File ack.changes of Package ack

Mon Feb 27 05:45:22 UTC 2012 -

-run osc service localrun format_spec_file to fix for factory

Mon Feb 13 10:43:56 UTC 2012 -

- patch license to follow standard

Mon Sep 19 08:08:13 UTC 2011 -

- update to 1.96: 
  * Now ignores minified Javascript files.  Anything matching
    -min.js or .min.js is ignored.
  * Added Groovy support (--groovy).
  * Added .pm6 as a --perl extension.
  * Lua can now get detected from the shebang line.  Thanks,
    Matthew Wild.
  * Added support for version numbers in executables in shebang
    detection.  Now if your Perl program's shebang refers to
    /usr/local/bin/perl-5.14.1, ack will find it.

Sat Sep 17 10:44:39 UTC 2011 -

- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build

Sat Feb 26 14:52:08 UTC 2011 -

- add --spec/--rpm for .spec files

Tue Nov 16 10:38:26 UTC 2010 -

- update to 1.94: 
  * Added support for Go and Delphi.
  * Ignores Monotone's _MTN directories.
  * Added .xsl to the list of --xml files.

- changes from 1.93_02:
  * --man and --version now return with an exit code of 0 (they used to exit with a 1)

  * the --ignore-dir option now can ignore entire paths relative to your current directory
  * added --invert-file-match switch to negate the sense of the -g/-G switches

- changes from 1.93_01:
  * added --verilog, --vhdl and --clojure
  * files that match *.mk and *.mak as well as GNUmakefile are now included in the ack filetype 'make' (issue 88)
  * added RSpec's .spec type to the --ruby list

  * added docs for -r, -R, --recurse options
  * added new switch --color-lineno and environment variable ACK_COLOR_LINENO, which allow setting the line number color
  * added option --show-types to output the types that ack considers a file to have
  * 'ack --count --no-filename regex' doesn't output a list of numbers but a sum of all occurences; this is NOT what grep does but is the more sensible behavior

  * fixed ack misbehavior when using --match or not specifying a regex
  * fixed issue 74: analog to grep, 'ack --count regex file' now only outputs the number of found matches, if only one file is given
  * fixed issue 76: giving both --line and a regex (with --match) now leads to an error; the same is true for -f or -g in conjunction with --match
  * fixed issue 80: piping into ack --count now works as expected: ack always returned 0 when piped into, no matter how many matches where found
  * fixed issue 81: .ackrc now ignores leading/trailing whitespace

Thu Nov 11 23:00:39 UTC 2010 -

- applied patch by Pavol Rusnak <> from openSUSE:Factory:Contrib/ack to ignore .osc directories (redone for release 1.92)

- merged .changes entries for 1.92 by Petr Uzl <> from openSUSE:Factory:Contrib/ack, he was a lot less lazy than me

Sun Feb 14 22:09:12 UTC 2010 -

- removed bash completion file, way too slow

Sun Feb 14 21:53:01 UTC 2010 -

- update to 1.92:
  * Added Scala support.  Thanks to Dan Sully.
  * Added .phtml as an extension for PHP.
  * Using -f or -g now return a proper error code.  If files are
    found, ack returns 0.  If none are found, ack returns 1.  This
    is a change in the specification, but the code didn't match the
    specfication anyway.
  * No man pages are created for any of the .pm files any more.
  * The --pager flag would not work.  Now it does.  Thanks Packy
  * File matching for Emacs work files that match #*# was wrong.
    It was checking the entire path, not just the basename.  This
    is fixed.  (
  * Fixed URLs that pointed to old Google Code.

- split out perl-App-Ack into its own subpackage

Mon Jul 13 00:00:00 UTC 2009 -

- update to 1.88:
  * ack has a new plugin system, so you can build plugins to search
    whatever filetype you want
  * added support for .hrl Erlang header files
  * added support for --rake files, which are also --ruby files
  * fixed a bug where files ending in "Makefile" were mistakenly
    identified as Makefiles
  * created a new etc/ directory and its first addition, a bash
    auto-completion file

Wed Jul 16 00:00:00 UTC 2008 -

- new upstream version (1.86)

Tue Mar 25 00:00:00 UTC 2008 -

- new package (1.78)

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