File rubygem-pry.changes of Package rubygem-pry

Mon May 13 07:35:19 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version
 * reload-code (with no args) should reload 'current file', issue #920 

Wed Apr 24 05:58:50 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version
 * Fixes #890, workaround for jruby crash related to
 * note this fix is just applied to the 0.9.12 tag, not master. However, master has
   this fix applied too.

Wed Mar 20 09:06:18 UTC 2013 -

- buildrequire rdoc (see

Wed Mar 20 06:04:41 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 0.9.12
 Bug fixes:
 * Fix major bug where commands broke due to slop looking at ARGV
        instead of command parameters (#828)
 * Fix bug where pager broke in some situations (#845)
 * Fix broken rendering of some docs (#795)
 * silence warnings during failed tab-completion attempts
 * fix broken prompt when prompt is colored (#822 / #823)
 * added reload-method alias for reload-code (for backwards compat)
 * Reopen Readline.output if it is not a tty (see 1538bc0990)
 * added pry --gem (see 19bfc13aa)
 * show-source now works on commands created with create_command
 * add -m (method) -c (class) and -f (file) switches to 'whereami' command
 * show-source now falls back to superclass if can't find class code
        (displays warning)
 * show-source/show-doc now indicate when -a option is available.

Thu Jan 24 06:41:50 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version
 * fixed pager bug (wouldn't render color codes in some circumstances)
 * added Pry.last_internal_error, useful for devs debugging commands
 * fix Pry.run_command
 * improve `ls` output
 * add :requires_gem => "jist" to 'gist' command (so deps can be installed
        via install-command)
 * improve help for 'edit' command
 * minor bug fix for gist on windows, rescuing Jist::ClipboardError
 rather than letting the scary error spill out to users and potentially
 have them think the gist didnt post.
 * fixed minor bug in 'gist' command where i neglected to remove
   a call to a non-existent method (no_arg) which was called when
   `gist` is invoked with no parameters
 dependency changes:
 * upgrade the slop gem to version ~> 3.4
 * new optional dependency: Bond (you'll need to perform `gem install bond`). 

Thu Aug 30 08:03:03 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 0.9.10

Sun Jul 15 09:13:47 UTC 2012 -

- update to 0.9.10
 dependency changes:
 * #561 upgrade the slop gem to version 3
 * #590 move to the jist gem from gist.
 * upgrade method_source to 0.8
 new features:
 * #572 add --hist, -o and -k flags to gist command
 * #584 support show-source/doc on methods defined in class-eval
 * #585 support show-source/doc on gem methods defined in C
 * #596 add --disable-plugin and --select-plugin options
 * #597 allow "cd -" to switch between bindings
 * #612 add Pry.config.should_load_local_rc to turn off ./.pryrc
 * allow running a file of pry input with pry <file>
 * support colours in "ri" command
 * add before_eval hook
 * prompt now gets a lot more data when proc arity is 1
 bug fixes &c.
 * #554 removed the "req" command
 * #567 fix rendering bugs when starting pry
 * #568 fix Array#pretty_print on Jruby
 * #575 fix "edit" on windows
 * #576 fix "find-method" in the presence of badly behaved objects
 * #580 fix "whereami" in erb files on rails
 * #632 raise fewer exceptions while tab completing
 * #605 dont immediately quite pry when an error happens in readline
 * #606 support for ansicon to give jruby windows users colour
 * #613 massive speed improvements to show-source for modules
 * #620 improve whereami command when not in a binding.pry
 * #622 support embedded documents (=begin ... =end)
 * #627 support editing files with spaces in the name
 * changed __binding_impl__ to __pry__
 * support for absolute paths in $EDITOR
 * fix "cat" command on files with unknown extensions
 * many many internal refactorings and tidyings

Sun Jul 15 06:36:20 UTC 2012 -

- update to
  * fixed ZeroDivisionError in correct_indentation, bug #558
  * fix double highlighting in rdoc, bug #562
  * autocreate configuration for plugins, bug #548
  * fixed `NoMethodError: undefined method `winsize' for #<IO:<STDOUT>>`, bug #549
  * fixes for jruby
  * breakage on `exit` syntax error, fixes, #550
  * heredoc content no longer auto-indented
  * show-doc would fail on some core classes, i.e `show-doc Bignum`. This is now fixed
  and show allow a wider range of core documentation to be viewed directly in Pry.
  * make correct_indentation's auto-colorization respect Pry.color
  * cleared up confusion in show-source/show-doc docs that -a switch applies to classes
  as well as modules
  * lines of input are syntax highlighted upon 'enter' keypress
  * show-source command can now show class/module sourcecode (use -a to see all monkeypatches). Hard dependency on ruby18_source_location gem in MRI 1.8
  * show-doc command can show class/module docs (use -a to see docs for all monkeypatches) Hard dependency on ruby18_source_location gem in MRI 1.8.
  * new `find-method` command, performs a recursive search in a namespace for the existence of methods.
  * pry-coolline now works properly with Pry (
  * alias_command method now much more powerful, e.g: alias_command "lM", "ls -M"
  * `whereami` is now more intelligent, automatically showing entire sourcecode of current method if current context is a method (thanks robgleeson).
  * new `raise-up` command. Allows you to raise an exception that will bubble out of pry (ending the session) and escape into enclosing program.
  remaining items:
  * fixed windows crashing bug when paging
  * lines ending with \ are incomplete (kudos to fowl)
  * `edit-method -n` no longer blocks (thanks misfo)s
  * show instance methods of modules by default in ls
  * docs for REPL defined methods can now be displayed using show-doc
  * autoload ruby18_source_location on mri18, when available (
  * tab completion should work on first line now (historic bug fixed)
  * :quiet => true option added to `Pry.start`, turns off whereami
  * another easter egg added
  * show unloaded constants in yellow for ls
  * improved documentation for Pry.config options
  * improved auto indentation
  * JRuby: heuristics used to clean up 'ls' output (less internal methods polluting output)

Fri Apr 20 10:41:08 UTC 2012 -

- Provide rubygem-pry-0_9 for rubygem-pry_debug (and probably others)

Thu Apr 19 12:25:59 UTC 2012 -

- Don't split out doc package (fix last commit), because there is also

Thu Apr 12 07:50:20 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  * ~/.pry_history wasnt being created (if it did not exist)! FIXED
  * `hist --save` saved colors! FIXED
  * added Pry#add_sticky_local API for adding sticky locals to individual pry instances
- Changes from version
  * various tweaks to improve rbx support
  * commands now support optional block arguments
  * much improved help command
  * updated method_source dependencya
  * added wtf command
  * jruby should now work in windows (though without color)
- Changes from version
  * fixed bugs related to --super
  * upgraded slop dependency
  * added edit -c (edit current line)
  * edit now respects Pry.config.disable_autoreload option
- Changes from version
  * fixed broken --no-plugins option
  * Ensure ARGV is not mutated during option parsing.
  * Use a more rbx-friendly test for unicodeness
  * Use rbx-{18,19}mode as indicated
  * Don't explode in gem-list [Fixes #453, #454]
  * Check for command-name collision on assignment [Fixes #450]

Fri Jan 27 00:15:34 UTC 2012 -

- update to 0.9.8

Thu Sep 15 16:57:50 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.9.5
  - JRuby support, including show-method/edit-method and editor
    integration on both 1.8 and 1.9 versions
  - extended cd syntax: cd ../@x/y
  - play command now works much better with _in_ array (this is a
    very powerful feature, esp with Pry::NAV_PROMPT)
  - history saving/loading is now lightning fast
  - 'edit' (entered by itself) now opens current lines in input
    buffer in an editor, and evals on exit
  - 'edit' command is also, in general more intelligent
  - ls output no longer in array format, and colors can be
    configured, e.g: = :bright_blue
  - new switch-to command for moving around the binding stack
    without exiting out of sessions
  - more sophisticated prompts, Pry::NAV_PROMPT to ease deep
    spelunking of code
  - major bug fix for windows systems
  - much better support for huge objects, should no longer hang pry
    (see #245)
  - cat --ex and edit --ex now work better
  for all changes see /usr/lib*/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/pry-0.9.5/CHANGELOG
- dont split out the docs anymore: package conflicts with pry-doc

Tue Jul  5 13:14:23 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.9.2
  - fixed string interpolation bug (caused valid ruby code not to
    execute, sorry!)
  - fixed `ls` command, so it can properly display members of
    Object and classes, and BasicObject, etc
  - added a few git related commands to experimental command set,
    blame and diff
  - plugin system
  - regex commands
  - show-method works on methods defined in REPL
  - new command system/API
  - rubinius core support
  - more backports to ruby 1.8
  - inp/out special locals
  - _ex_ backtrace navigation object (_ex_.line, _ex_.file)
  - readline history saving/loading
  - prompt stack
  - more hooks
  - amend-line
  - play
  - show-input
  - edit
  - much more comprehensive test suite
  - support for new and old rubygems API
  - changed -s behaviour of ls (now excludes Object methods)
  - removed eval-file, lls, lcd, and a few other commands

Wed Apr 27 13:30:41 UTC 2011 -

- recommend gist.

Tue Apr 26 16:14:06 UTC 2011 -

- initial package (0.8.3)

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