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autofs5 is a major update with lots of code changes and new features.
Most of the changes enhance the functionality to be more compliant
with current industry standards.

Here is a list of the most important changes:

Differences v4 vs. v5
- Master map is now read and parsed by the `automount' daemon
- The master map default is "auto.master" and nsswitch is used to
  locate it. The line "+auto.master" has been added to the default
  installed "/etc/auto.master" to ensure that those using NIS will
  still find their master map. This is in line with other industry
  automount implementations.
- The `automount' daemon is now a multi-threaded application
- `autofs' filesystem mounts only appear in /proc/mounts and not
- `autofs' version 5.0.0 will refuse to run if it cannot find an
   autofs4 kernel module that supports protocol version 5.00 or above.
- mount options present in the master map are now overridden by mount
  options in map entries instead of being accumulated. This behaviour
  is in line with other industry automount implementations.

New features in v5
- improved direct mount map support
- `+' map inclusion
- added nsswitch map source support
- rewrote multi-mount map code
- added LDAP encryption and authentication support
- improved shutdown and restart
- a "hosts" map module has been added

Update hints
Since autofs now uses nsswitch to locate the master map, the
sysconfig variable NISMASTERMAP is obsolete.
Also the UNDERSCORETODOT parameter is not support anymore.
Some new sysconfig parameters are available, please take
a look to /etc/sysconfig/autofs.
Note also, that the old Suse config syntax style is not
supported anymore. If you had a configuration like

/mnt                yp auto.home            [options]

you'll have to change this to

/mnt                yp:auto.home            [options]
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