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Tue Jun 27 11:48:42 UTC 2023 - Dirk Müller <>

- update to 23.03:
  * Added new timeline menu option to move selection to a new
  * Place new pieces relative to the side of the piece under the
  * Scan submodels when dragging a new piece into the model.
  * Added support for trackpad pan gesture.
  * Slow down mouse wheel zoom when the shift key is down.
  * Added option to print from the instructions dialog.
  * Weight vertex normals based on the angle of each face.
  * Customizable object colors.
  * Removed commas from descriptions in csv files.
  * Added --export-csv command line option.
  * Almost unlimited control points in synthesized pieces
  * Fixed menus in fullscreen mode on Windows.
  * Fixed missing steps at the end of instructions.
  * Fixed submodels not being added to instructions.
  * Fixed gradient background tiles.
  * Fixed POV render issues with synth parts.
  * Don't show invalid submodels in properties parts list.

Tue Jul 12 14:49:34 UTC 2022 - Dirk Müller <>

- update to 21.06:
  * Synthesize Technic Pneumatic Tubes
  * Added option to choose the axis icon location.
  * Added LeoCAD to the Linux Snap Store.
  * Added preview indicator for synth parts.
  * Fixed crash loading certain parts.
  * Fixed moving pieces while editing submodels in place.
  * Fixed loading primitives from
  * Made library installation optional in the Windows installer.
  * Highlight missing parts in the timeline.
  * Add Unhide selected menu item
- drop patches that are upstream:

Wed Apr 28 19:05:13 UTC 2021 - Gustavo Pichorim Boiko <>

- Backport upstream fixes for moving of rotated pieces.
  Added patches:
  * 0001-Don-t-enable-relative-transforms-by-default.patch
  * 0002-Disabled-relative-movement-when-moving-pieces-withou.patch
  * 0003-Fixed-moving-pieces-while-editing-submodels-in-place.patch
  * 0004-Fixed-drawing-the-rotate-overlay-during-in-place-sub.patch

Sat Apr 17 01:21:05 UTC 2021 - Ferdinand Thiessen <>

- Update to 21.03:
  * Added option to draw conditional lines.
  * Added option to draw logos on studs.
  * Added option to draw high contrast studs.
  * Added option to configure edge colors.
  * Added new find/replace widget.
  * Improved Bricklink xml export.
  * Added option to paste parts and keep their original steps.
  * Added model measurements to the Properties Dialog.
  * Load official parts before unofficial parts.
  * Fixed mac retina display issues.

Wed Jan 13 16:12:55 UTC 2021 - andy great <>

- Update to version 21.01.
  * Switched to a dark color theme by default.
  * Added a new interactive 3D preview window.
  * Added an option to fade previous steps and support a new 
    translucent fade mode.
  * Added user defined part palettes and favorites.
  * Added stud logo option.
  * Added support for customizing the interface colors.
  * Save files with OMR style headers.
  * Replaced HTML parts list with BOM style image.
  * Use part color instead of the edge color in wireframe mode.
  * Added Spanish and Czech translations.
  * Added language option.
  * Added minifig template import/export options.
  * Added color picker tool.
  * Added support for more synth parts.
  * Added new ways to change the color of pieces.
  * Added option to change the color of the grid origin lines.
  * Added shortcut support to more actions.
  * Added option to disable restoring tabs when loading a model.
  * Added more camera command line options.
  * Added warning when assigning a keyboard shortcut that is 
    already assigned to something else.
  * Better part placement when dragging new parts to a model.
  * Improved zoom extents in some cases.
  * Prevent users from collapsing the category/parts lists 
  * Split console output into stdout and stderr when running in 
    CLI mode.
  * Use antialised lines when antialiasing is enabled.
  * Render Dialog fixes and improvements.
  * Fixed errors loading certain MPD files.
  * Fixed view size on retina displays.
  * Fixed view rolling when using Look At.
  * Fixed color popup being shown across multiple monitors.
  * Fixed the context menu showing when a clickable tool is 
    assigned to the right mouse button.

Tue May  5 16:19:56 UTC 2020 - andy great <>

- Remove group tag. 

Sun May  3 22:15:18 UTC 2020 - andy great <>

- Initial package release. 
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