File apparmor-enable-precompiled-cache.diff of Package apparmor

Set the cache location to /var/cache/apparmor/ (writeable) and
/usr/share/apparmor/cache/ (packaged precompiled cache).

See boo#1069906 and boo#1074429

Note that Tumbleweed packages don't include precompiled profile cache on
Tumbleweed as long as it's purely validated based on timestamps (boo#1205659)

Signed-off by: Christian Boltz <>

Index: parser/parser.conf
--- parser/parser.conf_ORIG	2018-04-19 22:47:18.485179998 +0200
+++ parser/parser.conf	2018-04-19 22:51:12.084588654 +0200
@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@
 ## Turn creating/updating of the cache on by default
+# cache location (cache writes go to the first directory in the list)
+cache-loc /var/cache/apparmor,/usr/share/apparmor/cache
 ## Show cache hits

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