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<patchinfo incident="4848">
  <issue id="966874" tracker="bnc">System fails to boot while configuring yast2-firstboot for the second time</issue>
  <issue id="960703" tracker="bnc">no name servers after ssh-based auto-installation with NetworkManager</issue>
  <issue id="910728" tracker="bnc">Generated autoinst.xml doesn't work</issue>
  <issue id="956325" tracker="bnc">[Build 3428] autoinst.xml generated by "Clone System Configuration" option in default installation (no package changes) is unusable for re-install</issue>
  <issue id="935965" tracker="bnc">SLES 12 yast first boot is failing when SOL is used</issue>
This update for yast2-installation provides the following fixes:

- Ensure plymouth does not interfere with X11 when executing yast2-firstboot.
- Ensure second stage and YaST-Firstboot don't get killed by getty when running
  over 2nd or 3rd serial console. (bsc#935965)
- Save the software selection for using it later in AutoYaST when deploying
  installation images. (bsc#956325, bsc#910728)
- Move network service setup to yast2-network. (bsc#960703)

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12-SP1:Update update project.</description>
  <summary>Recommended update for yast2-installation</summary>
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