File of Package boinc-client

svn co$VERSION boinc_core_release_$VERSION
if [ -z $1 ]; then
            echo "No path specified: use \"trim [PATH_TO_SOURCE_TOP_DIR]\"";
                exit 1;
        # remove all binaries and other unnecessary things
        echo "Trimming directories..."
        DIRS="win_build html openssl client/os2 client/win clientgui/mac clientlib clienttray curl/include curl/mswin curl/patches lib/mac mac_build mac_installer zip/zip/macos zip/zip/win32 zip/unzip/macos zip/unzip/win32 zlib RSAEuro stripchart coprocs"
        for DIR in $DIRS; do
                    /bin/rm -rf $1/$DIR;
                        echo $1/$DIR;
                echo "Trimming wxWidgets translations..."
                # remove wxWidgets translations
                find $1/locale -name -delete
                echo "Done."
tar -cvjf boinc_core_release-$VERSION.tar.bz2 boinc_core_release_$VERSION --exclude=.svn
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