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Fri Aug 26 22:11:10 UTC 2022 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Update to release 1.16
  * New plugin `bcftools +variant-distance` to annotate records
    with distance to the nearest variant.
  * The -i/-e filtering expression gained support for multiple
    filters, e.g. `-i FILTER="A;B"`.
- Resolve "file packaged twice" rpmlint warnings

Thu Apr 21 15:34:00 UTC 2022 - Ferdinand Thiessen <>

- Update to version 1.15.1
  * bcftools annotate: New -H, --header-line convenience option to
    pass a header line on command line
  * bcftools csq: A list of consequence types supported by bcftools
    csq has been added to the manual page.
  * bcftools +fill-tags: 
    * Extend generalized functions so that FORMAT tags can be filled
      as well
    * Allow multiple custom functions in a single run.
  * bcftools norm:
    * Fix an assertion failure triggered when a faulty VCF file with
      a '-' character in the REF allele was used with bcftools
      norm --atomize.
    * Fix the loss of phasing in half-missing genotypes in variant
  * bcftools roh: Fix a bug that could result in an endless loop or
    incorrect AF estimate when missing genotypes are present and
    the --estimate-AF - option was used
  * bcftools +split-vep: VEP fields with characters disallowed in
    VCF tag names by the specification couldn't be queried.
- Update to version 1.15
  * New bcftools head subcommand for conveniently displaying the
    headers of a VCF or BCF file.
  * The -T, --targets-file option had the following bug originating
    in HTSlib code
  * bcftools annotate:
    * In addition to --rename-annots, which requires a file with
      name mappings, it is now possible to do the same on the
      command line -c NEW_TAG:=OLD_TAG
    * Add new option --min-overlap which allows to specify the
      minimum required overlap of intersecting regions
    * Allow to transfer ALT from VCF with or without replacement
  * bcftools convert:
    * Revamp of --gensample, --hapsample and --haplegendsample
      family of options
    * New --3N6 option to output/input the new version of the .gen
      file format
    * Deprecate the --chrom option in favor of --3N6.
    * The CHROM:POS_REF_ALT IDs which are used to detect strand
      swaps are required and must appear either in the "SNP ID"
      column or the "rsID" column.
  * bcftools csq: Allow GFF files with phase column unset
  * bcftools filter: New --mask, --mask-file and --mask-overlap
    options to soft filter variants in regions
  * bcftools +fixref
    * The -m id option now works also for non-dbSNP ids
    * New -m flip-all mode for flipping all sites
  * bcftools isec: Prevent segfault on sites filtered with -i/-e
    in all files
  * bcftools mpileup: More flexible read filtering using the options
  * bcftools query: Make the --samples and --samples-file options
    work also in the --list-samples mode.
  * bcftools +setGT: Fix a bug in -t q -e EXPR logic applied on
    FORMAT fields, sites with all samples failing the expression
    EXPR were incorrectly skipped.
  * bcftools sort: make use of the TMPDIR environment variable
    when defined
  * bcftools +trio-dnm2: The --use-NAIVE mode now also adds the
    de novo allele in FORMAT/VA
- Update to version 1.14
  * New --regions-overlap and --targets-overlap options which
    address a long-standing design problem with subsetting VCF
    files by region.
  * The --output-type option can be used to override the default
    compression level
  * bcftools annotate:
    * when --set-id and --remove are combined, --set-id cannot use
      tags deleted by --remove.
    * while non-symbolic variation are uniquely identified by
      POS,REF,ALT, symbolic alleles starting at the same position
      were indistinguishable.
    * add a new . modifier to control whether missing values should
      be carried over from a tab-delimited file or not.
  * bcftools +check-ploidy: by default missing genotypes are not
    used when determining ploidy.
  * bcftools concat: new --ligate-force and --ligate-warn options
    for finer control of -l, --ligate behavior in imperfect overlaps.
  * bcftools consensus: Apply mask even when the VCF has no notion
    about the chromosome.
  * bcftools +contrast: support for chunking within map/reduce
    framework allowing to collect NASSOC counts even for empty
    case/control sample sets
  * bcftools csq:
    * bug fix, compound indels were not recognised in some cases
    * compound variants were incorrectly marked as 'inframe' even when
      stop codon would occur before the frame was restored
    * bug fix, FORMAT/BCSQ bitmasks could have been assigned incorrectly
      to some samples at multiallelic sites, a superset of the correct
      consequences would have been set
    * bug fix, the upstream stop could be falsely assigned to all samples
      in a multi-sample VCF even if the stop was relevant for a single
      sample only
    * further improve the detection of mismatching chromosome naming
      (e.g. "chrX" vs "X") in the GFF, VCF and fasta files
  * bcftools merge: keep (sum) INFO/AN,AC values when merging VCFs
    with no samples
  * bcftools mpileup: new --indel-size option which allows to increase
    the maximum considered indel size considered, large deletions in
    long read data are otherwise lost.
  * bcftools norm:
    * atomization now supports Number=A,R string annotations
    * assign as many alternate alleles to genotypes at multiallelic
      sites in the-m + mode, disregarding the phase.
  * bcftools sort: increase accuracy of the --max-mem option limit,
    previously the limit could be exceeded by more than 20%
  * bcftools +trio-dnm: new --with-pAD option to allow processing of
    VCFs without FORMAT/QS.
  * bcftools view: the functionality of the option --compression-level
    lost in 1.12 has been restored
- Update to version 1.13
  * bcftools annotate:
    * Fix rare a bug when INFO/END is present, all INFO fields are
      removed with bcftools annotate -x INFO and BCF output is produced.
    * Support for matching annotation line by ID, in addition to
      CHROM,POS,REF, and ALT
  * bcftools csq:
    * When GFF and VCF/fasta use a different chromosome naming convention
      no consequences would be added.
    * Parametrize brief-predictions parameter to allow explicit number
      of amino acids to be printed.
  * bcftools +fill-tags:
    * Generalization and better support for custom functions that allow
      adding new INFO tags based on arbitrary -i, --include type of expressions.
    * When FORMAT/GT is not present, the INFO/AF tag will be newly
      calculated from INFO/AC and INFO/AN.
  * bcftools gtcheck:
    * Switch between FORMAT/GT or FORMAT/PL when one is (implicitly)
      requested but only the other is available
    * Improve diagnostics, printing warnings when a line cannot be
      matched and the number of lines skipped for various reasons
  * bcftools index: The program now accepts both data file name and
    the index file name.
  * bcftools isec: Always generate sites.txt with isec -p
  * bcftools +mendelian: Consider only complete trios,
    do not crash on sample name typos
  * bcftools mpileup:
    * New --seed option for reproducibility of subsampling code in HTSlib
    * The SCR annotation which shows the number of soft-clipped reads
      now correctly pools reads together regardless of the variant type.
    * Major revamp of BAQ.
    * Modified scale of Mann-Whitney U tests.
      Newly INFO/*Z annotations will be printed
  * bcftools norm:
    * Fix Type=Flag output in norm --atomize
    * Atomization must not discard ALT=. records
    * Atomization of AD and QS tags now correctly updates occurrences
      of duplicate alleles within different haplotypes
    * Fix a bug in atomization of Number=A,R tags
  * bcftools reheader: Add -T, --temp-prefix option
  * bcftools +setGT: A wider range of genotypes can be set by the
    plugin by allowing specifying custom genotypes.
  * bcftools +split-vep:
    * New -u, --allow-undef-tags option
    * Better handling of ambiguous keys such as INFO/AF and CSQ/AD.
    * Some consequence field names may not constitute a valid tag name,
      such as "pos(1-based)".
  * bcftools +tag2tag: New --QR-QA-to-QS option to convert annotations
    generated by Freebayes to QS used by BCFtools
  * bcftools +trio-dnm:
    * Add support for sites with more than four alleles.
    * New --use-NAIVE option for a naive DNM calling based solely on
      FORMAT/GT and expected Mendelian inheritance.
    * Fix behaviour to match the documentation, the --dnm-tag DNG option
      now correctly outputs log scaled values by default, not phred scaled.
    * Fix bug in VAF calculation, homozygous de novo variants were
      incorrectly reported as having VAF=50%
    * Fix arithmetic underflow which could lead to imprecise scores
      and improve sensitivity in high coverage regions
    * Allow combining --pn and --pns to set the noise thresholds independently
- Rebased use_python3.patch
- Drop python3 and perl build requirements, not needed, shbang of
  executables can be patched anyway.

Fri May 14 10:42:08 UTC 2021 - Ferdinand Thiessen <>

- Update to version 1.12
  * The output file type is determined from the output file name
    suffix, where available, so the -O/--output-type option is often
    no longer necessary.
  * Make F_MISSING in filtering expressions work for sites with
    multiple ALT alleles
  * Fix N_PASS and F_PASS to behave according to expectation when
    reverse logic is used (#1397). This fix has the side effect of
    query (or programs like +trio-stats) behaving differently with
    these expressions, operating now in site-oriented rather than
    sample-oriented mode.
  * bcftools annotate:
    * New --rename-annots option to help fix broken VCFs
    * New -C option allows to read a long list of options from a file
      to prevent very long command lines.
    * New append-missing logic allows annotations to be added for
      each ALT allele in the same order as they appear in the VCF.
  * bcftools concat:
    * Do not phase genotypes by mistake if they are not already
      phased with -l
  * bcftools consensus:
    * New --mask-with, --mark-del, --mark-ins, --mark-snv options
    * Symbolic <DEL> should have only one REF base. If there are
      multiple, take POS+1 as the first deleted base.
    * Make consensus work when the first base of the reference genome
      is deleted.
  * bcftools +contrast:
    * The NOVELGT annotation was previously not added when requested.
  * bcftools convert:
    * Make the --hapsample and --hapsample2vcf options consistent with
      each other and with the documentation.
  * bcftools call:
    * Revamp of call -G, previously sample grouping by population was
      not truly independent and could still be influenced by the
      presence of other sample groups.
    * Optional addition of INFO/PV4 annotation with call -a INFO/PV4
    * Remove generation of useless HOB and ICB annotation;
      use +fill-tags -- -t HWE,ExcHet instead
    * The call -f option was renamed to -a to (1) make it consistent
      with mpileup and (2) to indicate that it includes both INFO and
      FORMAT annotations
  * bcftools csq:
    * Fix a bug wich caused incorrect FORMAT/BCSQ formatting at sites
      with too many per-sample consequences
    * Fix a bug which incorrectly handled the --ncsq parameter and
      could clash with reserved BCF values, consequently producing
      truncated or even incorrect output of the %TBCSQ formatting
      expression in bcftools query.
  * bcftools +fill-tags:
    * MAF definition revised for multiallelic sites, the second most
      common allele is considered to be the minor allele
    * New FORMAT/VAF, VAF1 annotations to set the fraction of
      alternate reads provided FORMAT/AD is present
  * bcftools gtcheck:
    * support matching of a single sample against all other samples
      in the file with -s qry:sample -s gt:-.
  * bcftools merge:
    * Make merge -R behavior consistent with other commands and pull
      in overlapping records with POS outside of the regions
    * Bug fix
  * bcftools mpileup:
    * Add new optional tag mpileup -a FORMAT/QS
  * bcftools norm:
    * New -a, --atomize functionality to decompose complex variants,
      for example MNVs into consecutive SNVs
    * New option --old-rec-tag to indicate the original variant
  * bcftools query:
    * Incorrect fields were printed in the per-sample output when
      subset of samples was requested via -s/-S and the order of
      samples in the header was different from the requested -s/-S order
  * bcftools +prune:
    * New options --random-seed and --nsites-per-win-mode
  * bcftools +split-vep:
    * Transcript selection now works also on the raw CSQ/BCSQ annotation.
    * Bug fix, samples were dropped on VCF input and VCF/BCF output
  * bcftools stats:
    * Changes to QUAL and ts/tv plotting stats: avoid capping QUAL to
      predefined bins, use an open-range logarithmic binning instead
    * plot dual ts/tv stats: per quality bin and cumulative as if
      threshold applied on the whole dataset
  * bcftools +trio-dnm2:
    * Major revamp of +trio-dnm plugin, which is now deprecated
      and replaced by +trio-dnm2.
    * The original trio-dnm calling model used genotype likelihoods
      (PLs) as the input for calling.
    * This new version also implements the DeNovoGear model.
    * For more details see
- Update use_python3.patch

Thu May 13 00:53:30 UTC 2021 - Ferdinand Thiessen <>

- Update to version 1.11
  * Breaking change in -i/-e expressions on the FILTER column.
    The new behaviour is:
        Expression 	Result
        FILTER="A" 	Exact match, for example "A;B" does not pass
        FILTER!="A" 	Exact match, for example "A;B" does pass
        FILTER~"A" 	Both "A" and "A;B" pass
        FILTER!~"A" 	Neither "A" nor "A;B" pass
  * Fix in commutative comparison operators, in some cases reversing
    sides would produce incorrect results
  * Better support for filtering on sample subsests
  * bcftools annotate:
    * Previously it was not possible to use --columns =TAG with INFO
      tags and the --merge-logic feature was restricted to tab files
      with BEG,END columns, now extended to work also with REF,ALT.
    * Make annotate -TAG/+TAG work also with FORMAT fields.
    * ID and FILTER can be transferred to INFO and ID can be populated
      from INFO.
  * bcftools consensus:
    * Fix in handling symbolic deletions and overlapping variants.
    * Fix --iupac-codes crash on REF-only positions with ALT=".".
    * Fix --chain crash
    * Preserve the case of the genome reference.
    * Add new -a, --absent option which allows to set positions with
      no supporting evidence to "N" (or any other character).
  * bcftools convert:
    * The option --vcf-ids now works also with -haplegendsample2vcf.
    * New option --keep-duplicates
  * bcftools csq:
    * Add misc/ script for conversion between various
      flavors of GFF files. The initial commit supports only one type
    * Add missing consequence types.
    * Allow overlapping CDS to support ribosomal slippage.
  * bcftools +fill-tags:
    * Added new annotations: INFO/END, TYPE, F_MISSING.
  * bcftools filter:
    * Make --SnpGap optionally filter also SNPs close to other variant
  * bcftools gtcheck:
    * Complete revamp of the command. The new version is faster and allows
    N:M sample comparisons, not just 1:N or NxN comparisons. Some
    functionality was lost (plotting and clustering) but may be added back
    on popular demand.
  * bcftools +mendelian:
    * Revamp of user options, output VCFs with mendelian errors annotation,
    read PED files
  * bcftools merge:
    * Update headers when appropriate with the '--info-rules *:join'
      INFO rule.
    * Local alleles merging that produce LAA and LPL when requested, a
      draft implementation of samtools/hts-specs#434
    * New --no-index which allows to merge unindexed files.
    * Fixes in gVCF merging.
  * bcftools norm:
    * Fixes in --check-ref s reference setting features with non-ACGT bases.
    * New --keep-sum switch to keep vector sum constant when splitting
  * bcftools +prune:
    * Extend to allow annotating with various LD metrics: r^2, Lewontin's D'
  * bcftools query:
    * New %N_PASS() formatting expression to output the number of samples
      that pass the filtering expression.
  * bcftools reheader:
    * Improved error reporting to prevent user mistakes.
  * bcftools roh:
    * The --AF-file description incorrectly suggested "REF\tALT"
      instead of the correct "REF,ALT".
    * RG lines could have negative length.
    * new --include-noalt option to allow also ALT=. records.
  * bcftools scatter:
    * New plugin intended as a convenient inverse to concat
  * bcftools +split:
    * New --groups-file option for more flexibility of defining
      desired output
    * New --hts-opts option to reduce required memory by reusing
      one output
      header and allow overriding the default hFile's block size
    * Add support for multisample output and sample renaming
  * bcftools +split-vep:
    * Add default types (Integer, Float, String) for VEP subfields
      and make --columns - extract all subfields into INFO tags
      in one go.

Tue Feb 25 11:46:58 UTC 2020 - Pierre Bonamy <>

- Changed python dependencies from python3 to python3-base and

Wed Feb 12 15:10:09 UTC 2020 - Todd R <>

- Add use_python3.patch to switch from python2 to python3

Wed Feb  5 19:01:01 UTC 2020 - Todd R <>

- Update to 1.10.2
  * This release fixes crashes reported on files including integer
    INFO tags with values outside the range officially supported
    by VCF. It also fixes a bug where invalid BCF files would be
    created if such values were present.
- Update to 1.10.0
  + Numerous bug fixes, usability improvements and sanity checks were added to prevent common user errors.
  + The -r, --regions (and -R, --regions-file) option should never create unsorted VCFs or duplicates records again. This also fixes rare cases where a spanning deletion makes a subsequent record invisible to bcftools isec and other commands.
  + Additions to filtering and formatting expressions
    * support for the spanning deletion alternate allele (ALT=*)
    * new ILEN filtering expression to be able to filter by indel length
    * new MEAN, MEDIAN, MODE, STDEV, phred filtering functions
    * new formatting expression %PBINOM (phred-scaled binomial probability), %INFO (the whole INFO column), %FORMAT (the whole FORMAT column), %END (end position of the REF allele), %END0 (0-based end position of the REF allele), %MASK (with multiple files indicates the presence of the site in other files)
  + New plugins
    * +gvcfz: compress gVCF file by resizing gVCF blocks according to specified criteria
    * +indel-stats: collect various indel-specific statistics
    * +parental-origin: determine parental origin of a CNV region
    * +remove-overlaps: remove overlapping variants.
    * +split-vep: query structured annotations such INFO/CSQ created by bcftools/csq or VEP
    * +trio-dnm: screen variants for possible de-novo mutations in trios
  + annotate
    * new -l, --merge-logic option for combining multiple overlapping regions
  + call
    * new bcftools call -G, --group-samples option which allows grouping samples into populations and applying the HWE assumption within but not across the groups.
  + csq
    * significant reduction of memory usage in the local -l mode for VCFs with thousands of samples and 20% reduction in the non-local haplotype-aware mode.
    * fixes a small memory leak and formatting issue in FORMAT/BCSQ at sites with many consequences
    * do not print protein sequence of start_lost events
    * support for "start_retained" consequence
    * support for symbolic insertions (ALT="<INS...>"), "feature_elongation" consequence
    * new -b, --brief-predictions option to output abbreviated protein predictions.
  + concat
    * the --naive command now checks header compatibility when concatenating multiple files.
  + consensus
    * add a new -H, --haplotype 1pIu/2pIu feature to output first/second allele for phased genotypes and the IUPAC code for unphased genotypes
    * new -p, --prefix option to add a prefix to sequence names on output
  + +contrast
    * added support for Fisher's test probability and other annotations
  + +fill-from-fasta
    * new -N, --replace-non-ACGTN option
  + +dosage
    * fix some serious bugs in dosage calculation
  + +fill-tags
    * extended to perform simple on-the-fly calculations such as calculating INFO/DP from FORMAT/DP.
  + merge
    * add support for merging FORMAT strings
    * bug fixed in gVCF merging
  + mpileup
    * a new optional SCR annotation for the number of soft-clipped reads
  + reheader
    * new -f, --fai option for updating contig lines in the VCF header
  + +trio-stats
    * extend output to include DNM homs and recurrent DNMs
  + VariantKey support

Thu Sep  6 08:43:05 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.9
    * `annotate`
        - REF and ALT columns can be now transferred from the annotation 
        - fixed bug when setting vector_end values.
    * `consensus`
        - new -M option to control output at missing genotypes
        - variants immediately following insersions should not be skipped. 
          Note however, that the current fix requires normalized VCF and may 
          still falsely skip variants adjacent to multiallelic indels.
        - bug fixed in -H selection handling
    * `convert`
        - the --tsv2vcf option now makes the missing genotypes diploid, 
          "./." instead of "."
        - the behavior of -i/-e with --gvcf2vcf changed. Previously only 
          sites with FILTER set to "PASS" or "." were expanded and the -i/-e 
          options dropped sites completely. The new behavior is to let the -i/-e 
          options control which records will be expanded. In order to drop 
          records completely, one can stream through "bcftools view" first.
    * `csq`
        - since the real consequence of start/splice events are not known, 
          the aminoacid positions at subsequent variants should stay unchanged
        - add `--force` option to skip malformatted transcripts in GFFs 
          with out-of-phase CDS exons.
    * `+dosage`: output all alleles and all their dosages at multiallelic 
    * `+fixref`: fix serious bug in -m top conversion
    * `-i/-e` filtering expressions:
        - add two-tailed binomial test
        - add functions N_PASS() and F_PASS()
        - add support for lists of samples in filtering expressions, with 
          many samples it was impractical to list them all on the command line. 
          Samples can be now in a file as, e.g., GT[@samples.txt]="het"
        - allow multiple perl functions in the expressions and some bug 
        - fix a parsing problem, '@' was not removed from '@filename' 
    * `mpileup`: fixed bug where, if samples were renamed using the `-G` 
       (`--read-groups`) option, some samples could be omitted from the 
       output file.
    * `norm`: update INFO/END when normalizing indels
    * `+split`: new -S option to subset samples and to use custom file 
       names instead of the defaults
    * `+smpl-stats`: new plugin
    * `+trio-stats`: new plugin
    * Fixed build problems with non-functional configure script produced 
      on some platforms

Thu Jul 12 08:58:12 UTC 2018 -

- Cleaned spec file using spec-cleaner
- Update to 1.8
  * `-i, -e` filtering: Support for custom perl scripts
  * `+contrast`: New plugin to annotate genotype differences between groups of samples
  * `+fixploidy`: New options for simpler ploidy usage
  * `+setGT`: Target genotypes can be set to phased by giving `--new-gt p`
  * ``: Allow to pass options directly to `bcftools roh`
  * Number of bug fixes
  * `-i, -e` filtering: Major revamp, improved filtering by FORMAT fields
    and missing values. New GT=ref,alt,mis etc keywords, check the documenation
    for details.
  * `query`: Only matching expression are printed when both the -f and -i/-e
    expressions contain genotype fields. Note that this changes the original
    behavior. Previously all samples were output when one matching sample was
    found. This functionality can be achieved by pre-filtering with view and then
    streaming to query. Compare
          bcftools query -f'[%CHROM:%POS %SAMPLE %GT\n]' -i'GT="alt"' file.bcf
          bcftools view -i'GT="alt"' file.bcf -Ou | bcftools query -f'[%CHROM:%POS %SAMPLE %GT\n]'
  * `annotate`: New -k, --keep-sites option
  * `consensus`: Fix --iupac-codes output
  * `csq`: Homs always considered phased and other fixes
  * `norm`: Make `-c none` work and remove `query -c`
  * `roh`: Fix errors in the RG output
  * `stats`: Allow IUPAC ambiguity codes in the reference file; report the number of missing genotypes
  * `+fill-tags`: Add ExcHet annotation
  * `+setGt`: Fix bug in binom.test calculation, previously it worked only for nAlt<nRef!
  * `+split`: New plugin to split a multi-sample file into single-sample files in one go
  * Improve python3 compatibility in plotting scripts
  * New `sort` command.
  * New options added to the `consensus` command. Note that the `-i, --iupac`
    option has been renamed to `-I, --iupac`, in favor of the standard 
    `-i, --include`.
  * Filtering expressions (`-i/-e`): support for `GT=<type>` expressions and
    for lists and ranges (#639) - see the man page for details.
  * `csq`: relax some GFF3 parsing restrictions to enable using Ensembl
    GFF3 files for plants (#667)
  * `stats`: add further documentation to output stats files (#316) and
    include haploid counts in per-sample output (#671).
  * `plot-vcfstats`: further fixes for Python3 (@nsoranzo, #645, #666).
  * `query` bugfix (#632)
  * `+setGT` plugin: new option to set genotypes based on a two-tailed binomial
    distribution test. Also, allow combining `-i/-e` with `-t q`.
  * `mpileup`: fix typo (#636)
  * `convert --gvcf2vcf` bugfix (#641)
  * `+mendelian`: recognize some mendelian inconsistencies that were
    being missed (@oronnavon, #660), also add support for multiallelic
    sites and sex chromosomes.

Mon Jul 10 21:28:20 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.5
- Fixed some runtime dependencies (perl and python-matplotlib)

Sun May 22 09:16:49 UTC 2016 -

- Initial release
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