File rear-rpmlintrc of Package rear

# This rpmlintrc file filters false positives rpmlint warning messages
# for Relax-and-Recover (rear).
# rear contains systemd unit files in /usr/share/rear/skel/
# that are not meant to be used in the running system.
# They are used to build the rear recovery system ISO image:
addFilter("rear.* W: systemd-service-without-service_del_preun ")
addFilter("rear.* W: systemd-service-without-service_del_postun ")
addFilter("rear.* W: systemd-service-without-service_add_pre ")
addFilter("rear.* W: systemd-service-without-service_add_post ")
# There is config(noreplace) for all files in /usr/share/rear/
# to avoid that RPM package update overwrites user edited files
# because rear is meant to be adapted and enhanced by the user
# according to his particular disaster recovery needs
# (see
addFilter("rear.* W: non-etc-or-var-file-marked-as-conffile /usr/share/rear/")

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