File borgbackup.changes of Package borgbackup

Wed May  2 06:37:13 UTC 2018 -

- Leap 15.0 and SLE15 both are moved to renamed python3-msgpack,
  fix-msgpack-requirement.patch have to be used to deal with msgpack
  package rename fallout.

Mon Apr  2 07:29:41 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.1.5
- Fixes:
  * create --list: fix that it was never showing M status
  * create: fix timing for first checkpoint (read files cache early,
    init checkpoint timer after that)
  * extract: set rc=1 when extracting damaged files with all-zero replacement
    chunks or with size inconsistencies
  * diff: consider an empty file as different to a non-existing file
  * files cache: improve exception handling
  * ignore exceptions in scandir_inorder() caused by an implicit stat(), also
    remove unneeded sort
  * fixed tab completion problem where a space is always added after path even
    when it shouldn't
  * build: do .h file content checks in binary mode, fixes build issue for
    non-ascii header files on pure-ascii locale platforms
  * borgfs: fix patterns/paths processing
  * config: add some validation
  * repository config: add validation for max_segment_size
  * set cache previous_location on load instead of save
  * remove platform.uname() call which caused library mismatch issues
  * add exception handler around deprecated platform.linux_distribution() call
  * use same datetime object for {now} and {utcnow}
- New features:
  * create: implement --stdin-name
  * add chunker_params to borg archive info (--json)
  * BORG_SHOW_SYSINFO=no to hide system information from exceptions
- Other changes:
  * updated zsh completions for borg 1.1.4
  * files cache related code cleanups
  * be more helpful when parsing invalid --pattern values
  * be more clear in secure-erase warning message
  * improve getpass user experience
  * docs build: unicode problem fixed when using a py27-based sphinx
- docs:
  * security: explicitly note what happens OUTSIDE the attack model
  * security: add note about combining compression and encryption
  * security: describe chunk size / proximity issue
  * quickstart: add note about permissions, borg@localhost
  * quickstart: add introduction to repositories & archives
  * recreate --recompress: add missing metavar, clarify description
  * improve logging docs
  * add an example for --pattern usage
  * clarify path semantics when matching
  * link to offline documentation from README
  * add docs on how to verify a signed release with GPG
  * chunk seed is generated per repository (not: archive)
  * better formatting of CPU usage documentation
  * extend append-only repo rollback docs
- tests:
  * fix erroneously skipped zstd compressor tests
  * skip a test if argparse is broken

- Drop borgbackup-1.1.4-binary-content-checks.patch which is already included
- Rebase fix-msgpack-requirement.patch

Mon Mar  5 10:52:25 UTC 2018 -

- Fix sphinx theme fallback condition

Sun Mar  4 13:26:04 UTC 2018 -

- Add patch to fall back to a sphinx default theme for older distributions
  that don't have python3-guzzle_sphinx_theme available
  * borgbackup-1.1.4-sphinx-default-theme.patch

Thu Mar  1 17:38:49 UTC 2018 -

- Add patch to require the new msgpack python module in Tumbleweed
  instead of the deprecated msgpack-python python module:
  * fix-msgpack-requirement.patch 

Tue Feb 27 15:28:58 UTC 2018 -

- Add patch borgbackup-1.1.4-binary-content-checks.patch:
  * Fixes build failure due to bad encoding
  * Based on upstream commit 9cf8d57 "do .h file content checks in binary mode"
  * This patch will no longer be needed with borgbackup > 1.1.4

Sun Jan 28 14:36:58 UTC 2018 -

- Don't use liblz4 nor libzstd on Leap 42.x which doesn't support them
  and add missing requirement python-guzzle_sphinx_theme on Tumbleweed.

Wed Jan 10 12:15:05 UTC 2018 -

- Update to borgbackup 1.1.4
  * Fix a potential data corruption issue with 'borg check --repair'
    happening in borg >= 1.1 and < 1.1.4
  * zstd compression is new in borg 1.1.4, older borg can't handle it.
  * new minimum requirements for the compression libraries:
    + added requirement: libzstd >= 1.3.0 
    + updated requirement: liblz4 >= 1.7.0 / r129
- Fixes:
  * check: data corruption fix: fix for borg check --repair malfunction. See
   the more detailed notes at
  * delete: also delete security dir when deleting a repo
  * prune: fix building the "borg prune" man page
  * init: use given --storage-quota for local repo
  * init: properly quote repo path in output
  * fix startup delay with dns-only own fqdn resolving
- New features:
  * added zstd compression.
  * added placeholder {reverse-fqdn} for fqdn in reverse notation
  * added BORG_BASE_DIR environment variable
- Other changes:
  * list help topics when invalid topic is requested
  * fix lz4 deprecation warning, requires lz4 >= 1.7.0 (r129)
  * add parens for C preprocessor macro argument usages (did not cause
  * exclude broken pytest 3.3.0 release
  * updated fish/bash completions
  * init: more clear exception messages for borg create
  * docs:
    + add auto-generated docs for borg config
    + don't generate HTML docs page for borgfs
    + docs update for lz4 b2 zstd changes
    + add zstd to compression help, readme, docs
    + update requirements and install docs about bundled lz4 and zstd
    + refactored build of the compress and crypto.low_level extensions
    + move some lib/build related code to setup_{zstd,lz4,b2}.py
    + bundle lz4 1.8.0 (requirement: >= 1.7.0 / r129)
    + bundle zstd 1.3.2 (requirement: >= 1.3.0)
    + blake2 was already bundled
    + rename BORG_LZ4_PREFIX env var to BORG_LIBLZ4_PREFIX for better
      consistency: we also have BORG_LIBB2_PREFIX and BORG_LIBZSTD_PREFIX now.
    + add prefer_system_lib* = True settings to - by default the
      build will prefer a shared library over the bundled code, if library
      and headers can be found and meet the minimum requirements.

Mon Dec 11 09:11:21 UTC 2017 -

- Update to borgbackup 1.1.3
- Fixes:
  * Security Fix for CVE-2017-15914: Incorrect implementation of access
    controls allows remote users to override repository restrictions in Borg
    servers. A user able to access a remote Borg SSH server is able to
    circumvent access controls post-authentication.
    Affected releases: 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2. Releases 1.0.x are NOT affected.
  * crc32: deal with unaligned buffer, add tests - this broke borg on older ARM
    CPUs that can not deal with unaligned 32bit memory accesses and raise a bus
    error in such cases. the fix might also improve performance on some CPUs as
    all 32bit memory accesses by the crc32 code are properly aligned now.
  * mount: fixed support of --consider-part-files and do not show .borg_part_N
    files by default in the mounted FUSE filesystem.
  * fixed cache/repo timestamp inconsistency message, highlight that
    information is obtained from security dir (deleting the cache will not
    bypass this error in case the user knows this is a legitimate repo).
  * borgfs: don't show sub-command in borgfs help
  * create: show an error when --dry-run and --stats are used together
- New features:
  * mount: added exclusion group options and paths.
    Reused some code to support similar options/paths as borg extract offers -
    making good use of these to only mount a smaller subset of dirs/files can
    speed up mounting a lot and also will consume way less memory.
      borg mount [options] repo_or_archive mountpoint path [paths...]
    paths: you can just give some "root paths" (like for borg extract) to only
    partially populate the FUSE filesystem.
    new options: --exclude[-from], --pattern[s-from], --strip-components
 * create/extract: support st_birthtime on platforms supporting it
 * add "borg config" command for querying/setting/deleting config values
- Other changes:
 * clean up and simplify packaging (only package committed files,
   do not install .c/.h/.pyx files)
 * docs:
   * point out tuning options for borg create
   * add instructions for using ntfsclone, zerofree
   * move image backup-related FAQ entries to a new page
   * clarify key aliases for borg list --format
   * mention break-lock in checkpointing FAQ entry
   * document sshfs rename workaround
   * add FAQ about removing files from existing archives
   * add FAQ about different prune policies
   * usage and man page for borgfs
   * clarify create --stats duration vs. wall time
   * clarify encrypted key format for borg key export
   * update release checklist about security fixes
   * document good and problematic option placements, fix examples
   * add note on using --nobsdflags to avoid speed penalty related to bsdflags
   * move most of support section to

Fri Nov 10 10:20:09 UTC 2017 -

- Fix build on Leap 42.2 by BuildRequiring bash-completion 

Wed Nov  8 18:44:37 UTC 2017 -

- Update to borgbackup 1.1.2
- Fixes:
  * fix KeyError crash when talking to borg server < 1.0.7
  * extract: set bsdflags last (include immutable flag)
  * create: don't do stat() call on excluded-norecurse directory, fix exception handling for stat() call
  * create --stats: do not count data volume twice when checkpointing
  * recreate: move chunks_healthy when excluding hardlink master
  * recreate: get rid of chunks_healthy when rechunking (does not match)
  * check: get rid of already existing not matching chunks_healthy metadata
  * list: fix stdout broken pipe handling
  * list/diff: remove tag-file options (not used)
- New features:
  * bash, zsh and fish shell auto-completions, see scripts/shell_completions/
  * added BORG_CONFIG_DIR env var
- Other changes:
  * docs:
    * clarify using a blank passphrase in keyfile mode
    * mention "!" (exclude-norecurse) type in "patterns" help
    * document to first heal before running borg recreate to re-chunk stuff, because that will have to get rid of chunks_healthy metadata.
    * more than 23 is not supported for CHUNK_MAX_EXP
    * borg does not respect nodump flag by default any more
    * clarify same-filesystem requirement for borg upgrade
    * update / rephrase cygwin / WSL status
    * improve docs about --stats
    * vagrant: openindiana new clang package
- Already contained in 1.1.1 (last minute fix):
  * arg parsing: fix fallback function, refactor
- Generate new subpackages borgbackup-bash-completion,
  borgbackup-zsh-completion and borgbackup-fish-completion with
  autocompletion scripts for each shell.

Mon Oct 23 08:38:20 UTC 2017 -

- Update to borgbackup 1.1.1
- Compatibility notes:
  * When upgrading from borg 1.0.x to 1.1.x, please note:
    * read all the compatibility notes for 1.1.0*, starting from 1.1.0b1.
    * borg might ask some security-related questions once after upgrading.
      You can answer them either manually or via environment variable.
      One known case is if you use unencrypted repositories, then it will ask
      about a unknown unencrypted repository one time.
    * your first backup with 1.1.x might be significantly slower (it might
      completely read, chunk, hash a lot files) - this is due to the
      --files-cache mode change (and happens every time you change mode). You
      can avoid the one-time slowdown by using the pre-1.1.0rc4-compatible mode
      (but that is less safe for detecting changed files than the default).
      See the --files-cache docs for details.
  * The deprecated --no-files-cache is not a global/common option any more, but
    only available for borg create (it is not needed for anything else).
    Use --files-cache=disabled instead of --no-files-cache.
  * The nodump flag ("do not backup this file") is not honoured any more by
    default because this functionality (esp. if it happened by error or
    unexpected) was rather confusing and unexplainable at first to users.
    If you want that "do not backup NODUMP-flagged files" behaviour, use:
    borg create --exclude-nodump ...
- Fixes:
  * borg recreate: correctly compute part file sizes. fixes cosmetic, but
    annoying issue as borg check complains about size inconsistencies of part
    files in affected archives. you can solve that by running borg recreate
    on these archives.
  * bsdflags support: do not open BLK/CHR/LNK files, avoid crashes and slowness
  * recreate: don't crash on attic archives w/o time_end
  * don't crash on repository filesystems w/o hardlink support
  * don't crash in first part of truncate_and_unlink
  * fix server-side IndexError crash with clients < 1.0.7
  * don't show traceback if only a global option is given, show help
  * cache: use SaveFile for more safety
  * init: fix wrong encryption choices in command line parser, fix missing
  * move --no-files-cache from common to borg create options
  * fix detection of non-local path (failed on ..filename)
  * logging with fileConfig: set json attr on "borg" logger
  * fix crash with relative BORG_KEY_FILE
  * show excluded dir with "x" for tagged dirs / caches
- New features:
  * create: --nobsdflags and --exclude-nodump options
  * extract: --nobsdflags option
- Other changes:
  * remove annoying hardlinked symlinks warning
  * vagrant: use self-made FreeBSD 10.3 box
  * docs:
    * readme: -e option is required in borg 1.1
    * add example showing --show-version --show-rc
    * use --format rather than --list-format (deprecated) in example
    * update docs about hardlinked symlinks limitation

Sun Oct  8 12:02:03 UTC 2017 -

- Update to borgbackup 1.1.0 
- Changelog:
  * Major new features in the 1.1 release series are:
    * borg recreate: remove files from existing archives and re-chunk or
      re-compress them. This finally allows deduplication between legacy
      Attic / Borg 0.xx archives and Borg 1.x archives. This is an
      experimental feature.
    * borg diff: show differences between two archives.
    * borg mount: show all recorded versions of files with the "versions view".
    * borg list: more formatting options, including generation of hashes and
      per-file chunk statistics.
    * borg create: automatic compression mode (-C auto,zlib/lz4/...), faster
      handling of many files, experimental support for inclusion patterns
      (--patterns, --patterns-from), files cache mode control (mtime/ctime)
    * borg export-tar: streaming export of GNU tar compatible archives.
    * Archive comments
    * BLAKE2b256-based encryption modes, and "authenticated" modes that provide
      data integrity without encryption. These provide better performance than
      the existing SHA-256-based modes on most hardware, except where the x86
      SHA extensions are available (e.g. AMD Ryzen).
    * Repository indices and the Borg cache now use checksums to detect bitrot
      and other corruption.
    * A documented JSON API has been added to the most vital commands
      (borg list, borg info and borg create).
    * Structured JSON logging is available for all commands.
    * --prefix has been supplemented with --glob-archives (-a), --sort-by,
      --last and --first options. These can be used for borg list, borg info,
      borg mount, borg check, borg delete and borg prune.
  * Quality of life improvements:
    * options that imply output (--show-rc, --show-version, --list, --stats,
      --progress) don't need -v/--info to have that output displayed any more.
    * borg check is silent by default (finally!).
    * borg can now checkpoint within (big) files, not only between files.
    * borg delete can delete multiple archives by giving their names.
    * Automatic removal of stale locks, which should make "borg break-lock"
      essentially superfluous. This is enabled by default, see
    * Answers to prompts like "Accessing previously unknown repository" are
      now saved immediately.
    * Cache synchronization and "borg info" are now faster.
    * Reduced space usage of chunks.archive.d in the cache by 30-40 %.
      Existing caches are migrated during a cache sync.
    * The cache used for remote cache syncs and mounting remote repositories
      does not grow indefinitely any more, but adapts to the available space.
      Good riddance, TMP=/var/tmp!
    * BORG_PASSCOMMAND makes using key rings and hardware keys much easier.
  * Documentation improvements
  * Compatibility notes for upgrading from Borg 1.0 to Borg 1.1:
    * No explicit "borg upgrade" is required.
    * Borg 1.1 uses some new data structures which are backwards-compatible
      with Borg 1.0.4 and newer.
    * Borg 1.0 can't make use of Borg 1.1's "compact cache" and will
      silently ignore it.
    * The default compression has been changed from "none" to "lz4".
    * Repositories in the "repokey" and "repokey-blake2" modes with an empty
      passphrase are now treated as unencrypted repositories for security
    * borg init:
      + -e/--encryption is now a mandatory option with no default value.
        Previously the default value was "repokey".
      + the short form of --append-only (-a) has been removed.
      + running "borg init" via a "borg serve --append-only" server will not
        create an append-only repository any more.
        Use "borg init --append-only" to initialize an append-only repository.
    * borg create: the --exclude-if-present option now supports tagging a
      folder with any file system object type (file, folder, etc.), instead of
      accepting only files as tags.
    * borg upgrade: the short form of --inplace (-i) has been removed.
    * borg delete: the short form of --cache-only (-c) has been removed.
    * "borg migrate-to-repokey" has been renamed to
      "borg key migrate-to-repokey" with no deprecation notice, since it is
      rarely and only manually used.

- For more information, see

Wed Aug  2 09:45:57 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.0.11 (2017-07-21)
  Bug fixes:
  - use limited unpacker for outer key (security precaution), #2174
  - fix paperkey import bug
  Other changes:
  - change --checkpoint-interval default from 600s to 1800s, #2841.
    this improves efficiency for big repositories a lot.
  - docs: fix OpenSUSE command and add OpenSUSE section
  - tests: add tests for split_lstring and paperkey
  - vagrant:
    - fix openbsd shell
    - backport cpu/ram setup from master
    - add stretch64 VM

Sun May  7 10:18:33 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.0.10 (2017-02-13)
  Bug fixes:
  - Manifest timestamps are now monotonically increasing, this fixes
    issues when the system clock jumps backwards or is set inconsistently
    across computers accessing the same repository, #2115
  - Fixed testing regression in 1.0.10rc1 that lead to a hard dependency
    on py.test >= 3.0, #2112
  New features:
  - “key export” can now generate a printable HTML page with both a QR
    code and a human-readable “paperkey” representation (and custom text)
    through the --qr-html option.
  - The same functionality is also available through paperkey.html, which
    is the same HTML page generated by --qr-html. It works with existing
    “key export” files and key files.
Other changes:
  - docs:
    - language clarification - “borg create –one-file-system” option
      does not respect mount points, but considers different file systems
      instead, #2141
  - build_api: sort file list for determinism
- update to version 1.0.10rc1 (2017-01-29)
  Bug fixes:
  - borg serve: fix transmission data loss of pipe writes, #1268 This
    affects only the cygwin platform (not Linux, BSD, OS X).
  - Avoid triggering an ObjectiveFS bug in xattr retrieval, #1992
  - When running out of buffer memory when reading xattrs, only skip the
    current file, #1993
  - Fixed “borg upgrade –tam” crashing with unencrypted repositories. Since
    the issue is not relevant for unencrypted repositories, it now does
    nothing and prints an error, #1981.
  - Fixed change-passphrase crashing with unencrypted repositories, #1978
  - Fixed “borg check repo::archive” indicating success if “archive” does
    not exist, #1997
  - borg check: print non-exit-code warning if –last or –prefix aren’t
  - fix bad parsing of wrong repo location syntax
  - create: don’t create hard link refs to failed files, mount: handle
    invalid hard link refs, #2092
  - detect mingw byte order, #2073
  - creating a new segment: use “xb” mode, #2099
  - mount: umount on SIGINT/^C when in foreground, #2082
  Other changes:
    - binary: use fixed AND freshly compiled pyinstaller bootloader, #2002
    - xattr: ignore empty names returned by llistxattr(2) et al
    - Enable the fault handler: install handlers for the SIGSEGV, SIGFPE,
      SIGABRT, SIGBUS and SIGILL signals to dump the Python traceback.
    - Also print a traceback on SIGUSR2.
    - borg change-passphrase: print key location (simplify making a backup
      of it)
    - officially support Python 3.6 ( add Python 3.6 qualifier)
      - vagrant / travis / tox: add Python 3.6 based testing
      - vagrant: fix openbsd repo, #2042
      - vagrant: fix the freebsd64 machine, #2037 #2067
      - vagrant: use python 3.5.3 to build binaries, #2078
      - vagrant: use osxfuse 3.5.4 for tests / to build binaries vagrant:
        improve darwin64 VM settings
      - travis: fix osxfuse install (fixes OS X testing on Travis CI)
      - travis: require succeeding OS X tests, #2028
      - travis: use latest pythons for OS X based testing
      - use pytest-xdist to parallelize testing
      - fix xattr test race condition, #2047
      - setup.cfg: fix pytest deprecation warning, #2050
      - language clarification - VM backup FAQ
      - borg create: document how to backup stdin, #2013
      - borg upgrade: fix incorrect title levels
      - add CVE numbers for issues fixed in 1.0.9, #2106
    - fix typos (taken from Debian package patch)
    - remote: include data hexdump in “unexpected RPC data” error message
    - remote: log SSH command line at debug level
    - API_VERSION: use numberspaces, #2023
    - remove .github from pypi package, #2051
    - add pip and setuptools to requirements file, #2030
    - SyncFile: fix use of fd object after close (cosmetic)
    - simplify, exclude *.{so,dll,orig}, #2066
    - ignore posix_fadvise errors in, #2095 (works around
      issues with docker on ARM)
    - make LoggedIO.close_segment reentrant, avoid reentrance

Tue Jan  3 17:50:09 UTC 2017 -

- disable %check for leap versions, their pytest package is too old

Tue Jan  3 10:55:53 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.0.9 (2016-12-20)
  - Security fixes:
    - A flaw in the cryptographic authentication scheme in Borg allowed
      an attacker to spoof the manifest. See :ref:`tam_vuln` above for 
      the steps you should take.
      Fixes CVE-2016-10099
    - borg check: When rebuilding the manifest (which should only be
      needed very rarely) duplicate archive names would be handled on a 
      "first come first serve" basis, allowing an attacker to apparently
      replace archives.
      Fixes CVE-2016-10100
  - Bug fixes:
    - borg check:
          rebuild manifest if it's corrupted
          skip corrupted chunks during manifest rebuild
    - fix TypeError in integrity error handler, #1903, #1894
    - fix location parser for archives with @ char (regression introduced
      in 1.0.8), #1930
    - fix wrong duration/timestamps if system clock jumped during a create
    - fix progress display not updating if system clock jumps backwards
    - fix checkpoint interval being incorrect if system clock jumps

- update to version 1.0.9rc1 (2016-11-27)
  - Bug fixes:
    - files cache: fix determination of newest mtime in backup set (which
      is used in cache cleanup and led to wrong "A" [added] status for
      unchanged files in next backup), #1860.
    - borg check:
      - fix incorrectly reporting attic 0.13 and earlier archives as corrupt
      - handle repo w/o objects gracefully and also bail out early if repo
        is completely empty, #1815.
    - fix tox/pybuild in 1.0-maint
    - at xattr module import time, loggers are not initialized yet

- update to version 1.0.8 (2016-10-29)
  - Bug fixes:
    - RemoteRepository: Fix busy wait in call_many, #940

- update to version 1.0.8rc1 (2016-10-17)
  - Bug fixes:
    - fix signal handling (SIGINT, SIGTERM, SIGHUP), #1620 #1593 Fixes e.g.
      leftover lock files for quickly repeated signals (e.g. Ctrl-C Ctrl-C)
      or lost connections or systemd sending SIGHUP.
    - progress display: adapt formatting to narrow screens, do not crash,
    - borg create --read-special - fix crash on broken symlink, #1584. also
      correctly processes broken symlinks. before this regressed to a crash
      (5b45385) a broken symlink would've been skipped.
    - process_symlink: fix missing backup_io() Fixes a chmod/chown/chgrp/
      unlink/rename/... crash race between getting dirents and dispatching
      to process_symlink.
    - yes(): abort on wrong answers, saying so, #1622
    - fixed exception borg serve raised when connection was closed before
      reposiory was openend. add an error message for this.
    - fix read-from-closed-FD issue, #1551 (this seems not to get triggered
      in 1.0.x, but was discovered in master)
    - hashindex: fix iterators (always raise StopIteration when exhausted)
      (this seems not to get triggered in 1.0.x, but was discovered in master)
    - enable relative pathes in ssh:// repo URLs, via /./relpath hack, #1655
    - allow repo pathes with colons, #1705
    - update changed repo location immediately after acceptance, #1524
    - fix debug get-obj / delete-obj crash if object not found and remote
      repo, #1684
    - pyinstaller: use a spec file to build borg.exe binary, exclude osxfuse
      dylib on Mac OS X (avoids mismatch lib <-> driver), #1619

Sun Oct 30 23:40:40 UTC 2016 -

- Trim description

Thu Oct 13 16:33:59 UTC 2016 -

- Remove smp parameters when building documentation so different
  sphinx instances are not run in parallel which sometimes fails
  due to a race condition

Sat Aug 20 10:33:33 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 1.0.7 (2016-08-19):
  a critical security fix and some major bug fixes
  Please check:
- clean specfile

Sat Jul 16 09:33:09 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 1.0.6 (2016-07-12)
  Bug fixes:
  * Linux: handle multiple LD_PRELOAD entries correctly, #1314, #1111
  * Fix crash with unclear message if the libc is not found, #1314, #1111
  Other changes:
  * tests:
    * Fixed O_NOATIME tests for Solaris and GNU Hurd, #1315
    * Fixed sparse file tests for (file) systems not supporting it, #1310
  * docs:
    * Fixed syntax highlighting, #1313
    * misc docs: added data processing overview picture

- update to version 1.0.6rc1 (2016-07-10)
  New features:
  * borg check –repair: heal damaged files if missing chunks re-appear (e.g. if the
    previously missing chunk was added again in a later backup archive), #148. (*)
    Also improved logging.
  Bug fixes:
  * sync_dir: silence fsync() failing with EINVAL, #1287 Some network filesystems
    (like smbfs) don’t support this and we use this in repository code.
  * borg mount (FUSE):
    fix directories being shadowed when contained paths were also specified, #1295
    raise I/O Error (EIO) on damaged files (unless -o allow_damaged_files is used),
    #1302. (*)
  * borg extract: warn if a damaged file is extracted, #1299. (*)
    Added some missing return code checks (ChunkIndex._add, hashindex_resize).
  * borg check: fix/optimize initial hash table size, avoids resize of the table.
  Other changes:
  * tests:
    add more FUSE tests, #1284
    deduplicate fuse (u)mount code
    fix borg binary test issues, #862
  * docs:
    changelog: added release dates to older borg releases
    fix some sphinx (docs generator) warnings, #881

  (*) Some features depend on information (chunks_healthy list) added to item metadata
      when a file with missing chunks was “repaired” using all-zero replacement chunks.
      The chunks_healthy list is generated since borg 1.0.4, thus borg can’t recognize
      such “repaired” (but content-damaged) files if the repair was done with an older
      borg version.

- update to version 1.0.5 (2016-07-07)
  Bug fixes:
  * borg mount: fix FUSE crash in xattr code on Linux introduced in 1.0.4, #1282
  Other changes:
  * backport some FAQ entries from master branch
  * add release helper scripts
  * Vagrantfile:
    centos6: no FUSE, don’t build binary
    add xz for redhat-like dists

- update to version 1.0.4 (2016-07-07)
  New features:
  * borg serve –append-only, #1168 This was included because it was a simple change
    (append-only functionality was already present via repository config file) and makes
    better security now practically usable.
  * BORG_REMOTE_PATH environment variable, #1258 This was included because it was a simple
    change (–remote-path cli option was already present) and makes borg much easier to use
    if you need it.
  * Repository: cleanup incomplete transaction on “no space left” condition. In many cases,
    this can avoid a 100% full repo filesystem (which is very problematic as borg always
    needs free space - even to delete archives).
  Bug fixes:
  * Fix wrong handling and reporting of OSErrors in borg create, #1138. This was a serious
    issue: in the context of “borg create”, errors like repository I/O errors (e.g. disk
    I/O errors, ssh repo connection errors) were handled badly and did not lead to a crash
    (which would be good for this case, because the repo transaction would be incomplete and
    trigger a transaction rollback to clean up). Now, error handling for source files is
    cleanly separated from every other error handling, so only problematic input files are
    logged and skipped.
  * Implement fail-safe error handling for borg extract. Note that this isn’t nearly as
    critical as the borg create error handling bug, since nothing is written to the repo.
    So this was “merely” misleading error reporting.
  * Add missing error handler in directory attr restore loop.
  * repo: make sure write data hits disk before the commit tag (#1236) and also sync the
    containing directory.
  * FUSE: getxattr fail must use errno.ENOATTR, #1126 (fixes Mac OS X Finder malfunction:
    “zero bytes” file length, access denied)
  * borg check –repair: do not lose information about the good/original chunks. If we do not
    lose the original chunk IDs list when “repairing” a file (replacing missing chunks with
    all-zero chunks), we have a chance to “heal” the file back into its original state later,
    in case the chunks re-appear (e.g. in a fresh backup). Healing is not implemented yet,
    see #148.
  * fixes for –read-special mode:
    ignore known files cache, #1241
    fake regular file mode, #1214
    improve symlinks handling, #1215
  * remove passphrase from subprocess environment, #1105
  * Ignore empty index file (will trigger index rebuild), #1195
  * add missing placeholder support for –prefix, #1027
  * improve exception handling for placeholder replacement
  * catch and format exceptions in arg parsing
  * helpers: fix “undefined name ‘e’” in exception handler
  * better error handling for missing repo manifest, #1043
  * borg delete:
    make it possible to delete a repo without manifest
    borg delete –forced allows to delete corrupted archives, #1139
  * borg check:
    make borg check work for empty repo
    fix resync and msgpacked item qualifier, #1135
    rebuild_manifest: fix crash if ‘name’ or ‘time’ key were missing.
    better validation of item metadata dicts, #1130
    better validation of archive metadata dicts
  * close the repo on exit - even if rollback did not work, #1197. This is rather cosmetic,
    it avoids repo closing in the destructor.
  * tests:
    fix sparse file test, #1170
    flake8: ignore new F405, #1185
    catch “invalid argument” on cygwin, #257
    fix sparseness assertion in test prep, #1264
  Other changes:
  * make borg build/work on OpenSSL 1.0 and 1.1, #1187
  * docs / help:
    fix / clarify prune help, #1143
    fix “patterns” help formatting
    add missing docs / help about placeholders
    resources: rename atticmatic to borgmatic
    document sshd settings, #545
    more details about checkpoints, add split trick, #1171
    support docs: add freenode web chat link, #1175
    add prune visualization / example, #723
    add note that Fnmatch is default, #1247
    make clear that lzma levels > 6 are a waste of cpu cycles
    add a “do not edit” note to auto-generated files, #1250
    update cygwin installation docs
  * repository interoperability with borg master (1.1dev) branch:
    borg check: read item metadata keys from manifest, #1147
    read v2 hints files, #1235
    fix hints file “unknown version” error handling bug
  * tests: add tests for format_line
  * llfuse: update version requirement for freebsd
  * Vagrantfile:
    use openbsd 5.9, #716
    do not install llfuse on netbsd (broken)
    update OSXfuse to version 3.3.3
    use Python 3.5.2 to build the binaries
  * glibc compatibility checker: scripts/
  * add .eggs to .gitignore

Tue Jun 14 07:51:21 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.0.3:

  Bug fixes:

  - prune: avoid that checkpoints are kept and completed archives are deleted
    in a prune run), #997
  - prune: fix commandline argument validation - some valid command lines were
    considered invalid (annoying, but harmless), #942
  - fix capabilities extraction on Linux (set xattrs last, after chown()), #1069
  - repository: fix commit tags being seen in data
  - when probing key files, do binary reads. avoids crash when non-borg binary
    files are located in borg's key files directory.
  - handle SIGTERM and make a clean exit - avoids orphan lock files.
  - repository cache: don't cache large objects (avoid using lots of temp. disk
    space), #1063

  Other changes:

  - Vagrantfile: OS X: update osxfuse / install lzma package, #933
  - add check for platform_darwin.c
  - on freebsd, use a llfuse release that builds ok
  - docs / help:
    - update readthedocs URLs, #991
    - add missing docs for "borg break-lock", #992
    - borg create help: add some words to about the archive name
    - borg create help: document format tags, #894

Wed May 11 21:02:30 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.0.2:

  Bug fixes:

  - fix malfunction and potential corruption on (nowadays rather rare)
    big-endian architectures or bi-endian archs in (rare) BE mode. #886, #889
    cache resync / index merge was malfunctioning due to this, potentially
    leading to data loss. borg info had cosmetic issues (displayed wrong values).
    note: all (widespread) little-endian archs (like x86/x64) or bi-endian
    archs in (widespread) LE mode (like ARMEL, MIPSEL, ...) were NOT affected.
  - add overflow and range checks for 1st (special) uint32 of the hashindex
    values, switch from int32 to uint32.
  - fix so that refcount will never overflow, but just stick to max. value after
    a overflow would have occured.
  - borg delete: fix --cache-only for broken caches, #874
    Makes --cache-only idempotent: it won't fail if the cache is already deleted.
  - fixed borg create --one-file-system erroneously traversing into other
    filesystems (if starting fs device number was 0), #873
  - workround a bug in Linux fadvise FADV_DONTNEED, #907

  Other changes:

  - better test coverage for hashindex, incl. overflow testing, checking correct
    computations so endianness issues would be discovered.
  - reproducible doc for ProgressIndicator*, make the build reproducible.
  - use latest llfuse for vagrant machines
  - docs:
    - use /path/to/repo in examples, fixes #901
    - fix confusing usage of "repo" as archive name (use "arch")

Sun Apr 10 20:02:04 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.0.1:
  New features:  

  Usually there are no new features in a bugfix release, but these were added
  due to their high impact on security/safety/speed or because they are fixes

  - append-only mode for repositories, #809, #36 (see docs)
  - borg create: add --ignore-inode option to make borg detect unmodified files
    even if your filesystem does not have stable inode numbers (like sshfs and
    possibly CIFS).
  - add options --warning, --error, --critical for missing log levels, #826.
    it's not recommended to suppress warnings or errors, but the user may decide
    this on his own.
    note: --warning is not given to borg serve so a <= 1.0.0 borg will still
    work as server (it is not needed as it is the default).
    do not use --error or --critical when using a <= 1.0.0 borg server.

  Bug fixes:

  - fix silently skipping EIO, #748
  - add context manager for Repository (avoid orphan repository locks), #285
  - do not sleep for >60s while waiting for lock, #773
  - unpack file stats before passing to FUSE
  - fix build on illumos
  - don't try to backup doors or event ports (Solaris and derivates)
  - remove useless/misleading libc version display, #738
  - test suite: reset exit code of persistent archiver, #844
  - RemoteRepository: clean up pipe if remote open() fails
  - Remote: don't print tracebacks for Error exceptions handled downstream, #792
  - if BORG_PASSPHRASE is present but wrong, don't prompt for password, but fail
    instead, #791
  - ArchiveChecker: move "orphaned objects check skipped" to INFO log level, #826
  - fix capitalization, add ellipses, change log level to debug for 2 messages,

  Other changes:

  - update llfuse requirement, llfuse 1.0 works
  - update OS / dist packages on build machines, #717
  - prefer showing --info over -v in usage help, #859
  - docs:

    - fix cygwin requirements (gcc-g++)
    - document how to debug / file filesystem issues, #664
    - fix reproducible build of api docs
    - RTD theme: CSS !important overwrite, #727
    - Document logo font. Recreate logo png. Remove GIMP logo file.

- rename package to borgbackup
- create/install html docs/man page
- remove dependency on python3-pytest-benchmark

Tue Apr  5 15:17:03 UTC 2016 -

- version 1.0.0: initial build

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