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<patchinfo incident="4445">
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="958808">Another round of stable updates for GNOME stack/apps</issue>
  <summary>Recommended update for gnome-documents, gnome-online-accounts, gtk2, meld</summary>
This recommended update provides new version for gnome-documents, gnome-online-accounts, gtk2, meld: 

* gnome-documents:
 - Update to version 3.16.5 (boo#958808):
  + Restore separate collections for Books and Documents.
  + Change to selection mode when pressing ctrl+a.
  + Disable Print menu item when unsupported.
  + Don't show an extra menu when the app menu is disabled.
  + Updated translations.

 - Update to version 3.16.4:
  + Don't show the places dialog if there is only one page.
  + Fix GdTaggedEntry theming.
  + Add missing Gio import so that Settings can be started.

* gnome-online-accounts:
 - Update to version 3.16.5 (boo#958808):
  + Bugs fixed:
    - Network changes cause authentication token timeouts
    - owncloud: Doesn't work with non-standard ports (bgo#752736).
    - owncloud, exchange: Sanitize HTTP error messages
    - imap-smtp: Fix typo in error message (bgo#755316).
    - identity: Don't ever nullify identifier (bgo#756494).
    - provider, telepathy: Small leak fixes (bgo#756759).
    - Crash in mail_client_check_auth_run_cb when
      goa_mail_auth_run fails (bgo#758361).

* gtk2:
 - Update to version 2.24.29 (boo#958808):
  + OS X: Partial aspect ratio support.
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#345345, bgo#745127, bgo#749507, bgo#752638,
    bgo#753644, bgo#753691, bgo#753992, bgo#754046.
  + Updated translations.
 - Drop gtk2-gdk_region_destroy_instead_of_cairo_region_destroy:
  fixed upstream.

* meld:
 - Update to version 3.14.2 (boo#958808):
  + Fix some GTK+ assertions on window close.
  + Fix commit error with unicode commit messages.
  + Add manual appdata kudos markers.
  + Updated translations.
 - Changes from version 3.14.1:
  + Offer to open binary files externally.
  + Use locale-based default encodings.
  + Bug fixes:
    - Fix crash with some GTK+ versions when using --output.
    - Fix merge-all action not working at all.
    - Fix creating patches with unicode path names.
    - Fix copy-to-clipboard option in patch dialog.
    - Fix diffmap alignment for new GTK+ allocation behaviour.
    - Improve float accuracy in folder comparison timestamp
    - Fix default SVN keyword filter to escape $ characters.
    - Fix display of unicode --help from command line.
    - Fix keyboard shortcut docs.
    - Don't incorrectly show identical notification for changed
      folder comparisons.
  + Updated translations.
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