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<!-- Copyright 2014 Ryan Lerch <> -->
SentUpstream: 2014-09-25
  <id type="desktop">xmoto.desktop</id>
  <summary>2D motocross platform game</summary>
      xmoto is a side-scrolling 2D motocross platform game where the objective
      is to collect all the floating items in the level and proceed to the
      checkered finishing ball.
      The motocross bike that the player rides in
      xmoto has a lot of bounce, and the if the player hits their head on any
      solid object the level has to be restarted.
      There are hundreds of levels available in xmoto, both included in the
      initial install, and downloadable from the internet.
      There is also the
      ability to challenge fastest times with other players from around the world.
      and saved ghost data to visually see the runs of other players through the
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    <screenshot type="default"></screenshot>
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