File minder.changes of Package minder

Sun Feb 20 15:58:15 UTC 2022 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.14.0:
  * Added support for shallow (one-level folding)
  * Added import/export support for XMind version 2021.
  * Added support for external mind-map node linking.
  * Added node link tooltips.
  * Added support for overriding the color of a root node.
  * Added support for Markdown strikethrough syntax.
  * Added support for Control-Backspace/Delete to delete the
    previous/next word when editing node/connection titles.
  * Added tooltip to node fill switch in style inspector.
  * Added keyboard shortcuts for adding and removing URL links
    from node text.
  * Updates to Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella)
  * Updates to German translation (thanks to Hannes Fritz)
  * Improved accuracy of the list of translatable files.
  * Removed ability to use keyboard shortcuts when a mouse button
    is pressed.
  * Removed Accounts permissions from Flatpak manifest as it is
    no longer needed.
  * Improved adding URL link UI to automatically add URL from
    clipboard if one exists.
  * Fixed layout issues when pressing keys while animations are
    in process.
  * Fixed location of text size help information in the
    appearances preferences dialog.
  * Fixed UX issues when the Hide Connections switch is enabled.
  * Fixed issue with pasting nodes when a node is not selected in
    a map.
- Drop f5e8da83f958797157423dc23818e6ebd6681d20.patch

Sat Dec 11 15:50:55 UTC 2021 - Bjørn Lie <>

- Add f5e8da83f958797157423dc23818e6ebd6681d20.patch: Fixing
  compile issues and adding strikethru Markdown syntax support in
- Add pkgconfig(json-glib-1.0) BuildRequires: Dependency upstream
  should have listed.
- Drop lang pack Recommends, no longer needed.
- Update URL.

Thu Sep  9 22:34:08 UTC 2021 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.13.1:
  * Changes
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella)
  * Updated screenshots for elementary OS 6.
  * Bug Fixes
  * Fixed command support for non-English keyboard layouts.
  * New
  * Added support for toggling the task indicator when multiple
    nodes are selected.
  * Added German translation (thanks to Peter Sonntaga).
  * Added zoom amount in the zoom button tooltip.
  * Added support for y command to create/remove node links when
    multiple nodes are selected.
  * Added support for x command to create connections when two
  * Added support for system dark mode setting.
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella).
  * Updated Russian translation (thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine).
  * Improved task indicator sizes in leaf nodes.
  * Changed fold indicator from a circle to a square.
  * Removed zoom in/out menu items and made them buttons instead.
  * Node/connection is now automatically selected on right click
    if it is not selected.
  * Moved node change contextual menu items into their own
  * Changed forward slash command to Control-A for selecting all
  * Changed backward slash command to Control-Shift-A for
    deselecting all text.
  * Changed F1 command to Control-? for displaying keyboard
  * Updated keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet.
  * Updated code base for elementary OS 6 (gtksourceview-4,
    libhandy-1, Flatpak support, etc.)
  * Fixed issue where sticker tooltips were not displaying
    translated names.
  * Fixed node resizing issues when system font is changed in
    system settings.
  * Fixed Flatpak issue to allow dark mode system settings to
    affect application.
  * Fixed layout issues when root node is resized.
  * Fixed squared and rounded link display for nodes attached to
    root node.
  * Fixed cursor location when End key used.
  * Fixed potential node identification generation issue that can
    lead to bad connections on load.
  * Fixed location of node stickers within the node to improve
  * Fixed issues copying and pasting a single selected node.

Fri Jun 25 08:18:17 UTC 2021 - eymeric dechelette <>
- Update 1.12.5:
      * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella)
      * Updated Russian translation (thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine)
    Bug Fixes:
      * Added missing translatable strings in various parts of the UI.
      * Fixed URL parser issues.
      * Fixed application crash when forward deleting non-Latin text
Sat Apr 24 18:07:01 UTC 2021 - Jason Kurzik <>
- Update 1.12.2:
  * Features and Changes
  * Added subscript and superscript support to Markdown parser.
  * Added support for switching tabs with Control-Tab and Shift-Control-Tab.
  * Added support for remembering last used open/save dialog directories.
  * Added support for Alt-Left/Right/Up/Down keyboard shortcuts to rearrange sibling nodes.
  * Added support for searching all tabs (thanks to @Messius58).
  * Added about window for non-elementary builds.
  * Added ability to move child nodes to parent via Alt+direction.
  * Added support for including images in Markdown export.
  * Added installation instructions to for Debian (thanks to Róbert Hubinák)
  * Added support for Control-Home/End to move the cursor to the beginning/end of the text.
  * Added support for folded children count tooltip.
  * Added Basque translation (thanks to @alexgabi)
  * Replaced export UI with a new, improved UI with support for export options.
  * Moved add node menu items to a submenu.
  * Improved focus mode behavior.
  * Changed property header button to a toggle button and clarified the tooltip
  * Changed keyboard shortcut to open sidebar from Control-| to F9.
  * Changed non-symbolic header bar icons to symbolic icons for non-elementary OS environments.
  * Improved link drawing algorithm to make link connections easier to see.
  * Changed "Link Color" in node inspector to "Color" to reflect the colors use.
  * Improved task button drawing.
  * Updated to Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella)
  * Updated to Brazilian Portugese translation (thanks to Felipe Simoes)
  * Opening a file will automatically close an existing unsaved, unchanged tab.
  * Changed color of connection drag handles to yellow.
  * Making it easier to grab connection drag handle when it is close to connection handles.
  * Reducing auto-saves when editing node text.
  * Many, many bugfixes since last update on OBS.

Fri Oct 30 15:46:50 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.11.3:
  * Changes
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to Albano Battistella).
  * Bug Fixes
  * Fixed application crash issues due to using custom themes.
  * Added missing theme colors in custom theme pane.
  * Fixed issues with application crash when editing a root node.
  * Fixed issue with filepath parser highlighting normal text
    that contains slash characters.

Sun Oct 11 07:30:59 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.11.1:
  * New
  * Added Shift-e keyboard shortcut to edit note text for nodes
    and connections.
  * Changes
  * Updated Italian translation (thanks to @albanobattistella).
  * Improved automatic layout of node trees when adjacent tree
    sizes change.
  * Changed node and connection contextual menus to show (Edit
    Note) instead of (Add Note) and (Remove Note) options.
  * Bug Fixes
  * Fixing compilation issues.
  * Fixing behavior of 't' command when node is selected.
  * Fixing support for undo/redo of root node insertion.
  * Added Preferences dialog.
  * Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Andre Barata).
  * Added keyboard shortcut (Menu or Shift-F10) to display
    contextual menus in mindmap.
  * Added default theme preference option.
  * Added preference option to select map items on cursor hover.
  * Added Shift+Home/End support for selecting all text from
    current cursor to beginning/end of node or connection titles when
  * Added support for PlantUML import/export.
  * Added support for displaying notifications on completion of
    export operation.
  * Added keyboard shortcuts for displaying tabs in sidebar.
  * Added support for making filepath URIs clickable in nodes,
    connections and notes (displays the files in the file manager
  * When nodes are copied to clipboard, pasting them as text in
    an external application will be displayed as in text export
  * When text is copied to the clipboard from an external
    application, pasting as nodes in Minder will parse in text import
  * Improved look of menu accelerators and added missing
  * Changed 't' command to transition task status from disabled
    to enabled to done and back to disabled.
  * Fixed issues with undo/redo of node/connection title changes.
  * Fixed issue with undoing a connection add operation.
  * Fixed issue with connection titles being clear when
    connection is moved to a different node.
  * Fixed UI issue with changing window width by dragging right
    side of window when sidebar is hidden.
  * Fixed issues with inputting special characters with US
    international keyboard.
  * Fixed issue where images in resized nodes were not displaying
    properly on application restart.
  * Fixed issue where copying a filename in a file manager and
    pasting in Minder would attempt to past the icon image instead of
    the filename when editing text.

Fri Aug 28 23:09:09 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.10.0:
  * Working around layout issues when importing
    Freemind/Freeplane with folded nodes.
  * Merge pull request #205 from Fatih20/icon-redesign
  * Icon Tweaks
  * Fixing node link issue in Freemind/Freeplane formats.
  * Fixing parsing support for some Freemind/Freeplane formats.
  * Fixing application crash when node is deleted or cut.
  * Fixing issue with being able to identify folded node based on
    x,y coordinates.
  * Updating README.
  * Updating version.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Updating application description.
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Merge branch 'mouse_shortcuts' into devel
  * Adding mouse events.
  * Checkpointing work on mouse event shortcuts.
  * Merge branch 'group_undo' into devel
  * Adding undo/redo group support to cut methods.
  * Fixing undo/redo issue with node groups.
  * Checkpointing group undo work
  * Fixing issue with attempting to export an SVG image to XMind.
  * Fixing image support to XMind export/import.
  * XMind export enhancements.
  * Merge branch 'conn_edit_title' into devel
  * Fixing various critical errors in regards to editing
  * Finishing support for edit connection title on creation
  * Fixing group drawing when nodes are folded.
  * Fixing issue with making node visible when it it folded and a
    node link to it is clicked.
  * Fixing critical error when double-clicking an empty
    connection title
  * Changing connection to allow sticker to be dropped even when
    title does not exist.
  * Adding support for panning with middle mouse button.
  * Adding keyboard shortcut for 'Zoom to Fit'.
  * Attempting to fix compile issues with newer valac compilers.
  * Merge branch 'devel' of into
  * Fixing issues around opening/saving documents
  * adding create group
  * ...

Thu Aug 13 19:00:52 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.9.2:
  * Fixing some issues with tree overlay in Freemind and
    Freeplane imports.
  * Fixing application crash when exporting to Freemind.
  * Merge branch 'freeplane_crash'

Thu Jul 16 18:37:38 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.9.1:
  * Merge branch 'xml_huge_fix'
  * Fixing issues with reading large/deep XML-styled files
  * Fixing issue with setting the cursor when zoom is not 100%
  * Merge pull request #165 from albanobattistella/patch-1
  * Update it.po
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixing string copy of node text to clipboard.
  * Updating appdata.
  * Fixing issue with pasting UTF-8 text from clipboard.
  * Updating Minder version and appdata.xml
  * Chaning panning to use the Alt key while the mouse is being
  * Adding proper support for opening one or more files from
  * Fixing issue with connection color handling.
  * Bug fixes
  * Fixing issues with quick entry from previous submission.
  * Fixing issues with pasting text in QuickEntry.
  * Fixing issues with selection box behavior.
  * Fixing QuickEntry issues.
  * Checkpointing work on fixing/enhancing quick entry (work in
  * Updating contextual menus.
  * Changing select parent node algorithm to work with multiple
  * Updating selection shortcut cheatsheet.
  * Fixing issues with selection boxes.
  * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel
  * Fixing application crash when animation is disabled and the
  * Merge pull request #141 from febrezo/master
  * changing warning to message
  * Adding debug output
  * Adjusting default connection colors and causing connections
    to follow theme colors unless manually changed.
  * Fixing syntax issue with
  * Fixing custom theming issues.
  * Making default connection color lighter to improve contrast
    against background.
  * Merge branch 'master' into devel
  * ...

Sun May 17 12:19:55 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.8.0:
  * Added support for pasting an image or text as a new node.
  * Added support for pasting an image or text, replacing the current node content.
  * Added support for pasting text, replacing the current connection content.
  * Added task support to Outliner import/export.
  * Added keyboard shortcut (Control-E) to display export interface.
  * Added support for creating a new root node hitting the Return key when no node is selected.
  * Added ability to add a new root node via the contextual menu when no node is selected.
  * Added ability to launch quick entry dialog via the contextual menu when no node is selected.
  * Added node alignment support for manual node layouts.
  * Added ability to create a connected root node.
  * Added ability to replace/edit nodes via the Quick Entry feature.
  * Added .editorconfig file.
  * Updated image editor dialog button bar to include support for clipboard operations.
  * Improved display of buttons in image area of the node inspector sidebar.
  * Updated keyboard shortcut cheatsheet.
  * Changed quick text entry keyboard shortcut from Control-E to Control-Shift-E.
  * Changed the paste text in contextual menu to indicate what will be pasted.
  * Updated Outliner import/export support for tasks.
  * Added tooltip and changed cursor when cursor is over a link and the Control key is held down.
  * Removed empty Outliner rows from being added when Outliner file is imported.
  * Fixed loss of selection when shift key is held down and the background is clicked.
  * Added themed background color to exported PDF format.
  * Fixed exports to allow existing files to be overwritten.
  * Fixed Org-Mode export syntax errors.

Thu Apr 30 07:34:30 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.7.3:
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Merge pull request #129 from Vistaus/master
  * Update LINGUAS
  * Merge branch 'devel'

Sat Mar 28 16:04:32 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.7.2:
  * Fixing appdata.xml syntax issues to comply with spec.
    Updating tooltips to use Granite tooltip generator. Improving
    undo and redo tooltips.
  * Updating files for 1.7.1 release.
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixing issue with rotating link colors on main branches.
  * Merge branch 'archive_compile'
  * Merge branch 'master'
  * Fixing syntax error.
  * Checkpointing fixes for newer versions of libarchive.
  * Updating map properties screenshots.
  * Updating tool version in
  * Merge branch 'org-mode'
  * Updating files for upcoming 1.7.0 release.
  * Updating
  * Checkpointing initial work on providing Org-Mode exporting.
  * Merge branch 'portable'
  * Clearing up debug output.
  * Fixing ID mapping issue.
  * Fixing issues with pminder import extraction.
  * Checkpointing work on portable Minder exporter/importer.
  * Checkpointing work on portable minder exporter/importer.
  * Merge branch 'portable' of into
  * Merge branch 'link_color'
  * Fixing issues with link color rooting.
  * Fixing issues with selections.
  * Added ability to select children nodes using Control-click.
  * Adding support for link color manipulation for a single node.
  * Fixing syntax error from previous checkin.
  * Fixing bug with updating tab tooltip and saving tab state
    when filename is changed.
  * Checkpointing work on parenting and re-parenting link colors.
  * Adding ability to set all selected nodes to a specific color.
    Adding ability to randomly set link colors of all selected nodes.
  * Adding map inspector switch to enable/disable automatic
    rotation of main branch link color selection.
  * Merge branch 'outliner'
  * Fixing import support of Outliner files.
  * ...

Mon Jan 13 21:37:08 UTC 2020 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.6.0:
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Merge branch 'note_highlighter'
  * Completing work on markdown note exporting.
  * Checkpointing export support for Markdown notes.
  * Fixing runtime warning in NodeInspector.
  * Adding libmarkdown to list of meson build dependencies.
  * Finishing work on URL support in note sidebar.
  * Checkpointing work on URL click support in note editor.
  * Checkpointing work on clicking on found URLs in notes.
  * Checkpointing work on new note markdown support.
  * Merge branch 'url'
  * Merge branch 'master' of

Mon Nov 25 18:16:59 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.5.1:
  * Create stale.yml
  * Create main.yml
  * Merge pull request #97 from Fatih20/icon-redesign

Mon Sep  9 18:32:02 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.5.0:
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixing issues with appdata file for some parsers.
  * Merge branch 'master'
  * Increasing asking price from $5 to $10.
  * Updated screenshots. Updating files for new release.
  * Merge branch 'shortcuts'
  * More updates to shortcuts UI file.
  * Adding and reorganizing keyboard shortcuts to .ui file.
    Making the shortcuts window display be sensitive to the current
    state. Adding F1 as keyboard shortcut to display shortcuts
    window. Adding support for copy, cut and pasting connection title
    text. Fixing keyboard shortcut to toggle focus mode.
  * Changing shortcuts accelerator to F1.
  * Adding menu to miscellaneous header button.
  * Checkpointing work on shortcuts.ui file (now displaying
  * Merge branch 'node_fill'
  * Improving style handling when creating nodes.
  * Fixing issue with setting fill with link color in style
  * Checkpointing.
  * Adding missing file from previous commit.
  * Checkpointing initial files for creating a shortcuts window
    (not working yet).
  * Merge branch 'text_input'
  * Fixing issues with integrating GLib settings for quick entry
    spaces per tab value.
  * Checkpoint tabs per space from gsettings
  * Adding quick entry help information.
  * Fixing tab behavior in quick entry UI.
  * Adding support for Control-W shortcut to close current tab.
    Adding support for Control-E shortcut to open quick entry UI.
    Removing ability to enter space characters in leading whitespace
    within quick entry.
  * Checkpointing work on quick entry UI.
  * Fixing issues with quick entry functionality.
  * Checkpointing work on integrating new QuickEntry UI.
  * Completing work on adding PlainText import support.
  * Adding ability to read in the contents of a text file for
    importing purposes.
  * Adding undo/redo support for inserting nodes from text.
  * Finishing code that draws the text input to the canvas
  * Starting work on text import parser.
  * Merge branch 'custom_theme'
  * Fixing issue where saved temporary theme was not marked as
  * More improvements to custom themes.
  * ...

Mon Jul 15 10:09:59 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.4.1:
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Fixing automatic layout issue.
  * Fixed spelling error in README
  * Fixing version number within
  * Merge pull request #75 from NathanBnm/update-fr

Thu Jul  4 17:47:35 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.4.0:
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixing canvas focus after adding a new tab.
  * Fixing node link icon coloring.
  * Cleaning up debug output.
  * Fixing node sizing and name positioning when tasks are
  * Fixing focus button state issues.
  * Adding the development branch to the list of branches for
    Travis to build.
  * Merge branch 'focus'
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Updating README installation command for Fedora users
  * Merge pull request #67 from NathanBnm/fix-post-install
- Build with granite >= 5.2.3

Tue Jun 11 16:59:09 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.3.1:
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Updates for new release.
  * Fixing export issue.
  * Fixing release information

Mon May 20 18:13:10 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.3.0:
  * Fixing up small UI issues.
  * Fixing README image path.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Fixing issue caused in last commit.
  * Improving display of style inspector when connection options
    are displayed.
  * Changing style panels to allow each subpanel to be expandable.
  * Changing the connection title box to use a rounded rectangle.
  * Adding connection padding and font styling to sidebar.
  * Updating changelist. * Initializing prefer_dark MainWindow
    setting from desktop value, if set.
  * Finishing and fixing several remaining issues with connections.
  * Checkpointing work on displaying note icon for a connection.
  * Changing the way connection titles are stored in XML.
  * Adding support for saving connection notes to XML.
  * Fixing keyboard focus when a note textbox needs to be changed.
  * Adding ability to select a connection from the current node.
  * Adding ability to select the next/previous connection.
  * Updating contextual menu items per this feature.
  * Fixing error when redoing a deleted root node.
  * Updating release information.
  * Adding ability to create a connection using the keyboard.
  * Fixing issues with displaying the current sidebar.
  * Adding keyboard support when a connection is selected.
  * Fixing issues with restoring connections after deleting.
  * ...

Mon Apr 15 19:13:14 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.2.1:
  * Removing styling change support when affects widget is
    changed to a current node type.
  * Updating screenshot.
  * Updating appdata for the upcoming release.
  * Fixing node detach undo operation.
  * Fixing layout issue when pasting a node tree.
  * Selecting pasted node.
  * Fixing level-based styling issue. * Fixing node font styling.
  * Adding automatic style update when current-type affects are
  * Fine-tuning arrow drawing to improve look.
  * Fixing layout issue related to tasks.
  * Fixing style inspector UI issues when changing elements in
    the inspector.
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Fixing issues with scroll widgets in the style inspector in
    reference to the undo/redo buffer.
  * Merge pull request #56 from chiajlingvoj/master
  * fix reference
  * Fixing drawing issues when changing style values. * Fixing
    style inspector updating when style change are undone/redone.
  * Checkpointing work on undo buffer replace feature.
  * Adding connection styling undo/redo support.
  * Checkpointing work on reworking style undo/redo methodology.
  * A few more fixes to undo actions.
  * Fixing several issues with layout.
  * Fixing UI state of the link types widget to be disabled if
    the affected nodes do not have branches that can be changed.
  * Fixing issues with styling undo/redo

Mon Oct 29 19:38:46 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.3:
  * Updating release notes.
  * Adding support for special character input.
  * Fixing syntax error in appdata.xml
  * Updating version number in Application class.
  * Updating appdata file.

Tue Oct 16 17:38:27 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.2:
  * Adding information for 1.1.2 release

Mon Oct  8 11:39:52 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.1:
  * Updating release number.
  * Updating release information.
  * Updating release notes.
  * Fixing issues with moving nodes within a parent and attaching
    a root node into another node.
  * Reducing the minimum height of the note text area for screens
    that are shorter.
  * Fixing syntax error in appdata.xml file.
  * Updating appdata.
  * Fixing issues with editing and selecting unicode text that
    spans UTF-8 characters.
  * adjustments to README

Mon Sep 24 10:35:49 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.0:
  * Updating application description.
  * Fixing issue where the mode property of the Node class was
    given a default value in the property.
  * Updating README with documentation link and adding libarchive
    to list of dependencies.
  * Small adjustments to some UI elements.
  * Adding missing image support for node copying.
  * Updating README.
  * Fixing compiler warning.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Adding code to keep from scrolling infinitely.
  * Fixing a few issues after the merge.
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixed issues with calling the ImageManager cleanup method.
  * Checkpointing refactoring of ImageManager and related code.
  * Checkpointing image manager work.
  * Checkpointing (things are really broken right now).
  * Finishing image work in node inspector. * Checkpointing work
    on ImageManager.
  * Checkpointing work on ImageManager (work in progress).
  * Checkpointing.
  * Adding node resize undo action. * Fixing initial sizing of
    images to match max_width value. * Adding Vim swap files to
    gitignore file.
  * Removing ability to click on NodeInspector image to edit.
  * Adding delete and edit overlays to image in NodeInspector. *
    Fixing URI generation issue.
  * Attempting to fix popover handling for Loki.
  * Adding ability to remove image from image editor.
  * Adding support for image URI saving. * Displaying image URI
- Add pkgconfig(libarchive)

Wed Aug  8 14:50:26 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.0.8:
  * Adding support for opaque PNG export
  * Improving memory footprint of undo buffer.
  * Fixing issues with undoing a node attach operation.
  * Fixing issues with saving colors when an RGB value is 0.
  * Fixing CHARSET in pt_BR.po.
  * Checkpointing work on new attachment algorithm.
  * Update
  * Adding overview section to
  * Updating description text
  * Updating release notes
  * Checkpointing work on improving node attachment undo/redo
  * Fixing posx/posy original position calculation in attach
  * Starting to improve the attachment undo/redo functionality
    (work in progress).
  * Fix appadata.xml
  * Attempting to fix keyboard support in DrawArea
  * Initial attempt to fix layout issues when attaching a tree to
    another tree.
  * Updating solarized light theme.
  * Adding new Solarized Light and Solarized Dark themes.
  * Fixing issue with folding completed tasks. * Updating icons.
  * Creating icons for map inspector actions.
  * Adding button sensitivity for completed tasks and unfold all
- Add a new package with translations

Mon Aug  6 22:16:57 UTC 2018 -

- Switch from imperatives to noun phrasing.

Wed Aug  1 21:29:40 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.0.7:
  * Changing release date for 1.0.4
  * Updating README to include double-click to edit
  * Changing update icon cache script.
  * Update.
  * Removing gtk-update-icon-cache call.
  * Another attempt to fix Travis CI issues.
  * Minor change to Travis CI.
  * Attempting to correct Travis CI failures.
  * Fixing build issues in Juno.
  * Adding GTK322 define to allow for conditional compilation.
  * Updating .pot file.
  * Minor code enhancements.
  * Fixing background color of DrawArea. * Attempting to fix use
    of obsolete Gtk.Menu.popup call in Juno.
  * Adding 1.0.3 release notes.
  * Updating pot file.
  * Cleaning up code.
  * Fixing folded assignment from with Node class.
  * Updating screenshots. * Fixing CSS handling for theme
    selection and canvas backgrounds.
  * Attempting to remove background override call in Theme class
    to instead use CSS (still having issues).
  * Modifying the search UI to a checkbutton system.
  * Adding proper support for undo functionality for
    automatically revealed nodes.
  * Attempting to fix how folded nodes are handled.
  * Adding updated search criteria items. * Adjusting margins
    within popover menus. * Several enhancments to search UI.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Changing properties icon in header to pane show/hide icons.

Sun Jul  1 20:46:22 UTC 2018 -

- Initial package

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