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<patchinfo incident="5420">
  <issue id="990937" tracker="bnc">deja-dup fails to restore missing files, that contain non-ascii characters</issue>
This update provides version 34.2 of deja-dup and fixes the following issues:

- Fix restoring some files with unicode characters. (boo#990937)
- Add experimental support for Google Cloud Storage, and OpenStack Swift. Please test and file bugs.
- Fix a bug where the error dialog wasn't visible after a failed backup in GNOME.
- Fix a bug where background backups were using smaller 'nice' values than they should have.
- Drop support for building the GNOME Control Center plugin, after upstream stopped supporting it.
- Recommend instead of require duplicity.
- Support reproducible builds by using $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to set the man page timestamps, if present.
- Updated translations.
  <summary>Recommended update for deja-dup</summary>
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