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DVB drivers consist of two parts, the driver itself and several
'frontends'. The driver normally is loaded automatically by means of
hotplug (see below if that doesn't work for you) whereas frontends
are not. To load the frontends you must enable the 'dvb' initscript
(chkconfig dvb on). To manually load the frontends run 'rcdvb start'.

In addition to loading the frontends the init script also tries to
load (and unload upon stop/restart) the dvb-ttpci driver. This
driver is used by at least the following cards:

Technotrend DVBsat PCI card
Hauppauge WinTV DVB-s card
Siemens Fujitsu DVB-s card
TechniSat SkyStar 1 DVB PC card
Galaxis DVB Sat PCI card

Those cards ocassionally lock up and the picture freezes. If that
happens to you just close any dvb or tv application and run 'rcdvb
restart' to reload the driver and firmware.

If the driver for your card is not loaded automatically during boot
or the wrong driver is loaded you can create a hardware
configuration file. For that purpose you need the PCI ID of your
card. Run "hwinfo --dvb" and look for "SysFS BusID". Suppose your
card requires the driver "budget" and has the SysFS BusID
"0000:00:0e.0" you need to create the file


with the following three lines as content:


If you have multiple dvb cards and want to force a certain load
order you can create 'static' hardware configuration files with
names like hwcfg-static01, hwcfg-static02 and so on.
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