File fix-msgpack-requirement.patch of Package borgbackup

From: Antonio Larrosa <>
Subject: Fix msgpack requirement

msgpack-python was renamed to msgpack on 0.5.0 so we better require
the new package. The problems in msgpack 0.5.0 were fixed in newer
releases which we already packaged, and dropped py34 support is not
an issue for us since we have py36. So we're safe to require any

Index: borgbackup-1.1.4/
--- borgbackup-1.1.4.orig/
+++ borgbackup-1.1.4/
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ on_rtd = os.environ.get('READTHEDOCS')
     # msgpack pure python data corruption was fixed in 0.4.6.
     # msgpack 0.5.0 was a bit of a troublemaker.
     # also, msgpack dropped py34 support at 0.5.0.
-    'msgpack-python>=0.4.6,<0.5.0',
+    'msgpack>=0.4.6',
 # note for package maintainers: if you package borgbackup for distribution,
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