Fix removing of pid file which in some case was not removed.
    - Fix signal handler on SIGTERM.
    - sendmailanalyzer.conf will now be installed as sendmailanalyzer.conf.orig.
    - Fix issue in spam message detection. Thanks to Stefan Berger for the report.
    - Fix case where recipient was not collected on postfix servers because the
      Sent status in in lower case. Thanks to Kalpesh Patel for the report. 

Mon Sep 24 12:06:08 UTC 2012 -

- This is a bug fix release, with the addition of the SIGHUP signal handler to allow
  a full restart of sendmailanalyzer forcing it to reread configuration and reopen the
  log file.
	- Add signal handler to SIGHUP to allow a full restart of sendmailanalyzer
	  to force reread configuration file and reopen the pipe to the log file.
	  Suggested by Vicky Brown.
	- Allow character @ in secure_param() to allow syslog-ng remote host
	  syntax - Reported by Leon van Ofwegen.
	- Add more information on CGI param error returned by secure_param().
	- Add logrotate example to restart sendmailanalyzer in main documentation.
	  Reported by Vicki Brown.
	- Fix a bug in Top Authid where number was always 1. Reported by Dan Szkola
- UPGRADE: you'd better reinstall all files after saving your configuration. Unless
  you just want to copy sendmailanalyzer and sa_report.cgi that are the only files
  that have changed as well as the documentation. 

Fri Aug 12 13:41:34 UTC 2011 -

- Initial release version 8.0

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