File exa.changes of Package exa

Mon May 14 10:28:57 UTC 2018 -

- Add %%ix86 ppc ExcludeArch: Do not even atempt to build for these

Sun Oct 22 00:15:01 UTC 2017 -

- Update to v0.8.0
- Additions
  + Use completely new, less strict, more friendly options parser (b5bcf22)
  + Add a strict mode, for when you want to check your options (97d1472)
  + Add EXA_GRID_ROWS that makes --long --grid a bit more palatable (e933fa6)
  + Add EXA_DEBUG for logging information (e0727a1)
  + Add LS_COLORS parsing and colouring (adfee28, aa2e3a5)
  + Add EXA_COLORS parsing and colouring, which overrides the above (075fe80, aa2e3a5)
  +Initial support for a --git-ignore flag (827aa8b)
- Changes
  + Default to sorting case-insensitively (57c647f)
  + Hide xattr errors unless xattrs were explicitly asked for (5189d66)
  + Add orf and nef file types (40ce7ba)
  + Add bk file type (eda3e56)
  + Only check the terminal width of stdout, not stdin and stderr (4289f4d)
  + Sorting by date now has new and old convenience aliases (f55bd6d)
  + Use only verified published crates, so exa can be on (1efb8a5)
- Fixes
  + Use a patched version of libgit2 to prevent that libhttp_parser error (3405db1)
  + Fix bug where --tree --all didn't work (a2cd39e)
  + Fix bug where ISO dates were long when they should be short and vice versa (fca5b6b)
  + Fix bug where month name padding made the whole table look weird (999c9d5)

Fri Aug  4 19:09:01 UTC 2017 -

- Create initial package for version 0.7.0
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