File ddcutil-service.changes of Package ddcutil-service

Thu May 16 00:25:06 UTC 2024 - Michael Hamilton <>

- 1.0.7
  - Slightly improved setvcp diagnostics.
  - Fix methods failing with return code DDCRC_OTHER (-3022) when only some i2c devices are accessible.

Mon Apr 29 03:52:43 UTC 2024 - Michael Hamilton <>

- 1.0.6
  - Add SetVcp/SetVcpWithContext NO_VERIFY (no retry) flag option.
  - Match the behaviour of the ddcutil command, default to verify-and-retry for all set-vcp method calls.
  - Default to verify-and-retry for all libddcutil versions.
  - Replace the stateful DdcutilVerifySetVcp property with the stateless NO_VERIFY flag.
  - Fix the ServiceFlagOptions property so that it lists all flag options.
  - Check the status returned by libddcutil ddca_init() and exit on error to prevent any inconsistent behaviour.
  - Cleanup the --prefer-polling and --prefer-drm options to make them consistent with each other. 

Fri Apr 12 22:50:44 UTC 2024 - Michael Hamilton <>

- 1.0.4
  - Provide an API flag RETURN_RAW_VALUES which disables GetVcp high-byte masking of Simple Non-Continuous features.
  - Provide the --return-raw-values command line option for the same purpose.

Mon Apr  1 18:07:41 UTC 2024 - Michael Hamilton <>

- 1.0.3
  - Reduce unnecessary logging.
  - Improve the description of the service's signals in ddcutil-service.1.
  - Correct the typo in option name --perfer-drm (it was mistakenly called --prefer-dma).
  - For simple VCP-features, only return the low-byte, for some VDUs the high-byte might contain junk.

Thu Feb 29 06:37:06 UTC 2024 - Michael Hamilton <>

- Version 1.0.2
  - Added VcpValueChanged D-Bus signal which triggers if the SetVcp method succeeds. This is to allow
    multiple clients to be aware of changes made by each.
  - Added SetVcpWithContext which accepts a client-context to be returned with the VcpValueChanged signal.
  - ServiceEmitSignals renamed to ServiceEmitConnectivitySignals to avoid confusion.
  - Command line option --emit-signals renamed to --emit-connectivity-signals for the same reason.
  - Fix ServiceEmitSignals property assignment so that it correctly toggles hotplug signals.
  - Fix hotplug polling so that it remains an option no matter what version of libddcutil is in use. 
- Version 1.0.1
  - Use gcc with -Wformat-security for safety and to match Arch and Ubuntu defaults.
  - Calling ddca_init() before verify_i2c() to fix runtime error for libddcutil >= 2.1.

Thu Jan 18 21:15:00 UTC 2024 - Michael Hamilton <>

- Version 1.0.0
  * Added an optional D-Bus interface to ddcutil for up 10x faster response times.
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