File ghc-criterion-measurement.changes of Package ghc-criterion-measurement

Fri Feb 17 00:55:32 UTC 2023 - Peter Simons <>

- Update criterion-measurement to version

  * Make the behavior of the benchmarking functions independent of the
    `-fspec-const-count` limit.

  * Add a `measPeakMbAllocated` field to `Measured` for reporting maximum
    megabytes allocated. Naturally, this affects the behavior of `Measured`'s
    `{To,From}JSON` and `Binary` instances.

  * Fix a bug that occurred with GHC 9.2.4 or later that would cause incorrect

Sat Jul 10 13:40:48 UTC 2021 -

- Update criterion-measurement to version

  * Change `criterion_rdtsc` to return `mach_absolute_time` on macOS. This is a
    portable way of returning the number of CPU cycles that works on both Intel-
    and ARM-based Macs.

  * Change `criterion_gettime` to use `clock_gettime_nsec_np` instead of
    `mach_absolute_time` on macOS. While `mach_absolute_time` has nanosecond
    resolution on Intel-based Macs, this is not the case on ARM-based Macs, so
    the previous `mach_absolute_time`-based implementation would return incorrect
    timing results on Apple silicon.

    There are two minor consequences of this change:

    * `criterion-measurement` now only supports macOS 10.02 or later, as that is
      the first version to have `clock_gettime_nsec_np`. As macOS 10.02 was
      released in 2002, this is unlikely to affect users, but please speak up if
      this is a problem for you.

    * As `clock_gettime_nsec_np` does not require any special initialization
      code, `criterion_inittime` is now a no-op on macOS. If you manually invoke
      the `getTime` function in your code, however, it is still important that
      you `initializeTime` beforehand, as this is still required for the Windows
      implementation to work correctly.

Mon Apr 26 09:47:19 UTC 2021 -

- Add criterion-measurement at version

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