File exim.changes of Package exim

Thu Feb 22 11:32:13 UTC 2024 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.

Sat Dec 30 15:35:31 UTC 2023 - Dirk Müller <>

- update to 4.97.1 (bsc#1218387, CVE-2023-51766):
  * Fixes for the smtp protocol smuggling (CVE-2023-51766)

Tue Nov  7 09:03:46 UTC 2023 - Peter Wullinger <>

- update to exim 4.97
  * remove patch-no-exit-on-rewrite-malformed-address.patch (upstreamed)

Mon Oct 16 08:45:01 UTC 2023 - Peter Wullinger <>

- security update to exim 4.96.2
  * fixes CVE-2023-42117 (bsc#1215787)
  * fixes CVE-2023-42119 (bsc#1215789)

Mon Oct  2 05:53:32 UTC 2023 - Peter Wullinger <>

- security update to exim 4.96.1
  * fixes CVE-2023-42114 (bsc#1215784)
  * fixes CVE-2023-42115 (bsc#1215785)
  * fixes CVE-2023-42116 (bsc#1215786)

Tue Mar 28 13:46:34 UTC 2023 - Peter Wullinger <>

- enable sender rewriting support (SUPPORT_SRS)

Wed Jan 25 12:56:05 UTC 2023 - Thorsten Kukuk <>

- Don't build the NIS module anymore, libnsl/NIS are deprecated

Tue Oct 18 10:00:39 UTC 2022 - Peter Wullinger <>

- add patch-cve-2022-3559 (fixes CVE-2022-3559, bsc#1204427, Bug 2915)

Thu Sep 29 13:36:20 UTC 2022 - Peter Wullinger <>

- add (patch-no-exit-on-rewrite-malformed-address.patch)
  Fix exit on attempt to rewrite a malformed address (Bug 2903)

Tue Sep  6 09:19:57 UTC 2022 - Ludwig Nussel <>

- Own /var/spool/mail (boo#1179574)

Thu Sep  1 07:43:11 UTC 2022 - Stefan Schubert <>

- Migration to /usr/etc: Saving user changed configuration files
  in /etc and restoring them while an RPM update.

Wed Jun 29 14:20:50 UTC 2022 - Stefan Schubert <>

- Moved logrotate files from user specific directory /etc/logrotate.d
  to vendor specific directory /usr/etc/logrotate.d.

Mon Jun 27 08:33:59 UTC 2022 - Peter Wullinger <>

- update to exim 4.96
  * Move from using the pcre library to pcre2.
  * Constification work in the filters module required a major version
    bump for the local-scan API.  Specifically, the "headers_charset"
    global which is visible via the API is now const and may therefore
    not be modified by local-scan code.
  * Bug 2819: speed up command-line messages being read in.  Previously a
    time check was being done for every character; replace that with one
    per buffer.
  * Bug 2815: Fix ALPN sent by server under OpenSSL.  Previously the string
    sent was prefixed with a length byte.
  * Change the SMTP feature name for pipelining connect to be compliant with
    RFC 5321.  Previously Dovecot (at least) would log errors during
  * Fix macro-definition during "-be" expansion testing.  The move to
    write-protected store for macros had not accounted for these runtime
    additions; fix by removing this protection for "-be" mode.
  * Convert all uses of select() to poll().
  * Fix use of $sender_host_name in daemon process.  When used in certain
    main-section options or in a connect ACL, the value from the first ever
    connection was never replaced for subsequent connections.
  * Bug 2838: Fix for i32lp64 hard-align platforms
  * Bug 2845: Fix handling of tls_require_ciphers for OpenSSL when a value
    with underbars is given.
  * Bug 1895: TLS: Deprecate RFC 5114 Diffie-Hellman parameters.
  * Debugging initiated by an ACL control now continues through into routing
    and transport processes.
  * The "expand" debug selector now gives more detail, specifically on the
    result of expansion operators and items.
  * Bug 2751: Fix include_directory in redirect routers.  Previously a
    bad comparison between the option value and the name of the file to
    be included was done, and a mismatch was wrongly identified.
  * Support for Berkeley DB versions 1 and 2 is withdrawn.
  * When built with NDBM for hints DB's check for nonexistence of a name
    supplied as the db file-pair basename.
  * Remove the "allow_insecure_tainted_data" main config option and the
    "taint" log_selector.
  * Fix static address-list lookups to properly return the matched item.
    Previously only the domain part was returned.
  * The ${run} expansion item now expands its command string elements after
    splitting.  Previously it was before; the new ordering makes handling
    zero-length arguments simpler.
  * Taint-check exec arguments for transport-initiated external processes.
    Previously, tainted values could be used.  This affects "pipe", "lmtp" and
    "queryprogram" transport, transport-filter, and ETRN commands.
    The ${run} expansion is also affected: in "preexpand" mode no part of
    the command line may be tainted, in default mode the executable name
    may not be tainted.
  * Fix CHUNKING on a continued-transport.  Previously the usabilility of
    the facility was not passed across execs, and only the first message
    passed over a connection could use BDAT; any further ones using DATA.
  * Support the PIPECONNECT facility in the smtp transport when the helo_data
    uses $sending_ip_address and an interface is specified.
  * OpenSSL: fix transport-required OCSP stapling verification under session
  * TLS resumption: the key for session lookup in the client now includes
    more info that a server could potentially use in configuring a TLS
    session, avoiding oferring mismatching sessions to such a server.
  * Fix string_copyn() for limit greater than actual string length.
  * Bug 2886: GnuTLS: Do not free the cached creds on transport connection
    close; it may be needed for a subsequent connection.
  * Fix CHUNKING for a second message on a connection when the first was
  * Fix ${srs_encode ...} to handle an empty sender address, now returning
    an empty address.
  * Bug 2855: Handle a v4mapped sender address given us by a frontending

Wed Jan 19 11:41:15 UTC 2022 - Peter Wullinger <>

- disable ProtectHome=, it prevents local delivery (bsc#1194810)

Wed Sep 29 06:22:01 UTC 2021 - Peter Wullinger <>

- update to exim 4.95
  * includes taintwarn (taintwarn.patch)
  * fast-ramp queue run
  * native SRS
  * TLS resumption
  * LMDB lookups with single key
  * smtp transport option "message_linelength_limit"
  * optionally ignore lookup caches
  * quota checking for appendfile transport during message reception
  * sqlite lookups allow a "file=<path>" option
  * lsearch lookups allow a "ret=full" option
  * command line option for the notifier socket
  * faster TLS startup
  * new main config option "proxy_protocol_timeout"
  * expand "smtp_accept_max_per_connection"
  * log selector "queue_size_exclusive"
  * main config option "smtp_backlog_monitor"
  * main config option "hosts_require_helo"
  * main config option "allow_insecure_tainted_data"

Tue Sep 14 07:31:37 UTC 2021 - Johannes Segitz <>

- Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Modified:
  * exim.service

Thu Jul  8 06:08:34 UTC 2021 - Steve Kowalik <>

- Update to run under Python 3.

Mon May 17 15:03:24 CEST 2021 -

- add exim-4.94.2+fixes and taintwarn patches (taintwarn.patch)

Tue May  4 16:45:17 CEST 2021 -

- update to exim-4.94.2
  security update (bsc#1185631)
  * CVE-2020-28007: Link attack in Exim's log directory
  * CVE-2020-28008: Assorted attacks in Exim's spool directory
  * CVE-2020-28014: Arbitrary PID file creation
  * CVE-2020-28011: Heap buffer overflow in queue_run()
  * CVE-2020-28010: Heap out-of-bounds write in main()
  * CVE-2020-28013: Heap buffer overflow in parse_fix_phrase()
  * CVE-2020-28016: Heap out-of-bounds write in parse_fix_phrase()
  * CVE-2020-28015: New-line injection into spool header file (local)
  * CVE-2020-28012: Missing close-on-exec flag for privileged pipe
  * CVE-2020-28009: Integer overflow in get_stdinput()
  * CVE-2020-28017: Integer overflow in receive_add_recipient()
  * CVE-2020-28020: Integer overflow in receive_msg()
  * CVE-2020-28023: Out-of-bounds read in smtp_setup_msg()
  * CVE-2020-28021: New-line injection into spool header file (remote)
  * CVE-2020-28022: Heap out-of-bounds read and write in extract_option()
  * CVE-2020-28026: Line truncation and injection in spool_read_header()
  * CVE-2020-28019: Failure to reset function pointer after BDAT error
  * CVE-2020-28024: Heap buffer underflow in smtp_ungetc()
  * CVE-2020-28018: Use-after-free in tls-openssl.c
  * CVE-2020-28025: Heap out-of-bounds read in pdkim_finish_bodyhash()

Wed Apr 28 13:55:29 CEST 2021 -

- update to exim-4.94.1
  * Fix security issue in BDAT state confusion.
    Ensure we reset known-good where we know we need to not be reading BDAT
    data, as a general case fix, and move the places where we switch to BDAT
    mode until after various protocol state checks.
    Fixes CVE-2020-BDATA reported by Qualys.
  * Fix security issue in SMTP verb option parsing (CVE-2020-EXOPT)
  * Fix security issue with too many recipients on a message (to remove a
    known security problem if someone does set recipients_max to unlimited,
    or if local additions add to the recipient list).
    Fixes CVE-2020-RCPTL reported by Qualys.
  * Fix CVE-2020-28016 (PFPZA): Heap out-of-bounds write in parse_fix_phrase()
  * Fix security issue CVE-2020-PFPSN and guard against cmdline invoker
    providing a particularly obnoxious sender full name.
  * Fix Linux security issue CVE-2020-SLCWD and guard against PATH_MAX

Mon Aug 24 11:13:55 CEST 2020 -

- bring back missing exim_db.8 manual page
  (fixes bsc#1173693)

Mon Jun  8 11:24:08 CEST 2020 -

- bring in changes from current +fixes (lots of taint check fixes)
  * Bug 1329: Fix format of Maildir-format filenames to match other mail-
    related applications.  Previously an "H" was used where available info
    says that "M" should be, so change to match.

  * Bug 2587: Fix pam expansion condition.  Tainted values are commonly used
    as arguments, so an implementation trying to copy these into a local
    buffer was taking a taint-enforcement trap.  Fix by using dynamically
    created buffers.

  * Bug 2586: Fix listcount expansion operator.  Using tainted arguments is
    reasonable, eg. to count headers.  Fix by using dynamically created
    buffers rather than a local.  Do similar fixes for ACL actions "dcc",
    "log_reject_target", "malware" and "spam"; the arguments are expanded
    so could be handling tainted values.
  * Bug 2590: Fix -bi (newaliases).  A previous code rearrangement had
    broken the (no-op) support for this sendmail command.  Restore it
    to doing nothing, silently, and returning good status.

Tue Jun  2 07:12:55 CEST 2020 -

- update to exim 4.94
  * some transports now refuse to use tainted data in constructing their delivery
    this WILL BREAK configurations which are not updated accordingly.
    In particular: any Transport use of $local_user which has been relying upon
    check_local_user far away in the Router to make it safe, should be updated to
    replace $local_user with $local_part_data.
  * Attempting to remove, in router or transport, a header name that ends with
    an asterisk (which is a standards-legal name) will now result in all headers
    named starting with the string before the asterisk being removed.

Tue May 19 13:47:05 CEST 2020 -

- switch pretrans to use lua
  (fixes bsc#1171877)

Tue May 12 08:19:17 UTC 2020 -

- bring changes from current in +fixes branch
  * fixes CVE-2020-12783 (bsc#1171490)
  * Regard command-line recipients as tainted.
  * Bug 2489: Fix crash in the "pam" expansion condition.
  * Use tainted buffers for the transport smtp context.
  * Bug 2493: Harden ARC verify against Outlook, which has been seen to mix
    the ordering of its ARC headers.  This caused a crash.
  * Bug 2492: Use tainted memory for retry record when needed.  Previously when
    a new record was being constructed with information from the peer, a trap
    was taken.
  * Bug 2494: Unset the default for dmarc_tld_file.
  * Fix an uninitialised flag in early-pipelining.  Previously connections
    could, depending on the platform, hang at the STARTTLS response.
  * Bug 2498: Reset a counter used for ARC verify before handling another
    message on a connection.  Previously if one message had ARC headers and
    the following one did not, a crash could result when adding an
    Authentication-Results: header.
  * Bug 2500: Rewind some of the common-coding in string handling between the
    Exim main code and Exim-related utities.
  * Fix the variables set by the gsasl authenticator.
  * Bug 2507: Modules: on handling a dynamic-module (lookups) open failure,
    only retrieve the errormessage once.
  * Bug 2501: Fix init call in the heimdal authenticator.  Previously it
    adjusted the size of a major service buffer; this failed because the
    buffer was in use at the time.  Change to a compile-time increase in the
    buffer size, when this authenticator is compiled into exim.

Wed Apr  1 12:52:10 UTC 2020 -

- don't create logfiles during install
  * fixes CVE-2020-8015 (bsc#1154183)

Mon Jan 13 08:48:53 CET 2020 -

- add a spec-file workaround for bsc#1160726

Tue Jan  7 07:50:35 CET 2020 -

- update to exim (+fixes release)
  * Avoid costly startup code when not strictly needed.  This reduces time
    for some exim process initialisations.  It does mean that the logging
    of TLS configuration problems is only done for the daemon startup.
  * Early-pipelining support code is now included unless disabled in Makefile.
  * DKIM verification defaults no long accept sha1 hashes, to conform to
    RFC 8301.  They can still be enabled, using the dkim_verify_hashes main
  * Support CHUNKING from an smtp transport using a transport_filter, when
    DKIM signing is being done.  Previously a transport_filter would always
    disable CHUNKING, falling back to traditional DATA.
  * Regard command-line receipients as tainted.
  * Bug 340: Remove the daemon pid file on exit, whe due to SIGTERM.
  * Bug 2489: Fix crash in the "pam" expansion condition.  It seems that the
    PAM library frees one of the arguments given to it, despite the
    documentation.  Therefore a plain malloc must be used.
  * Bug 2491: Use tainted buffers for the transport smtp context.  Previously
    on-stack buffers were used, resulting in a taint trap when DSN information
    copied from a received message was written into the buffer.
  * Bug 2493: Harden ARC verify against Outlook, whick has been seen to mix
    the ordering of its ARC headers.  This caused a crash.
  * Bug 2492: Use tainted memory for retry record when needed.  Previously when
    a new record was being constructed with information from the peer, a trap
    was taken.
  * Bug 2494: Unset the default for dmarc_tld_file.  Previously a naiive
    installation would get error messages from DMARC verify, when it hit the
    nonexistent file indicated by the default.  Distros wanting DMARC enabled
    should both provide the file and set the option.
    Also enforce no DMARC verification for command-line sourced messages.
  * Fix an uninitialised flag in early-pipelining.  Previously connections
    could, depending on the platform, hang at the STARTTLS response.
  * Bug 2498: Reset a counter used for ARC verify before handling another
    message on a connection.  Previously if one message had ARC headers and
    the following one did not, a crash could result when adding an
    Authentication-Results: header.
  * Bug 2500: Rewind some of the common-coding in string handling between the
    Exim main code and Exim-related utities.  The introduction of taint
    tracking also did many adjustments to string handling.  Since then, eximon
    frequently terminated with an assert failure.
  * When PIPELINING, synch after every hundred or so RCPT commands sent and
    check for 452 responses.  This slightly helps the inefficieny of doing
    a large alias-expansion into a recipient-limited target.  The max_rcpt
    transport option still applies (and at the current default, will override
    the new feature).  The check is done for either cause of synch, and forces
    a fast-retry of all 452'd recipients using a new MAIL FROM on the same
    connection.  The new facility is not tunable at this time.
  * Fix the variables set by the gsasl authenticator.  Previously a pointer to
    library live data was being used, so the results became garbage.  Make
    copies while it is still usable.
  * Logging: when the deliver_time selector ise set, include the DT= field
    on delivery deferred (==) and failed (**) lines (if a delivery was
    attemtped).  Previously it was only on completion (=>) lines.
  * Authentication: the gsasl driver not provides the $authN variables in time
    for the expansion of the server_scram_iter and server_scram_salt options.

Thu Jan  2 08:40:29 CET 2020 -

spec file cleanup to make update work
- add docdir to spec

Mon Dec  9 10:08:02 UTC 2019 -

- update to exim 4.93
  * Bump the version for the local_scan API.
  * smtp transport option hosts_try_fastopen defaults to "*".
  * DNSSec is requested (not required) for all queries. (This seemes to
    ask for trouble if your resolver is a systemd-resolved.)
  * Generic router option retry_use_local_part defaults to "true" under specific
  * Introduce a tainting mechanism for values read from untrusted sources.
  * Use longer file names for temporary spool files (this avoids
    name conflicts with spool on a shared file system).
  * Use dsn_from main config option (was ignored previously).

Mon Sep 30 15:39:54 UTC 2019 -

- update to exim 4.92.3
  * CVE-2019-16928: fix against Heap-based buffer overflow in string_vformat,
    remote code execution seems to be possible

Sat Sep  7 18:22:08 UTC 2019 -

- update to exim 4.92.2
  * CVE-2019-15846: fix against remote attackers executing arbitrary code as
    root via a trailing backslash

Thu Jul 25 13:43:52 UTC 2019 - alex <>

- update to exim 4.92.1
 * CVE-2019-13917: Fixed an issue with ${sort} expansion which could
   allow remote attackers to execute other programs with root privileges

Wed Jun  5 07:14:44 CEST 2019 -

- spec file cleanup
 * fix DANE inclusion guard condition
 * re-enable i18n and remove misleading comment

Sat Mar 23 05:03:11 UTC 2019 -

- update to exim 4.92
 * ${l_header:<name>} expansion
 * ${readsocket} now supports TLS
 * "utf8_downconvert" option (if built with SUPPORT_I18N)
 * "pipelining" log_selector
 * JSON variants for ${extract } expansion
 * "noutf8" debug option
 * TCP Fast Open support on MacOS
 * CVE-2019-10149: Fixed a Remote Command Execution (bsc#1136587)
- add workaround patch for compile time error on missing printf
  format annotation (gnu_printf.patch)

Mon Apr 16 13:57:17 UTC 2018 -

- update to 4.91
 * DEFER rather than ERROR on redis cluster MOVED response.
 * Catch and remove uninitialized value warning in exiqsumm
 * Disallow '/' characters in queue names specified for the "queue=" ACL
    modifier.  This matches the restriction on the commandline.
 * Fix pgsql lookup for multiple result-tuples with a single column.
    Previously only the last row was returned.
 * Bug 2217: Tighten up the parsing of DKIM signature headers.
 * Bug 2215: Fix crash associated with dnsdb lookup done from DKIM ACL.
 * Fix issue with continued-connections when the DNS shifts unreliably.
 * Bug 2214: Fix SMTP responses resulting from non-accept result of MIME ACL.
 * The "support for" informational output now, which built with Content
   Scanning support, has a line for the malware scanner interfaces compiled
   in.  Interface can be individually included or not at build time.
 * The "aveserver", "kavdaemon" and "mksd" interfaces are now not included
   by the template makefile "src/EDITME".  The "STREAM" support for an older
   ClamAV interface method is removed.
 * Bug 2223: Fix mysql lookup returns for the no-data case (when the number of
   rows affected is given instead).
 * The runtime Berkeley DB library version is now additionally output by
   "exim -d -bV".  Previously only the compile-time version was shown.
 * Bug 2230: Fix cutthrough routing for nonfirst messages in an initiating
   SMTP connection.
 * Bug 2229: Fix cutthrough routing for nonstandard port numbers defined by
 * Bug 2174: A timeout on connect for a callout was also erroneously seen as
   a timeout on read on a GnuTLS initiating connection, resulting in the
   initiating connection being dropped.
 * Relax results from ACL control request to enable cutthrough, in
   unsupported situations, from error to silently (except under debug)
 * Fix Buffer overflow in base64d() (CVE-2018-6789)
 * Fix bug in DKIM verify: a buffer overflow could corrupt the malloc
   metadata, resulting in a crash in free().
 * Fix broken Heimdal GSSAPI authenticator integration.
 * Bug 2113: Fix conversation closedown with the Avast malware scanner.
 * Bug 2239: Enforce non-usability of control=utf8_downconvert in the mail ACL.
 * Speed up macro lookups during configuration file read, by skipping non-
   macro text after a replacement (previously it was only once per line) and
   by skipping builtin macros when searching for an uppercase lead character.
 * DANE support moved from Experimental to mainline.  The Makefile control
   for the build is renamed.
 * Fix memory leak during multi-message connections using STARTTLS.
 * Bug 2236: When a DKIM verification result is overridden by ACL, DMARC
   reported the original.  Fix to report (as far as possible) the ACL
   result replacing the original.
 * Fix memory leak during multi-message connections using STARTTLS under
 * Bug 2242: Fix exim_dbmbuild to permit directoryless filenames.
 * Fix utf8_downconvert propagation through a redirect router.
 * Bug 2253: For logging delivery lines under PRDR, append the overall
   DATA response info to the (existing) per-recipient response info for
   the "C=" log element.
 * Bug 2251: Fix ldap lookups that return a single attribute having zero-
   length value.
 * Support Avast multiline protocol, this allows passing flags to
   newer versions of the scanner.
 *  Ensure that variables possibly set during message acceptance are marked
    dead before release of memory in the daemon loop.
 * Bug 2250: Fix a longstanding bug in heavily-pipelined SMTP input (such
   as a multi-recipient message from a mailinglist manager).
 * The (EXPERIMENTAL_DMARC) variable $dmarc_ar_header is withdrawn, being
   replaced by the ${authresults } expansion.
 * Bug 2257: Fix pipe transport to not use a socket-only syscall.
 * Set a handler for SIGTERM and call exit(3) if running as PID 1. This
   allows proper process termination in container environments.
 * Bug 2258: Fix spool_wireformat in combination with LMTP transport.
   Previously the "final dot" had a newline after it; ensure it is CR,LF.
 * SPF: remove support for the "spf" ACL condition outcome values "err_temp"
   and "err_perm", deprecated since 4.83 when the RFC-defined words
   " temperror" and "permerror" were introduced.
 * Re-introduce enforcement of no cutthrough delivery on transports having
   transport-filters or DKIM-signing.
 * Cutthrough: for a final-dot response timeout (and nonunderstood responses)
   in defer=pass mode supply a 450 to the initiator.  Previously the message
      would be spooled.
 * DANE: add dane_require_tls_ciphers SMTP Transport option; if unset,
      tls_require_ciphers is used as before.
 * Malware Avast: Better match the Avast multiline protocol.
 * Fix reinitialisation of DKIM logging variable between messages.
 * Bug 2255: Revert the disable of the OpenSSL session caching.
 * Add util/ script for safe renewal of public
   suffix list.
 * DKIM: accept Ed25519 pubkeys in SubjectPublicKeyInfo-wrapped form,
   since the IETF WG has not yet settled on that versus the original
   "bare" representation.
 * Fix syslog logging for syslog_timestamp=no and log_selector +millisec.
   Previously the millisecond value corrupted the output.
   Fix also for syslog_pid=no and log_selector +pid, for which the pid
   corrupted the output.

Thu Mar 15 20:22:09 UTC 2018 -

- Replace xorg-x11-devel by individual pkgconfig() buildrequires.

Tue Feb 13 13:39:34 UTC 2018 -

- update to 4.90.1
  * Allow PKG_CONFIG_PATH to be set in Local/Makefile and use it correctly
    during configuration.  Wildcards are allowed and expanded.
  * Shorten the log line for daemon startup by collapsing adjacent sets of
    identical IP addresses on different listening ports.  Will also affect
    "exiwhat" output.
  * Tighten up the checking in isip4 (et al): dotted-quad components larger
    than 255 are no longer allowed.
  * Default openssl_options to include +no_ticket, to reduce load on peers.
    Disable the session-cache too, which might reduce our load.  Since we
    currrectly use a new context for every connection, both as server and
    client, there is no benefit for these.
  * Add $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH support for reproducible builds, per spec at
  * Fix smtp transport use of limited max_rcpt under mua_wrapper. Previously
    the check for any unsuccessful recipients did not notice the limit, and
    erroneously found still-pending ones.
  * Pipeline CHUNKING command and data together, on kernels that support
    MSG_MORE.  Only in-clear (not on TLS connections).
  * Avoid using a temporary file during transport using dkim.  Unless a
    transport-filter is involved we can buffer the headers in memory for
    creating the signature, and read the spool data file once for the
    signature and again for transmission.
  * Enable use of sendfile in Linux builds as default.  It was disabled in
    4.77 as the kernel support then wasn't solid, having issues in 64bit
    mode.  Now, it's been long enough.  Add support for FreeBSD also.
  * Add commandline_checks_require_admin option.
  * Do pipelining under TLS.
  * For the "sock" variant of the malware scanner interface, accept an empty
    cmdline element to get the documented default one.  Previously it was
  * Prevent repeated use of -p/-oMr
  * DKIM: enforce the DNS pubkey record "h" permitted-hashes optional field,
    if present.
  * DKIM: when a message has multiple signatures matching an identity given
    in dkim_verify_signers, run the dkim acl once for each.
  * Support IDNA2008.
  * The path option on a pipe transport is now expanded before use
  * Have the EHLO response advertise VRFY, if there is a vrfy ACL defined.
- Several bug fixes
- Fix for buffer overflow in base64decode() (bsc#1079832 CVE-2018-6789)
- removed patches (included upstream now):
  * exim-CVE-2017-1000369.patch
  * exim-CVE-2017-16943.patch
  * exim-CVE-2017-16944.patch
  * exim-4.86.2-mariadb_102_compile_fix.patch

Thu Nov 30 08:32:50 UTC 2017 -

- add exim-CVE-2017-16944.patch:
  backport of commit 178ecb70987f024f0e775d87c2f8b2cf587dd542
  fix for CVE-2017-16944 (#bsc1069859)

Mon Nov 27 10:36:17 UTC 2017 -

- update to 4.88:
  drops fix-CVE-2016-9963-31c02defdc5118834e801d4fe8f11c1d9b5ebadf.patch,
- remove exim4-manpages.tar.bz2: upstream does not exist anymore
- update keyring

Mon Nov 27 08:52:33 UTC 2017 -

- add exim-4.86.2-mariadb_102_compile_fix.patch to fix compilation
   with the mariadb 10.2 (in our case the build with libmariadb
   library from the mariadb-connector-c package)
   * upstream commits: a12400fd4493b676e71613ab429e731f777ebd1e and

Mon Nov 27 06:45:14 UTC 2017 -

- exim-CVE-2017-16943.patch: fixed possible code execution (CVE-2017-16943 bsc#1069857)

Thu Nov 23 13:43:04 UTC 2017 -

- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
  %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)

Mon Oct  9 11:36:38 UTC 2017 -

- Explicitly buildrequire libnsl-devel on suse_version >= 1330:
  libnsl used to be an integrated part of glibc. Since the build
  system / makefiles explicitly reference libnsl, it is our own
  duty to ensure we have our deps in place.

Tue Jul  4 11:15:20 UTC 2017 -

- specify users with ref:mail, to make them dynamic. bsc#1046971

Mon Jun 19 16:27:45 UTC 2017 -

- exim-CVE-2017-1000369.patch: Fixed memory leaks that could be
  exploited to "stack crash" local privilege escalation (bsc#1044692)

- Require user(mail) group(mail) to meet new users handling in TW.

- Prerequire permissions (fixes rpmlint).

Mon Apr 24 07:45:00 UTC 2017 -

- conditionally disable DANE on SuSE versions with OpenSSL < 1.0

- exim-4.86.2+fixes-867e8fe25dbfb1e31493488ad695bde55b890397.patch:
  import exim-4_86_2+fixes branch
    + fix CVE-2016-1531
      when installed setuid root, allows local users to gain privileges via the perl_startup
    + fix Bug 1805: store the initial working directory, expand $initial_cwd
    + fix Bug 1671: segfault after delivery (
    + Don't issue env warning if env is empty

- fix-CVE-2016-9963-31c02defdc5118834e801d4fe8f11c1d9b5ebadf.patch:
  DKIM information leakage

Mon Apr  4 15:55:31 UTC 2016 -

- Makefile tuning:
	+ add sqlite support
    + disable WITH_OLD_DEMIME
    + enable AUTH_CYRUS_SASL
    + enable AUTH_TLS
    + enable SYSLOG_LONG_LINES
    + enable SUPPORT_PAM

Wed Mar  2 21:05:04 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 4.86.2
  + Fix minor portability issues for *BSD and OS/X.

Mon Feb 29 17:26:20 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 4.86.1
  + Add support for keep_environment and add_environment options;
    CVE-2016-1531; (boo#968844).

Wed Feb  3 19:07:16 UTC 2016 -

- Move AppArmor profile to /usr/share/apparmor/extra-profiles/, which is
  the directory for inactive profiles since AppArmor 2.9

Fri Dec 11 10:44:26 UTC 2015 -

- Update the Exim Maintainers Keyring file 'exim.keyring'.
- Use URL for the source line of the main tar ball.

Fri Oct  2 21:56:18 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 4.86
  * Support for using the system standard CA bundle.
  * New expansion items $config_file, $config_dir, containing the file
    and directory name of the main configuration file. Also $exim_version.
  * New "malware=" support for Avast.
  * New "spam=" variant option for Rspamd.
  * Assorted options on malware= and spam= scanners.
  * A commandline option to write a comment into the logfile.
  * If built with EXPERIMENTAL_SOCKS feature enabled, the smtp transport can
    be configured to make connections via socks5 proxies.
  * If built with EXPERIMENTAL_INTERNATIONAL, support is included for
    the transmission of UTF-8 envelope addresses.
  * If built with EXPERIMENTAL_INTERNATIONAL, an expansion item for a commonly
    used encoding of Maildir folder names.
  * A logging option for slow DNS lookups.
  * New ${env {<variable>}} expansion.
  * A non-SMTP authenticator using information from TLS client certificates.
  * Main option "tls_eccurve" for selecting an Elliptic Curve for TLS.
    Patch originally by Wolfgang Breyha.
  * Main option "dns_trust_aa" for trusting your local nameserver at the
    same level as DNSSEC.
- Dropped exim-enable_ecdh_openssl.patch as included in upstream

Wed May  6 21:25:49 UTC 2015 -

- Fix the systemd service file by not passing EXIM_ARGS as one single
  argument by removing the curly brackets (shell syntax).

Fri Apr 17 15:53:24 UTC 2015 -

- Install fitting eximstats.conf depending on SUSE version; (bsc#926861).
- Add attribute dir to /etc/apache2 and /etc/apache2/conf.d in the file list.

Fri Mar 13 12:26:23 UTC 2015 -

- Replace the fixed ExecStart arguments by ${EXIM_ARGS} as defined in
  /etc/sysconfig/exim; (bsc#922145).

Sat Jan 24 23:04:19 UTC 2015 -

- Set CFLAGS_OPT_WERROR only on post-5 CentOS and RHEL systems.

Sat Jan 24 22:33:59 UTC 2015 -

- Drop BuildRequires xorg-x11-server-sdk for non SUSE systems in particular to
  build on RHEL 6 again.

Sat Jan 24 22:16:09 UTC 2015 -

- Let ld know the path to mysqlclient.

Sat Jan 24 19:33:39 UTC 2015 -

- update to 4.85
  + When running the test suite, the README says that variables such as
    no_msglog_check are global and can be placed anywhere in a specific
    test's script, however it was observed that placement needed to be near
    the beginning for it to behave that way. Changed the runtest perl
    script to read through the entire script once to detect and set these
    variables, reset to the beginning of the script, and then run through
    the script parsing/test process like normal.
  + Expand the EXPERIMENTAL_TPDA feature.  Several different events now
    cause callback expansion.
  + Bugzilla 1518: Clarify "condition" processing in routers; that
    syntax errors in an expansion can be treated as a string instead of
    logging or causing an error, due to the internal use of bool_lax
    instead of bool when processing it.
  + Add EXPERIMENTAL_DANE, allowing for using the DNS as trust-anchor for
    server certificates when making smtp deliveries.
  + Support secondary-separator specifier for MX, SRV, TLSA lookups.
  + Add ${sort {list}{condition}{extractor}} expansion item.
  + Bugzilla 1216: Add -M (related messages) option to exigrep.
  + GitHub Issue 18: Adjust logic testing for true/false in redis lookups.
    Merged patch from Sebastian Wiedenroth.
  + Fix results-pipe from transport process.  Several recipients, combined
    with certificate use, exposed issues where response data items split
    over buffer boundaries were not parsed properly.  This eventually
    resulted in duplicates being sent.  This issue only became common enough
    to notice due to the introduction of conection certificate information,
    the item size being so much larger.  Found and fixed by Wolfgang Breyha.
  + Bug 1533: Fix truncation of items in headers_remove lists.  A fixed
    size buffer was used, resulting in syntax errors when an expansion
    exceeded it.
  + Add support for directories of certificates when compiled with a GnuTLS
    version 3.3.6 or later.
  + Rename the TPDA expermimental facility to Event Actions.  The #ifdef
    is EXPERIMENTAL_EVENT, the main-configuration and transport options
    both become "event_action", the variables become $event_name, $event_data
    and $event_defer_errno.  There is a new variable $verify_mode, usable in
    routers, transports and related events.  The tls:cert event is now also
    raised for inbound connections, if the main configuration event_action
    option is defined.
  + In test suite, disable OCSP for old versions of openssl which contained
    early OCSP support, but no stapling (appears to be less than 1.0.0).
  + When compiled with OpenSSL and EXPERIMENTAL_CERTNAMES, the checks on
    server certificate names available under the smtp transport option
    "tls_verify_cert_hostname" now do not permit multi-component wildcard
  + Time-related extraction expansions from certificates now use the main
    option "timezone" setting for output formatting, and are consistent
    between OpenSSL and GnuTLS compilations.  Bug 1541.
  + Fix a crash in mime ACL when meeting a zero-length, quoted or RFC2047-
    encoded parameter in the incoming message.  Bug 1558.
  + Bug 1527: Autogrow buffer used in reading spool files.  Since they now
    include certificate info, eximon was claiming there were spoolfile
    syntax errors.
  + Bug 1521: Fix ldap lookup for single-attr request, multiple-attr return.
  + Log delivery-related information more consistently, using the sequence
    "H=<name> [<ip>]" wherever possible.
  + Bug 1547: Omit RFCs from release. Draft and RFCs have licenses which
    are problematic for Debian distribution, omit them from the release
  + Updates and fixes to the EXPERIMENTAL_DSN feature.
  + Fix string representation of time values on 64bit time_t anchitectures.
    Bug 1561.
  + Fix a null-indirection in certextract expansions when a nondefault
    output list separator was used.

Sun Dec 21 10:25:47 UTC 2014 -

- Enable SPF

Sun Dec 21 09:48:18 UTC 2014 -

- Fix service file; (boo#935601)
- Using bcond for mysql, pgsql and ldap
- mysql, pgsql and ldap enabled by default

Fri Dec  5 12:47:28 UTC 2014 -

- Removed executable permission bits from exim.service file; (boo#935601).

Wed Nov 26 14:38:41 UTC 2014 -

- Remove dependency on gpg-offline as signature checking is implemented in the
  source validator.

Wed Nov 26 13:13:38 UTC 2014 -

- update to 4.84
  + Re-add a 'return NULL' to silence complaints from static checkers that
    were complaining about end of non-void function with no return;
    (beo#1506); obsoletes silence-static-checkers.patch.
  + Fix parsing of quoted parameter values in MIME headers.
    This was a regression intruduced in 4.83 by another bugfix; (beo#1513).
  + Fix broken compilation when EXPERIMENTAL_DSN is enabled.
  + Fix exipick for enhanced spoolfile specification used when
    EXPERIMENTAL_DNS is enabled; (beo#1509).

Tue Aug 12 13:46:29 UTC 2014 -

- Use %insserv_cleanup only for openSUSE < 12.2

Wed Jul 23 13:09:41 UTC 2014 -

- Add silence-static-checkers.patch; (beo#1506).

Wed Jul 23 10:08:04 UTC 2014 -

- update to 4.83
  This release of Exim includes one incompatible fix:
  + the behavior of expansion of arguments to math comparison functions
    (<, <=, =, =>, >) was unexpected, expanding the values twice;
    CVE-2014-2972; (bnc#888520)
  This release contains the following enhancements and bugfixes:
  + PRDR was promoted from Experimental to mainline
  + OCSP Stapling was promoted from Experimental to mainline
  + new Experimental feature Proxy Protocol
  + new Experimental feature DSN (Delivery Status Notifications)
  + TLS session improvements
  + TLS SNI fixes
  + LDAP enhancements
  + DMARC fixes (previous CVE-2014-2957) and new $dmarc_domain_policy
  + several new operations (listextract, utf8clean, md5, sha1)
  + enforce header formatting with verify=header_names_ascii
  + new commandline option -oMm
  + new TLSA dns lookup
  + new malware "sock" type
  + cutthrough routing enhancements
  + logging enhancements
  + DNSSEC enhancements
  + exiqgrep enhancements
  + deprecating non-standard SPF results
  + build and portability fixes
  + documentation fixes and enhancements
- Verify source tar ball gpg signature.
- Refresh exim-enable_ecdh_openssl.patch and strip version number from the
  patch filename.

Thu Jan 23 09:25:36 UTC 2014 -

- exim482-enable_ecdh_openssl.patch: Enable ECDH (elliptic curve diffie
  hellman) support, taken from

Fri Dec  6 18:44:42 UTC 2013 -

- BuildRequire libopenssl-devel only on SUSE systems.
- Fix suse_version condition of the pre- and postun scriptlets.

Fri Dec  6 17:52:27 UTC 2013 -

- Call service_add_pre from pre scriptlet on post-12.2 systems.

Fri Dec  6 17:37:11 UTC 2013 -

- update to 4.82
  - Add -bI: framework, and -bI:sieve for querying sieve capabilities.
  - Make -n do something, by making it not do something.
    When combined with -bP, the name of an option is not output.
  - Added tls_dh_min_bits SMTP transport driver option, only honoured
    by GnuTLS.
  - First step towards DNSSEC, provide $sender_host_dnssec for
    $sender_host_name and config options to manage this, and basic check
  - DSCP support for outbound connections and control modifier for inbound.
  - Cyrus SASL: set local and remote IP;port properties for driver.
    (Only plugin which currently uses this is kerberos4, which nobody should
    be using, but we should make it available and other future plugins might
    conceivably use it, even though it would break NAT; stuff *should* be
    using channel bindings instead).
  - Handle "exim -L <tag>" to indicate to use syslog with tag as the process
    name; added for Sendmail compatibility; requires admin caller.
    Handle -G as equivalent to "control = suppress_local_fixups" (we used to
    just ignore it); requires trusted caller.
    Also parse but ignore: -Ac -Am -X<logfile>
    Bugzilla 1117.
  - Bugzilla 1258 - Refactor MAIL FROM optional args processing.
  - Add +smtp_confirmation as a default logging option.
  - Bugzilla 198 - Implement remove_header ACL modifier.
  - Bugzilla 1197, 1281, 1283 - Spec typo.
  - Bugzilla 1290 - Spec grammar fixes.
  - Bugzilla 1285 - Spec omission, fix docbook errors for spec.txt creation.
  - Add Experimental DMARC support using libopendmarc libraries.
  - Fix an out of order global option causing a segfault.  Reported to dev
    mailing list by by Dmitry Isaikin.
  - Bugzilla 1201 & 304 - New cutthrough-delivery feature, with TLS support.
  - Support "G" suffix to numbers in ${if comparisons.
  - Handle smtp transport tls_sni option forced-fail for OpenSSL.
  - Bugzilla 1196 - Spec examples corrections
  - Add expansion operators ${listnamed:name} and ${listcount:string}
  - Add gnutls_allow_auto_pkcs11 option (was originally called
    gnutls_enable_pkcs11, but renamed to more accurately indicate its
  - Let Linux makefile inherit CFLAGS/CFLAGS_DYNAMIC.
    Pulled from Debian 30_dontoverridecflags.dpatch by Andreas Metzler.
  - Add expansion item ${acl {name}{arg}...}, expansion condition
    "acl {{name}{arg}...}", and optional args on acl condition
    "acl = name arg..."
  - Permit multiple router/transport headers_add/remove lines.
  - Add dnsdb pseudo-lookup "a+" to do an "aaaa" + "a" combination.
  - Avoid using a waiting database for a single-message-only transport.
    Performance patch from Paul Fisher.  Bugzilla 1262.
  - Strip leading/trailing newlines from add_header ACL modifier data.
    Bugzilla 884.
  - Add $headers_added variable, with content from use of ACL modifier
    add_header (but not yet added to the message).  Bugzilla 199.
  - Add 8bitmime log_selector, for 8bitmime status on the received line.
    Pulled from Bugzilla 817 by Wolfgang Breyha.
  - SECURITY: protect DKIM DNS decoding from remote exploit.
    (nb: this is the same fix as in Exim 4.80.1)
  - Add A= logging on delivery lines, and a client_set_id option on
  - Add optional authenticated_sender logging to A= and a log_selector
    for control.
  - Unbreak server_set_id for NTLM/SPA auth, broken by 4.80 PP/29.
  - Dovecot auth: log better reason to rejectlog if Dovecot did not
    advertise SMTP AUTH mechanism to us, instead of a generic
    protocol violation error.  Also, make Exim more robust to bad
    data from the Dovecot auth socket.
  - Fix ultimate retry timeouts for intermittently deliverable recipients.
  - When a queue runner is handling a message, Exim first routes the
    recipient addresses, during which it prunes them based on the retry
    hints database. After that it attempts to deliver the message to
    any remaining recipients. It then updates the hints database using
    the retry rules.
  - So if a recipient address works intermittently, it can get repeatedly
    deferred at routing time. The retry hints record remains fresh so the
    address never reaches the final cutoff time.
  - This is a fairly common occurrence when a user is bumping up against
    their storage quota. Exim had some logic in its local delivery code
    to deal with this. However it did not apply to per-recipient defers
    in remote deliveries, e.g. over LMTP to a separate IMAP message store.
  - This change adds a proper retry rule check during routing so that the
    final cutoff time is checked against the message's age. We only do
    this check if there is an address retry record and there is not a
    domain retry record; this implies that previous attempts to handle
    the address had the retry_use_local_parts option turned on. We use
    this as an approximation for the destination being like a local
    delivery, as in LMTP.
  - I suspect this new check makes the old local delivery cutoff check
    redundant, but I have not verified this so I left the code in place.
  - Correct gecos expansion when From: is a prefix of the username.
  - Test 0254 submits a message to Exim with the header
    Resent-From: f
  - When I ran the test suite under the user fanf2, Exim expanded
    the header to contain my full name, whereas it should have added
    a Resent-Sender: header. It erroneously treats any prefix of the
    username as equal to the username.
    This change corrects that bug.
  - DCC debug and logging tidyup
    Error conditions log to paniclog rather than rejectlog.
    Debug lines prefixed by "DCC: " to remove any ambiguity.
  - Avoid unnecessary rebuilds of lookup-related code.
  - Fix OCSP reinitialisation in SNI handling for Exim/TLS as server.
    Bug spotted by Jeremy Harris; was flawed since initial commit.
    Would have resulted in OCSP responses post-SNI triggering an Exim
    NULL dereference and crash.
  - Add $router_name and $transport_name variables.  Bugzilla 308.
    Bug detection, analysis and fix by Samuel Thibault.
    Bugzilla 1331, Debian bug #698092.
  - Update eximstats to watch out for senders sending 'HELO [IpAddr]'
    Server implementation by Todd Lyons, client by JH.
    Only enabled when compiled with EXPERIMENTAL_PRDR.  A new
    config variable "prdr_enable" controls whether the server
    advertises the facility.  If the client requests PRDR a new
    acl_data_smtp_prdr ACL is called once for each recipient, after
    the body content is received and before the acl_smtp_data ACL.
    The client is controlled by bolth of: a hosts_try_prdr option
    on the smtp transport, and the server advertisement.
    Default client logging of deliveries and rejections involving
    PRDR are flagged with the string "PRDR".
  - Fix problems caused by timeouts during quit ACLs trying to double
    fclose().  Diagnosis by Todd Lyons.
    Update configure.default to handle IPv6 localhost better.
    Patch by Alain Williams (plus minor tweaks).
    Bugzilla 880.
  - OpenSSL made graceful with empty tls_verify_certificates setting.
    This is now consistent with GnuTLS, and is now documented: the
    previous undocumented portable approach to treating the option as
    unset was to force an expansion failure.  That still works, and
    an empty string is now equivalent.
  - Renamed DNSSEC-enabling option to "dns_dnssec_ok", to make it
    clearer that Exim is using the DO (DNSSEC OK) EDNS0 resolver flag,
    not performing validation itself.
  - Added force_command boolean option to pipe transport.
    Patch from Nick Koston, of cPanel Inc.
  - AUTH support on callouts (and hence cutthrough-deliveries).
    Bugzilla 321, 823.
  - Added udpsend ACL modifer and hexquote expansion operator
  - Fix eximon continuous updating with timestamped log-files.
    Broken in a format-string cleanup in 4.80, missed when I repaired the
    other false fix of the same issue.
    Report and fix from Heiko Schlichting.
    Bugzilla 1363.
  - Guard LDAP TLS usage against Solaris LDAP variant.
    Report from Prashanth Katuri.
  - Support safari_ecdhe_ecdsa_bug for openssl_options.
    It's SecureTransport, so affects any MacOS clients which use the
    system-integrated TLS libraries, including email clients.
  - Fix segfault from trying to fprintf() to a NULL stdio FILE* if
    using a MIME ACL for non-SMTP local injection.
    Report and assistance in diagnosis by Warren Baker.
  - Adjust exiqgrep to be case-insensitive for sender/receiver.
  - Fix comparisons for 64b.  Bugzilla 1385.
  - Add expansion variable $authenticated_fail_id to keep track of
    last id that failed so it may be referenced in subsequent ACL's.
  - Bugzilla 1375 - Prevent TLS rebinding in ldap. Patch provided by
    Alexander Miroch.
  - Bugzilla 1382 - Option ldap_require_cert overrides start_tls
    ldap library initialization, allowing self-signed CA's to be
    used. Also properly sets require_cert option later in code by
    using NULL (global ldap config) instead of ldap handle (per
    session). Bug diagnosis and testing by alxgomz.
  - Enhanced documentation in the script provided in
    the src/util/ subdirectory.
  - Bug 1301 - Imported transport SQL logging patch from Axel Rau
    renamed to Transport Post Delivery Action by Jeremy Harris, as
  - Bugzilla 1217 - Redis lookup support has been added. It is only enabled
    when Exim is compiled with EXPERIMENTAL_REDIS. A new config variable
    redis_servers = needs to be configured which will be used by the redis
    lookup.  Patch from Warren Baker, of The Packet Hub.
  - Fix exiqsumm summary for corner case. Patch provided by Richard Hall.
  - Bugzilla 1289 - Clarify host/ip processing when have errors looking up a
    hostname or reverse DNS when processing a host list. Used suggestions
    from multiple comments on this bug.
  - Bugzilla 1057 - Multiple clamd TCP targets patch from Mark Zealey.
  - Had previously added a -CONTINUE option to runtest in the test suite.
    Missed a few lines, added it to make the runtest require no keyboard
  - Bugzilla 1402 - Test 533 fails if any part of the path to the test suite
    contains upper case chars. Make router use caseful_local_part.
  - Bugzilla 1400 - Add AVOID_GNUTLS_PKCS11 build option. Allows GnuTLS
    support when GnuTLS has been built with p11-kit.

Sun Oct 27 17:35:43 UTC 2013 -

- Add systemd support for openSUSE > 12.2
- Remove some obsolete conditionnal macros

Sun Jun 16 02:13:52 UTC 2013 -

- exim.spec forces the use of SSL libraries,
  so make sure the BuildRequires are there.
  Also add previously implicit cyrus-sasl back.

Wed Jan  9 19:02:27 UTC 2013 -

- Execute the run_permissions macro on pre-11.4 systems and else the
  set_permission one if available; (bnc#764120).

Thu Oct 25 10:36:19 UTC 2012 -

- update to 4.80.1
  - SECURITY: protect DKIM DNS decoding from remote exploit; CVE-2012-5671;

Sun Aug 19 13:36:59 UTC 2012 -

- update to 4.80
  - Bugzilla 949 - Documentation tweak.
  - Bugzilla 1093 - eximstats DATA reject detection regexps improved.
  - Bugzilla 1169 - primary_hostname spelling was incorrect in docs.
  - Implemented gsasl authenticator.
  - Implemented heimdal_gssapi authenticator with "server_keytab" option.
  - Local/Makefile support for (AUTH|LOOKUP)_*_PC=foo to use
    `pkg-config foo` for cflags/libs.
  - Swapped $auth1/$auth2 for gsasl GSSAPI mechanism, to be more consistent
    with rest of GSASL and with heimdal_gssapi.
  - Local/Makefile support for USE_(GNUTLS|OPENSSL)_PC=foo to use
    `pkg-config foo` for cflags/libs for the TLS implementation.
  - New expansion variable $tls_bits; Cyrus SASL server connection
    properties get this fed in as external SSF.  A number of robustness
    and debugging improvements to the cyrus_sasl authenticator.
  - cyrus_sasl server now expands the server_realm option.
  - Bugzilla 1214 - Log authentication information in reject log.
  - Added dbmjz lookup type.
  - Let heimdal_gssapi authenticator take a SASL message without an authzid.
  - MAIL args handles TAB as well as SP, for better interop with
    non-compliant senders.
  - Bugzilla 1237 - fix cases where printf format usage not indicated.
  - tls_peerdn now print-escaped for spool files.
    Observed some $tls_peerdn in wild which contained \n, which resulted
    in spool file corruption.
  - TLS fixes for OpenSSL: support TLS 1.1 & 1.2; new "openssl_options"
    values; set SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY so that OpenSSL will retry a read
    or write after TLS renegotiation, which otherwise led to messages
    "Got SSL error 2".
  - Bugzilla 1239 - fix DKIM verification when signature was not inserted
    as a tracking header (ie: a signed header comes before the signature).
  - Bugzilla 660 - Multi-valued attributes from ldap now parseable as a
    comma-sep list; embedded commas doubled.
  - Refactored ACL "verify =" logic to table-driven dispatch.
  - LDAP: Check for errors of TLS initialisation, to give correct diagnostics.
  - Removed "dont_insert_empty_fragments" fron "openssl_options".
    Removed SSL_clear() after SSL_new() which led to protocol negotiation
    failures.  We appear to now support TLS1.1+ with Exim.
  - OpenSSL: new expansion var $tls_sni, which if used in tls_certificate
    lets Exim select keys and certificates based upon TLS SNI from client.
    Also option tls_sni on SMTP Transports.  Also clear $tls_bits correctly
    before an outbound SMTP session.  New log_selector, +tls_sni.
  - Bugzilla 1122 - check localhost_number expansion for failure, avoid
    NULL dereference.
  - Revert part of NM/04, it broke log_path containing %D expansions.
    Left warnings.  Added "eximon gdb" invocation mode.
  - Defaulting "accept_8bitmime" to true, not false.
  - Added -bw for inetd wait mode support.
  - Added PCRE_CONFIG=yes support to Makefile for using pcre-config to
    locate the relevant includes and libraries.  Made this the default.
  - Fixed headers_only on smtp transports (was not sending trailing dot).
    Bugzilla 1246, report and most of solution from Tomasz Kusy.
  - ${eval } now uses 64-bit and supports a "g" suffix (like to "k" and "m").
    This may cause build issues on older platforms.
  - Revamped GnuTLS support, passing tls_require_ciphers to
    gnutls_priority_init, ignoring Exim options gnutls_require_kx,
    gnutls_require_mac & gnutls_require_protocols (no longer supported).
    Added SNI support via GnuTLS too.
    Made ${randint:..} supplier available, if using not-too-old GnuTLS.
  - Applied dnsdb SPF support patch from Janne Snabb.
    Applied second patch from Janne, implementing suggestion to default
    multiple-strings-in-record handling to match SPF spec.
  - Added expansion variable $tod_epoch_l for a higher-precision time.
  - Fix DCC dcc_header content corruption (stack memory referenced,
    read-only, out of scope).
    Patch from Wolfgang Breyha, report from Stuart Northfield.
  - Fix three issues highlighted by clang analyser static analysis.
    Only crash-plausible issue would require the Cambridge-specific
    iplookup router and a misconfiguration.
    Report from Marcin Mirosław.
  - Another attempt to deal with PCRE_PRERELEASE, this one less buggy.
  - %D in printf continues to cause issues (-Wformat=security), so for
    now guard some of the printf checks behind WANT_DEEPER_PRINTF_CHECKS.
    As part of this, removing so much warning spew let me fix some minor
    real issues in debug logging.
  - GnuTLS was always using default tls_require_ciphers, due to a missing
    assignment on my part.  Fixed.
  - Added tls_dh_max_bits option, defaulting to current hard-coded limit
    of NSS, for GnuTLS/NSS interop.
  - Validate tls_require_ciphers on startup, since debugging an invalid
    string otherwise requires a connection and a bunch more work and it's
    relatively easy to get wrong.  Should also expose TLS library linkage
  - Pull in <features.h> on Linux, for some portability edge-cases of
    64-bit ${eval} (JH/03).
  - Define _GNU_SOURCE in exim.h; it's needed for some releases of
    protection layer was required, which is not implemented.  Bugzilla 1254
  - Overhaul DH prime handling, supply RFC-specified DH primes as built
    into Exim, default to IKE id 23 from RFC 5114 (2048 bit).  Make
    tls_dhparam take prime identifiers.  Also unbreak combination of
  - Disable SSLv2 by default in OpenSSL support.

Sat Mar 17 19:42:30 UTC 2012 -

- Disable format-security and missing-format-attribute warnings via CFLAGS on
  pre-11.2 systems.

Wed Mar  7 16:13:51 UTC 2012 -

- Remove obsoleted Authors lines from spec file.

Wed Mar  7 15:33:12 UTC 2012 -

- update to 4.77
  - DKIM Verification: Fix relaxed canon for empty headers w/o
    whitespace trailer
  - Fix a couple more cases where we did not log the error message
    when unlink() failed. See also change 4.74-TF/03.
  - Make the exiwhat support code safe for signals. Previously Exim might
    lock up or crash if it happened to be inside a call to libc when it
    got a SIGUSR1 from exiwhat.
  - The SIGUSR1 handler appends the current process status to the process
    log which is later printed by exiwhat. It used to use the general
    purpose logging code to do this, but several functions it calls are
    not safe for signals.
  - The new output code in the SIGUSR1 handler is specific to the process
    log, and simple enough that it's easy to inspect for signal safety.
    Removing some special cases also simplifies the general logging code.
    Removing the spurious timestamps from the process log simplifies
  - Improved ratelimit ACL condition.
  - Removed obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
  - Removed a few PCRE remnants.
  - Automatically extract Exim's version number from tags in the git
    repository when doing development or release builds.
  - Raise smtp_cmd_buffer_size to 16kB.
    Bugzilla 879.  Patch from Paul Fisher.
  - Implement SSL-on-connect outbound with protocol=smtps on smtp transport.
    Heavily based on revision 40f9a89a from Simon Arlott's tree.
    Bugzilla 97.
  - Use .dylib instead of .so for dynamic library loading on MacOS.
  - Variable $av_failed, true if the AV scanner deferred.
    Bugzilla 1078.  Patch from John Horne.
  - Stop make process more reliably on build failure.
    Bugzilla 1087.  Patch from Heiko Schlittermann.
  - Make maildir_use_size_file an _expandable_ boolean.
    Bugzilla 1089.  Patch from Heiko Schlittermann.
  - Handle ${run} returning more data than OS pipe buffer size.
    Bugzilla 1131.  Patch from Holger Weiß.
  - Handle IPv6 addresses with SPF.
    Bugzilla 860.  Patch from Wolfgang Breyha.
  - GnuTLS: support TLS 1.2 & 1.1.
    Bugzilla 1156.
    Use gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2() [patch from Andreas Metzler].
    Bugzilla 1095.
  - match_* no longer expand right-hand-side by default.
    New compile-time build option, EXPAND_LISTMATCH_RHS.
    New expansion conditions, "inlist", "inlisti".
  - fix uninitialised greeting string from PP/03 (smtps client support).
  - shell and compiler warnings fixes for RC1-RC4 changes.
  - fix log_write() format string regression from TF/03.
    Bugzilla 1152.  Patch from Dmitry Isaikin.

- update to 4.77
  - The new ldap_require_cert option would segfault if used.  Fixed.
  - Harmonised TLS library version reporting; only show if debugging.
    Layout now matches that introduced for other libraries in 4.74 PP/03.
  - New openssl_options items: no_sslv2 no_sslv3 no_ticket no_tlsv1
  - New "dns_use_edns0" global option.
  - Don't segfault on misconfiguration of ref:name exim-user as uid.
    Bugzilla 1098.
  - Extra paranoia around buffer usage at the STARTTLS transition.
    nb: Exim is not vulnerable to
  - Updated PolarSSL code to 0.14.2.
    Bugzilla 1097. Patch from Andreas Metzler.
  - Catch divide-by-zero in ${eval:...}.
    Fixes bugzilla 1102.
  - Condition negation of bool{}/bool_lax{} did not negate.  Fixed.
    Bugzilla 1104.
  - Bugzilla 1106: CVE-2011-1764 - DKIM log line was subject to a
    format-string attack -- SECURITY: remote arbitrary code execution.
  - SECURITY - DKIM signature header parsing was double-expanded, second
    time unintentionally subject to list matching rules, letting the header
    cause arbitrary Exim lookups (of items which can occur in lists, *not*
    arbitrary string expansion). This allowed for information disclosure.
  - Fix another SIGFPE (x86) in ${eval:...} expansion, this time related to
    INT_MIN/-1 -- value coerced to INT_MAX.

Wed Mar  7 14:58:55 UTC 2012 -

- Package /var/log/exim owned by user and group mail; (bnc#670711).

Fri May 20 17:05:34 CEST 2011 -

- Fixed another remote code execution issue (CVE-2011-1407 / bnc#694798)
- Fixed STARTTLS command injection (bnc#695144)

Mon May  9 13:32:55 CEST 2011 -

- check format strings

Sat May  7 13:12:08 UTC 2011 -

- The new ldap_require_cert option would segfault if used; use upstream patch
  to address the ldap_set_option() issue; (beo#230); (beo#1108).

Fri May  6 20:00:38 UTC 2011 -

- Cast third arg to void * when calling ldap_set_option().

Fri May  6 19:14:37 UTC 2011 -

- update to 4.75
  - Workround for PCRE version dependency in version reporting
    Bugzilla 1073
  - Permit LOOKUP_foo enabling on the make command-line.
    Also via indented variable definition in the Makefile.
  - Restore caching of spamd results with expanded spamd_address.
  - Build issue: lookups-Makefile now exports LC_ALL=C
    Improves build reliability.
  - Fix wide character breakage in the rfc2047 coding; Fixes bug 1064.
  - Allow underscore in dnslist lookups; Fixes bug 1026.
  - Bugzilla 230: Support TLS-enabled LDAP (in addition to ldaps).
  - Fixed exiqgrep to cope with mailq missing size issue
    Fixes bug 943.
  - Bugzilla 1083: when lookup expansion defers, escape the output which
    is logged, to avoid truncation.
  - Bugzilla 1042: implement freeze_signal on pipe transports.
  - Bugzilla 1061: restrict error messages sent over SMTP to not reveal
    SQL string expansion failure details.
  - Bugzilla 486: implement %M datestamping in log filenames.
  - New lookups functionality failed to compile on old gcc which rejects
    extern declarations in function scope.
  - Use sig_atomic_t for flags set from signal handlers.
    Check getgroups() return and improve debugging.
    Fixed developed for diagnosis in bug 927 (which turned out to be
    a kernel bug).
  - Bugzilla 1055: Update $message_linecount for maildir_tag.
  - Bugzilla 1056: Improved spamd server selection.
  - Bugzilla 1086: Deal with maildir quota file races.
  - Bugzilla 1019: DKIM multiple signature generation fix.
  - Fix to spam.c to accommodate older gcc versions which dislike
    variable declaration deep within a block.
  - Make DISABLE_DKIM build knob functional.
  - Bugzilla 968: child_open_uid: restore default SIGPIPE handler

Fri May  6 18:18:00 UTC 2011 -

- Don't pass DKIM compound log line as format string; (beo#1106); (bnc#692227).

Thu Mar 10 18:30:11 UTC 2011 -

- postgresql-enabled build when build_with_pgsql is defined (which is done in a
  linked package named server:mail/exim-postgresql)

Fri Feb  4 22:13:39 UTC 2011 -

- Workround for PCRE version dependancy in version reporting; (beo#1073).

Fri Feb  4 19:33:40 UTC 2011 -

- update to 4.74
  - Failure to get a lock on a hints database can have serious
    consequences so log it to the panic log.
  - Log LMTP confirmation messages in the same way as SMTP,
    controlled using the smtp_confirmation log selector.
  - Include the error message when we fail to unlink a spool file.
  - Bugzilla 139: Support dynamically loaded lookups as modules.
  - Bugzilla 139: Documentation and portability issues.
    Avoid GNU Makefile-isms, let Exim continue to build on BSD.
    Handle per-OS dynamic-module compilation flags.
  - Let /dev/null have normal permissions.
    The 4.73 fixes were a little too stringent and complained about the
    permissions on /dev/null.  Exempt it from some checks.
  - Report version information for many libraries, including
    Exim version information for dynamically loaded libraries.  Created
    version.h, now support a version extension string for distributors
    who patch heavily. Dynamic module ABI change.
  - CVE-2011-0017 - check return value of setuid/setgid. This is a
    privilege escalation vulnerability whereby the Exim run-time user
    can cause root to append content of the attacker's choosing to
    arbitrary files.
  - Bugzilla 1041: merged DCC maintainer's fixes for return code.
  - Bugzilla 1071: fix delivery logging with untrusted macros.
    If dropping privileges for untrusted macros, we disabled normal logging
    on the basis that it would fail; for the Exim run-time user, this is not
    the case, and it resulted in successful deliveries going unlogged.
- update to 4.73
  - Date: & Message-Id: revert to normally being appended to a message,
    only prepend for the Resent-* case.  Fixes regression introduced in
    Exim 4.70 by NM/22 for Bugzilla 607.
  - Include check_rfc2047_length in configure.default because we're seeing
    increasing numbers of administrators be bitten by this.
  - Added DISABLE_DKIM and comment to src/EDITME
  - Bugzilla 994: added openssl_options main configuration option.
  - Bugzilla 995: provide better SSL diagnostics on failed reads.
  - Bugzilla 834: provide a permit_coredump option for pipe transports.
  - Adjust NTLM authentication to handle SASL Initial Response.
  - If TLS negotiated an anonymous cipher, we could end up with SSL but
    without a peer certificate, leading to a segfault because of an
    assumption that peers always have certificates.  Be a little more
    paranoid.  Problem reported by Martin Tscholak.
  - Bugzilla 926: switch ClamAV to use the new zINSTREAM API for content
    filtering; old API available if built with WITH_OLD_CLAMAV_STREAM=yes
    NB: ClamAV planning to remove STREAM in "middle of 2010".
    CL also introduces -bmalware, various -d+acl logging additions and
    more caution in buffer sizes.
  - Implemented reverse_ip expansion operator.
  - Bugzilla 937: provide a "debug" ACL control.
  - Bugzilla 922: Documentation dusting, patch provided by John Horne.
  - Bugzilla 973: Implement --version.
  - Bugzilla 752: Refuse to build/run if Exim user is root/0.
  - Build without WITH_CONTENT_SCAN. Path from Andreas Metzler.
  - Bugzilla 816: support multiple condition rules on Routers.
  - Add bool_lax{} expansion operator and use that for combining multiple
    condition rules, instead of bool{}.  Make both bool{} and bool_lax{}
    ignore trailing whitespace.
  - prevent non-panic DKIM error from being sent to paniclog
  - added tcp_wrappers_daemon_name to allow host entries other than
    "exim" to be used
  - Fix malware regression for cmdline scanner introduced in PP/08.
    Notification from Dr Andrew Aitchison.
  - Change ClamAV response parsing to be more robust and to handle ClamAV's
    ExtendedDetectionInfo response format.
    Notification from John Horne.
  - OpenSSL 1.0.0a compatibility const-ness change, should be backwards
  - Added a CONTRIBUTING file.  Fixed the documentation build to use http:
    XSL and documented dependency on system catalogs, with examples of how
    it normally works.
  - Added Valgrind hooks in store.c to help it capture out-of-bounds store
  - Bugzilla 1044: CVE-2010-4345 - partial fix: restrict default behaviour
    of CONFIGURE_OWNER and CONFIGURE_GROUP options to no longer allow a
    configuration file which is writeable by the Exim user or group.
  - Bugzilla 1044: CVE-2010-4345 - part two: extend checks for writeability
    of configuration files to cover files specified with the -C option if
    they are going to be used with root privileges, not just the default
    configuration file.
  - Bugzilla 1044: CVE-2010-4345 - part three: remove ALT_CONFIG_ROOT_ONLY
    option (effectively making it always true).
  - Add TRUSTED_CONFIG_PREFIX_FILE option to allow alternative configuration
    files to be used while preserving root privileges.
  - Set FD_CLOEXEC on SMTP sockets after forking in the daemon, to ensure
    that rogue child processes cannot use them.
  - Bugzilla 1047: change the default for system_filter_user to be the Exim
    run-time user, instead of root.
  - Add WHITELIST_D_MACROS option to let some macros be overriden by the
    Exim run-time user without dropping privileges.
  - Remove use of va_copy() which breaks pre-C99 systems. Duplicate the
    result string, instead of calling string_vformat() twice with the same
    for other users. Others should always drop root privileges if they use
    -C on the command line, even for a whitelisted configure file.
  - Fixed bug #1002 - Message loss when using multiple deliveries

Fri Feb  4 15:19:44 UTC 2011 -

- Check return values of setgid/setuid; CVE-2011-0017; (bnc#668599).

Fri Dec 10 20:51:18 UTC 2010 -

- Fix memory corruption in string_format code for pre-11.3 systems;
  CVE-2010-4344; (beo#787); (bnc#658731).
- Fix remote root vulnerability; CVE-2010-4345; (bnc#658731).

Wed Jul 14 10:45:19 CEST 2010 -

- fix mysql provides to be versioned again

Tue Jun  8 15:36:36 UTC 2010 -

- update to 4.72
  - installed exipick 20100104.1, adding $max_received_linelength, $data_path,
    and $header_path variables; fixed documentation bugs and typos
  - installed exipick 20100222.0, added --input-dir and --finput to allow
    exipick to access non-standard spools, including the "frozen" queue
  - Bugzilla 965: Support mysql stored procedures.  Patch from Alain Williams
  - Bugzilla 961: Spacing fix (syntax error) on Makefile directives for NetBSD
  - Bugzilla 955: Documentation fix for max_rcpts.  Patch from Andreas Metzler
  - Bugzilla 954: Fix for unknown responses from Dovecot authenticator.  Patch
    from Kirill Miazine
  - Bugzilla 671: Added umask to procmail example.
  - installed exipick 20100323.0, fixing doc bug
  - Bugzilla 988: CVE-2010-2023 - prevent hardlink attack on sticky mail
    directory.  Notification and patch from Dan Rosenberg.
  - PDKIM: Upgrade PolarSSL files to upstream version 0.12.1.
  - Improve log output when DKIM signing operation fails.
  - Treat the transport option dkim_domain as a colon separated list, not as a
    single string, and sign the message with each element, omitting multiple
    occurences of the same signer.
  - Null terminate DKIM strings, Null initialise DKIM variable Bugzilla 985,
    986.  Patch by Simon Arlott
  - Bugzilla 967. dnsdb DNS TXT record bug fix (DKIM-related) Patch by Simon
  - Bugzilla 989: CVE-2010-2024 - work round race condition on MBX locking.
    Notification from Dan Rosenberg.

Wed May 26 11:24:50 UTC 2010 -

- fix build of exim-mysql package by correcting path in postinstall script;
  patch kindly provided by Christian Schweingruber

Tue Nov 24 14:09:54 UTC 2009 -

- update to 4.71
  Bugfixes over 4.70:
  * Bugzilla 912: Fix DKIM segfault on empty headers/body
  * Bugzilla 913: Documentation fix for gnutls_* options.
  * Bugzilla 722: Documentation for randint. Better randomness defaults.
  * Bugzilla 847: Enable DNSDB lookup by default.
  * Bugzilla 915: Flag broken perl installation during build.

Sat Nov 14 10:54:59 UTC 2009 -

- update to 4.70
  This release is a combination feature and bug fix release.
  The major new features are:-
   * Native DKIM support without an external library.
   * Experimental DCC support via dccifd (contributed by Wolfgang Breyha).
  Other changes:-
   * PCRE is no longer included with the Exim distribution. You will
     need a separate PCRE library (and matching headers) to compile
     Exim. You will need to change your Local/Makefile to support
     this. Most modern systems have a packaged PCRE library,
     alternatively PCRE can be found at
   * Experimental Yahoo! Domainkeys support dropped in favor of
     native DKIM support.
   * The documentation has been updated and regenerated.
  As usual, all changes are in the doc/ChangeLog file:

Tue Jun  9 17:47:56 CEST 2009 -

- silence some rpmlint warnings, by removing executable permissions
  from utilities packaged under documentation.
- in the exim-mysql package, remove the versioned Provides, because
  rpmlint doesn't like it at all.

Wed Oct 29 18:39:31 CET 2008 -

- add Required-Stop to init script, as required by LSB.

Wed Aug 20 16:22:17 CEST 2008 -

- also add "spamd postgresql mysql" to should-start and should-stop
  in the LSB headers of /etc/init.d/exim

Mon Aug 18 12:00:46 CEST 2008 -

- fix init script LSB headers -- Should-Stop added

Sun Jun 15 14:27:56 CEST 2008 -

- fix logic of decision (in logrotate snippet) whether to send the
  weekly reports

Fri Jan 25 23:22:38 CET 2008 -

- fixed an array overflow spotted by gcc4.3.

Thu Jan 10 19:25:40 CET 2008 -

- update to 4.69, which is mainly a bug fix release (although there
  is also preliminary DKIM support available if compiled with
  appropriate flags, which we don't do). The major change is an
  update to the embedded PCRE library in response to security
  issues, which are not relevant here, since we link against the
  system pcre library, assuming that it has been fixed already.
  TK/01 Add preliminary DKIM support. Currently requires a forked version of
        ALT-N's libdkim that I have put here:
        Note to Michael Haardt: I had to rename some vars in sieve.c. They
        were called 'true' and it seems that C99 defines that as a reserved
        keyword to be used with 'bool' variable types. That means you could
        not include C99-style headers which use bools without triggering
        build errors in sieve.c.
  NM/01 Bugzilla 592: --help option is handled incorrectly if exim is invoked
        as mailq or other aliases.  Changed the --help handling significantly
        to do whats expected.  exim_usage() emits usage/help information.
  SC/01 Added the -bylocaldomain option to eximstats.
  NM/02 Bugzilla 619: Defended against bad data coming back from gethostbyaddr
  NM/03 Bugzilla 613: Documentation fix for acl_not_smtp
  NM/04 Bugzilla 628: PCRE update to 7.4 (work done by John Hall)

Fri Sep 28 01:55:04 CEST 2007 -

- add #include <abstractions/consoles> to apparmor profile, to
  allow for interactive usage (mailq, exim -M, ...)

Thu Aug 30 17:37:17 CEST 2007 -

- update to 4.68
  PH/01 Another patch from the Sieve maintainer.
  PH/02 When an IPv6 address is converted to a string for single-key lookup
        in an address list (e.g. for an item such as "net24-dbm;/net/works"),
        dots are used instead of colons so that keys in lsearch files need not
        contain colons. This was done some time before quoting was made available
        in lsearch files. However, iplsearch files do require colons in IPv6 keys
        (notated using the quote facility) so as to distinguish them from IPv4
        keys. This meant that lookups for IP addresses in host lists did not work
        for iplsearch lookups.
        This has been fixed by arranging for IPv6 addresses to be expressed with
        colons if the lookup type is iplsearch. This is not incompatible, because
        previously such lookups could never work.
        The situation is now rather anomolous, since one *can* have colons in
        ordinary lsearch keys. However, making the change in all cases is
        incompatible and would probably break a number of configurations.
  TK/01 Change PRVS address formatting scheme to reflect latests BATV draft
  MH/01 The "spam" ACL condition code contained a sscanf() call with a %s
        conversion specification without a maximum field width, thereby enabling
        a rogue spamd server to cause a buffer overflow. While nobody in their
        right mind would setup Exim to query an untrusted spamd server, an
        attacker that gains access to a server running spamd could potentially
        exploit this vulnerability to run arbitrary code as the Exim user.
  TK/02 Bugzilla 502: Apply patch to make the SPF-Received: header use
        $primary_hostname instead of what libspf2 thinks the hosts name is.
  MH/02 The dsearch lookup now uses lstat(2) instead of stat(2) to look for
        a directory entry by the name of the lookup key. Previously, if a
        symlink pointed to a non-existing file or a file in a directory that
        Exim lacked permissions to read, a lookup for a key matching that
        symlink would fail. Now it is enough that a matching directory entry
        exists, symlink or not. (Bugzilla 503.)
  PH/03 The body_linecount and body_zerocount variables are now exported in the
        local_scan API.
  PH/04 Added the $dnslist_matched variable.
  PH/05 Unset $tls_cipher and $tls_peerdn before making a connection as a client.
        This means they are set thereafter only if the connection becomes
  PH/06 Added the client_condition to authenticators so that some can be skipped
        by clients under certain conditions.
  PH/07 The error message for a badly-placed control=no_multiline_responses left
        "_responses" off the end of the name.
  PH/08 Added -Mvc to output a copy of a message in RFC 2822 format.
  PH/09 Tidied the code for creating ratelimiting keys, creating them explicitly
        (without spaces) instead of just copying the configuration text.
  PH/10 Added the /noupdate option to the ratelimit ACL condition.
  PH/11 Added $max_received_linelength.
  PH/12 Added +ignore_defer and +include_defer to host lists.
  PH/13 Installed PCRE version 7.2. This needed some changes because of the new
        way in which PCRE > 7.0 is built.
  PH/14 Implemented queue_only_load_latch.
  PH/15 Removed an incorrect (int) cast when reading the value of SIZE in a
        MAIL command. The effect was to mangle the value on 64-bit systems.
  PH/16 Another patch from the Sieve maintainer.
  PH/17 Added the NOTQUIT ACL, based on a patch from Ted Cooper.
  PH/18 If a system quota error occurred while trying to create the file for
        a maildir delivery, the message "Mailbox is full" was not appended to the
        bounce if the delivery eventually timed out. Change 4.67/27 below applied
        only to a quota excession during the actual writing of the file.
  PH/19 It seems that peer DN values may contain newlines (and other non-printing
        characters?) which causes problems in log lines. The DN values are now
        passed through string_printing() before being added to log lines.
  PH/20 Added the "servers=" facility to MySQL and PostgreSQL lookups. (Oracle
        and InterBase are left for another time.)
  PH/21 Added message_body_newlines option.
  PH/22 Guard against possible overflow in moan_check_errorcopy().
  PH/23 POSIX allows open() to be a macro; guard against that.
  PH/24 If the recipient of an error message contained an @ in the local part
        (suitably quoted, of course), incorrect values were put in $domain and
        $local_part during the evaluation of errors_copy.

Fri Aug 24 08:33:24 CEST 2007 -

- "Novell apparmor" doesn't own /etc/apparmor and
  /etc/apparmor/profiles... fix build in autobuild

Thu Aug 23 13:19:32 CEST 2007 -

- do not install apparmor profile by default [#285727]

Fri Jul 13 13:44:42 CEST 2007 -

- use the LSB equivalent Should-Start instead of
  X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start [#285553]

Fri Jul 13 12:57:46 CEST 2007 -

- init script: add amavis to Should-Start [#285553]

Thu May 31 02:29:50 CEST 2007 -

- improve apparmor profile: use abstractions/user-mail; allow
  procmail and cyrus deliver (assuming that their profiles are in
  effect as well)

Thu May 24 16:40:10 CEST 2007 -

- add apparmor profile, active in "complain" mode once installed.
  Use logprof to check for needed adjustments. Use "enforce
  /usr/sbin/exim" to put the profile into effect.
- remove support for building on and updating from SuSE Linux 7.3
  and older

Tue Apr 17 16:13:15 CEST 2007 -

- update to 4.67
  MH/01 Fix for bug #448, segfault in Dovecot authenticator when interface_address
        is unset (happens when testing with -bh and -oMi isn't used). Thanks to
        Jan Srzednicki.
  PH/01 Added a new log selector smtp_no_mail, to log SMTP sessions that do not
        issue a MAIL command.
  PH/02 In an ACL statement such as
          deny dnslists = X!= : X=
        if a client was not listed at all, or was listed with a value other than, in the X list, but was listed with in the Y list,
        the condition was not true (as it should be), so access was not denied.
        The bug was that the ! inversion was incorrectly passed on to the second
        item. This has been fixed.
  PH/03 Added additional dnslists conditions == and =& which are different from
        = and & when the dns lookup returns more than one IP address.
  PH/04 Added gnutls_require_{kx,mac,protocols} to give more control over the
        cipher suites used by GnuTLS. These options are ignored by OpenSSL.
  PH/05 After discussion on the list, added a compile time option ENABLE_DISABLE_
        FSYNC, which compiles an option called disable_fsync that allows for
        bypassing fsync(). The documentation is heavily laced with warnings.
  SC/01 Updated eximstats to collate all SpamAssassin rejects into one bucket.
  PH/06 Some tidies to the infrastructure of the Test Suite that is concerned
        with the auxiliary C programs that it uses: (1) Arrange for BIND_8_COMPAT
        to be defined when compiling on OSX (Darwin); (2) Tidies to the Makefile,
        including adding "make clean"; (3) Added -fPIC when compiling the test
        dynamically loaded module, to get rid of a warning.
  MH/02 Fix for bug #451, causing paniclog entries to be written if a bounce
        message fails, move_frozen_messages = true and ignore_bounce_errors_after
        = 0s. The bug is otherwise harmless.
  PH/07 There was a bug in the dovecot authenticator such that the value of
        $auth1 could be overwritten, and so not correctly preserved, after a
        successful authentication. This usually meant that the value preserved by
        the server_setid option was incorrect.
  PH/08 Added $smtp_count_at_connection_start, deliberately with a long name.
  PH/09 Installed PCRE release 7.0.
  PH/10 The acl_not_smtp_start ACL was, contrary to the documentation, not being
        run for batched SMTP input. It is now run at the start of every message
        in the batch. While fixing this I discovered that the process information
        (output by running exiwhat) was not always getting set for -bs and -bS
        input. This is fixed, and it now also says "batched" for BSMTP.
  PH/11 Added control=no_pipelining.
  PH/12 Added $sending_ip_address and $sending_port (mostly Magnus Holmgren's
        patch, slightly modified), and move the expansion of helo_data till after
        the connection is made in the smtp transport (so it can use these
  PH/13 Added ${rfc2047d: to decoded RFC 2047 strings.
  PH/14 Added log_selector = +pid.
  PH/15 Flush SMTP output before delaying, unless control=no_delay_flush is set.
  PH/16 Add ${if forany and ${if forall.
  PH/17 Added dsn_from option to vary the From: line in DSNs.
  PH/18 Flush SMTP output before performing a callout, unless control =
        no_callout_flush is set.
  PH/19 Change 4.64/PH/36 introduced a bug: when address_retry_include_sender
        was true (the default) a successful delivery failed to delete the retry
        item, thus causing premature timeout of the address. The bug is now
  PH/20 Added hosts_avoid_pipelining to the smtp transport.
  PH/21 Long custom messages for fakedefer and fakereject are now split up
        into multiline reponses in the same way that messages for "deny" and
        other ACL rejections are.
  PH/22 Applied Jori Hamalainen's speed-up changes and typo fixes to exigrep,
        with slight modification.
  PH/23 Applied sieve patches from the maintainer "tracking the latest notify
        draft, changing the syntax and factoring some duplicate code".
  PH/24 When the log selector "outgoing_port" was set, the port was shown as -1
        for deliveries of the second and subsequent messages over the same SMTP
  PH/25 Applied Magnus Holmgren's patch for ${addresses, ${map, ${filter, and
        ${reduce, with only minor "tidies".
  SC/02 Applied Daniel Tiefnig's patch to improve the '($parent) =' pattern match.
  PH/26 Added a "continue" ACL modifier that does nothing, for the benefit of its
        expansion side effects.
  PH/27 When a message times out after an over-quota error from an Exim-imposed
        quota, the bounce message says "mailbox is full". This message was not
        being given when it was a system quota that was exceeded. It now should
        be the same.
  MH/03 Made $recipients available in local_scan(). local_scan() already has
        better access to the recipient list through recipients_list[], but
        $recipients can be useful in postmaster-provided expansion strings.
  PH/28 The $smtp_command and $smtp_command_argument variables were not correct
        in the case of a MAIL command with additional options following the
        address, for example: MAIL FROM:<foo@bar> SIZE=1234. The option settings
        were accidentally chopped off.
  PH/29 SMTP synchronization checks are implemented when a command is read -
        there is a check that no more input is waiting when there shouldn't be
        any. However, for some commands, a delay in an ACL can mean that it is
        some time before the response is written. In this time, more input might
        arrive, invalidly. So now there are extra checks after an ACL has run for
        HELO/EHLO and after the predata ACL, and likewise for MAIL and RCPT when
        pipelining has not been advertised.
  PH/30 MH's patch to allow iscntrl() characters to be list separators.
  PH/31 Unlike :fail:, a custom message specified with :defer: was not being
        returned in the SMTP response when smtp_return_error_details was false.
        This has been fixed.
  PH/32 Change the Dovecot authenticator to use read() and write() on the socket
        instead of the C I/O that was originally supplied, because problems were
        reported on Solaris.
  PH/33 Compile failed with OpenSSL 0.9.8e. This was due to a coding error in
        Exim which did not show up earlier: it was assuming that a call to
        SSL_CTX_set_info_callback() might give an error value. In fact, there is
        no error. In previous releases of OpenSSL, SSL_CTX_set_info_callback()
        was a macro that became an assignment, so it seemed to work. This has
        changed to a proper function call with a void return, hence the compile
        error. Exim's code has been fixed.
  PH/34 Change HDA_SIZE in oracle.c from 256 to 512. This is needed for 64-bit
  PH/35 Applied a patch from the Sieve maintainer which fixes a bug in "notify".
  PH/36 Applied John Jetmore's patch to add -v functionality to exigrep.
  PH/37 If a message is not accepted after it has had an id assigned (e.g.
        because it turns out to be too big or there is a timeout) there is no
        "Completed" line in the log. When some messages of this type were
        selected by exigrep, they were listed as "not completed". Others were
        picked up by some special patterns. I have improved the selection
        criteria to be more general.
  PH/38 The host_find_failed option in the manualroute router can now be set
        to "ignore", to completely ignore a host whose IP address cannot be
        found. If all hosts are ignored, the behaviour is controlled by the new
        host_all_ignored option.
  PH/39 In a list of hosts for manualroute, if one item (either because of multi-
        homing or because of multiple MX records with /mx) generated more than
        one IP address, and the following item turned out to be the local host,
        all the secondary addresses of the first item were incorrectly removed
        from the list, along with the local host and any following hosts (which
        is what is supposed to happen).
  PH/40 When Exim receives a message, it writes the login name, uid, and gid of
        whoever called Exim into the -H file. In the case of the daemon it was
        behaving confusingly. When first started, it used values for whoever
        started the daemon, but after a SIGHUP it used the Exim user (because it
        calls itself on a restart). I have changed the code so that it now always
        uses the Exim user.
  PH/41 (Following a suggestion from Tony Finch) If all the RCPT commands in a
        message are rejected with the same error (e.g. no authentication or bad
        sender address), and a DATA command is nevertheless sent (as can happen
        with PIPELINING or a stupid MUA), the error message that was given to the
        RCPT commands is included in the rejection of the DATA command. This is
        intended to be helpful for MUAs that show only the final error to their
  PH/42 Another patch from the Sieve maintainer.
  SC/02 Eximstats - Differentiate between permanent and temporary rejects.
        Eximstats - Fixed some broken HTML links and added missing column headers
                    (Jez Hancock).
        Eximstats - Fixed Grand Total Summary Domains, Edomains, and Email
                    columns for Rejects, Temp Rejects, Ham, and Spam rows.
  SC/03 Eximstats - V1.58 Fix to get <> and blackhole to show in edomain tables.
  PH/43 Yet another patch from the Sieve maintainer.
  PH/44 I found a way to check for a TCP/IP connection going away before sending
        the response to the final '.' that terminates a message, but only in the
        case where the client has not sent further data following the '.'
        (unfortunately, this is allowed). However, in many cases there won't be
        any further data because there won't be any more messages to send. A call
        to select() can be used: if it shows that the input is "ready", there is
        either input waiting, or the socket has been closed. An attempt to read
        the next input character can distinguish the two cases. Previously, Exim
        would have sent an OK response which the client would never have see.
        This could lead to message repetition. This fix should cure that, at
        least in a lot of common cases.
  PH/45 Do not advertise STARTTLS in response to HELP unless it would be
        advertised in response to EHLO.

Fri Mar  9 10:59:59 CET 2007 -

- build fix for openssl-0.9.8e: SSL_CTX_set_info_callback is now a
  function with void return
- sync buildservice package with autobuild

Thu Jan 25 23:59:41 CET 2007 -

- move from /usr/X11R6 to /usr

Tue Jan  9 11:03:05 CET 2007 -

- update to 4.66
  PH/01 Two more bugs that were introduced by 4.64/PH/07, in addition to the one
        fixed by 4.65/MH/01 (is this a record?) are fixed:
        (i)  An empty string was always treated as zero by the numeric comparison
             operators. This behaviour has been restored.
        (ii) It is documented that the numeric comparison operators always treat
             their arguments as decimal numbers. This was broken in that numbers
             starting with 0 were being interpreted as octal.
        While fixing these problems I realized that there was another issue that
        hadn't been noticed. Values of message_size_limit (both the global option
        and the transport option) were treated as octal if they started with 0.
        The documentation was vague. These values are now always treated as
        decimal, and I will make that clear in the documentation.

Tue Jan  2 12:54:48 CET 2007 -

- update to 4.65
  TK/01 Disable default definition of HAVE_LINUX_SENDFILE. Clashes with
        Linux large file support (_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64) on older glibc
        versions. (#438)
  MH/01 Don't check that the operands of numeric comparison operators are
        integers when their expansion is in "skipping" mode (fixes bug
        introduced by 4.64-PH/07).
  PH/01 If a system filter or a router generates more than SHRT_MAX (32767)
        child addresses, Exim now panics and dies. Previously, because the count
        is held in a short int, deliveries were likely to be lost. As such a
        large number of recipients for a single message is ridiculous
        (performance will be very, very poor), I have chosen to impose a limit
        rather than extend the field.

Wed Dec 20 13:33:22 CET 2006 -

- update to 4.64
  TK/01 Bugzilla #401. Fix DK spooling code so that it can overwrite a
        leftover -K file (the existence of which was triggered by #402).
        While we were at it, introduced process PID as part of the -K
        filename. This should rule out race conditions when creating
        these files.
  TK/02 Bugzilla #402. Apply patch from Simon Arlott, speeding up DK signing
        processing considerably. Previous code took too long for large mails,
        triggering a timeout which in turn triggers #401.
  TK/03 Introduced HAVE_LINUX_SENDFILE to os.h-Linux. Currently only used
        in the DK code in transports.c. sendfile() is not really portable,
        hence the _LINUX specificness.
  TF/01 In the add_headers option to the mail command in an Exim filter,
        there was a bug that Exim would claim a syntax error in any
        header after the first one which had an odd number of characters
        in the field name.
  PH/01 If a server that rejects MAIL FROM:<> was the target of a sender
        callout verification, Exim cached a "reject" for the entire domain. This
        is correct for most verifications, but it is not correct for a recipient
        verification with use_sender or use_postmaster set, because in that case
        the callout does not use MAIL FROM:<>. Exim now distinguishes the special
        case of MAIL FROM:<> rejection from other early rejections (e.g.
        rejection of HELO). When verifying a recipient using a non-null MAIL
        address, the cache is ignored if it shows MAIL FROM:<> rejection.
        Whatever the result of the callout, the value of the domain cache is
        left unchanged (for any other kind of callout, getting as far as trying
        RCPT means that the domain itself is ok).
  PH/02 Tidied a number of unused variable and signed/unsigned warnings that
        gcc 4.1.1 threw up.
  PH/03 On Solaris, an unexpectedly close socket (dropped connection) can
        manifest itself as EPIPE rather than ECONNECT. When tidying away a
        session, the daemon ignores ECONNECT errors and logs others; it now
        ignores EPIPE as well.
  PH/04 Applied Nico Erfurth's refactoring patch to tidy up mime.c
        (quoted-printable decoding).
  PH/05 Applied Nico Erfurth's refactoring patch to tidy up spool_mbox.c, and
        later the small subsequent patch to fix an introduced bug.
  PH/06 Installed the latest Cygwin Makefile from the Cygwin maintainer.
  PH/07 There was no check for overflow in expansions such as ${if >{1}{4096M}}.
  PH/08 An error is now given if message_size_limit is specified negative.
  PH/09 Applied and tidied up Jakob Hirsch's patch for allowing ACL variables
        to be given (somewhat) arbitrary names.
  JJ/01 exipick 20060919.0, allow for arbitrary acl_ variables introduced
        in 4.64-PH/09.
  JJ/02 exipick 20060919.0, --show-vars args can now be regular expressions,
        miscellaneous code fixes
  PH/10 Added the log_reject_target ACL modifier to specify where to log
  PH/11 Callouts were setting the name used for EHLO/HELO from $smtp_active_
        hostname. This is wrong, because it relates to the incoming message (and
        probably the interface on which it is arriving) and not to the outgoing
        callout (which could be using a different interface). This has been
        changed to use the value of the helo_data option from the smtp transport
        instead - this is what is used when a message is actually being sent. If
        there is no remote transport (possible with a router that sets up host
        addresses), $smtp_active_hostname is used.
  PH/12 Installed Andrey Panin's patch to add a dovecot authenticator. Various
        tweaks were necessary in order to get it to work (see also 21 below):
        (a) The code assumed that strncpy() returns a negative number on buffer
            overflow, which isn't the case. Replaced with Exim's string_format()
        (b) There were several signed/unsigned issues. I just did the minimum
            hacking in of casts. There is scope for a larger refactoring.
        (c) The code used strcasecmp() which is not a standard C function.
            Replaced with Exim's strcmpic() function.
        (d) The code set only $1; it now sets $auth1 as well.
        (e) A simple test gave the error "authentication client didn't specify
            service in request". It would seem that Dovecot has changed its
            interface. Fortunately there's a specification; I followed it and
            changed what the client sends and it appears to be working now.
  PH/13 Added $message_headers_raw to provide the headers without RFC 2047
  PH/14 Corrected misleading output from -bv when -v was also used. Suppose the
        address A is aliased to B and C, where B exists and C does not. Without
        -v the output is "A verified" because verification stops after a
        successful redirection if more than one address is generated. However,
        with -v the child addresses are also verified. Exim was outputting "A
        failed to verify" and then showing the successful verification for C,
        with its parentage. It now outputs "B failed to verify", showing B's
        parentage before showing the successful verification of C.
  PH/15 Applied Michael Deutschmann's patch to allow DNS black list processing to
        look up a TXT record in a specific list after matching in a combined
  PH/16 It seems that the options setting for the resolver (RES_DEFNAMES and
        RES_DNSRCH) can affect the behaviour of gethostbyname() and friends when
        they consult the DNS. I had assumed they would set it the way they
        wanted; and indeed my experiments on Linux seem to show that in some
        cases they do (I could influence IPv6 lookups but not IPv4 lookups).
        To be on the safe side, however, I have now made the interface to
        host_find_byname() similar to host_find_bydns(), with an argument
        containing the DNS resolver options. The host_find_byname() function now
        sets these options at its start, just as host_find_bydns() does. The smtp
        transport options dns_qualify_single and dns_search_parents are passed to
        host_find_byname() when gethostbyname=TRUE in this transport. Other uses
        of host_find_byname() use the default settings of RES_DEFNAMES
        (qualify_single) but not RES_DNSRCH (search_parents).
  PH/17 Applied (a modified version of) Nico Erfurth's patch to make
        spool_read_header() do less string testing, by means of a preliminary
        switch on the second character of optional "-foo" lines. (This is
        overdue, caused by the large number of possibilities that now exist.
        Originally there were few.) While I was there, I also converted the
        str(n)cmp tests so they don't re-test the leading "-" and the first
        character, in the hope this might squeeze out yet more improvement.
  PH/18 Two problems with "group" syntax in header lines when verifying: (1) The
        flag allowing group syntax was set by the header_syntax check but not
        turned off, possible causing trouble later; (2) The flag was not being
        set at all for the header_verify test, causing "group"-style headers to
        be rejected. I have now set it in this case, and also caused header_
        verify to ignore an empty address taken from a group. While doing this, I
        came across some other cases where the code for allowing group syntax
        while scanning a header line wasn't quite right (mostly, not resetting
        the flag correctly in the right place). These bugs could have caused
        trouble for malformed header lines. I hope it is now all correct.
  PH/19 The functions {pwcheck,saslauthd}_verify_password() are always called
        with the "reply" argument non-NULL. The code, however (which originally
        came from elsewhere) had *some* tests for NULL when it wrote to *reply,
        but it didn't always do it. This confused somebody who was copying the
        code for some other use. I have removed all the tests.
  PH/20 It was discovered that the GnuTLS code had support for RSA_EXPORT, a
        feature that was used to support insecure browsers during the U.S. crypto
        embargo. It requires special client support, and Exim is probably the
        only MTA that supported it -- and would never use it because real RSA is
        always available. This code has been removed, because it had the bad
        effect of slowing Exim down by computing (never used) parameters for the
        RSA_EXPORT functionality.
  PH/21 On the advice of Timo Sirainen, added a check to the dovecot
        authenticator to fail if there's a tab character in the incoming data
        (there should never be unless someone is messing about, as it's supposed
        to be base64-encoded). Also added, on Timo's advice, the "secured" option
        if the connection is using TLS or if the remote IP is the same as the
        local IP, and the "valid-client-cert option" if a client certificate has
        been verified.
  PH/22 As suggested by Dennis Davis, added a server_condition option to *all*
        authenticators. This can be used for authorization after authentication
        succeeds. (In the case of plaintext, it servers for both authentication
        and authorization.)
  PH/23 Testing for tls_required and lost_connection in a retry rule didn't work
        if any retry times were supplied.
  PH/24 Exim crashed if verify=helo was activated during an incoming -bs
        connection, where there is no client IP address to check. In this
        situation, the verify now always succeeds.
  PH/25 Applied John Jetmore's -Mset patch.
  PH/26 Added -bem to be like -Mset, but loading a message from a file.
  PH/27 In a string expansion for a processed (not raw) header when multiple
        headers of the same name were present, leading whitespace was being
        removed from all of them, but trailing whitespace was being removed only
        from the last one. Now trailing whitespace is removed from each header
        before concatenation. Completely empty headers in a concatenation (as
        before) are ignored.
  PH/28 Fixed bug in backwards-compatibility feature of PH/09 (thanks to John
        Jetmore). It would have mis-read ACL variables from pre-4.61 spool files.
  PH/29 [Removed. This was a change that I later backed out, and forgot to
        correct the ChangeLog entry (that I had efficiently created) before
        committing the later change.]
  PH/30 Exim was sometimes attempting to deliver messages that had suffered
        address errors (4xx response to RCPT) over the same connection as other
        messages routed to the same hosts. Such deliveries are always "forced",
        so retry times are not inspected. This resulted in far too many retries
        for the affected addresses. The effect occurred only when there were more
        hosts than the hosts_max_try setting in the smtp transport when it had
        the 4xx errors. Those hosts that it had tried were not added to the list
        of hosts for which the message was waiting, so if all were tried, there
        was no problem. Two fixes have been applied:
        (i)  If there are any address or message errors in an SMTP delivery, none
             of the hosts (tried or untried) are now added to the list of hosts
             for which the message is waiting, so the message should not be a
             candidate for sending over the same connection that was used for a
             successful delivery of some other message. This seems entirely
             reasonable: after all the message is NOT "waiting for some host".
             This is so "obvious" that I'm not sure why it wasn't done
             previously. Hope I haven't missed anything, but it can't do any
             harm, as the worst effect is to miss an optimization.
        (ii) If, despite (i), such a delivery is accidentally attempted, the
             routing retry time is respected, so at least it doesn't keep
             hammering the server.
  PH/31 Installed Andrew Findlay's patch to close the writing end of the socket
        in ${readsocket because some servers need this prod.
  PH/32 Added some extra debug output when updating a wait-xxx database.
  PH/33 The hint "could be header name not terminated by colon", which has been
        given for certain expansion errors for a long time, was not being given
        for the ${if def:h_colon_omitted{...  case.
  PH/34 The spec says: "With one important exception, whenever a domain list is
        being scanned, $domain contains the subject domain." There was at least
        one case where this was not true.
  PH/35 The error "getsockname() failed: connection reset by peer" was being
        written to the panic log as well as the main log, but it isn't really
        panic-worthy as it just means the connection died rather early on. I have
        removed the panic log writing for the ECONNRESET error when getsockname()
  PH/36 After a 4xx response to a RCPT error, that address was delayed (in queue
        runs only) independently of the message's sender address. This meant
        that, if the 4xx error was in fact related to the sender, a different
        message to the same recipient with a different sender could confuse
        things. In particualar, this can happen when sending to a greylisting
        server, but other circumstances could also provoke similar problems.
        I have changed the default so that the retry time for these errors is now
        based a combination of the sender and recipient addresses. This change
        can be overridden by setting address_retry_include_sender=false in the
        smtp transport.
  PH/37 For LMTP over TCP/IP (the smtp transport), error responses from the
        remote server are returned as part of bounce messages. This was not
        happening for LMTP over a pipe (the lmtp transport), but now it is the
        same for both kinds of LMTP.
  PH/38 Despite being documented as not happening, Exim was rewriting addresses
        in header lines that were in fact CNAMEs. This is no longer the case.
  PH/39 If -R or -S was given with -q<time>, the effect of -R or -S was ignored,
        and queue runs started by the daemon processed all messages. This has
        been fixed so that -R and -S can now usefully be given with -q<time>.
  PH/40 Import PCRE release 6.7 (fixes some bugs).
  PH/41 Add bitwise logical operations to eval (courtesy Brad Jorsch).
  PH/42 Give an error if -q is specified more than once.
  PH/43 Renamed the variables $interface_address and $interface_port as
        $received_ip_address and $received_port, to make it clear that these
        values apply to message reception, and not to the outgoing interface when
        a message is delivered. (The old names remain recognized, of course.)
  PH/44 There was no timeout on the connect() call when using a Unix domain
        socket in the ${readsocket expansion. There now is.
  PH/45 Applied a modified version of Brad Jorsch's patch to allow "message" to
        be meaningful with "accept".
  SC/01 Eximstats V1.43
       Bug fix for V1.42 with -h0 specified. Spotted by Chris Lear.
  SC/02 Eximstats V1.44
        Use a glob alias rather than an array ref in the generated
        parser. This improves both readability and performance.
  SC/03 Eximstats V1.45 (Marco Gaiarin / Steve Campbell)
        Collect SpamAssassin and rejection statistics.
        Don't display local sender or destination tables unless
        there is data to show.
        Added average volumes into the top table text output.
  SC/04 Eximstats V1.46
        Collect data on the number of addresses (recipients)
        as well as the number of messages.
  SC/05 Eximstats V1.47
        Added 'Message too big' to the list of mail rejection
        reasons (thanks to Marco Gaiarin).
  SC/06 Eximstats V1.48
        Mainlog lines which have GMT offsets and are too short to
        have a flag are now skipped.
  SC/07 Eximstats V1.49 (Alain Williams)
        Added the -emptyok flag.
  SC/08 Eximstats V1.50
        Fixes for obtaining the IP address from reject messages.
  JJ/03 exipick.20061117.2, made header handling as similar to exim as possible
        (added [br]h_ prefixes, implemented RFC2047 decoding.  Fixed
        whitesspace changes from 4.64-PH/27
  JJ/04 exipick.20061117.2, fixed format and added $message_headers_raw to
        match 4.64-PH/13
  JJ/05 exipick.20061117.2, bug fixes (error out sooner when invalid criteria
        are found, allow negative numbers in numeric criteria)
  JJ/06 exipick.20061117.2, added new $message_body_missing variable
  JJ/07 exipick.20061117.2, added $received_ip_address and $received_port
        to match changes made in 4.64-PH/43
  PH/46 Applied Jori Hamalainen's patch to add features to exiqsumm.
  PH/47 Put in an explicit test for a DNS lookup of an address record where the
        "domain" is actually an IP address, and force a failure. This locks out
        those revolvers/nameservers that support "A-for-A" lookups, in
        contravention of the specifications.
  PH/48 When a host name was looked up from an IP address, and the subsequent
        forward lookup of the name timed out, the host name was left in
        $sender_host_name, contrary to the specification.
  PH/49 Although default lookup types such as lsearch* or cdb*@ have always been
        restricted to single-key lookups, Exim was not diagnosing an error if
        * or *@ was used with a query-style lookup.
  PH/50 Increased the value of DH_BITS in tls-gnu.c from 768 to 1024.
  MH/01 local_scan ABI version incremented to 1.1. It should have been updated
        long ago, but noone interested enough thought of it. Let's just say that
        the "1.1" means that there are some new functions that weren't there at
        some point in the past.
  PH/51 Error processing for expansion failure of helo_data from an smtp
        transport during callout processing was broken.
  PH/52 Applied John Jetmore's patch to allow tls-on-connect and STARTTLS to be
        tested/used via the -bh/-bhc/-bs options.
  PH/53 Added missing "#include <time.h>" to pcre/pcretest.c (this was a PCRE
        bug, fixed in subsequent PCRE releases).
  PH/54 Applied Robert Bannocks' patch to avoid a problem with references that
        arises when using the Solaris LDAP libraries (but not with OpenLDAP).
  PH/55 Check for a ridiculously long file name in exim_dbmbuild.
- build with AUTH_DOVECOT and LOOKUP_NIS

Mon Oct 23 15:39:15 CEST 2006 -

- define SYSLOG_LOG_PID in src/EDITME, so the process id is
  included when logging via syslog. Pointed out by Florian Laws.

Fri Oct 20 18:20:37 CEST 2006 -

- add sendmail to the Provides tag in the init script

Fri Aug  4 15:14:35 CEST 2006 -

- add support for building with mysql lookup support, by defining
  %build_with_mysql at the top of the spec file [#188586]
- don't use %name macro in %setup therefore (so another spec file
  can have a different Name tag)
- remove stray bzcat %{S:30} line

Thu Aug  3 16:18:54 CEST 2006 -

- update to 4.63
  * Use a glob alias rather than an array ref in eximstats generated
    parser. This improves both readability and performance.
  * Collect SpamAssassin and rejection statistics in eximstats.
    Don't display local sender or destination tables in eximstats unless
    there is data to show.
    Added average volumes into the eximstats top table text output.
  * Collect data on the number of addresses (recipients) as well
    as the number of messages in eximstats.
  * Correct an error in the documentation for the redirect router. Exim
    does (usually) call initgroups() when daemonizing.
  * Call initgroups() when dropping privilege in exim.c, so that Exim runs
    with consistent privilege compared to when running as a daemon.
  * Note in the spec that $authenticated_id is not set for local
    submissions from trusted users.
  * The ratelimit per_rcpt option now works correctly in acl_not_smtp.
    Thanks to Dean Brooks <> for the patch.
  * Make it easier to get SMTP authentication and TLS/SSL support working
    by adding some example configuration directives to the default
    configuration file. A little bit of work is required to uncomment the
    directives and define how usernames and passwords are checked, but
    there is now a framework to start from.
  * Added #define LDAP_DEPRECATED 1 to ldap.c because some of the "old"
    functions that Exim currently uses aren't defined in ldap.h for OpenLDAP
    without this. I don't know how relevant this is to other LDAP libraries.
  * Add the verb name to the "unknown ACL verb" error.
  * Magnus Holmgren's patch for filter_prepend_home.
  * Fixed Bugzilla #101: macro definition between ACLs doesn't work.
  * Applied Magnus Holmgren's patch to fix Bugzilla #98: transport's home
    directory not expanded when it should be if an expanded home directory
    was set for the address (which is overridden by the transport).
  * Applied Alex Kiernan's patch to fix Bugzilla #99: a problem with
  * Added acl_not_smtp_start, based on Johannes Berg's patch, and set the
    bit to forbid control=suppress_local_fixups in the acl_not_smtp ACL,
    because it is too late at that time, and has no effect.
  * Changed ${quote_pgsql to quote ' as '' instead of \' because of a
    security issue with \' (bugzilla #107). I could not use the
    PQescapeStringConn() function, because it needs a PGconn value as one of
    its arguments.
  * When testing addresses using -bt, indicate those final addresses that
    are duplicates that would not cause an additional delivery. At least one
    person was confused, thinking that -bt output corresponded to deliveries.
    (Suppressing duplicates isn't a good idea as you lose the information
    about possibly different redirections that led to the duplicates.)
  * Applied patch from Erik to use select() instead of poll() in spam.c on
    systems where poll() doesn't work, in particular OS X.
  * Added more information to debugging output for retry time not reached.
  * Applied patch from Arkadiusz Miskiewicz to apply a timeout to read
    operations in malware.c.
  * Applied patch from Magnus Holmgren to include the "h" tag in Domain Keys
  * If write_rejectlog was set false when logging was sent to syslog with
    syslog_duplication set false, log lines that would normally be written
    both the the main log and to the reject log were not written to syslog at
  * In the default configuration, change the use of "message" in ACL warn
    statements to "add_header".
  * Diagnose a filter syntax error for "seen", "unseen", or "noerror" if not
    not followed by a command (e.g. "seen endif").
  * Recognize SMTP codes at the start of "message" in ACLs and after :fail:
    and :defer: in a redirect router. Add forbid_smtp_code to suppress the
  * Added extra conditions to the default value of delay_warning_condition
    so that it is now:
      ${if or { \
          { !eq{$h_list-id:$h_list-post:$h_list-subscribe:}{} } \
          { match{$h_precedence:}{(?i)bulk|list|junk} } \
          { match{$h_auto-submitted:}{(?i)auto-generated|auto-replied} } \
    The Auto-Submitted: and various List- headers are standardised, whereas I
    don't think Precedence: ever was.
  * Refactored debugging code in route_finduser() to show more information,
    in particular, the error code if getpwnam() issues one.
  * Added PQsetClientEncoding(conn, "SQL_ASCII") to the pgsql code module.
    This is apparently needed in addition to the     - change above to avoid
    any possible encoding problems.
  * Perl can change the locale. Exim was resetting it after a ${perl call,
    but not after initializing Perl.
  * Added a call to PQsetNoticeProcessor() to catch pgsql "notices" and
    output them only if debugging. By default they are written stderr,
    apparently, which is not desirable.
  * Added Alain Williams' LDAP patch to support setting REFERRALS=off on
  * exipick: added --reverse (and -R synonym), --random, --size, --sort and
    --not options
  * exipick: rewrote --help documentation to hopefully make more clear.
  * Made -oMaa and -oMt work with -bh and -bs to pretend the connection is
    authenticated or an ident call has been made. Suppress the default
    values for $authenticated_id and $authenticated_sender (but permit -oMai
    and -oMas) when testing with -bh.
  * Re-jigged the order of the tests in the default configuration so that the
    tests for valid domains and recipients precede the DNS black list and CSA
    tests, on the grounds that those ones are more expensive.
  * Exim was not testing for a space following SMTP commands such as EHLO
    that require one. Thus, EHLORHUBARB was interpreted as a valid command.
    This bug exists in every version of Exim that I still have, right back to
  * (n)wildlsearch lookups are documented as being done case-insensitively.
    However, an attempt to turn on case-sensitivity in a regex key by
    including (?-i) didn't work because the subject string was already
    lowercased, and the effects were non-intuitive. It turns out that a
    one-line patch can be used to allow (?-i) to work as expected.
- fix build requires for older SUSE distributions

Tue May 30 16:07:30 CEST 2006 -

- upstream 4.62
  . The ${readsocket expansion item now supports Internet domain sockets as well
    as Unix domain sockets.
  . If a redirect router sets up file or pipe deliveries for more than one
    incoming address, and the relevant transport has batch_max set greater than
    one, a batch delivery now occurs.
  . The appendfile transport has a new option called maildirfolder_create_regex.
  . An option called disable_ipv6, to disable the use of IPv6 completely.
  . An increase in the number of ACL variables to 20 of each type.
  . A change to use $auth1, $auth2, and $auth3 in authenticators instead of $1,
    $2, $3, (though those are still set) because the numeric variables get used
    for other things in complicated expansions.
  . The default for rfc1413_query_timeout has been changed from 30s to 5s.
  . It is possible to use setclassresources() on some BSD OS to control the
    resources used in pipe deliveries.
  . A new ACL modifier called add_header, which can be used with any verb.
  . More errors are detectable in retry rules.
  . Support for SQLite.
  . Support for IGNOREQUOTA in LMTP.
  . Extensions to the "submission mode" features.
  . Support for Client SMTP Authorization (CSA).
  . Support for ratelimiting hosts and users.
  . New expansion items to help with the BATV "prvs" scheme.
  . A "match_ip" condition, that matches an IP address against a list.
  - numerous bug fixes and minor changes
- add eximstats-html subpackage, which, if installed and enabled in
  /etc/sysconfig/exim, puts HTML reports of the 'eximstats' log
  analyzer into /srv/www/eximstats
- try to adapt BuildRequires and suse specific rpm macros to build
  on Fedora Core

Wed Mar  8 17:16:33 CET 2006 -

- build as non-root user

Wed Jan 25 21:35:47 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Tue Oct 25 14:34:09 CEST 2005 -

- added LDAP_DEPRECATED to CFLAGS to build correctly with
  OpenLDAP 2.3

Fri Sep  2 15:39:15 CEST 2005 -

- link against external pcre library (patch from Debian) [#112647]

Sat Aug 13 10:56:12 CEST 2005 -

- fix file list

Thu Aug 11 16:06:51 CEST 2005 -

- the permissions files are now maintained centrally and packaged
  in the permissions package [#66304]
- add run_permissions macro and verifyscript

Fri Jul 29 10:43:47 CEST 2005 -

- remove world read/execute permissions from /var/log/exim, so log
  files are not readable regardless of how logrotate deals with
  them, or dealt with them in the past. Give group ownership to
  group mail, so exim still can chdir() after dropping permissions.

Tue Jun 21 00:46:39 CEST 2005 -

- build with fPIE/pie

Wed May 18 17:35:49 CEST 2005 -

- update to 4.51
  This release contains some new features, but a lot of the changes
  fix bugs of varying severity. See doc/ChangeLog.

Mon Feb 21 17:23:57 CET 2005 -

- update to 4.50.  This release includes the merging of the exiscan
  patch into the main source. Thus, compile with the new
  WITH_CONTENT_SCAN=yes and add WITH_OLD_DEMIME=yes for backwards
  compatibility (old demime condition)
- update filelist of documentation files

Mon Jan 17 10:38:56 CET 2005 -

- update to 4.44
- update exiscan to 4.44-28

Sat Jan 15 21:19:28 CET 2005 -

- Use <owner>:<group> in permissions file.

Tue Jan 11 15:34:07 CET 2005 -

- security fixes:
  - CAN-2005-0021 host_aton() Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
  - CAN-2005-0022 auth_spa_server() Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
    SPA support is not compiled in. Fix added nevertheless [#49676]

Fri Dec 10 21:47:47 CET 2004 -

- update to 4.43
- update exiscan to 4.43-28

Tue Sep 28 23:11:15 CEST 2004 -

- if a service named greylistd is started, start it before exim

Mon Sep  6 15:41:18 CEST 2004 -

- update to 4.42
- update exiscan to 4.42-27

Mon May 10 23:32:42 CEST 2004 -

- update to 4.34
- update exiscan to 4.34-21

Sun May  9 20:14:07 CEST 2004 -

- update to 4.33
- update exiscan to 4.33-20
- add patch against buffer overflow with header name when
  headers_check_syntax is enabled (CAN-2004-0400) [#40126]

Tue Apr 27 20:43:27 CEST 2004 -

- update exiscan to 4.32-19 due to crash bug in -18 affecting the

Sun Apr 25 15:57:26 CEST 2004 -

- update to 4.32
- update exiscan to 4.32-18
- new file /usr/sbin/exipick

Fri Mar 19 10:10:08 CET 2004 -

- Remove superflous backup files

Wed Mar  3 19:31:08 CET 2004 -

- update exiscan to 4.30-16. Major new feature: the MIME ACL.

Wed Feb 25 23:17:54 CET 2004 -

- update to 4.30
- update exiscan to 4.30-14
- compile with support for LDAP lookups
- add openldap2-devel cyrus-sasl-devel to #neededforbuild
- compile with support for cdb, dnsdb, passwd lookups
- compile with support for mailstore and mbx mailboxes
- compile with -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 so large
  files can be handled

Wed Feb  4 15:17:56 CET 2004 -

- Lower rfc1413_query_timeout to 5 seconds instead of 30

Wed Nov 19 11:15:23 CET 2003 -

- fix comments in sysconfig.exim (Kevin Ivory) [#32575]

Tue Nov 18 15:51:21 CET 2003 -

- logrotate configuration: removed postrotate reloading, since it's
  not needed; add missingok; make report mails configurable via
  sysconfig/exim (Kevin Ivory) [#32575]

Mon Sep  8 12:00:40 CEST 2003 -

- exim.rc: delete <> address

Tue Aug 26 14:52:29 CEST 2003 -

- don't remove empty log files in %preun, since it's actually run
  after %post in update mode [#29368]

Mon Aug 18 17:40:23 CEST 2003 -

- update to 4.22, which fixes a few bugs in 4.21
- improve start section of init script. Don't start multiple
  processes; don't disrupt mail transfer

Fri Aug 15 03:52:55 CEST 2003 -

- update to 4.21. many changes, see NewStuff and ChangeLog file!
  - prevent possible overflow in HELO/EHLO command by
    (a) rewrite of the offending code in a cleaner fashion.
    (b) If an incoming SMTP command contains a NULL character, it
        is rejected as invalid.
  - sieve support (rfc 3028)
  - support for saslauthd authentication
  - utility updated
  - eximstats 1.28 (addition of -nt option)
  - If a DNS black list lookup found a CNAME record, but there were
    no A records associated with the domain it pointed at, Exim
  - add new Auto-Submitted header on e.g. bounces
  - new option syslog_duplication
  - more flexible way to specify listening addresses/ports
- use -Wall
- add -fno-strict-aliasing, due to warnings about code where
  dereferencing type-punned pointers will break strict aliasing
- add activation metadata to sysconfig template [#28874]
- add patch for IPv6 breakage until 4.22 is out
- don't use startproc to start exim. It can't distinguish the
  parent daemon from queue runners or other children [#28082]

Wed Jul 30 16:51:00 CEST 2003 -

- new macros for stop/restart of services on rpm update/removal

Wed May 21 09:19:13 CEST 2003 -

- avoid empty %pre
- avoid absolute symlinks below /usr

Thu May 15 00:50:04 CEST 2003 -

- update to 4.20
  - bug fixes
  - upgraded to PCRE 4.2
  - upgraded eximstats to 1.27
  - added versioning to the local_scan() API
  - Added acl_smtp_helo
  - added the "discard" verb to ACLs.
  - for building, DESTDIR can be used now instead of ROOT
  - behaviour of -t in the presence of Resent- headers has been
    changed for compatibility
  - added new syslog facilities:
    (ii) syslog_facility and syslog_processname main options.
  - the documentation was brought up to date.
- update exiscan patch to exiscan-acl-4.20-02
- remove filelist hack from %clean, since now we have rpm4 :-)
- create logfiles from %post, not in the init script [#24262]

Tue Apr 22 13:53:06 CEST 2003 -

- update to 4.14. As always, there are lots of minor fixes and
  cleanups. New features include MySQL lookups over Unix domain
  sockets, the ability to en/disable parts of the configuration
  file with ".if", new options for fine-tuning the behavior with
  respect to unknown SMTP commands, announcing of AUTH and
  pipelining, and lots of new expansion operators.
- remove the obsolete (3.x style) %s in pidfile name
- the eximstats utility contains an official manpage, so we can
  drop Andreas' version from the manpages tar ball
- add Tom Kistner's exiscan patch
- include the exiqgrep script
- improve the logrotate configuration, so the eximstats report is
  sent upon rotation (weekly), and not every night. Sending the
  report can be disabled by touching /var/log/exim/no_report_mail.

Thu Apr 10 00:37:27 CEST 2003 -

- fix deprecated tail call syntax (-1)

Thu Feb 13 12:49:28 CET 2003 -

- fix typo in sysconfig metadata

Wed Feb 12 15:12:33 CET 2003 -

- Add sysconfig metadata [#22641]

Wed Dec 18 13:07:56 CET 2002 -

- update to 4.12 (more bug fixes: lookup search bug, too many
  non-mail commands bug, and others)
- package the installed exim.conf as configure.default, since it
  has all substitutions done (since 4.11, SYSTEM_ALIASES_FILE is
  replaced at install time)

Wed Dec 11 12:51:39 CET 2002 -

- update to 4.11, with security and bug fixes. The more important
  changes are:
  - [in short] Make exim cope with strace -f
  - Make sure Exim doesn't overrun the buffer if an oversize packet
    is received from a nameserver.
  - Exim crashed on an attempt to check senders or sender domains
    in an ACL other than after RCPT or DATA. It's now a temporary
  - Minor security problem involving pid_file_path (admin user
    could get root) has been fixed.
  - If an ACL that was read from a file was used in more than one
    message in a single SMTP transaction, Exim could crash or
    misbehave in arbitrary ways. [...]
  - A similar problem to 127: memory corruption could occur for
    multiple messages in one SMTP connection if the data from DNS
    black list lookups was being used in log or user messages, e.g.
    references to $dnslists_text.
  For the complete list of changes, see
- remove rmail symlink as it conflicts with rmail from the uucp

Mon Nov 11 15:31:46 CET 2002 -

- use #neededforbuild macro 'x-devel-packages' instead of xf86
- add man pages, provided by Andreas Metzler
- add some symlinks that exim might be called under

Tue Aug 13 20:07:30 CEST 2002 -

- remove stupid arch-dependant path from filelist

Tue Aug 13 19:06:33 CEST 2002 -

- mv exim.conf to /etc/exim/
- add scripts for conversion of 3.xx config files
- add symbolic link "runq" (same as exim -q)
- use %defattr

Mon Aug 12 16:17:18 CEST 2002 -

- improve logrotate configuration
- fix PreReq
- install exim.8 manpage and gzip the remaining documentation
- Moved log file creation from %post to rcexim

Tue Aug  6 12:57:10 MEST 2002 -

- added /etc/permissions.d/exim for setuid /usr/sbin/exim

Fri Aug  2 21:55:31 CEST 2002 -

- package created (4.10)

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