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Thu Aug  3 19:03:32 UTC 2017 -

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 see installed CHANGELOG.adoc

  == (2017-07-23) - @mojavelinux
  Bug fixes::
    * continue to read blocks inside a delimited block after content is skipped (PR #2318)
    * don't create an empty paragraph for skipped content inside a delimited block (PR #2319)
    * allow the subs argument of Substitutors#apply_subs to be nil
    * coerce group name to symbol when registering extension (#2324)
    * eagerly substitute attributes in target of inline image macro (#2330)
    * don't warn if source stylesheet can't be read but destination already exists (#2323)
    * track include path correctly if path is absolute and outside of base directory (#2107)
    * preprocess second line of setext section title (PR #2321)
    * preprocess second line of setext discrete heading (PR #2332)
    * return filename as relative path if filename doesn't share common root with base directory (#2107)
  Improvements / Refactoring::
    * change default text for inter-document xref (PR #2316)
    * add additional tests to test behavior of Reader#peek_lines
    * parse revision info line correctly that only has version and remark; add missing test for scenario
    * rename AtxSectionRx constant to AtxSectionTitleRx for consistency with SetextSectionTitleRx constant
    * use terms "atx" and "setext" to refer to section title syntax (PR #2334)
    * rename HybridLayoutBreakRx constant to ExtLayoutBreakRx
    * change terminology from "floating title" to "discrete heading"
    * consolidate skip blank lines and check for end of reader (PR #2325)
    * have Reader#skip_blank_lines report end of file (PR #2325)
    * don't mix return type of Parser.build_block method (PR #2328)
    * don't track eof state in reader (PR #2320)
    * use shift instead of advance to consume line when return value isn't needed (PR #2322)
    * replace terminology "floating title" with "discrete heading"
    * remove unnecessary nil_or_empty? checks in substitutor
    * leverage built-in assert / refute methods in test suite
  Build / Infrastructure::
    * config Travis CI job to release gem (PR #2333)
    * add SHA1 hash to message used for triggered builds
    * trigger build of AsciidoctorJ on every change to core
    * trigger build of Asciidoctor Diagram on every change to core
  Distribution Packages::
    *[RubyGem (asciidoctor)]
    *[Fedora (rubygem-asciidoctor)]
    *[Debian (asciidoctor)]
    *[Ubuntu (asciidoctor)][issues resolved] |[git tag] |[full diff]
  // end::compact[]
  == 1.5.6 (2017-07-12) - @mojavelinux
    * use custom cross reference text if xrefstyle attribute is set (full, short, basic) (#858, #1132)
    * store referenceable nodes under refs key in document catalog (PR #2220)
    * apply reftext substitutions (specialchars, quotes, replacements) to value returned by reftext method (PR #2220)
    * add xreftext method to AbstractBlock, Section, and Inline to produce formatted text for xref (PR #2220)
    * introduce attributes chapter-refsig, section-refsig, and appendix-refsig to set reference signifier for chapter, section, and appendix, respectively (PR #2220)
    * add rel="noopener" to links that target _blank or when noopener option is set (#2071)
    * add option to exclude tags when including a file (#1516)
    * add meta for shortcut icon if favicon attribute is set (#1574)
    * allow use of linenums option to enable line numbers on a source block (#1981)
    * allow extension groups to be unregistered individually (#1701)
    * catalog bibliography anchors and capture reftext (#560, #1562)
    * automatically add bibliography style to unordered list in bibliography section (#1924)
    * disable startinline option when highlighting PHP if mixed option is set on source block (PR #2015) (@ricpelo)
    * configure Slim to resolve includes in specified template dirs (#2214)
    * dump manpage when -h manpage flag is passed to CLI (#2302)
    * add resolves_attributes method to DSL for macros (#2122)
    * invoke convert on result of custom inline macro if value is an inline node (#2132)
    * resolve attributes for custom short inline macros if requested (#1797)
    * add convenience method to create section from extension; use same initialization logic as parser (#1957)
    * add handles? method to DSL for IncludeProcessor (#2119)
    * pass through preload attribute to video tag (#2046)
    * add start and end times for audio element (#1930)
    * set localyear and docyear attributes (#1372)
    * pass cloaked context to block extension via cloaked-context attribute (#1606)
    * add support for covers in DocBook 5 converter (#1939)
    * accept named pipe (fifo) as the input file (#1948)
    * add AbstractBlock#next_adjacent_block helper method
    * rename Document#references to catalog; alias references to catalog (PR #2237)
    * rename extensions_registry option to extension_registry
    * rename Extensions.build_registry method to create
    * autoload extensions source file when Asciidoctor::Extensions is referenced (PR #2114, PR #2312)
    * apply default_attrs to custom inline macro (PR #2127)
    * allow tab separator for table to be specified using 	 (#2073)
    * add Cell#text= method
    * significant improvements to performance, especially in parser and substitutors
    * process include directive inside text of short form preprocessor conditional (#2146)
    * add support for include tags in languages that only support only circumfix comments (#1729)
    * allow spaces in target of block image; target must start and end with non-space (#1943)
    * add warning in verbose mode if xref is not found (@fap-) (#2268)
    * add warning if duplicate ID is detected (#2244)
    * validate that output file will not overwrite input file (#1956)
    * include docfile in warning when stylesheet cannot be read (#2089)
    * warn if doctype=inline is used and block has unexpected content model (#1890)
    * set built-in docfilesuffix attribute (#1673)
    * make sourcemap field on Document read/write (#1916)
    * allow target of xref to begin with attribute reference (#2007)
    * allow target of xref to be expressed with leading # (#1546)
    * allow kbd and btn macros to wrap across multiple lines (#2249)
    * allow menu macro to span multiple lines; unescape escaped closing bracket
    * make menu macro less greedy
    * allow ampersand to be used as the first character of the first segment of a menu (#2171)
    * enclose menu caret in HTML tag (#2165)
    * use black text for menu reference; tighten word spacing (#2148)
    * fix parsing of keys in kbd macro (PR #2222)
    * add support for the window option for the link on a block image (#2172)
    * set correct level for special sections in parser (#1261)
    * always set numbered property on appendix to true
    * store number for formal block on node (#2208)
    * set sectname of header section to header (#1996)
    * add the remove_attr method to AbstractNode (#2227)
    * use empty string as default value for set_attr method (#1967)
    * make start argument to system_path optional (#1965)
    * allow API to control subs applied to ListItem text (#2035)
    * allow text of ListItem to be assigned (in an extension) (#2033)
    * make generate_id method on section a static method (#1929)
    * validate name of custom inline macro; cache inline macro rx (#2136)
    * align number in conum list to top by default (#1999)
    * fix CSS positioning of interactive checkbox (#1840)
    * fix indentation of list items when markers are disabled (none, no-bullet, unnumbered, unstyled) (PR #2286)
    * instruct icon to inherit cursor if inside a link
    * close all files opened internally (#1897)
    * be more precise about splitting kbd characters (#1660)
    * rename limit method on String to limit_bytesize (#1889)
    * leverage Ruby's match? method to speed up non-capturing regexps (PR #1938)
    * preserve inline break in manpages (@letheed)
    * check for presence of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH instead of value; fail if value is malformed
    * add Rows#by_section method to return table sections (#2219)
    * cache which template engines have been loaded to avoid unnecessary processing
    * rename assign_index method to enumerate_section (PR #2242)
    * don't process double quotes in xref macro (PR #2241)
    * optimize attr and attr? methods (PR #2232)
    * use IO.write instead of w/ block; backport for Opal
    * backport IO.binread to Ruby 1.8.7 to avoid runtime check
    * cache backend and doctype values on document
    * allow normalize option to be set on PreprocessorReader; change default to false
    * move regular expression constants for Opal to Asciidoctor.js build (PR #2070)
    * add missing comma in warning message for callout list item out of sequence
    * combine start_with? / end_with? checks into a single method call
    * rename UriTerminator constant to UriTerminatorRx
    * promote subs to top-level constants; freeze arrays
    * rename PASS_SUBS constant to NONE_SUBS
    * rename EOL constant to LF (retain EOL as alias)
    * rename macro regexp constants so name follows type (e.g., InlineImageMacroRx)
    * retain block content in items of callout list when converting to HTML and man page (#1478)
    * only substitute specialchars for content in literal table cells (#1912)
    * fix operator logic for ifndef directive with multiple attributes (#1983)
    * only recognize uniform underline for setext section title (#2083)
    * don't match headings with mixed leading characters (#2074)
    * fix layout break from matching lines it shouldn't
    * fix behavior of attribute substitution in docinfo content (PR #2296)
    * encode spaces in URI (PR #2274)
    * treat empty string as a valid block title
    * preprocess lines of a simple block (#1923)
    * don't drop trailing blank lines when splitting source into lines (PR #2045)
    * only drop known AsciiDoc extensions from the inter-document xref path (#2217)
    * don't number special sections or special subsections by default (#2234)
    * assign sectname based on name of manuscript element (#2206)
    * honor leveloffset when resolving implicit doctitle (#2140)
    * permit leading, trailing, and repeat operators in target of preprocessor conditional (PR #2279)
    * don't match link macro in block form (i.e., has two colons after prefix) (#2202)
    * do not match bibliography anchor that begins with digit (#2247)
    * use [ 	] (or \s) instead of \p{Blank} to match spaces (#2204)
    * allow named entity to have trailing digits (e.g., there4) (#2144)
    * only assign style to image alt text if alt text is not specified
    * substitute replacements in non-generated alt text of block image (PR #2285)
    * keep track of whether alt text is auto-generated by assigning default-alt attribute (PR #2287)
    * suppress info element in docbook output if noheader attribute is set (#2155)
    * preserve leading indentation in literal and verse table cells (#2037)
    * preserve whitespace in literal and verse table cells (#2029)
    * set doctype-related attributes in AsciiDoc table cell (#2159)
    * fix comparison logic when preprocessing first line of AsciiDoc table cell
    * set filetype to man when backend is manpage (#2055)
    * respect image scaling in DocBook converter (#1059)
    * share counters between AsciiDoc table cells and main document (#1942)
    * generate ID for floating title from converted title (#2016)
    * split "treeprocessor" into two words; add aliases for compatibility (PR #2179)
    * allow trailing hyphen in attribute name used in attribute reference
    * allow escaped closing bracket in text of xref macro
    * process pass inline macro with empty text; invert extract logic
    * drop support for reftext document attribute (must be specified on node)
    * fix compliance with Haml >= 5 (load Haml eagerly; remove ugly option)
    * don't match inline image macro if target contains endline or leading or trailing spaces
    * assign id instead of target on ref/bibref node (PR #2307)
    * remove regexp hacks for Opal (#2110)
    * drop outdated quoting exceptions for Opal (PR #2081)
  Bug fixes::
    * don't allow table borders to cascade to nested tables (#2151)
    * escape special characters in reftext of anchor (#1694)
    * sanitize content of authors meta tag in HTML output (#2112)
    * fix stray marks added when unescaping unconstrained passthroughs (PR #2079)
    * don't confuse escaped quotes in CSV data as enclosing quotes (#2008)
    * don't activate implicit header if cell in first line of table contains a blank line (#1284, #644)
    * allow compat-mode in AsciiDoc table cell to inherit from parent document (#2153)
    * manify all normal table cell content (head, body, foot) in manpage output
    * add missing newline after table caption in manpage output (#2253)
    * correctly format block title on video in manpage output
    * don't crash if substitution list resolves to nil (#2183)
    * fail with informative message if converter cannot be resolved (#2161)
    * fix regression of not matching short form of custom block macro
    * encode double quotes in image alt text when used in an attribute (#2061)
    * encode double quote and strip XML tags in value of xreflabel attribute in DocBook converter (PR #2220)
    * fix typo in base64 data (PR #2094) (@mogztter)
    * permit pass macro to surround a multi-line attribute value with hard line breaks (#2211)
    * fix sequential inline anchor macros with empty reftext (#1689)
    * don't mangle compound names when document has multiple authors (#663)
    * don't drop last line of verbatim block if it contains only a callout number (#2043)
    * prevent leading & trailing round brackets from getting caught in indexterm (#1581)
    * remove cached title when title is set on block (#2022)
    * remove max-width on the callout number icon (#1895)
    * eagerly add hljs class for highlight.js (#2221)
    * fix SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH lookup in Opal
    * fix paths with file URI scheme are inevitably absolute (PR #1925) (@mogztter)
    * only resolve file URLs when JavaScript IO module is xmlhttprequest (PR #1898) (@mogztter)
    * fix formatting of video title in manpage converter
    * don't increment line number if peek_lines overruns buffer (fixes some cases when line number is off)
    * freeze extension processor instance, not class
    * fix numbering bug in reindex_sections
    * handle cases when there are no lines for include directive to select
    * enable admonition icons in README when displayed on GitHub
    * add German translation of chapter-label (PR #1920) (@fap-)
    * add Ukrainian translation of built-in attributes (PR #1955) (@hedrok)
    * add Norwegian Nynorsk translation; updated Norwegian Bokmål translation of built-in attributes (PR #2142) (@huftis)
    * add Polish translation of built-in attributes (PR #2131) (@ldziedziul)
    * add Romanian translation of built-in attributes (PR #2125) (@vitaliel)
    * fix Japanese translation of built-in attributes (PR #2116) (@haradats)
    * add Bahasa Indonesia translation of built-in labels (@triyanwn)
  Build / Infrastructure::
    * upgrade highlight.js to 9.12.0 (#1652)
    * include entire test suite in gem (PR #1952) (@voxik)
    * upgrade Slim development dependency to 3.0.x (PR #1953) (@voxik)
    * upgrade Haml development dependency to 5.0.x
    * upgrade Nokogiri to 1.6.x (except on Ruby 1.8) (PR #1213)
    * add Ruby 2.4 to CI test matrix (PR #1980)
    * upgrade cucumber and JRuby in CI build (PR #2005)
    * fix reference to documentation in attributes.adoc (PR #1901) (@stonio)
    * trap and verify all warnings when tests are run with warnings enabled
    * set default task in build to test:all
    * configure script to run all tests
    * configure feature tests to only show progress
    * configure Slim in feature tests to use html as format instead of deprecated html5
    * lock version of yard to fix invalid byte sequence in Ruby 1.9.3
    * modify rake build to trigger dependent builds (specifically, Asciidoctor.js) (@mogztter) (PR #2305)
  Distribution Packages::
    *[RubyGem (asciidoctor)]
    *[Fedora (rubygem-asciidoctor)]
    *[Debian (asciidoctor)]
    *[Ubuntu (asciidoctor)][issues resolved] |[git tag] |[full diff]

Thu Oct  6 04:34:19 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 1.5.5
 see installed CHANGELOG.adoc

Wed Jan  6 05:30:17 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 1.5.4
 see installed CHANGELOG.adoc

  // tag::compact[]
  == 1.5.4 (2016-01-03) - @mojavelinux
    * translate README into French (@anthonny, @mogztter, @gscheibel, @mgreau) (#1630)
    * allow linkstyle in manpage output to be configured (#1610)
    * upgrade to MathJax 2.6.0 and disable loading messages
    * upgrade to Font Awesome 4.5.0
    * disable toc if document has no sections (#1633)
    * convert inline asciimath to MathML (using asciimath gem) in DocBook converter (#1622)
    * add attribute to control build reproducibility (@bk2204) (#1453)
    * recognize ile:/// as a file root in Opal browser env (#1561)
    * honor icon attribute on admonition block when font-based icons are enabled (@robertpanzer) (#1593)
    * resolve custom icon relative to iconsdir; add file extension if absent (#1634)
    * allow asciidoctor cli to resolve library path when invoked without leading ./
    * allow special section to be nested at any depth (#1591)
    * ensure colpcwidth values add up to 100%; increase precision of values to 4 decimal places (#1647)
    * ignore blank cols attribute on table (#1647)
    * support shorthand syntax for block attributes on document title (#1650)
  Bug fixes::
    * don't include default toc in AsciiDoc table cell; don't pass toc location attributes to nested document (#1582)
    * guard against nil dlist list item in find_by (#1618)
    * don't swallow trailing line when include file is not readable (#1602)
    * change xlink namespace to xl in DocBook 5 output to prevent parse error (#1597)
    * make callouts globally unique within document, including AsciiDoc table cells (#1626)
    * initialize Slim-related attributes regardless of when Slim was loaded (@terceiro) (#1576)
    * differentiate literal backslash from escape sequence in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1604)
    * don't mistake line beginning with \. for troff macro in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1589)
    * escape leading dots so user content doesn't trigger troff macros in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1631)
    * use 
Tue Nov 24 08:34:13 UTC 2015 -

- updated to version 1.5.3
 see installed CHANGELOG.adoc

  == 1.5.3 (2015-10-31) - @mojavelinux
    * add support for interactive & inline SVGs (#1301, #1224)
    * add built-in manpage backend (@davidgamba) (#651)
    * create Mallard backend; asciidoctor/asciidoctor-mallard (@bk2204) (#425)
    * add AsciiMath to MathML converter to support AsciiMath in DocBook converter (@pepijnve) (#954)
    * allow text of selected lines to be highlighted in source block by Pygments or CodeRay (#1429)
    * use value of `docinfo` attribute to control docinfo behavior (#1510)
    * add `docinfosubs` attribute to control which substitutions are performed on docinfo files (@mogztter) (#405)
    * add title accessor as alias to main on Document::Title (@rmannibucau) (#1350)
    * make XrefInlineRx regexp more permissive (Mathieu Boespflug) (#844)
    * load JavaScript and CSS at the end of HTML document (@mogztter) (#1238)
    * list available backends in help text (@plaindocs) (#1271)
    * properly expand tabs in literal text (#1170, #841)
    * add `source-indent` as document attribute (@mogztter) (#1169)
    * upgrade MathJax to 2.5.3 (#1329)
    * upgrade Font Awesome to 4.4.0 (@mogztter) (#1465)
    * upgrade highlight.js to 8.6 (now 8.9.1) (#1390)
    * don't abort if syntax highlighter isn't available (#1253)
    * insert docinfo footer below footer div (#1503)
    * insert toc at default location in embeddable HTML (#1443)
    * replace _ and - in generated alt text for inline images
    * restore attributes to header attributes after parse (#1255)
    * allow docdate and doctime to be overridden (#1495)
    * add CSS class `.center` for center block alignment (#1456)
    * recognize U+2022 as alternative marker for unordered lists (@mogztter) (#1177)
    * allow videos to work for local files by prepending asset-uri-scheme (Chris) (#1320)
    * always assign playlist param when loop option is enabled for YouTube video
    * parse isolated version in revision line (@bk2204) (#790)
    * autoload Tilt when template converter is instantiated (#1313)
    * don't overwrite existing id entry in references table (#1256)
    * use outfilesuffix attribute defined in header when resolving outfile (#1412)
    * make AsciiDoc safe mode option on Slim engine match document (#1347)
    * honor htmlsyntax attribute when backend is html/html5 (#1530)
    * tighten spacing of wrapped lines in TOC (#1542)
    * tune padding around table cells in horizontal dlist (#1418)
    * load Droid Sans Mono 700 in default stylesheet
    * set line height of table cells used for syntax highlighting
    * set font-family of kbd; refine styling (#1423)
    * extract condition into `quote_lines?` method (@mogztter)
    * extract inline code into `read_paragraph` method (@mogztter)
    * parent of block in ListItem should be ListItem (#1359)
    * add helper methods to List and ListItem (#1551)
    * add method `AbstractNode#add_role` and `AbstractNode#remove_role` (@robertpanzer) (#1366)
    * introduce helper methods for sniffing URIs (#1422)
    * add helper to calculate basename without file extension
    * document `-I` and `-r` options in the manual page (@bk2204)
    * fix `+--help+` output text for `-I` (@bk2204)
    * don't require open-uri-cached if already loaded
    * do not attempt to scan pattern of non-existent directory
    * use `<sup>` for footnote reference in text instead of `<span>` (#1523)
    * fix alignment of wrapped text in footnote (#1524)
    * include full stop after footnote number in embeddable HTML
    * show manpage title & name section in embeddable HTML (#1179)
    * resolve missing attribute in ifeval to empty string (#1387)
    * support unbreakable & breakable options on table (rockyallen) (#1140)
  Bug fixes::
    * don't truncate exception stack in `Asciidoctor.load` (#1248)
    * don't fail to save cause of Java exception (@robertpanzer) (#1458)
    * fix precision error in timings report (#1342)
    * resolve regexp for inline macro lazily (#1336)
    * block argument to `find_by` should filter results (#1393)
    * strip comment lines in indented text of dlist item (#1537)
    * preserve escaped delimiter at end of line in a table (#1306)
    * correctly calculate colnames for implicit columns (#1556)
    * don't crash if colspan exceeds colspec (#1460)
    * account for empty records in colspec (#1375)
    * ignore empty cols attribute on table
    * use `.inspect` to print MathJax delimiters (again) (#1198)
    * use while loop instead of begin/while loop to address bug in Asciidoctor.js (#1408)
    * force encoding of attribute values passed from cli (#1191)
    * don't copy css if stylesheet or stylesdir is a URI (#1400)
    * fix invalid color value in default CodeRay theme
    * built-in writer no longer fails if output is nil (#1544)
    * custom template engine options should take precedence
    * fallback to require with a non-relative path to support Debian package (@mogztter)
    * pass opts to recursive invocations of `PathResolver#system_path`
    * fix and test external links in docbook backend
    * use format symbol `:html` instead of `:html5` for Slim to fix warnings
    * fix documentation for inline_macro and block_macro (Andrea Bedini)
    * fix grammar in warning messages regarding thread_safe gem
    * migrate opal_ext from core to Asciidoctor.js (#1517)
    * add Ruby 2.2 to CI build; only specify minor Ruby versions
    * enable containerized builds on Travis CI
    * add config to run CI build on AppVeyor
    * exclude benchmark folder from gem (#1522)
  Distribution Packages::
    *[RubyGem (asciidoctor)]
    *[Fedora (rubygem-asciidoctor)]
    *[Debian (asciidoctor)]
    *[Ubuntu (asciidoctor)][issues resolved] |[git tag] |[full diff]

Tue May 19 22:41:02 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.5.2

Wed Jul 23 10:47:06 UTC 2014 -

- initial package

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