File libart-gcc10.patch of Package watchman

Index: watchman-4.9.0/thirdparty/libart/src/art-inl.h
--- watchman-4.9.0.orig/thirdparty/libart/src/art-inl.h
+++ watchman-4.9.0/thirdparty/libart/src/art-inl.h
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ inline unsigned char art_tree<ValueType,
     // If we were built with -fsanitize=address, let ASAN catch this,
     // otherwise, make sure we blow up if the input depth is out of bounds.
-    w_assert(idx >= 0 && idx <= key_len,
+    w_assert(idx <= key_len,
              "key_at: key is %d %.*s and idx is %d, which is out of bounds",
              key_len, key_len, key, idx);
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