File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.17623

<patchinfo incident="17623">
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="1202548">VUL-0: CVE-2022-6083: freeciv: Modpack Installer buffer overflow</issue>
  <issue tracker="cve" id="2022-6083"/>
  <summary>Security update for freeciv</summary>
  <description>This update for freeciv fixes the following issues:

- update to 3.0.3 (boo#1202548, CVE-2022-6083):

  * 3.0.3 is a bugfix release
  * see 

- update to 3.0.2:

  * 3.0.2 is a generic bugfix release
  * see 

- update to 3.0.1:

  * 3.0.1 is a generic bugfix release
  * see 

- update to 3.0.0:

  * This release is a major upgrade which with some changes that
    can support backward compatible rulesets
  * see

- update to 2.6.6:

  * 2.6.6 is a bugfix release.

- update to 2.6.5:

  * 2.6.5 is a bugfix release. Notably it fixes regression in 2.6.4 gtk3-client
    that present units in city dialog had no overlays drawn at all. 

- Update to 2.6.4:

  * Bugfix release, see

- update to 2.6.3:

  * see
  * Fixed trouble when a new city is founded to the ruins of a former city,
    and that new city establish a trade route with a player who had seen
    former city, and is unaware that it had been destroyed HRM#871606
  * Fixed a case where shared vision did not completely update
    recipient's map HRM#846106
  * Fixed a bug where one could paradrop to peaceful nation's territory
    after continuing game from an old savegame HRM#879084
  * Fixed a bug causing game sometimes to tell wrong reason of why an
    action failed HRM#879880
  * Cease fire no longer runs out with an already dead player, making his
    former allies to hate the alive party of the treaty HRM#879055
  * Made server not to end in a infinite loop after loading savegame with
    too high phase number. Such a savegame was reported to be created
    after spaceship was launched but game was still continued HRM#815196
  * Unified writing of the city name Washington-on-the-Brazos
    between rulesets, so it doesn't appear multiple times in the same
    game in a bit different form HRM#867817
  * Stealth units are no longer erroneously hidden even from allies
  * Placing initial units is now done in shuffled player order HRM#850656
  * Corrupt worker tasks are cleared. Those can originate, e.g.,
    from buggy pre- Qt-client, and live in old savegames HRM#901938
  * In a ruleset, such as civ2civ3, where caravans can help building wonder
    in a foreign city, refresh city info of the city owner when one does
  * Display of success probabilities for diplomats was off when targeting
    stack of units instead of individual unit HRM#859761
  * Fixed pillaging of extras that are caused by something else than
    player actions. For the fix to work, both server and client must be
    at least version 2.6.3 HRM#861508
  * Civilian unit trying to paradrop to an enemy city dies HRM#870004
  * Prevented dead player from getting techs via Tech_Parasite effect.
    This caused trouble in alien ruleset where Tech_Parasite is granted
     by a tech HRM#873692
  * Improved support of CityTile requirement type HRM#877780
  * Fixed trouble preventing Small Wonders from working as impr_reqs
    for units HRM#884993
  * Corrected success probability shown by action dialog when it depends
    on a special kind of road HRM#897490
  * The included Lua engine has been upgraded from 5.3.5 to 5.3.6. HRM#889425

- update to

  * Fixed server crash when unit with zero move_rate is transformed
  * Fixed crashes when using Direction objects in lua scripts 
  * Fixed crash when chatline text had opening tag without closing tag
  * Fixes to the Qt client
  * Updated translations
  * Fixed Qt-client build against Qt-5.15 (removes freeciv-qt-5.15.patch )
  * Documentation updates 

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