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<patchinfo incident="1684">
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="664640"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="674556"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="645065"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="679883"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="626499"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="689982"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="683072"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="689810"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="656565"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="669808"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="683511"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="690788"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="692099"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="692554"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="692810"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="694077"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="690247"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="692955"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="694742"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="586367"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="695278"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="695312"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="815078">xchat input and topic fields not visible with gnome 3.6.2</issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="674051"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="683983"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="694711"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="695003"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="698563"></issue>
  <summary>gnome-themes-standard, gtk2: Fixed regression with the last gnome-themes-standard update</summary>
  <description>This update fixes the following issues with gnome-themes-standard and gtk2:
  - bnc#815078: Update to version 3.6.5
    + Fix regression rendering LibreOffice/ entry backgrounds.
  - Changes from version 3.6.4:
    + Fix missing PNG assets in the 3.6.3 tarball.
  - Changes frmo version 3.6.3:
    + GTK2 fixes:
      * Fix toolbar styling in Eclipse/SWT.
      * Fix completion tooltips styling in Eclipse/SWT.
      * Fix a bug rendering menus in Opera.
      * Fix missing shadow for frames with embedded labels.
      * Fix missing SELECTED states for check/radio assets.
      * Make it possible to override GtkEntry's background color.
      * Fix stray shadow for frames with GTK_SHADOW_NONE.
      * Workaround an scrollbar rendering bug.
      * Require GTK+ 2.24.15 and 3.6.2.

- bnc#815078: Update to version 2.24.18 (bnc#815078)
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#586367, bgo#674051, bgo#683072, bgo#683983, bgo#694711, bgo#695003, bgo#695278, bgo#695312, bgo#698563
- Changes from version 2.24.17:
  + GtkFileChooserButton fixes:
    * Don't emit file-set signal when the change is not the result of a user action
    * Don't ever use gtk_file_chooser_get_files
    * Ensure internal consistency when clearing a model
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#690247, bgo#692955, bgo#694742.
- Changes from version 2.24.16:
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#694077, bgo#645065.
- Changes from version 2.24.15:
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#626499, bgo#656565, bgo#664640, bgo#669808, bgo#674556, bgo#679883, bgo#683511, bgo#689810, bgo#689982, bgo#690788, bgo#692099, bgo#692554, bgo#692810.
  + Updated translations.</description>
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