File mousepad.changes of Package mousepad

Sun Jan 31 15:02:32 UTC 2021 - Marcel Kuehlhorn <>

- Update to version 0.5.2
  * Add a "Viewer Mode" toggle
    (gxo#apps/mousepad#50, gxo#apps/mousepad!72)
  * Improve `--quit` option: close all windows interactively
  * Improve encoding management
    (gxo#apps/mousepad#42, gxo#apps/mousepad!69)
    - Display the current encoding in the status bar
    - Make the default encoding configurable via GSettings
    - Allow to choose encoding in the "Open" and "Save As" dialogs
    - Add a command line option to choose encoding
  * Add a "Delete Line" action
    (gxo#apps/mousepad#13, gxo#apps/mousepad!66)
  * Make automatic addition of the last EOL character configurable
    (gxo#apps/mousepad#53, gxo#apps/mousepad!65)
  * Switch to GFile for I/O operations (gxo#apps/mousepad#4,
    gxo#apps/mousepad#27, gxo#apps/mousepad#75, gxo#apps/mousepad!64)
  * - Add file monitoring (gxo#apps/mousepad#75)
  * - Add a setting to create a tilde-backup file when saving
  * - Make saving atomic (gxo#apps/mousepad#4)
  * Filter files on mime type in the "Open" and "Save As" dialogs
    (gxo#apps/mousepad#2, gxo#apps/mousepad#35, gxo#apps/mousepad!67)
  * Improve encoding management
    (gxo#apps/mousepad#42, gxo#apps/mousepad!69)
    - Make encoding dialog more generic and self-contained
    - Encodings definition review
    - Clarify encoding management when opening files
    - Improve unicode BOM management
  * Switch to GFile for I/O operations (gxo#apps/mousepad#4,
      gxo#apps/mousepad#27, gxo#apps/mousepad#75, gxo#apps/mousepad!64)
    - Set the save action sensitivity more precisely
    - Let GFile APIs check for file existence when reading
    - Let GFile APIs check for external modifications when saving
    - Basic switch to GFile for I/O operations
  * Make "replace" and "replace all" behaviors consistent
  * (gxo#apps/mousepad#94)
  * Ensure that the page setup is properly applied when printing
  * (gxo#apps/mousepad#90)
  * Avoid character escape issues in menu item action names
  * Properly initialize document search properties
  * Avoid illegal memory access when searching with tab changes
  * Revert to "Wrap Around" always true for the search bar
  * Prevent too late accesses to the buffer in selection mode
  * Direct call to keybinding signals for "Delete" and "Select All"
  * Improve editing keybindings consistency (gxo#apps/mousepad#83)
  * Translation Updates

Wed Dec 23 02:24:56 UTC 2020 - Maurizio Galli <>

- Update to version 0.5.1
  - Dependencies changes: GLib >= 2.52.0 ; GTK >= 3.22.0
  - Allow to change the font size from keyboard/mouse 
    (gxo#apps/mousepad#46, gxo#apps/mousepad#54)
  - Switch to asynchronous search
  - Give more choice for whitespace display (gxo#apps/mousepad#44)
  - Improve the look of the search bar
  - Add a spinner to the search widgets
  - Make the occurrences count appear in the search bar
  - Reformulate "Home/End Keys" setting description
  - Code refactoring around MousepadView properties
  - Code refactoring around GMenuModel-bindings
  - Decrease reference count of anchored documents
  - Filter document signals on the active document
  - Fix a memory leak in the templates menu
  - Fix wrong conversion from uri to filename (gxo#apps/mousepad#81)
  - Warn when using GLib functions newer than requirements
  - Translation Updates

Mon Nov 30 12:44:53 UTC 2020 - Maurizio Galli <>

- Update to version 0.5.0
  - Bump required GTK+ in `mousepad-prefs-dialog.ui` (gxo#apps/mousepad#78)
  - Fix an oversight in updating actions state (gxo#apps/mousepad#76)
  - Remove TODO file (gxo#apps/mousepad#74)
  - Ensure that opening modes are excluded from translation
  - Translation Updates

Fri Nov 20 21:23:11 UTC 2020 - Marcel Kuehlhorn <>

- Update to version 0.4.90
  * Add keybindings to show the menubar temporarily when hidden
  * Add command line option and setting for file opening mode
  * Improve encoding dialog
  * Add regex search
  * Replace `$HOME` with a tilde in displayed filename
  * Add new default keybindings and reveal some hidden ones
  * Search bar tweaks
  * Make tabs expanded for consistency with other Xfce programs
  * Add copyright and license info to About dialog
  * Improve label texts of "Find and Replace" dialog and search bar
  * Make the statusbar smaller
  * Add new app icon and switch to reverse DNS name
  * Save the state of the "highlight all" button in the search bar
  * Update window title of Find and Replace dialog
  * Add "Wrap around" check box to Find and Replace dialog (bxo#11290)
  * Infer filetype from shebang line (bxo#10514)
  * Show info when Templates directory does not exist (bxo#10486)
  * Restore the use of the file `accels.scm`
  * Code refactoring around saving and restoring window geometry
  * Improve save-related actions
  * Fully switch to GtkApplication
  * Avoid deprecation warnings 5: CSS related
  * Avoid deprecation warnings 4: GtkUIManager and GtkAction
  * GtkStock
  * Avoid deprecation warnings 2: miscellaneous
  * Avoid deprecation warnings 1: alignment and padding
  * Avoid compilation warnings other than deprecation
  * Remove support for GTK+2
  * Switch to and foreign automake mode
  * Add basic GitLab pipeline
  * Remove from DISTCLEANFILES, it's not generated
  * Fix crash when dragging tab to GSV widget
  * Change GtkTextView wrap mode to GTK_WRAP_WORD_CHAR
  * Initialize the recent manager if needed at startup
  * Prevent search bar from overlapping the document
  * Properly disconnect signal handlers
  * Fix make distcheck
  * Fix color modifications in search entries
  * Do not open an empty document when encoding failed
  * Do not search for previously selected text
  * Update search field with selected text
  * bxo#16717: Move from exo-csource to xdt-csource
  * Remember last save location (bxo#14165)
  * Use g_get_user_dir to get Templates directory (bxo#11048)
  * Sync remaining menu actions to their settings (bxo#11046)
  * Install appstream in metainfo folder (bxo#11200)
  * Add appdata file (bxo#11200)
  * Fix building with `--enable-dbus --disable-gtk3`
  * Change visibility of fullscreen bars after small delay (bxo#9735)
  * Fix return type of fullscreen settings (bxo#9735)
  * Translation Updates

Sun Jul 28 14:59:16 UTC 2019 - Marcel Kuehlhorn <>

- Update to version 0.4.2
  * Port to GDBus (bxo#14337)
  * Show full path in window title by default (bxo#2896)
  * Reset modification time when new filename is set (bxo#10498)
  * Do not overwrite view settings when opening encoding dialog
  * Make dialog windows modal only for parent window (bxo#10488)
  * Add string to translation (bxo#11049)
  * Selecting a font via menu now disables system font (bxo#12773)
  * Check for exo-csource in maintainer mode (bxo#12719)
  * New line can't be printed in status bar (bxo#11050)
  * Do not move text cursor when searching backwards (bxo#14942)
  * Fix gravity of selection end mark (bxo#10986)
  * Missing line in dbus.h, found typo in window.h (bxo#10583)
  * Append a newline char at EOF when saving (bxo#4824)
  * Do not core dump on silly errors, just exit (bxo#12413)
  * Fix gtksourceview warnings/errors (bxo11663)
  * Only set template filetype when detected (bxo#15314)
  * Replace deprecated style properties in MousepadCloseButton 
  * Fix Tab mode and Home/End Keys in preferences dialog (bxo#15075)
  * Fix language guess function (bxo#15141)
  * Read system font from xfconf property (bxo#12485)
  * Add pkexec policy (bxo#11088)
  * Fix g_type_class_add_private is deprecated
  * Set intltool minimum version
  * Bump minimal required glib
  * Translation updates

Sat Jun  9 17:37:34 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 0.4.1
  - Fix crash when dragging tab to root window (bxo#13336)
  - Fix the signal definition of user-set-language (bxo#13630)
  - Prevent a weird cycle in GSettings use (bxo#12134)
  - Fix some warnings about using NULL (bxo#11663)
  - Limit prefs dialog tab width to range allowed by schema
  - Don't show hidden GSV languages (bxo#12043)
  - Encode filenames passed to DBus as UTF-8
  - Translation updates
- packaging changes:
  - fix Group: tag
  - build against GTK3
  - use %license instead of %doc

Sat Feb 28 20:10:31 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 0.4.0
  - Use GSettings to improve preference handling
  - A new preferences dialog exposing all preferences in the GUI
  - Implement config and GUI preferences for various GtkSourceView
    properties such as:
    - Highlighting the current line
    - Match braces
    - Indentation width control
    - Right margin (long-line margin) column
    - Showing/hiding of line numbers
    - Smart home and end keys
  - Improved GUI configurability and state persistence, including:
    - A toolbar for commonly used items
    - Fullscreen support
    - Main menu re-organization
    - Improved editor context menu
    - Improved single-instance multi-window support
    - Remember and synchronize size, position, and state, across
      windows and instances
  - Support for building against GTK+ 3
  - Various other improvements and bugs fixed
- drop obsolete

Sun May 11 09:09:48 UTC 2014 -

- add mousepad-fix-syntax-highlighting-and-creating-new-file.patch
  * fix bug

Sun Dec 30 11:23:57 UTC 2012 -

- initial packaging of the new development version

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