File nut-systemd-dirs.patch of Package nut

Index: nut-2.7.3/
--- nut-2.7.3.orig/
+++ nut-2.7.3/
@@ -1065,7 +1065,12 @@ dnl Override installation directory, wit
 dnl prefix. This is needed for 'distcheck*' targets, otherwise
 dnl files will try to get intalled to the actual system directories
 if test -n "${systemdsystemunitdir}"; then
-	systemdsystemshutdowndir="${libdir}/systemd/system-shutdown"
+	systemdutildir=`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=systemdutildir systemd`
+	if test -n "${systemdutildir}"; then
+		systemdsystemshutdowndir="${systemdutildir}/system-shutdown"
+	else
+		systemdsystemshutdowndir="${systemdsystemunitdir}/system-shutdown"
+	fi
 	AC_MSG_RESULT(using ${systemdsystemunitdir})
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