File minigalaxy.changes of Package minigalaxy

Wed Nov 17 16:03:58 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 1.1.0:
  * Improve integrity check after downloading
  * Show an error showing Windows games cannot be enabled
  * Add properties menu for games where game specific actions can be made like setting launch options and opening the store page
  * Add a disk space check before downloading
  * Use a different color for the play button for installed games
  * Put installed games at the top of the list
  * Store saved installers in ~/GOG Games/installer by default again
  * Remember if the user had the installed filter enabled
  * Extract Windows games in the background if Innoextract is available
  * Extract Windows games in the background
  * Fix installing DLC for Windows games
  * Fix an error showing if the user has no games
  * Add option to hide games
  * Ask user if they are sure when logging out
  * Add a dark theme
  * Run post install script after installation. This fixes Full Throttle Remastered
  * Fix games being shown twice
  * Fix crash when GOG is down
  * Make the language configurable

Fri Jan 15 08:46:25 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 1.0.2:
  * Fix updates sometimes not working
  * Fix some games always showing an update is available
  * Fix DLC not downloading
  * Fix DLC update option not showing up
  * Fix show store page button not showing anymore
  * Fix missing thumbnails not being downloaded for already installed games
  * Fix the login screen crashing in some cases
  * Use the system's icon theme for icons used

Fri Jan  8 09:42:16 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 1.0.1:
  * Open maximized if the window was maximized when last closed
  * Kept installers are now stored in ~/.cache/minigalaxy/download
  * Fix about window displaying wrong version number
  * Fix show store page button not showing anymore
  * Fix the download manager crashing when an installer has been damaged
    during downloading
  * Fix games showing an update is available while the latest version is
  * Fix loading the library taking a long time when many games are installed
  * Fix Gex not launching
  * Add the following translations:
    - Swedish
  * Update the following translations:
    - Polish
    - Russian

Mon Nov 30 08:44:02 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 1.0.0:
  * Games can now be updated
  * DLC can now be installed and updated
  * The installed filter now also shows games which are downloading
  * Fix crash on some systems where /usr/bin is linked to /bin
  * Create new config file if old one is unreadable
  * Fix some Windows games not installing because of the directory name used
  * Fix some Windows games like Witcher 3 not launching because of the working directory not being set
  * Clean up installation files for cancelled downloads
  * Fix crash on flaky internet connection
  * Use 755 permissions for all directories created by Minigalaxy
  * Remove cached files when cancelling a download
  * Installed games should no longer be shown twice
  * Add and update translations

Mon Apr 20 19:57:09 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.9.4:
  * Added Russian and Nynorsk translation
  * Updated existing translations
  * Added support for installing Windows games.
  * Added store page link to game menus.
  * Fixed game directories being created without any spaces in the name.
  * Fixed thumbnails not being downloaded for already installed games.
  * Fixed symlinks to libraries not being created correctly upon installation.
  * Made preparations for a Flathub package.
  * Added all contributors and translators to the about window.

Wed Mar 11 08:42:49 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.9.3:
  * Added the following translations:
    - German (thanks to BlindJerobine)
    - Turkish (thanks to fuzunspm)
    - Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to EsdrasTarsis)
    - Norwegian Bokmål (thanks to kimmalmo)
    - Polish (thanks to ArturWroblewski)
    - French (thanks to thomansb22)
  * Added option to cancel downloads.
  * Changed the way games are downloaded to a queue instead of
    trying to download everything at once.
  * Added support option to game specific menus which open the
    GOG support page (thanks to BlindJerobine).
  * Ask for confirmation before uninstalling (thanks to Odelpasso).
  * Added option to display FPS in games (thanks to Odelpasso).
  * Downloads can now be resumed after having been cancelled before.
  * Installers are now verified before installing.
  * The active download is now resumed when restarting Minigalaxy.
  * Fixed issue with games not downloading.

Mon Jan 13 12:21:38 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.9.2:
  * Added a button to installed games which allow you to:
    + Uninstall a game.
    + Open the directory in which the game is installed.
  * Added translation support. The following additional
    languages are now supported: Dutch, Taiwanese Mandarin
  * Added offline mode.
  * The system's Dosbox and Scummvm installations are now
    preferred over the ones bundled with games.
  * Improved game detection to check in all directories
    in the installation path.
  * Added the option to keep game installers.
  * Added the option to disable staying logged in.
  * The preferences menu now uses a file picker for setting
    the installation path
  * Startup time has been reduced.
  * Games which aren't installed are now grayed out.
  Bug fixes:
  * Fixed FTL not being able to start.
  * Fixed issue with thumbnails sometimes not fully loading.
  * Fixed potential crash after logging in the first time.
  * Fixed close button on about window not working.

Sat Dec 28 11:55:37 UTC 2019 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.9.1:
  * Fixed crashes and freezes sometimes happening while downloading
    and installing games.
  * Fixed installation failing when the installation directory is
    not on same filesystem as /home.
  * Fixed downloads crashing when the installation directory is
    changed or the refresh button is pressed.
  * Fixed changing installation directory not loading which games
    are installed in the new directory.
  * Fixed copyright file in deb package not being machine readable.
  * Add command line options --help, --version and --reset.
    The reset option will reset the cache and configuration.
- Add additional required packages
- Refresh minigalaxy-0.9.0-desktop.patch

Fri Dec 27 21:24:05 UTC 2019 - Michael Vetter <>

- Add min. version to python3-gobject
- Require python3 instead of devel

Fri Dec 27 14:06:37 UTC 2019 - Michael Vetter <>

- Initial package minigalaxy 0.9.0 for openSUSE
- Add minigalaxy-0.9.0-desktop.patch
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