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Dear Customer,

please note, that the strongswan release 4.5 changes the keyexchange mode
to IKEv2 as default -- from strongswan-4.5.0/NEWS:
IMPORTANT: the default keyexchange mode 'ike' is changing with release 4.5
from 'ikev1' to 'ikev2', thus commemorating the five year anniversary of the
IKEv2 RFC 4306 and its mature successor RFC 5996. The time has definitively
come for IKEv1 to go into retirement and to cede its place to the much more
robust, powerful and versatile IKEv2 protocol!

This requires adoption of either the "conn %default" or all other IKEv1
"conn" sections in the /etc/ipsec.conf to use explicit:


The strongswan package does no provide any files any more, but triggers
the installation of both, IKEv1 (pluto) and IKEv2 (charon) daemons and the
traditional starter scripts inclusive of the /etc/init.d/ipsec init script
and /etc/ipsec.conf file.

There is a new strongswan-nm package with a NetworkManager plugin to
control the charon IKEv2 daemon through D-Bus, designed to work using the
NetworkManager-strongswan graphical user interface.
It does not depend on the traditional starter scripts, but on the IKEv2
charon daemon and plugins only. 

Have a lot of fun...
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