File mangohud.changes of Package mangohud

Sun May 26 15:09:29 UTC 2024 - Dead Mozay <>

- Add BuildRequires xkbcommon.
- Update to version 0.7.2:
  * Changes:
    - time now has a label (you can remove this label with 
    - Wayland keybinds have been added.
    - rewritten exec function to have a persistent shell. 
      Should reduce frametime spikes when using exec.
    - exec is now right aligned to conform with every other item.
    - added a mutex for config to prevent some crashes when 
      accessing config at the same time as reloading.
    - winesync and refresh_rate have been changed to small font.
    - added more stats to log summary.
    - stop using intel_gpu_top, as it was causing too many issues. 
      We can still get GPU load but the rest we'll have to wait 
      for to be exposed in sysfs.
  * Fixes:
    - frametime color wasn't being correctly inherited, 
      the user was not able to change it's color.
    - fixed a crash when pressing Shift_R + F9.
    - config options now correctly override preset options.
    - fixed RPM and % being incorrectly assigned for GPU fan speeds.
    - graphs had incorrect padding at start of graphs.
    - fixed a crash when reloading the config while logging.
    - check that cpu input gives a non-zero value.
    - fixed minecraft-launcher crashing.
    - graphs had incorrect padding leading to a smaller graph.
    - ixed a build issue where some meson options would exclude 
      opengl files incorrectly.
    - fixed presets not working with MANGOHUD_CONFIG env.
  * Parameters:
    - time_no_label removes the label before time.
    - network shows the throughput in kb/s for all interfaces 
      or a specified list of interfaces e.g network=eth0,wlo1.

Thu Feb  8 07:12:13 UTC 2024 - Joshua Smith <>

- Added implot to versioned directory to allow build
- Update to version 0.7.1:
  * Parameters:
    - gamepad_battery has been reworked to device_battery. This
      parameter current supports the values gamepad and mouse time
      now has a title
    - fps_metrics takes a decimal value or "avg". e.g avg,0.001 and
      displays the metrics
    - winesync shows the current implementation of synchronization
      primitives. E.g ESYNC/FSYNC etc
    - present_mode shows the current vulkan present mode or vsync
      status in opengl
  * Changes:
    - added support for gpu load on Adreno GPUs
    - added cpu temp for zenpower3 module
    - meson option: mangoplot
  * Fixes:
    - xnvctrl: fix an issue that could cause crashing when
    accessing gpu fan speed
    - fixed an issue where no config present wouldn't use default
      mangohud presets
    - fixed a crashing issue with CS2
    - reworked intel code. Should resolve some issues where
      mangohud didn't shutting down properly when using intel gpu
    - fix opengl runtime on musl libc systems
    - fixed text_outline_color incorrectly using BGR instead of RGB

Fri Oct 20 05:11:35 UTC 2023 - Dead Mozay <>

- Restored mangoapp package.
- A separate mangoplot package has been created. 

Thu Oct 19 06:26:40 UTC 2023 - Dead Mozay <>

- Fix E: env-script-interpreter for mangoplot. 

Thu Oct 19 06:09:44 UTC 2023 - Dead Mozay <>

- Work restored for 32 bit applications (bsc#1215881)

Fri Sep 29 04:11:09 UTC 2023 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.7.0:
  * Parameters:
    - gpu_fan displays the gpu fan RPM, only works on AMD.
    - gpu_junction_temp displays the junction temperature on AMD GPUs.
    - removed io_stats, just use io_read and io_write instead.
    - engine_short_names shortens the names of engines, e.g VULKAN 
      becomes VK.
    - text_outline adds a colored outline around all text.
    - text_outline_color sets the color of the outline, 
      default: 000000.
    - text_outline_thickness sets the thickness of the outline,
      default: 1.5.
    - temp_fahrenheit changes all temps to fahrenheit from celsius.
    - dynamic_frame_timing dynamically changes the range of the 
      frametime graph.
    - duration displays the time since mangohud initialized.
    - gpu_voltage shows the current gpu voltage, only works on AMD.
    - fps_text override fps text.
    - horizontal_stretch sets the background to stretch across 
      width of application (enabled by default).
    - core_bars turns core_load into a histogram.
    - device_battery Shows battery level of wireless devices, 
      accepts gamepad mouse.
    - device_battery_icon shows battery icon instead of percent.
  * preset: This parameter allows you to choose from a number 
    of config presets.
    - 0: no display
    - 1: only fps.
    - 2: horizontal.
    - 3: more detailed default layout
    - 4: full
  * Changes:
    - Removed MANGOHUD_DLSYM because it's redundant.
    - Fixed core mhz when Cool'n'Quiet and similar is disabled 
      in bios.
    - Added /etc/MangoHud.conf as a possible config location.
    - Add CPU architecture to vulkan manifest name.
    - mangoplot is a python script that graphs one or more mangohud 
      csv logs.
    - mangoapp: resolved issue where different sized displays 
      caused rendering issues.
    - mangohud script: guard so we don't add mangohud 
      lib to LD_PRELOAD multiple times.
    - split mangohud into two shared libraries, one for vulkan and 
      one for opengl. This should resolve issues where mangohud 
      would init vulkan and opengl at the same time.
    - statically link stdc++. This fixed a lot of crashing issues 
      when MANGOHUD=1 was set before starting steam.
    - added support for zenergy kernel driver.
    - fixed alpha param that stopped working at some point.
    - added --version to mangohud script.
    - When using horizontal layout set table_columns param to 
      current count of table_columns instead of manually.
    - Intel GPU: use fdinfo for GPU load.
    - logging: calculate fps data using frametime.
    - AMDGPU: get core clock from hwmon instead of gpu_metrics.
    - gamepad_battery is now deprecated 
      use device_battery= mouse or gamepad.
    - logging: added process RSS and swap usage.
    - Fixed a memory leak when resizing vulkan windows.
  * Blacklist:
    - blacklist: if blacklisted application is hardcoded, 
      don't proceed to load config blacklists.
    - blacklist: only print blacklist info message once.
    + blacklist: added more hardcoded entries:
      - tabtip.exe
      - steam.exe
      - wine64-preloader
      - explorer.exe
      - wine-preloader
      - iexplore.exe
      - rundll32.exe

Mon Apr 17 22:44:19 UTC 2023 - Simon Vogl <>

- Drop 0001-fix-gcc13-build.patch and instead do the same with sed
  inside the spec file
- Update to version 0.6.9~1:
  * Fixed issue that applied picmip without option being set
  * Reverted x11 poller that was causing segfaults 06edee4
  * Fixed issues with horizontal and legacy_layout
  * Fixed amdgpu APU power and temperature reading
  * Fixed certain hud elements displaying incorrectly in horizontal
  * Fixed an issue causing segfault when using MANGOHUD_CONFIG

Fri Apr 14 18:26:34 UTC 2023 - Simon Vogl <>

- Add 0001-fix-gcc13-build.patch to fix build with openSUSE's gcc13
- Now package mangohudctl, now package mangoapp as a sub-package
- Drop support for openSUSE Leap 15.4 as it cannot
  provide any compiler that works with mangohud >= 0.6.9
- Update to version 0.6.9:
  * Add missing division for fallback AMD CPU power calculation.
  * workflow: arch release package
  * gpu: amdgpuinfo: ifdef linux for windows build
  * bump minhook wrap rev
  * workflow: mingw: fetch git
  * use minhook subproject instead of module
  * workflow: mingw build test

Tue Apr  4 17:27:46 UTC 2023 - Dead Mozay <>

- Disabled compilation with system libraries vulkan-headers
- Added BuildRequires glew, glfw3, nlohmann_json. 

Tue Mar 28 03:20:41 UTC 2023 - Dead Mozay <>

- Fix building with GCC 13

Sat Nov 26 14:30:42 UTC 2022 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- Fix build by extracting the imgui to the versioned directory,
  where it belongs, as specified in the .wrap file (fixes build
  with meson 0.64, which got stricter on this front).

Tue Aug  2 10:51:06 UTC 2022 - Dead Mozay <>

- Cleaning spec.

Mon Aug  1 03:09:41 UTC 2022 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.6.8:
  * Fixes MangoHud not loading with latest DXVK.
  * Use of system spdlog dependency.
  * Fixed table_columns not working as expected.
  * Minor adjustments to hud elements and imgui.
  * Added MANGOHUD_LOG_LEVEL env variable
    it takes off, info, err, warn.
  * Added FCAT support.
  * Disabled gamepad_battery_icon by default.
  * Generalize control over socket so it works with OpenGL as well.
  * AMDGPU: fixed gfx and cpu power metrics being parsed incorrectly.
  * fps_only disables legacy_layout by default.

Sat May 14 17:22:37 UTC 2022 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.6.7~1:
  * amdgpu: Prefer sysfs temp over gpu_metrics.
  * amdgpu: Fix incorrect gpu load for some GPUs.
  * amdgpu: If gpu_metrics is from v1_0, ignore it and
    use sysfs instead.
  * Fixed on screen benchmark not matching summary file.
  * Fixed zink detection.
  * disabled throttling_status by default for nvidia as it causes 
    lag on 3000 series.

Wed May 04 20:25:47 UTC 2022 - Simon Vogl <>

- Update to version 0.6.7:
  * Show highest cpu freq instead of the cumulative average
  * Using sysfs scaling_cur_freq instead of /proc/cpuinfo for cpu core frequencies
  * Added EADesktop.exe and EALauncher.exe to blacklist
  * Logger writes a summary by default
  * Using gpu_metrics sysfs binary for amdgpu metrics
  * Showing min and max frametime for the period
  * Battery param shows a plug icon when plugged in
  * Improved amdgpu metrics accuracy by polling 100times per period
  * Fixed splitgate crashing on amd gpu's
  * Fixed not reporting amd cpu power when using the zenpower module
  * Fixed regression in hardware info updater
  * Fixed bug where setting cpu cores to offline would crash mangohud/mangoapp

Sun Mar 13 10:49:22 UTC 2022 - Simon Vogl <>

- Update to version 0.6.6 &
  * fix mangoapp building without xnvctrl
  * Fixed logging crashing in some games (cyberpunk etc)
  * Limit keybind check to about 10hz (improves perf in high fps scenarios, like vkcube)
  * Added spdlog
  * Changed media_player_order to media_player_format={title};{artist};{album}. Semi-colon adds a new line.
- Switched to a new %{internal_ver} macro for building as the internal version number 0.6.6-1 does not synergize with openSUSE's versioning system.
- Add spdlog as it is now required to build mangohud, don't use system spdlog as mangohud needs version 1.8.5 specifically.

Fri Jul  9 02:44:39 UTC 2021 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.6.5:
  * Fixed more issues where incorrect engine name would be shown.
  * ToGL detection.
  * middle-left and middle-right are now options in the position param.
  * Fixed issue where vulkan driver version would be incorrect. 

Thu Jun 24 11:05:34 UTC 2021 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.6.4:
  * Fixed issue where some games would crash on startup.
  * Fixed issue where Battery param would cause a stutter.
  * Fixed issue where engine would incorrectly show "vulkan". 

Sat Jun 12 09:48:56 UTC 2021 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.6.3:
  * core_load_change    Changes the colors of cpu core loads, uses the 
    same data from cpu_load_value and cpu_load_change resolution 
    Display the current resolution
  * show_fps_limit 	Display the current fps limit
  * custom_text_center 	Display a custom centered text, only works with legacy_layout=false
  * custom_text 	Display a custom text, only works with legacy_layout=false
  * exec 		Display output of bash command in next column, e.g
    exec=df -h /home | tail -n 1. only works with legacy_layout=false
  * gamemode 		Displays whether gamemode is enabled or not
  * vkbasalt 		Displays whether vkbasalt is enabled or not
  * swap 		Displays swap space usage next to system RAM usage
  * battery 		Display current battery percent and energy consumption
  * battery_icon 	Display battery icon instead of percent
  * battery_color 	Change the BATT text color
  * round_corners 	Change the amount of roundness of the corners have e.g round_corners=10.0 

Wed Feb 10 04:41:36 UTC 2021 - Dead Mozay <>

- Add baselibs.conf for 32bit package. 

Mon Feb  1 13:51:37 UTC 2021 - Dead Mozay <>

- Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH for 32bit apps (boo#1180826)  

Mon Nov 30 06:15:25 UTC 2020 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.6.1:
  * Fix cpu power related crash 

Sun Nov 29 04:01:30 UTC 2020 - Dead Mozay <>

- Update to version 0.6.0:
  * Fixed MangoHud OpenGL not showing in Black Ice
  * Fixed MangoHud OpenGL being a black box in Total War: MEDIEVAL II
  * Fixed MangoHud OpenGL not working in Divinity Original Sin 
    Enhanced Edition
  * Fixed MangoHud OpenGL not working in Mount & Blade: Warband
  * Attempted fix for fps limit sometimes breaking
  * Fixed colors not updating
  * Moved frame_timing ms to above the graph instead of beside
  * Allow graphs to take up the entire region
  * Permitting more delimiters, , : and + are now acceptable

Sun Oct 18 14:17:05 UTC 2020 - Dead Mozay <>

- Fix shebang 

Mon Aug 17 03:02:49 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 0.5.1:
  * Fixed a memory leak in Source Engine 1 games (CSGO, TF2 etc)
  * You can use mangohud --dlsym as an alternative to 
  * MangoHud now comes with a man page man mangohud
  * output_file is now replaced by output_folder, 
    the files are automatically named after the programs executable
  * By pressing Shift_L+F3 you will automatically upload the latest
    log file to and open up said benchmark. 
    To upload all logs for this session, the default keybind is 
    Control_L=F3. Both of these require that you set the 
    permit_upload param to 1 and output_folder
  * Added supported for more glyph ranges

Fri Jun 12 10:35:06 UTC 2020 - Dead Mozay <>

- Initial package 
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