File lammps.changes of Package lammps

Wed Dec  7 18:33:03 UTC 2022 - Stefan Brüns <>

- Add Conflicts and Provides to allow upgrade of python package
  without conflict.
- Reenable Fortran tests.
- Cleanup spec file.
- Ignore test failures on ix86.

Wed Dec  7 03:39:24 UTC 2022 - Steve Kowalik <>

- Do not provide Python 2 package names for Python 3 packages.
- Skip Fortran tests for now. 

Tue Nov 23 01:19:02 UTC 2021 - Steve Kowalik <>

- Switch to Python 3:
  * Rename package to python3-lammps.

Fri Oct  8 15:43:45 UTC 2021 - Guillaume GARDET <>

- Disable kokkos on %{arm}

Fri Oct  1 06:08:29 UTC 2021 - Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <>

- Use openmpi macros to always build with the default openmpi version.

Wed Nov  4 16:11:48 UTC 2020 - Christoph Junghans <>

- dropped 9cdde97863825e4fdce449920d39b25414b2b0b3.patch merged upsteam
- dropped 61ce73273b3290083c01e6a2fadfb3db0889b9ba.patch merged upstream
- bump version to 20201029 (stable)
- General changes:
  - Significant refactoring of the core LAMMPS code to increase
    code reuse, simplify new additions, improve thread safety, and
    benefit from C++11 features. In particular the following
    changes were incorporated:
    - Refactoring of the AtomVec classes to simplify adding new
      atom styles to the code. Also adding support for writing
      complete data files for atom styles ellipsoid, line, tri,
      and body, which had been previously missing.
    - Implementation of string tokenizer and potential file reader
      classes to improve parsing of text files and avoid the
      strtok() function. This has lead to substantial reduction in
      the lines of code used for those cases.
    - Transferring of utility function from class members to
      standalone functions in the utils namespace. Several new
additions of such convenience functions
    - Using const std::string & instead char * or const char * as
      function argument in many places to simplify string
      processing and replacing C style string functions with their
      equivalent or expanded functionality of std::string member
    - Incorporation of fmtlib to replace and simplify many cases
      of output formatting. This avoids many complications with
      printf() style functions since no special treatment is
      required for processing bigint or tagint arguments. Since
      fmtlib has been accepted as a C++20 feature, this is also
      future proofing the code base.
    - Avoiding use of temporary local buffers for output
      formatting and thus lowering the risk of buffer overflows.
      This was enabled by the previous two changed.
    - Replacing NULL with nullptr where applicable for better
      detection of incorrect use.
  - Major reorganization and significant expansion of the manual:
    - The manual is now split into two parts: a User Guide and a
      Programmer Guide
    - Most of the content related to using the library interfaces,
      the Python module (and Python in general) have been moved to
      the Programmer Guide
    - The content of the external Developer Guide PDF has been
      incorporated into the Programmer Guide section and expanded
    - The documentation of the C-library interface and Python
      module has been expanded and the documentation of the
      individual APIs are now imported from the source code by
      means of using doxygen (for C/C++) and docstrings (for
    - Redundancies have been reduced, cross-links added, and links
      to external websites checked, updated or removed.
  - Addition of a unit test facility which is integrated into
    building LAMMPS with CMake and using the ctest tool that comes
    with CMake. Tests for a variety of features and styles are
    included with a code coverage close to 40%. The added tests
    have exposed a significant number of previously unknown bugs
    and inconsistencies (e.g. between plain pair styles and
    suffixed versions or between Pair::compute() and
    Pair::single()) in the code base, which have been fixed.
  - Significant refactoring of the LAMMPS C-library interface and
    Python module: several new functions were added, especially
    for introspection, ad-hoc numerical constants were replaced by
    symbolic constants defined in enumerators and synchronized
    betwee C and Python, where possible and needed. Most
     modifications were
    done in a backward compatible way.
  - Add support for a "UNITS:" metadata tag to potential and
    tabulation files and code to error out if the value does not
    match with the current setting. For some potentials, mainly
    manybody potentials, support for on-the-fly conversion between
    "metal" and "real" units was added, so that a file with
    parameters for "metal" units can be used in a simulation with
    "real" units, if the pair style supports it.
  - Ordering of #include "" statements has been revised and the
    lists updated where possible after analyzing with the IWYU
  - Significant refactoring of CMake scripts enabled by moving the
    minimum required CMake version from 2.8.x to 3.10.x. CMake
    build support is more reliable, portable to different host
    operating systems and efficient.
  - Conventional build system now always builds the LAMMPS library
    and the executable, so the available modes are reduced from 4
    to 2: mode=static and mode=shared. The CMake build behaves
  - Use pre-processor macros (requiring C++11) to provide
    compatibility with OpenMP 4.x and later semantics
  - Many small fixes and improvements.
  - Removal of outdated or obsolete makefiles. Removal of obsolete
    files and folder in the bench folder.
- Updates and new commands or styles or packages:
  - New MLIAP package providing a generalized framework for
    machine-learning potentials. This currently includes an
    implementation of the SNAP potential
  - New USER-MESONT package for mesoscale modeling of nanotubes.
  - New command reset_mol_ids
  - New fix widom for modeling Widom insertions
  - New fix pafi to perform langevin or brownian dynamics time
    integration constrained to a potential hyperplane. Intended to
    be coupled to the PAFI C++ code.
  - Bugfixes, improved documentation, and new functionality for
    fix bond/react in particular RMSD based constraints.
  - New fix accelerate/cos and compute viscosity/cos in USER-MISC
    as yet another method to compute viscosity.
  - New fix momentum/chunk to remove per chunk momentum
  - New bond style special to provide a mechanism to implement
    special bond exclusions beyond 1-4.
  - Ports of more functionality to the KOKKOS package and several
    performance optimizations. Support for AMD GPUs via HIP.
    Update of the bundled Kokkos library to version 3.2.
  - Support for triclinic cells when using "tiled" communication
  - New pair style for charge-dipole damping with Tang-Toennies
    function in the USER-DRUDE package
  - Updates, bugfixes and adjustments to LAMMPS requiring C++11 in
    the USER-COLVARS package (now at version 2020-09-17).
  - Support for building triclinic neighbor lists on the GPU in
    the GPU package. Bugfixes and performance improvements for GPU
  - Updates to writing binary dump files and binary2atom tool to
    become consistent with current text mode custom dumps
  - Updates to the user supported examples/COUPLE/fortran and
    examples/COUPLE/fortran2 wrappers to become compatible with
    updates to the C-library interface. Also work on a new,
    "object oriented" Fortran interface has started.
  - New LAMMPS shell command as alternative to the regular LAMMPS
    executable for improved interactive use.
  - Interface file for use with SWIG to create bindings to the
    LAMMPS library interface for a wide variety of (mostly
    scripted) programming languages (like Java, JavaScript, Lua,
    Perl, Ruby, Tcl and more).
  - Improved support for cross-compiling binaries for Windows on
    Linux. This enables building a liblammps.dll file and loading
    the LAMMPS Python module also on Windows.
  - Improved CMake support for building with "ninja" instead of

Sun Sep 20 14:56:09 UTC 2020 - Christoph Junghans <>

- dropped disable_noopt.patch, merged upstream
- added 9cdde97863825e4fdce449920d39b25414b2b0b3.patch from fix a failing test
- added 61ce73273b3290083c01e6a2fadfb3db0889b9ba.patch from fix another failing test
- bump version to 20200918 (patch)
  - New fix pafi to perform langevin or brownian dynamics time
    integration constrained to a potential hyperplane. Intended to
    be coupled to the PAFI C++ code (Thomas Swinburne, CNRS /CINaM
    Marseille and Mihai-Cosmin Marinica, SRMP/CEA Saclay) PR
  - Update of the Kokkos library to version 3.2 (Stand Moore, SNL
    and the Kokkos developers), PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2311]
  - Updates to KOKKOS package to improve usability with the HIP
    backend for AMD GPUs (Nick Curtis) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2371]
  - Update of the USER-COLVARS package to version 2020-09-17
    (Giacomo Fiorin, NIH and other Colvars developers) PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2356], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2376]
  - Change behavior of fix bond/react to update all charges by
    default which is the more intuitive behavior. Keywords have
    been updated to be more intuitive as well (Jake Gissinger, U
    Colorado) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2368]
  - Update of dump styles in the COMPRESS package to be consistent
    with recent changes elsewhere, added support for Zstd
    compression and the option to set the compression level (Richard
    Berger, Temple U), PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2331]
  - Use eigensolver contributed to USER-REACTION package to
    replace the old "jacobi" function to avoid licensing issues.
    Implement wrapper functions around templated implementation
    (Andrew Jewett, Scripps), PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2347]
  - Small refactor of fix qeq/reax and its USER-OMP and KOKKOS
    variants to reduce code replication and allow to add features
    (Stan Moore, SNL) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2354]
  - Replace the use of the C-style NULL with the C++11 nullptr
    keyword, where meaningful. (E. Anne Gunn, Sheridan College) PR
  - Replace numeric constants in Atom and AtomVec classes by
    symbolic ones via enumerators (Axel Kohlmeyer, Temple U) PR
  - Bugfixes for the GPU package and related CMake/make files
    (Vsevolod Nikolskiy, HSE University Moscow and Trung Nguyen,
    Northwestern U), PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2307], PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2313], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2322], PR
  - Bugfix for Langevin thermostatting inside of multiple fix
    rigid variants (Trung Nguyen, Northwestern U) PR
  - Refactoring of the C library interface and the Python wrapper
    for consistency and maintainability, unit test support for the
    interfaces, decoration of library functions with Doxygen comments
    for semi-automatic documentation in the manual (Axel Kohlmeyer and
    Richard Berger, Temple U) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2310], PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2318], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2320], PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2357], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2359], PR
  - Update of documentation build system to include Doxygen
    processing and integration of that output via the "breathe"
    Sphinx extension inclusion of the Developer Guide in the
    manual, update and corrections to the CMake support (Axel
    Kohlmeyer and Richard Berger, Temple U) PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2309], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2312], PR
  - Update headers in the documentation of LAMMPS style commands
    to be more compact and check for missing index entries
    (Richard Berger, Temple U) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2335]
  - Update the compilation related documentation to use the
    sphinx-tabs extension (in HTML mode only) to make it more
    compact (Axel Kohlmeyer, Temple U) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2348]
  - Revised internal and external links in the documentation (Matt
    Mansell and others) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2341]
  - Move more convenience functions from classes to the utils
    namespace, update the code to consistently use the new
    versions and remove the old, update the manual to include the
    documentation of those APIs into the developer guide (Axel
    Kohlmeyer, Temple U) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2319], PR
  - Start of a new (and "official") Fortran library interface and
    corresponding sphinx API documentation in the programmer guide
    plus unit tests for implemented APIs (Axel Kohlmeyer, Temple U) PR
  - Update include file conventions and update lists of include
    files accordingly, add make iwyu target to run the
    include-what-you-use tool (Axel Kohlmeyer, Temple U) PR
  - Make internal memory usage reporting consistently use the same
    data type (Axel Kohlmeyer, Temple U) PR
  - Add support to call reset_mol_ids internally from fix
    bond/react (Jake Gissinger, U Colorado), PR
  - Add RMSD based constraint to fix bond/react (Jake Gissinger, U
    Collorado, and Andrew Jewett, Scripps, and Yuya Kurebayashi,
    Tohoku U) PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2314]
  - Refactor of USER-BOCS code to fix memory leaks and memory
    access issues (E. Anne Gunn, Sheridan College) PR
  - Implementation of force history for Mindlin variants of the
    granular pair style (Jibril B. Coulibaly, Northwestern U), PR
  - Updated singularity container description files to better
    support the upcoming stable release (Richard Berger, Temple U)
    PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2340]
  - Various small updates and corrections (multiple authors) PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2315], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2317], PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2336], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2344], PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2353], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2364], PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2366], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2373], PR
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2369], PR [gh#lammps/lammps#2375]

Sun Jun 14 20:44:26 UTC 2020 - Christoph Junghans <>

- disable march=native optimization by setting empty 

Wed May 13 13:42:58 UTC 2020 - Christoph Junghans <>

- fix build on ppc64le by enabling gnu extensions, see
  [gh#lammps/lammps#2079], this is a bug in older version of the
  ocl package, compare [GCC#58241].

Sun May 10 16:59:26 UTC 2020 - Christoph Junghans <>

- gcc flags an issue on leap 15.1 that is a false positive, see
  [gh#lammps/lammps#2078], so disabling lammps custom no optimzation 
  flags, using disable_noopt.patch

Wed May  6 14:54:14 UTC 2020 - Christoph Junghans <>

- bump version to 20200505 (patch)
  - update of the bundled Kokkos library to version 3.1 (Stan
    Moore and the Kokkos developers, SNL) [gh#lammps/lammps#2004],
  - new Kokkos styles compute orientorder/atom and coord/atom and
    some related bugfixes/improvements (Stan Moore, SNL)
    [gh#lammps/lammps#1895], [gh#lammps/lammps#1902],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#1906], [gh#lammps/lammps#2033]
  - new fix accelerate/cos and compute viscosity/cos in USER-MISC
    as yet another method to compute viscosity (Zheng Gong, École
    normale supérieure de Lyon) [gh#lammps/lammps#2019]
  - update of the polymorphic pair style with bug fixes and a new
    feature (Xiaoweng Zhou, SNL) [gh#lammps/lammps#2000]
  - added option to create a dummy fix as a placeholder early in
    an input to guarantee placement at the top of the list of
    fixes. (Steve Plimpton, SNL) [gh#lammps/lammps#1760]
  - update to fix bond/react to allow using equal style variables
    a probability input (Wolfgang Verestek, U Stuttgart)
  - small update to internal commands in kim_interactions to
    improve KIM simulator model handling (Ronald Miller Carleton
    U, Ryan S. Elliott U Minn), [gh#lammps/lammps#2014]
  - many small fixes and updates to source code (mainly for the
    KOKKOS package), cmake scripts, and documentation to address
    issues with recent changes and minor long-standing issues.
    (multiple authors) [gh#lammps/lammps#2003],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2006], [gh#lammps/lammps#2010],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2015], [gh#lammps/lammps#2022],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2023], [gh#lammps/lammps#2026],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2027], [gh#lammps/lammps#2030],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2032], [gh#lammps/lammps#2035],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2036], [gh#lammps/lammps#2041],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2043], [gh#lammps/lammps#2044],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2045], [gh#lammps/lammps#2046],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2047], [gh#lammps/lammps#2048],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2049], [gh#lammps/lammps#2051],
    [gh#lammps/lammps#2053], [gh#lammps/lammps#2055]
- enable kokkos and OpenMP

Wed Mar  4 21:56:52 UTC 2020 - Christoph Junghans <>

- bump versoin to 20200303 (stable)
  * General changes
   * The documentation file format has been changed from the custom txt2html markup to using reStructuredText (rst). 
   * Many file read operations are now monitored for read errors and thus allowing to detect damaged or incomplete files like potential parameter files and restart files
   * Updates and improvements to the CMake build system to more closely match all the functionality provided by the conventional make based build system
   * Support for threaded FFTs from FFTW and MKL, support for cuFFT and KISSFFT on the GPU with KOKKOS
   * Expose neighbor lists to the library interface and the Python wrapper
   * Documentation of installing LAMMPS via conda
   * Many small improvements or bugfixes
 * Updates and new commands or styles
   * new dump_modify options to embed ITEM: UNITS and ITEM: TIME with information about units and accumulated simulation time
   * new pair styles cosine/squared, local/density, mesocnt
   * new fix styles wall/reflect/stochastic, propel/self, 'npt/cauchy`
   * new compute gyration/shape/chunk
   * new compute hma for fast, high-precision computation of certain thermodynamic properties of solids
   * new compute style centroid/stress/atom for computing per atom stress in a way allowing for more accurate heat flux computations with interactions involving more than two atoms
   * new third_order command, a companion command to dynamical_matrix, for computing the third order force tensor from finite differences
   * new options ratio and subset for create_atoms and similarly new options type/ratio and type/subset to the set command
   * new tool for post-processing parallel tempering trajectories
   * multiple updates, bugfixes, and improvements to fix bond/react
   * improved implementation of minimization style fire
   * support to run NWChem along with LAMMPS in client/server mode
 * Updates for packages
   * KOKKOS now supports minimization (limited to minimization styles cg and quadratic), updates to the KOKKOS library, general improvements and bugfixes, more styles ported to KOKKOS
   * several new SNAP potentials
   * tweaks to USER-INTEL to compile correctly with too aggressively optimizing compilers, corrections and improvements
   * bugfixes and improvements for the GRANULAR package
   * several new SNAP potentials and a new compute snap for training SNAP potentials
   * bugfixes and improvements to the KIM package, new command kim_param for accessing KIM model parameters
   * updates to the USER-COLVARS package with updates to the included Lepton library
   * updates to the USER-PLUMED package with bugfixes and support for recent releases
   * updates to the USER-CGDNA package including a new coarse grained RNA model (oxRNA2)
   * improvements and updates to the SPIN package, L-BFGS minimizer added
   * updates, extensions, and improvements to the USER-MEAMC package
   * memory leaks fixed when using styles from the GPU with multiple run commands, new pair style lj/cut/tip4p/long/gpu
   * updates to fix rigid variants to add gravity to rigid objects with overlapping (granular) particles
   * support for rerun and read_dump with USER-ADIOS
 * Backward compatibility notices
   * building the USER-COLVARS package with all features enabled now requires a C++-11 compatible compiler
  * due to changes in the random number generator initialization, results when using fix pour, fix deposit, fix evaporate or create_atoms random will not match with previous versions of LAMMPS. see PR #1569
  * the gjf keyword for fix langevin no longer supports the option yes. Instead you have to use either vhalf or vfull
  * the FIRE minimizer has been replaced with an improved implementation. The previous implementation is available as fire/old.
  * new documentation has to be written in reStructuredText format
Fri Nov  1 02:45:27 UTC 2019 - Christoph Junghans <>

- generify used mpi version

Thu Aug 15 21:43:19 UTC 2019 - Christoph Junghans <>

- bump versoin to 20190807 (stable)
  * General changes:
    * further tweaks, refactoring, and improvements to building LAMMPS with CMake
    * refactoring of header file handling for improved consistency and removal of cross dependencies
    * refactoring of include keyword processing to lift some limitations and to enable KIM simulator models (see below)
  * Updates for packages:
    * major update of the KIM package to use KIM-API v2.1.x with support for Simulator models and new commands to generate variables for transparent unit conversion in input files
    * optimizations and corrections to the KOKKOS packages, especially when used with CUDA, update of KOKKOS library included in LAMMPS to version 2.9.0
    * updates and bugfixes of the USER-COLVARS package bringing it up to version 2019-08-05
    * new PPPM and Ewald solvers for electric dipoles and nuclear spins
    * optimizations and improvements to pair style and computes in the SNAP package
    * updates, bugfixes and portability improvements for USER-PLUMED package (supports plumed 2.5.2)
    * update to USER-CGDNA package in preparation of supporting an RNA coarse grain force field
    * new keyword hybrid/pair for compute pressure
    * new compute gyration/shape to compute eigenvalues and shape parameters from gyration radius tensor
    * new compute momentum command

Thu Jun  6 01:58:04 UTC 2019 - Christoph Junghans <>

- bump version to 20190605 (stable)
  * General changes:
    + further tweaks and improvements to building LAMMPS with CMake.
    + improved error messages
    + refactoring of scripts in the lib folders to use the argparse module
   + better checking for style compatibility with suffixed styles
 * New packages:
   + USER-YAFF providing styles for force fields using QuickFF used for simulation of MOFs
   + USER-ADIOS package to provide Exascale compatible I/O support for dump files through the ADIOS v2.x library
 * Updates for packages:
   + consolidation of "soft" pair styles in USER-FEP package and addition of CLASS2 pair style variants.
   + KOKKOS package bugfixes and enhancements (Stan Moore, SNL)
   + new generalized pair style granular (Dan S. Bolintineanu, Ishan Srivastava, Jeremy B. Lechman, SNL)
   + new pair style drip for dihedral-angle-corrected registry-dependent interlayer potential (DRIP)
   + new pair style e3b for adding option to model the E3B water potential (Steven E. Strong, U Chicago)
   + new fix style electron/stopping for modeling energy loss through interactions high speed atoms with electrons
   + update to USER-COLVARS package to version 2019-04-26
   + update of the KIM package to use KIM-API v2.0 (Ryan Elliot, UMN)
   + update to USER-INTEL package to enable use of the package with -DLAMMPS_BIGBIG
   + update to USER-PTM package. examples added, license info updated, documentation updates (Peter Larsen, MIT)
   + updates and additions to the SPIN package (Julien Tranchida, SNL)
   + updates to hyper-dynamics support (Steve Plimpton, SNL)
   + updates, improvements, and bugfixes to fix bond/react (Jake Gissinger, U Colorado)
   + bugfix/refactoring of REBO pair style to correctly implement what is advertised in the documentation.
- enable support for kim through kim-api package

Tue Dec 11 21:27:58 UTC 2018 - Christoph Junghans <>

- bump version to 20181212 (stable)
  * general:
    + major improvements to building LAMMPS with CMake.
    + significant consolidation and improved consistency of the manual after the refactoring for the last stable release
    + reduced risk of memory/buffer overflows by replacing most uses of sprintf() by snprintf()
  * new packages
    + USER-PLUMED package with a native interface (no more patching)
    + USER-SDPD package for smoothed dissipative particle dynamics (SDPD)
    + USER-PTM package for polyhedral template matching analysis to characterize local structure
    + new kspace style scafacos, which interfaces to the ScaFaCoS library of long-range coulomb solvers.
  * updates for packages:
    + USER-COLVARS: updates and bugfixes
    + REPLICA: added support for (local and global) hyperdynamics
    + KOKKOS: updated Kokkos library, added several KOKKOS versions of styles from the GRANULAR package
    + USER-INTEL: updates, bugfixes and improved support for using
    + USER-MISC: new styles, compute pressure/cylinder, fix ffl (fast forward langevin), bugfixes and improvements
    + Many small bugfixes, corrections for memory leaks and memory management inconsistencies and general improvements.
  * Backward compatibility notices:
    + the command line flags -restart and -r are no longer available. 
    + the naming conventions for the group name of groups maintained by fix bond/react have changed. 
    + pair styles in the USER-SPH package no longer support Pair::single().
    + the meaning of the sign of mu in fix atom/swap has been reversed to be consistent with usual conventions.
    + the default installation prefix for CMake based compilation has been changed from /usr/local to $HOME/.local

Wed Aug 22 18:56:58 UTC 2018 -

- bump version to 20180822 (stable)
  * New CMake option for building LAMMPS and all of its packages, as an alternative to traditional make
  * Restructured documentation
  * DEM polygonal and polyhedron particles
  * new compute entropy/atom command
  * New SPIN package for modeling the dynamics of magnetic atomic spins
  * New fix bond/react command to enable simulation of one or more complex heuristic reactions
  * New USER-BOCS package
  * Fixes memory leaks caused when using the GPU package and OpenCL
  * Various other small updates and bugfixes
- drop 858.patch - merged upstream

Wed Mar 28 16:57:22 UTC 2018 -

- bump version to 20180316 (stable)
- many little bugfxes:
  * A potentially harmful bug was found and fixed in the pair_style reax/c command
- Added 858.patch to fix return value on ppc64

Thu Mar  8 20:21:43 UTC 2018 -

- bump version to 20180308
- many little bugfxes:
  * Various small changes and bug fixes in preparation for a new stable version release

Mon Mar  5 17:58:23 UTC 2018 -

- bump version to 20180222
- many little bugfxes:
  * added a pair lj/cut/coul/wolf command to enable Wolf treatment of Coulombic
  * added a new USER-MOFFF package which is an implementation of the MOF-FF (MOF force field)
  * added a new pair_style ufm command

Sat Jan 27 02:57:30 UTC 2018 -

- bump version 20180117
- many little bugfxes:
  * new pair yukawa/kk command
  * new fix python/move command for time integration in Python
  * new pair extep command
  * tools/doxygen directory to build a Doxygen style call graph and API lists for LAMMPS
  * new pair snap/kk and pair zbl/kk commands
  * update of Kokkos library
  * improvements to pair reax/c command
  * new info coeffs command option
  * much faster replicate command for large systems when using many processors
  * improved setup performance for large systems on many processors with molecules and pppm
  * more informative error messages when evaluating variables
- dropped 30b482975a6a29db2265b44c4f27d6293eacb72f.patch, got merged

Fri Jan 19 22:34:55 UTC 2018 -

- fix python install for openSUSE Factory

Sat Nov  4 00:21:36 UTC 2017 -

- enable GPU support via OpenCL
- added 30b482975a6a29db2265b44c4f27d6293eacb72f.patch

Wed Oct 25 23:32:43 UTC 2017 -

- bump version 20171023
- many little bugfxes:
  * added a new USER-UEF package
  * added a fix rhok command
  * added a bond_style gromos command compatible with the GROMOS force field.
  * added coreshell variants of the pair born/coul/wolf and pair coul/wolf potentials to the CORESHELL package.

Wed Oct 25 12:45:13 UTC 2017 -

- adapt to new openlmi package - source mpivars.h during build

Mon Sep 11 13:13:20 UTC 2017 -

- changes license to GPL-2.0 and GPL-3.0+ (#522368)

Fri Sep  8 15:44:59 UTC 2017 -

- bump version to 20170901
- drop 573.diff, got merge upstream
- many little bugfxes:
  * added USER-MESO package
  * new compute aggregate/atom and compute fragment/atom commands

Tue Aug 15 16:47:20 UTC 2017 -

- bump version to 20170811
- many little bugfxes:

Mon Jul 24 23:15:46 UTC 2017 -

- RPM group fix.

Fri Jul 21 14:47:34 UTC 2017 -

- bump version of 20170706 and move to cmake (upstream 573.diff)
- Notable new features in this release are:
  * refactoring of the neighbor list construction to be more modular and extensible from packages. active neighbor list modules
    are reported in the output
  * updates, performance improvements and new styles for the KOKKOS and USER-INTEL packages
  * bugfixes and refactoring of parts of AIREBO and AIREBO-M addressing some of the occasionally observed instabilities with the
    LAMMPS implementation
  * new interface to Multi-Scale Coarse-Graining tools of the Voth group via new MSCG package with fix mscg
  * new pair styles lj/charmmfsw/coul/charmmfsh and lj/charmmfsw/coul/long and dihedral style charmmfsh for improved
    compatibility with the CHARMM code using recent versions of the CHARMM force field
  * several new styles in the USER-MISC package
  * improved compatibility with Python 3 (now only the PYTHON package is still Python 2 only), improvements to PyLammps and its
  * various updates and performance improvements for USER-DPD package
  * updates and bugfixes to USER-COLVARS
  * new package USER-CGDNA for coarse grained DNA simulations
  * new support for generalized replica exchange (gREM) via temper/grem and fix grem commands
  * support for treating spherical particles as 2d discs
  * improvements for load balancing via recursive bisectioning
  * new SNAP potential for tungsten and tungsten/helium systems
  * updated version of the bundled moltemplate tool
  * updated tutorial for submitting additions and changes to LAMMPS via GitHub
  * improvements to the documentation build tools
  * ambiguous hyperlinks in documentation are made unique
  * spellchecked documentation and comments
  * removed the obsolete xmovie software
  * many little cleanups, bug fixes and removal of dead or obsolete code, including in the tools folder

Tue Apr 23 21:30:46 UTC 2013 -

- first package 

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