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<patchinfo incident="3979">
  <summary>Recommended update for the GNOME-stack</summary>
  <description>This update provides various fixes and improvements for the GNOME-stack:

- gedit (3.14.3 -&gt; 3.14.4):
  + Various bug fixes
  + Updated translations

- gnome-initial-setup ( -&gt; 3.14.4):
  + Deal gracefully with absence of goa.
  + Updated translations.
  + Fix a crash in the network page.
  + Append ibus sources to input sources list.
  + Allow resizing on small screens.
  + Use header bars on goa dialogs.
  + Fix a crash in the language page.
  + Hide the window instead of letting gdm kill it.
  + Fix a crash in the keyboard page.
  + Updated translations.

- gnome-packagekit (3.14.2 -&gt; 3.14.3):
  + Bugfix: Don't use the gtk namespace for local functions.
  + Updated translations.

- gnome-software (3.14.1 -&gt; 3.14.7):
  + Show installation progress when installing apps.
  + Make sure apps that aren't installable are properly hidden in the category view.
  + Show a better UI for offline update failure dialog.
  + Several improvements to the sources dialog.
  + Fix a frequent crash in appstream plugin.
  + Fix a critical warning when opening the app folder dialog.
  + Fix a possible crash when changing the download-updates option in gsettings.
  + Fix a possible crash when dealing with apps that have no desktop ID associated.
  + Fix a crash with invalid screenshot URLs in appstream data.
  + Fix an issue that caused "Source: Unknown" to be shown on the details page even though the source info was available.
  + Update the styling of the history and sources dialogs to make sure unclickable rows don't appear clickable.
  + Correct the desktop file name for gnome-chess.
  + Hide updates UI on managed systems.
  + Workaround text coming up as selected in the updates dialog.
  + Fix a crash in the screenshot loader.
  + Fix a crash when installing rpms that lack description.
  + Wrap long descriptions in the update dialog.
  + Reduce network timeouts to one minute.
  + Avoid scaled up fonts on non-HiDPI displays.
  + Correctly save HiDPI images to HiDPI directories.
  + Scroll the contents of the error message dialog.
  + Correctly show the category for apps that only have a top-level category.
  + Fix a possible crash in the category code.
  + Fix a possible crash when pending apps change.
  + Updated translations.
  + Add the origin as a keyword if it's not the majority source.
  + Support the LOCAL AppStream icon type.
  + Do not fail to get popular apps if the AppStream data is invalid.
  + Do not show a random white line above the star rating widget.
  + Do not show empty app boxes if no popular results are available.
  + Do not try to download local web-app icons.
  + Fix screenshot loading with --details.
  + Use blue stars for the user-ratings rather than yellow/gold.

- gtk3 (3.14.13 -&gt; 3.14.15):
  + listbox: listen for adjustment changes.
  + Many coverity warning fixes.
  + Various other upstream-bugs fixed 
    * bgo#741800, bgo#751401, bgo#752016,bgo#693738, bgo#738083, bgo#745957, bgo#750011, bgo#750605, bgo#750690, bgo#750870, bgo#750994, bgo#751050, bgo#751227, bgo#751443, bgo#751739, bgo#751752
  + Updated translations.

- nautilus (3.14.2 -&gt; 3.14.3):
  + Don't create a window at start when using desktop.
  + Avoid unreadable names in list view.
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="938799"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="693738"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="738083"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="741800"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="745957"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="750011"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="750605"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="750690"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="750870"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="750994"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="751050"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="751227"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="751401"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="751443"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="751739"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="751752"/>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="752016"/>
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