File SLE12-btrfs-example.conf of Package rear

# Begin example setup for SLE12 with default btrfs subvolumes.
# This will not work with default btrfs on SLES12-SP1 because support for btrfs in rear
# explicitly excludes snapshot subvolumes but on SLES12-SP1 what is mounted at '/'
# will be a btrfs snapshot subvolume (see
# You must adapt "your.NFS.server.IP/path/to/your/rear/backup" at BACKUP_URL.
# You must decide whether or not you want to have /home/* in the backup.
# It depends on the size of your harddisk whether or not /home is by default
# a btrfs subvolume or a separated xfs filesystem on a separated partition.
# You may activate SSH_ROOT_PASSWORD and adapt the "password_on_the_rear_recovery_system".
# For basic information see the SLE12 manuals.
# Also see the support database article "SDB:Disaster Recovery"
# at
# In particular note:
# There is no such thing as a disaster recovery solution that "just works".
# Regarding btrfs snapshots:
# Recovery of btrfs snapshot subvolumes is not possible.
# Only recovery of "normal" btrfs subvolumes is possible.
# Create rear rescue media as ISO image:
# Store the backup file via NFS on a NFS server:
# BACKUP_OPTIONS variable contains the NFS mount options and
# with 'mount -o nolock' no rpc.statd (plus rpcbind) are needed:
# If the NFS server is not an IP address but a hostname,
# DNS must work in the rear recovery system when the backup is restored.
# Keep an older copy of the backup in a HOSTNAME.old directory
# provided there is no '.lockfile' in the HOSTNAME directory:
# Files in btrfs subvolumes are excluded by 'tar --one-file-system'
# so that such files must be explictly included to be in the backup.
# Files in the following SLE12 default btrfs subvolumes are
# in the below example not included to be in the backup
#   /.snapshots/*  /var/crash/*
# but files in /home/* are included to be in the backup.
# Note that not having '/tmp/*' in BACKUP_PROG_INCLUDE when there are
# matching entries in EXCLUDE_RECREATE like "fs:/tmp" would result
# that during restore a /tmp/rear.*/tmp/restore-exclude-list.txt file
# would contain the tar exclude patterns 'tmp' and 'tmp/*' so that
# also other files and directories that match those tar exclude patterns
# would not be restored (e.g. '/usr/tmp'):
BACKUP_PROG_INCLUDE=( '/home/*' '/var/tmp/*' '/var/spool/*' '/var/opt/*' '/var/log/*' '/var/lib/pgsql/*' '/var/lib/mailman/*' '/var/lib/named/*' '/usr/local/*' '/tmp/*' '/srv/*' '/boot/grub2/x86_64-efi/*' '/opt/*' '/boot/grub2/i386-pc/*' )
# Avoid that "rear recover" is 'Creating btrfs-filesystem' by default
# also for every mounted btrfs subvolume by excluding the mountpoints
# of the mounted btrfs subvolumes from component recreation
# see /usr/share/doc/packages/rear/user-guide/06-layout-configuration.txt
# and /usr/share/rear/conf/default.conf
# When /home is a separated filesystem remove "fs:/home" from the list below:
EXCLUDE_RECREATE=( "${EXCLUDE_RECREATE[@]}" "fs:/home" "fs:/.snapshots" "fs:/var/tmp" "fs:/var/spool" "fs:/var/opt" "fs:/var/log" "fs:/var/lib/pgsql" "fs:/var/lib/mailman" "fs:/var/lib/named" "fs:/usr/local" "fs:/tmp" "fs:/srv" "fs:/var/crash" "fs:/boot/grub2/x86_64-efi" "fs:/opt" "fs:/boot/grub2/i386-pc" )
# This option defines a root password to allow SSH connection
# whithout a public/private key pair
# Let the rear recovery system run dhclient to get an IP address
# instead of using the same IP address as the original system:
# End example setup for SLE12 with default btrfs subvolumes.
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