File cloud-init.changes of Package cloud-init.18752

Fri Jan 22 16:27:17 UTC 2021 - Jordi Massaguer <>

- Add use_arroba_to_include_sudoers_directory-bsc_1181283.patchfix (bsc#1181283)
  - Do not including sudoers.d directory twice 

Mon Jan  4 22:27:22 UTC 2021 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1180176)
  + Follow up to previous changes. Fix order of operations
    error to make gateway comparison between subnet configuration and
    route configuration valuable rather than self-comparing.

Mon Jan  4 19:52:33 UTC 2021 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-sle12-compat.patch (jsc#PM-2335)
  - Python 3.4 compatibility in
  - Disable some test for mock version compatibility

Tue Nov 24 21:14:56 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add wget as a requirement (bsc#1178029)
  + wget is used in the CloudStack data source

Tue Nov 24 12:40:00 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-azure-def-usr-pass.patch (bsc#1179150, bsc#1179151)
  + Properly set the password for the default user in all circumstances

Fri Nov 13 19:44:11 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Patch the full package version into the cloud-init version file

Tue Nov 10 11:39:09 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1177526)
  + Fix missing default route when dual stack network setup is used. Once
    a default route was configured for Ipv6 or IPv4 the default route
    configuration for the othre protocol was skipped.

Sat Oct 17 10:25:30 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1177526)
  + Avoid exception if no gateway information is present and warning
    is triggered for existing routing.

Fri Jul 24 19:55:40 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update to version 20.2 (bsc#1174443, bsc#1174444)
  + Remove patches included upstream:
    - 0001-Make-tests-work-with-Python-3.8-139.patch
    - cloud-init-ostack-metadat-dencode.patch
    - cloud-init-use-different-random-src.diff
    - cloud-init-long-pass.patch
    - cloud-init-mix-static-dhcp.patch
  + Remove patches build switched to Python 3 for all distributions
    - cloud-init-python2-sigpipe.patch
    - cloud-init-template-py2.patch
  + Add
    - cloud-init-after-kvp.diff
    - cloud-init-recognize-hpc.patch
  + doc/format: reference instead of an inline script (#334)
  + Add docs about  creating parent folders (#330) [Adrian Wilkins]
  + DataSourceNoCloud/OVF: drop claim to support FTP (#333) (LP: #1875470)
  + schema: ignore spurious pylint error (#332)
  + schema: add json schema for write_files module (#152)
  + BSD: find_devs_with_ refactoring (#298) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + nocloud: drop work around for Linux 2.6 (#324) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + cloudinit: drop dependencies on unittest2 and contextlib2 (#322)
  + distros: handle a potential mirror filtering error case (#328)
  + log: remove unnecessary import fallback logic (#327)
  + .travis.yml: don't run integration test on ubuntu/* branches (#321)
  + More unit test documentation (#314)
  + conftest: introduce disable_subp_usage autouse fixture (#304)
  + YAML align indent sizes for docs readability  (#323) [Tak Nishigori]
  + network_state: add missing space to log message (#325)
  + tests: add missing mocks for get_interfaces_by_mac (#326) (LP: #1873910)
  + test_mounts: expand happy path test for both happy paths (#319)
  + cc_mounts: fix incorrect format specifiers (#316) (LP: #1872836)
  + swap file "size" being used before checked if str (#315) [Eduardo Otubo]
  + HACKING.rst: add pytest version gotchas section (#311)
  + docs: Add steps to re-run cloud-id and cloud-init (#313) [Joshua Powers]
  + readme: OpenBSD is now supported (#309) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + net: ignore 'renderer' key in netplan config (#306) (LP: #1870421)
  + Add support for NFS/EFS mounts (#300) [Andrew Beresford] (LP: #1870370)
  + openbsd: set_passwd should not unlock user (#289) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + tools/.github-cla-signers: add beezly as CLA signer (#301)
  + util: remove unnecessary lru_cache import fallback (#299)
  + HACKING.rst: reorganise/update CLA signature info (#297)
  + distros: drop leading/trailing hyphens from mirror URL labels (#296)
  + HACKING.rst: add note about variable annotations (#295)
  + CiTestCase: stop using and remove sys_exit helper (#283)
  + distros: replace invalid characters in mirror URLs with hyphens (#291)
    (LP: #1868232)
  + rbxcloud: gracefully handle arping errors (#262) [Adam Dobrawy]
  + Fix cloud-init ignoring some misdeclared mimetypes in user-data.
    [Kurt Garloff]
  + net: ubuntu focal prioritize netplan over eni even if both present
    (#267) (LP: #1867029)
  + cloudinit: refactor util.is_ipv4 to net.is_ipv4_address (#292)
  + net/cmdline: replace type comments with annotations (#294)
  + HACKING.rst: add Type Annotations design section (#293)
  + net: introduce is_ip_address function (#288)
  + CiTestCase: remove now-unneeded parse_and_read helper method (#286)
  + .travis.yml: allow 30 minutes of inactivity in cloud tests (#287)
  + sources/tests/test_init: drop use of deprecated inspect.getargspec (#285)
  + drop NIH check_output implementation (#282)
  + Identify SAP Converged Cloud as OpenStack [Silvio Knizek]
  + add Openbsd support (#147) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + HACKING.rst: add examples of the two test class types (#278)
  + VMWware: support to update guest info gc status if enabled (#261)
  + Add lp-to-git mapping for kgarloff (#279)
  + set_passwords: avoid chpasswd on BSD (#268) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + HACKING.rst: add Unit Testing design section (#277)
  + util: read_cc_from_cmdline handle urlencoded yaml content (#275)
  + distros/tests/test_init: add tests for _get_package_mirror_info (#272)
  + HACKING.rst: add links to new Code Review Process doc (#276)
  + freebsd: ensure package update works (#273) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + doc: introduce Code Review Process documentation (#160)
  + tools: use python3 (#274)
  + cc_disk_setup: fix RuntimeError (#270) (LP: #1868327)
  + cc_apt_configure/util: combine search_for_mirror implementations (#271)
  + bsd: boottime does not depend on the libc soname (#269)
    [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + test_oracle,DataSourceOracle: sort imports (#266)
  + DataSourceOracle: update .network_config docstring (#257)
  + cloudinit/tests: remove unneeded with_logs configuration (#263)
  + .travis.yml: drop stale comment (#255)
  + .gitignore: add more common directories (#258)
  + ec2: render network on all NICs and add secondary IPs as static (#114)
    (LP: #1866930)
  + ec2 json validation: fix the reference to the 'merged_cfg' key (#256)
    [Paride Legovini]
  + releases.yaml: quote the Ubuntu version numbers (#254) [Paride Legovini]
  + cloudinit: remove six from packaging/tooling (#253)
  + util/netbsd: drop six usage (#252)
  + workflows: introduce stale pull request workflow (#125)
  + cc_resolv_conf: introduce tests and stabilise output across Python
    versions (#251)
  + fix minor issue with resolv_conf template (#144) [andreaf74]
  + doc: CloudInit also support NetBSD (#250) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + Add Netbsd support (#62) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + tox.ini: avoid substition syntax that causes a traceback on xenial (#245)
  + Add pub_key_ed25519 to cc_phone_home (#237) [Daniel Hensby]
  + Introduce and use of a list of GitHub usernames that have signed CLA
  + workflows/cla.yml: use correct username for CLA check (#243)
  + tox.ini: use xenial version of jsonpatch in CI (#242)
  + workflows: CLA validation altered to fail status on pull_request (#164)
  + tox.ini: bump pyflakes version to 2.1.1 (#239)
  + cloudinit: move to pytest for running tests (#211)
  + instance-data: add cloud-init merged_cfg and sys_info keys to json
    (#214) (LP: #1865969)
  + ec2: Do not fallback to IMDSv1 on EC2 (#216)
  + instance-data: write redacted cfg to instance-data.json (#233)
    (LP: #1865947)
  + net: support network-config:disabled on the kernel commandline (#232)
    (LP: #1862702)
  + ec2: only redact token request headers in logs, avoid altering request
    (#230) (LP: #1865882)
  + docs: typo fixed: dta → data [Alexey Vazhnov]
  + Fixes typo on Amazon Web Services (#217) [Nick Wales]
  + Fix docs for OpenStack DMI Asset Tag (#228)
    [Mark T. Voelker] (LP: #1669875)
  + Add physical network type: cascading to openstack helpers (#200)
  + tests: add focal integration tests for ubuntu (#225)

- From 20.1 (first vesrion after 19.4)
  + ec2: Do not log IMDSv2 token values, instead use REDACTED (#219)
    (LP: #1863943)
  + utils: use SystemRandom when generating random password. (#204)
    [Dimitri John Ledkov]
  + docs: mount_default_files is a list of 6 items, not 7 (#212)
  + azurecloud: fix issues with instances not starting (#205) (LP: #1861921)
  + unittest: fix stderr leak in cc_set_password random unittest
    output. (#208)
  + cc_disk_setup: add swap filesystem force flag (#207)
  + import sysvinit patches from freebsd-ports tree (#161) [Igor Galić]
  + docs: fix typo (#195) [Edwin Kofler]
  + sysconfig: distro-specific config rendering for BOOTPROTO option (#162)
    [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1800854)
  + cloudinit: replace "from six import X" imports (except in (#183)
  + run-container: use 'test -n' instead of 'test ! -z' (#202)
    [Paride Legovini]
  + net/cmdline: correctly handle static ip= config (#201)
    [Dimitri John Ledkov] (LP: #1861412)
  + Replace mock library with unittest.mock (#186)
  + HACKING.rst: update CLA link (#199)
  + Scaleway: Fix DatasourceScaleway to avoid backtrace (#128)
    [Louis Bouchard]
  + cloudinit/cmd/devel/ add missing space (#191)
  + tools/run-container: drop support for python2 (#192) [Paride Legovini]
  + Print ssh key fingerprints using sha256 hash (#188) (LP: #1860789)
  + Make the RPM build use Python 3 (#190) [Paride Legovini]
  + cc_set_password: increase random pwlength from 9 to 20 (#189)
    (LP: #1860795)
  + .travis.yml: use correct Python version for xenial tests (#185)
  + cloudinit: remove ImportError handling for mock imports (#182)
  + Do not use fallocate in swap file creation on xfs. (#70)
    [Eduardo Otubo] (LP: #1781781)
  + .readthedocs.yaml: install cloud-init when building docs (#181)
    (LP: #1860450)
  + Introduce an RTD config file, and pin the Sphinx version to the RTD
    default (#180)
  + Drop most of the remaining use of six (#179)
  + Start removing dependency on six (#178)
  + Add Rootbox & HyperOne to list of cloud in README (#176) [Adam Dobrawy]
  + docs: add proposed SRU testing procedure (#167)
  + util: rename get_architecture to get_dpkg_architecture (#173)
  + Ensure util.get_architecture() runs only once (#172)
  + Only use gpart if it is the BSD gpart (#131) [Conrad Hoffmann]
  + freebsd: remove superflu exception mapping (#166) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + ssh_auth_key_fingerprints_disable test: fix capitalization (#165)
    [Paride Legovini]
  + util: move uptime's else branch into its own boottime function (#53)
    [Igor Galić] (LP: #1853160)
  + workflows: add contributor license agreement checker (#155)
  + net: fix rendering of 'static6' in network config (#77) (LP: #1850988)
  + Make tests work with Python 3.8 (#139) [Conrad Hoffmann]
  + fixed minor bug with mkswap in (#143) [andreaf74]
  + freebsd: fix create_group() cmd (#146) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + doc: make apt_update example consistent (#154)
  + doc: add modules page toc with links (#153) (LP: #1852456)
  + Add support for the amazon variant in cloud.cfg.tmpl (#119)
    [Frederick Lefebvre]
  + ci: remove Python 2.7 from CI runs (#137)
  + modules: drop cc_snap_config config module (#134)
  + migrate-lp-user-to-github: ensure Launchpad repo exists (#136)
  + docs: add initial troubleshooting to FAQ (#104) [Joshua Powers]
  + doc: update cc_set_hostname frequency and descrip (#109)
    [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1827021)
  + freebsd: introduce the freebsd renderer (#61) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + cc_snappy: remove deprecated module (#127)
  + HACKING.rst: clarify that everyone needs to do the LP->GH dance (#130)
  + freebsd: cloudinit service requires devd (#132) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + cloud-init: fix capitalisation of SSH (#126)
  + doc: update cc_ssh clarify host and auth keys
    [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1827021)
  + ci: emit names of tests run in Travis (#120)


Thu Jun 18 12:11:49 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Disable testing to aid elimination of unittest2 in Factory

Wed May 20 11:23:04 UTC 2020 - Martin Loviska <>

- bsc#1170154: rsyslog warning, '~' is deprecated 
  + replace deprecated syntax '& ~' by '& stop'
    for more information please see 

Tue May 19 11:51:18 UTC 2020 - Joachim Gleissner <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch
  + Explicitly test for netconfig version 1 as well as 2

Mon May 18 14:37:30 UTC 2020 - Joachim Gleissner <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch
  + Handle netconfig v2 device configurations (bsc#1171546, bsc#1171995)

Fri Mar 27 12:21:00 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch
  + In cases where the config contains 2 or more default gateway
    specifications for an interface only write the first default route,
    log warning message about skipped routes
  + Avoid writing invalid route specification if neither the network
    nor destination is specified in the route configuration

Thu Mar 26 17:20:12 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch
  + Still need to consider the "network" configuration uption
    for the v1 config implementation. Fixes regression
    introduced with update from Wed Feb 12 19:30:42

Wed Mar 25 18:31:32 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1165296)
  + Add the default gateway to the ifroute config file when specified
    as part of the subnet configuration
  + Fix typo to properly extrakt provided netmask data (bsc#1163178)

Thu Feb 13 14:07:50 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-long-pass.patch (bsc#1162936, CVE-2020-8632)
  + Increase the default length of generated passwords

Wed Feb 12 22:37:57 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-use-different-random-src.diff (bsc#1162937, CVE-2020-8631)
  + Use non-deterministic generator for password generation.

Wed Feb 12 19:30:42 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1163178)
  + Entries in the routes definition have changed causing a traceback
    during rout config file writing. This patch update addresses the
    issue by extracting the new entries properly.

Fri Jan 24 14:49:35 UTC 2020 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- BuildRequire pkgconfig(udev) instead of udev: allow OBS to
  shortcut through the -mini flavor.

Fri Jan 17 18:55:41 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-no-tempnet-oci.patch (bsc#1161132, bsc#1161133)
  + Do not attempt to configure an ephemeral network on OCI. We
    boot off iSCSI and the network is up. Just read the data.

Tue Jan 14 15:14:52 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Add patch to build properly with python 3.8:
  * 0001-Make-tests-work-with-Python-3.8-139.patch

Thu Jan  9 18:56:26 UTC 2020 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update to version 19.4
  + Remove patches included upstream:
    - cloud-init-after-wicked.patch
    - cloud-init-noresolv-merge-no-dns-data.diff
    - cloud-init-renderer-detect.patch
    - cloud-init-trigger-udev.patch
  + Removed patches merged with cloud-init-mix-static-dhcp.patch
    - cloud-init-proper-ipv6-setting.patch
    - cloud-init-static-net.patch
  + Added cloud-init-mix-static-dhcp.patch (bsc#1157894)
  + Forward port cloud-init-sysconf-path.patch
  + doc: specify _ over - in cloud config modules
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1293254)
  + tools: Detect python to use via env in migrate-lp-user-to-github
  + [Adam Dobrawy]
  + Partially revert "fix unlocking method on FreeBSD" (#116)
  + tests: mock uid when running as root (#113)
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1856096)
  + cloudinit/netinfo: remove unused getgateway (#111)
  + docs: clear up apt config sections (#107) [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1832823)
  + doc: add kernel command line option to user data (#105)
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1846524)
  + config/cloud.cfg.d: update README [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1855006)
  + azure: avoid re-running cloud-init when instance-id is byte-swapped
  + (#84) [AOhassan]
  + fix unlocking method on FreeBSD [Igor Galić] (LP: #1854594)
  + debian: add reference to the manpages [Joshua Powers]
  + ds_identify: if /sys is not available use dmidecode (#42)
  + [Igor Galić] (LP: #1852442)
  + docs: add cloud-id manpage [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: add cloud-init-per manpage [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: add cloud-init manpage [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: add additional details to per-instance/once [Joshua Powers]
  + Update doc-requirements.txt [Joshua Powers]
  + doc-requirements: add missing dep [Joshua Powers]
  + dhcp: Support RedHat dhcp rfc3442 lease format for option 121 (#76)
  + [Eric Lafontaine] (LP: #1850642)
  + network_state: handle empty v1 config (#45) (LP: #1852496)
  + docs: Add document on how to report bugs [Joshua Powers]
  + Add an Amazon distro in the redhat OS family [Frederick Lefebvre]
  + removed a couple of "the"s [gaughen]
  + docs: fix line length and remove highlighting [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: Add to readthedocs [Joshua Powers]
  + Multiple file fix for AuthorizedKeysFile config (#60) [Eduardo Otubo]
  + Revert "travis: only run CI on pull requests"
  + doc: update links on [Joshua Powers]
  + doc: Updates to wording of [Joshua Powers]
  + Add [Joshua Powers]
  + Amazon Linux sets libexec to /usr/libexec (#52)
  + [Frederick Lefebvre]
  + Fix linting failure in test_url_helper (#83) [Eric Lafontaine]
  + url_helper: read_file_or_url should pass headers param into readurl
  + (#66) (LP: #1854084)
  + dmidecode: log result *after* stripping n [Igor Galić]
  + cloud_tests: add azure platform support to integration tests
  + [ahosmanmsft]
  + set_passwords: support for FreeBSD (#46) [Igor Galić]
  + tools: migrate-lp-user-to-github removes repo_dir if created (#35)
  + Correct jumbled documentation for cc_set_hostname module (#64)
  + [do3meli] (LP: #1853543)
  + FreeBSD: fix for get_linux_distro() and lru_cache (#59)
  + [Igor Galić] (LP: #1815030)
  + ec2: Add support for AWS IMDS v2 (session-oriented) (#55)
  + tests: Fix cloudsigma tests when no dmidecode data is present. (#57)
  + [Scott Moser]
  + net: IPv6, accept_ra, slaac, stateless (#51)
  + [Harald] (LP: #1806014, #1808647)
  + docs: Update the configdrive datasource links (#44)
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1852461)
  + distro: correctly set usr_lib_exec path for FreeBSD distro (#40)
  + [Igor Galić] (LP: #1852491)
  + azure: support secondary ipv6 addresses (#33)
  + Fix metadata check when local-hostname is null (#32)
  + [Mark Goddard] (LP: #1852100)
  + switch default FreeBSD salt minion pkg from py27 to py36
  + [Dominic Schlegel]
  + travis: only run CI on pull requests
  + add data-server dns entry as new metadata server detection [Joshua Hügli]
  + pycodestyle: remove unused local variable
  + reporting: Using a uuid to enforce uniqueness on the KVP keys. [momousta]
  + docs: touchups in rtd intro and
  + doc: update launchpad git refs to github
  + github: drop pull-request template to prepare for migration
  + tools: add migrate-lp-user-to-github script to link LP to github
  + github: new basic project readme

- From 19.3
  + azure: support matching dhcp route-metrics for dual-stack ipv4 ipv6
  + (LP: #1850308)
  + configdrive: fix subplatform config-drive for /config-drive source
  + [David Kindred] (LP: #1849731)
  + DataSourceSmartOS: reconfigure network on each boot
  + [Mike Gerdts] (LP: #1765801)
  + Add config for ssh-key import and consuming user-data [Pavel Zakharov]
  + net: fix subnet_is_ipv6() for stateless|stateful
  + [Harald Jensås] (LP: #1848690)
  + OVF: disable custom script execution by default [Xiaofeng Wang]
  + cc_puppet: Implement csr_attributes.yaml support [Matthias Baur]
  + cloud-init.service: on centos/fedora/redhat wait on NetworkManager.service
  + (LP: #1843334)
  + azure: Do not lock user on instance id change [Sam Eiderman] (LP: #1849677)
  + net/netplan: use ipv6-mtu key for specifying ipv6 mtu values
  + Fix usages of yaml, and move yaml_dump to safeyaml.dumps. (LP: #1849640)
  + exoscale: Increase url_max_wait to 120s. [Chris Glass]
  + net/sysconfig: fix available check on SUSE distros
  + [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1849378)
  + docs: Fix incorrect Azure IMDS IP address [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1849508)
  + introduce .travis.yml
  + net: enable infiniband support in eni and sysconfig renderers
  + [Darren Birkett] (LP: #1847114)
  + guestcust_util: handle special characters in config file [Xiaofeng Wang]
  + fix some more typos in comments [Dominic Schlegel]
  + replace any deprecated log.warn with log.warning
  + [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1508442)
  + net: handle openstack dhcpv6-stateless configuration
  + [Harald Jensås] (LP: #1847517)
  + Add .venv/ to .gitignore [Dominic Schlegel]
  + Small typo fixes in code comments. [Dominic Schlegel]
  + cloud_test/lxd: Retry container delete a few times
  + Add Support for e24cloud to Ec2 datasource. (LP: #1696476)
  + Add RbxCloud datasource [Adam Dobrawy]
  + get_interfaces: don't exclude bridge and bond members (LP: #1846535)
  + Add support for Arch Linux in render-cloudcfg [Conrad Hoffmann]
  + util: json.dumps on python 2.7 will handle UnicodeDecodeError on binary
  + (LP: #1801364)
  + debian/ubuntu: add missing word to netplan/ENI header (LP: #1845669)
  + ovf: do not generate random instance-id for IMC customization path
  + sysconfig: only write resolv.conf if network_state has DNS values
  + (LP: #1843634)
  + sysconfig: use distro variant to check if available (LP: #1843584)
  + systemd/cloud-init.service.tmpl: start after wicked.service
  + [Robert Schweikert]
  + docs: fix zstack documentation lints
  + analyze/show: remove trailing space in output
  + Add missing space in warning: "not avalid seed" [Brian Candler]
  + pylintrc: add 'enter_context' to generated-members list
  + Add datasource for ZStack platform. [Shixin Ruan] (LP: #1841181)
  + docs: organize TOC and update summary of project [Joshua Powers]
  + tools: make clean now cleans the dev directory, not the system
  + docs: create cli specific page [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: added output examples to analyze.rst [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: doc8 fixes for instancedata page [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: clean up formatting, organize boot page [Joshua Powers]
  + net: add is_master check for filtering device list (LP: #1844191)
  + docs: more complete list of availability [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: start FAQ page [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: cleanup output & order of datasource page [Joshua Powers]
  + Brightbox: restrict detection to require full domain match
  + VMWware: add option into VMTools config to enable/disable custom script.
  + [Xiaofeng Wang]
  + net,Oracle: Add support for netfailover detection
  + atomic_helper: add DEBUG logging to write_file (LP: #1843276)
  + doc: document doc, create makefile and tox target [Joshua Powers]
  + .gitignore: ignore files produced by package builds
  + docs: fix whitespace, spelling, and line length [Joshua Powers]
  + docs: remove unnecessary file in doc directory [Joshua Powers]
  + Oracle: Render secondary vnic IP and MTU values only
  + exoscale: fix sysconfig cloud_config_modules overrides (LP: #1841454)
  + net/cmdline: refactor to allow multiple initramfs network config sources
  + ubuntu-drivers: call db_x_loadtemplatefile to accept NVIDIA EULA
  + (LP: #1840080)
  + Add missing #cloud-config comment on first example in documentation.
  + [Florian Müller]
  + ubuntu-drivers: emit latelink=true debconf to accept nvidia eula
  + (LP: #1840080)
  + DataSourceOracle: prefer DS network config over initramfs
  + format.rst: add text/jinja2 to list of content types (+ cleanups)
  + Add GitHub pull request template to point people at hacking doc
  + cloudinit/distros/parsers/sys_conf: add docstring to SysConf
  + pyflakes: remove unused variable [Joshua Powers]
  + Azure: Record boot timestamps, system information, and diagnostic events
  + [Anh Vo]
  + DataSourceOracle: configure secondary NICs on Virtual Machines
  + distros: fix confusing variable names
  + azure/net: generate_fallback_nic emits network v2 config instead of v1
  + Add support for publishing host keys to GCE guest attributes [Rick Wright]
  + New data source for the cloud platform [Chris Glass]
  + doc: remove intersphinx extension
  + cc_set_passwords: rewrite documentation (LP: #1838794)
  + net/cmdline: split interfaces_by_mac and init network config determination
  + stages: allow data sources to override network config source order
  + cloud_tests: updates and fixes
  + Fix bug rendering MTU on bond or vlan when input was netplan. (LP: #1836949)
  + net: update net sequence, include wait on netdevs, opensuse netrules path
    (LP: #1817368)

Mon Nov 25 19:34:52 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-proper-ipv6-setting.patch (bsc#1156139)
  + Set proper IPv6 interface variable in ifcfg file

Wed Nov  6 14:43:54 UTC 2019 - Petr Pavlu <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1155376)
  + Write a route's destination network in CIDR notation instead of using the
    netmask. This provides support for correctly recording IPv6 routes.

Tue Oct 22 19:57:22 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-renderer-detect.patch (bsc#1154092, boo#1142988)
  + Short curcuit the conditional for identifying the sysconfig renderer.
    If we find ifup/ifdown accept the renderer as available.

Tue Oct 22 12:13:59 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-break-resolv-symlink.patch (bsc#1151488)
  + If /etc/resolv.conf is a symlink break it. This will avoid netconfig
    from clobbering the changes cloud-init applied.

Thu Sep 26 12:15:50 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update to cloud-init 19.2 (bsc#1099358, bsc#1145622)
  + Remove, included upstream
    - cloud-init-detect-nova.diff
    - cloud-init-add-static-routes.diff
  + net: add rfc3442 (classless static routes) to EphemeralDHCP
    (LP: #1821102)
  + templates/ntp.conf.debian.tmpl: fix missing newline for pools
    (LP: #1836598)
  + Support netplan renderer in Arch Linux [Conrad Hoffmann]
  + Fix typo in publicly viewable documentation. [David Medberry]
  + Add a cdrom size checker for OVF ds to ds-identify
    [Pengpeng Sun] (LP: #1806701)
  + VMWare: Trigger the post customization script via cc_scripts module.
    [Xiaofeng Wang] (LP: #1833192)
  + Cloud-init analyze module: Added ability to analyze boot events.
    [Sam Gilson]
  + Update debian eni network configuration location, retain Ubuntu setting
    [Janos Lenart]
  + net: skip bond interfaces in get_interfaces
    [Stanislav Makar] (LP: #1812857)
  + Fix a couple of issues raised by a coverity scan
  + Add missing dsname for Hetzner Cloud datasource [Markus Schade]
  + doc: indicate that netplan is default in Ubuntu now
  + azure: add region and AZ properties from imds compute location metadata
  + sysconfig: support more bonding options [Penghui Liao]
  + cloud-init-generator: use libexec path to ds-identify on redhat systems
    (LP: #1833264)
  + tools/build-on-freebsd: update to python3 [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + Allow identification of OpenStack by Asset Tag
    [Mark T. Voelker] (LP: #1669875)
  + Fix spelling error making 'an Ubuntu' consistent. [Brian Murray]
  + run-container: centos: comment out the repo mirrorlist [Paride Legovini]
  + netplan: update netplan key mappings for gratuitous-arp (LP: #1827238)
  + freebsd: fix the name of cloudcfg VARIANT [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + freebsd: ability to grow root file system [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + freebsd: NoCloud data source support [Gonéri Le Bouder] (LP: #1645824)
  + Azure: Return static fallback address as if failed to find endpoint
    [Jason Zions (MSFT)]

Tue Sep 24 19:50:33 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-after-wicked.patch
  - Change the service order, the cloud-init service wants to run after
    networking is started

Tue Sep 24 18:46:00 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-noresolv-merge-no-dns-data.diff
  - Avoid writing resolv.conf if the network configuration contains no
    dns entries.

Mon Sep 23 13:05:03 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Follow up to update cloud-init-trigger-udev.patch (bsc#1144363)
  - In this implementation the "name" is not yet an attribute, use
    get() to obtain the value from a dict. Source code version confusion.

Mon Aug 19 16:46:35 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-add-static-routes.diff (bsc#1141969)
  + Properly handle static routes. The EphemeralDHCP context manager did
    not parse or handle rfc3442 classless static routes which prevented
    reading datasource metadata in some clouds.

Mon Aug 19 15:24:26 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-trigger-udev.patch (bsc#1144363)
  - The __str__ implementation no longer delivers the name of the interface,
    use the "name" attribute instead to form a proper path in the
    sysfs tree

Fri Aug 16 19:54:28 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (boo#1144881, bsc#1148645)
  + If no routes are set for a subnet but the subnet has a gateway
    specified, set the gateway as the default route for the interface

Fri Jul  5 18:58:22 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Follow the ever changing inconsistencies of version definitions and
  detection in the build service.
  + No more suse_version in SUSE internal instance for SLES 15 SP1

Tue Jun 11 12:37:16 UTC 2019 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
  shortcut the build queues by allowing usage of systemd-mini

Fri May 31 12:42:49 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update to version 19.1 (bsc#1136440, bsc#1129124)
  + Remove, included upstream
    - fix-default-systemd-unit-dir.patch
    - cloud-init-sysconf-ethsetup.patch
    - cloud-init-handle-def-route-set.patch
    - cloud-init-no-empty-resolv.patch
    - cloud-init-proper-ipv6-varname.patch
  + Forward port
    - cloud-init-trigger-udev.patch
  + Add cloud-init-detect-nova.diff (bsc#1136440)
  + Modify cloud-init-python2-sigpipe.patch, import signal and constants
  + Update spec to account for new location of bash completion
  + freebsd: add chpasswd pkg in the image [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + tests: add Eoan release [Paride Legovini]
  + cc_mounts: check if mount -a on no-change fstab path
    [Jason Zions (MSFT)] (LP: #1825596)
  + replace remaining occurrences of LOG.warn [Daniel Watkins]
  + DataSourceAzure: Adjust timeout for polling IMDS [Anh Vo]
  + Azure: Changes to the Hyper-V KVP Reporter [Anh Vo]
  + git tests: no longer show warning about safe yaml.
  + tools/read-version: handle errors [Chad Miller]
  + net/sysconfig: only indicate available on known sysconfig distros
    (LP: #1819994)
  + packages: update rpm specs for new bash completion path
    [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1825444)
  + test_azure: mock util.SeLinuxGuard where needed
    [Jason Zions (MSFT)] (LP: #1825253)
  + install bash completion script in new location [Daniel Watkins]
  + mount_cb: do not pass sync and rw options to mount
    [Gonéri Le Bouder] (LP: #1645824)
  + cc_apt_configure: fix typo in apt documentation [Dominic Schlegel]
  + Revert "DataSource: move update_events from a class to an instance..."
    [Daniel Watkins]
  + Change DataSourceNoCloud to ignore file system label's case.
    [Risto Oikarinen]
  + Fix missing 'modules-init' key in modes dict
    [Antonio Romito] (LP: #1815109)
  + ubuntu_advantage: rewrite cloud-config module
  + Azure: Treat _unset network configuration as if it were absent
    [Jason Zions (MSFT)] (LP: #1823084)
  + DatasourceAzure: add additional logging for azure datasource [Anh Vo]
  + cloud_tests: fix apt_pipelining test-cases
  + Azure: Ensure platform random_seed is always serializable as JSON.
    [Jason Zions (MSFT)]
  + net/sysconfig: write out SUSE-compatible IPv6 config [Robert Schweikert]
  + tox: Update testenv for openSUSE Leap to 15.0 [Thomas Bechtold]
  + net: Fix ipv6 static routes when using eni renderer
    [Raphael Glon] (LP: #1818669)
  + Add ubuntu_drivers config module [Daniel Watkins]
  + doc: Refresh Azure walinuxagent docs [Daniel Watkins]
  + tox: bump pylint version to latest (2.3.1) [Daniel Watkins]
  + DataSource: move update_events from a class to an instance attribute
    [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1819913)
  + net/sysconfig: Handle default route setup for dhcp configured NICs
    [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1812117)
  + DataSourceEc2: update RELEASE_BLOCKER to be more accurate
    [Daniel Watkins]
  + cloud-init-per: POSIX sh does not support string subst, use sed
    (LP: #1819222)
  + Support locking user with usermod if passwd is not available.
  + Example for Microsoft Azure data disk added. [Anton Olifir]
  + clean: correctly determine the path for excluding seed directory
    [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1818571)
  + helpers/openstack: Treat unknown link types as physical
    [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1639263)
  + drop Python 2.6 support and our NIH version detection [Daniel Watkins]
  + tip-pylint: Fix assignment-from-return-none errors
  + net: append type:dhcp[46] only if dhcp[46] is True in v2 netconfig
    [Kurt Stieger] (LP: #1818032)
  + cc_apt_pipelining: stop disabling pipelining by default
    [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1794982)
  + tests: fix some slow tests and some leaking state [Daniel Watkins]
  + util: don't determine string_types ourselves [Daniel Watkins]
  + cc_rsyslog: Escape possible nested set [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1816967)
  + Enable encrypted_data_bag_secret support for Chef
    [Eric Williams] (LP: #1817082)
  + azure: Filter list of ssh keys pulled from fabric [Jason Zions (MSFT)]
  + doc: update merging doc with fixes and some additional details/examples
  + tests: integration test failure summary to use traceback if empty error
  + This is to fix
    [Vitaly Kuznetsov]
  + EC2: Rewrite network config on AWS Classic instances every boot
    [Guilherme G. Piccoli] (LP: #1802073)
  + netinfo: Adjust ifconfig output parsing for FreeBSD ipv6 entries
    (LP: #1779672)
  + netplan: Don't render yaml aliases when dumping netplan (LP: #1815051)
  + add PyCharm IDE .idea/ path to .gitignore [Dominic Schlegel]
  + correct grammar issue in instance metadata documentation
    [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1802188)
  + clean: cloud-init clean should not trace when run from within cloud_dir
    (LP: #1795508)
  + Resolve flake8 comparison and pycodestyle over-ident issues
    [Paride Legovini]
  + opennebula: also exclude epochseconds from changed environment vars
    (LP: #1813641)
  + systemd: Render generator from template to account for system
    differences. [Robert Schweikert]
  + sysconfig: On SUSE, use STARTMODE instead of ONBOOT
    [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1799540)
  + flake8: use ==/!= to compare str, bytes, and int literals
    [Paride Legovini]
  + opennebula: exclude EPOCHREALTIME as known bash env variable with a
    delta (LP: #1813383)
  + tox: fix disco httpretty dependencies for py37 (LP: #1813361)
  + run-container: uncomment baseurl in yum.repos.d/*.repo when using a
    proxy [Paride Legovini]
  + lxd: install zfs-linux instead of zfs meta package
    [Johnson Shi] (LP: #1799779)
  + net/sysconfig: do not write a resolv.conf file with only the header.
    [Robert Schweikert]
  + net: Make sysconfig renderer compatible with Network Manager.
    [Eduardo Otubo]
  + cc_set_passwords: Fix regex when parsing hashed passwords
    [Marlin Cremers] (LP: #1811446)
  + net: Wait for dhclient to daemonize before reading lease file
    [Jason Zions] (LP: #1794399)
  + [Azure] Increase retries when talking to Wireserver during metadata walk
    [Jason Zions]
  + Add documentation on adding a datasource.
  + doc: clean up some datasource documentation.
  + ds-identify: fix wrong variable name in ovf_vmware_transport_guestinfo.
  + Scaleway: Support ssh keys provided inside an instance tag. [PORTE Loïc]
  + OVF: simplify expected return values of transport functions.
  + Vmware: Add support for the com.vmware.guestInfo OVF transport.
    (LP: #1807466)
  + HACKING.rst: change contact info to Josh Powers
  + Update to pylint 2.2.2.

Wed Apr 24 18:37:32 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1132692)
  + Properly accumulate all the defined routes for a given network device.
    Previously only the last defined route was written to the routes file.

Sat Mar 30 12:42:27 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update cloud-init-trigger-udev.patch (bsc#1125950)
  + Write the udev rules to a different file than the default
  + Settle udev if not all configured devices are in the device tree to
    avoid race condition between udev and cloud-init

Fri Feb 22 22:11:20 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-trigger-udev.patch (bsc#1125950)
  + When the user configures a new rules file for network devices
    the rules may not apply immediately, trigger udevadm

Fri Feb 22 16:20:28 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Modify cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1125992)
  + Fix the order of calls, the SUSE implementation of route config file
    writing must clobber the default implementation.

Fri Feb 22 00:42:14 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-proper-ipv6-varname.patch (bsc#1126101)
  + Use the proper name to designate IPv6 addresses in ifcfg-* files

Thu Jan 31 17:13:21 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Modify cloud-init-write-routes.patch (boo#1123694)
  + Drop a '-' in the route file for the last column

Tue Jan 22 13:04:40 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-no-empty-resolv.patch (bsc#1119397)

Mon Jan  7 20:22:39 UTC 2019 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update to version 18.5 (bsc#1121878, boo#1116767)
  + Remove 
    included upstream
  + Forward port cloud-init-sysconf-ethsetup.patch
  + Add cloud-init-write-routes.patch
  + Add cloud-init-handle-def-route-set.patch
  + tests: add Disco release [Joshua Powers]
  + net: render 'metric' values in per-subnet routes (LP: #1805871)
  + write_files: add support for appending to files. [James Baxter]
  + config: On ubuntu select cloud archive mirrors for armel, armhf, arm64.
    (LP: #1805854)
  + dhclient-hook: cleanups, tests and fix a bug on 'down' event.
  + NoCloud: Allow top level 'network' key in network-config. (LP: #1798117)
  + ovf: Fix ovf network config generation gateway/routes (LP: #1806103)
  + azure: detect vnet migration via netlink media change event
    [Tamilmani Manoharan]
  + Azure: fix copy/paste error in error handling when reading azure ovf.
  + [Adam DePue]
  + tests: fix incorrect order of mocks in test_handle_zfs_root.
  + doc: Change dns_nameserver property to dns_nameservers. [Tomer Cohen]
  + OVF: identify label iso9660 filesystems with label 'OVF ENV'.
  + logs: collect-logs ignore instance-data-sensitive.json on non-root user
    (LP: #1805201)
  + net: Ephemeral*Network: add connectivity check via URL
  + azure: _poll_imds only retry on 404. Fail on Timeout (LP: #1803598)
  + resizefs: Prefix discovered devpath with '/dev/' when path does not
    exist [Igor Galić]
  + azure: retry imds polling on requests.Timeout (LP: #1800223)
  + azure: Accept variation in error msg from mount for ntfs volumes
    [Jason Zions] (LP: #1799338)
  + azure: fix regression introduced when persisting ephemeral dhcp lease
  + azure: add udev rules to create cloud-init Gen2 disk name symlinks
    (LP: #1797480)
  + tests: ec2 mock missing httpretty user-data and instance-identity routes
  + azure: remove /etc/netplan/90-hotplug-azure.yaml when net from IMDS
  + azure: report ready to fabric after reprovision and reduce logging
    [asakkurr] (LP: #1799594)
  + query: better error when missing read permission on instance-data
  + instance-data: fallback to instance-data.json if sensitive is absent.
    (LP: #1798189)
  + docs: remove colon from network v1 config example. [Tomer Cohen]
  + Add cloud-id binary to packages for SUSE [Jason Zions]
  + systemd: On SUSE ensure cloud-init.service runs before wicked
    [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1799709)
  + update detection of openSUSE variants [Robert Schweikert]
  + azure: Add apply_network_config option to disable network from IMDS
    (LP: #1798424)
  + Correct spelling in an error message (udevadm). [Katie McLaughlin]
  + tests: meta_data key changed to meta-data in ec2 instance-data.json
    (LP: #1797231)
  + tests: fix kvm integration test to assert flexible config-disk path
    (LP: #1797199)
  + tools: Add cloud-id command line utility
  + instance-data: Add standard keys platform and subplatform. Refactor ec2.
  + net: ignore nics that have "zero" mac address. (LP: #1796917)
  + tests: fix apt_configure_primary to be more flexible
  + Ubuntu: update sources.list to comment out deb-src entries. (LP: #74747)

Fri Nov  2 14:13:42 UTC 2018 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-ostack-metadat-dencode.patch (bsc#1101894)

Wed Oct 31 14:27:32 UTC 2018 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Add cloud-init-static-net.patch (boo#1114160)

Thu Oct 25 18:56:13 UTC 2018 - Robert Schweikert <>

- Update to version 18.4 (bsc#1087331, bsc#1097388, boo#1111427, bsc#1095627)
  + Remove cloud-init-no-user-lock-if-already-locked.patch
    cloud-init 18.4 is not supported on SLE 11 code base
  + Remove 0001-Support-chrony-configuration-lp-1731619.patch
    Included upstream
  + Remove 0003-Distro-dependent-chrony-config-file.patch
    Included upstream
  + Remove 0001-switch-to-using-iproute2-tools.patch
    Included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-no-python-linux-dist.patch
    Included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-no-trace-empt-sect.patch
    Included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-setpath-dsitentify.patch
    Included upstream
  + Modify fix-default-systemd-unit-dir.patch
    Use pkg-config, only modify the generator
  + Remove cloud-init-sysconfig-netpathfix.patch
    Fixed upstream
  + Removed cloud-init-skip-ovf-tests.patch
    Fixed upstream
  + Removed cloud-init-translate-netconf-ipv4-keep-gw.patch
    Fixed upstream
  + Add cloud-init-template-py2.patch avoid Python 3 dependency when we build
    for distros with Python 2 support
  + Add 0001-Follow-the-ever-bouncing-ball-for-openSUSE-distribut.patch
  + Add 0002-Add-tests-for-additional-openSUSE-distro-condition-m.patch
  + Add cloud-init-sysconf-path.patch
  + Add cloud-init-sysconf-ethsetup.patch
  + Add 0001-Fix-the-service-order-for-SUSE-distributions.patch
  + Add dhcp-client as requirement
    cloud-init uses dhclient to setup temporary network for
    metadata retrieval. THis is needed until lp#1733226 is addressed
  + add rtd example docs about new standardized keys
  + use ds._crawled_metadata instance attribute if set when writing
  + ec2: update crawled metadata. add standardized keys
  + tests: allow skipping an entire cloud_test without running.
  + tests: disable lxd tests on cosmic
  + cii-tests: use unittest2.SkipTest in ntp_chrony due to new deps
  + lxd: adjust to snap installed lxd.
  + docs: surface experimental doc in instance-data.json
  + tests: fix ec2 integration tests. process meta_data instead of meta-data
  + Add support for Infiniband network interfaces (IPoIB). [Mark Goddard]
  + cli: add cloud-init query subcommand to query instance metadata
  + tools/tox-venv: update for new features.
  + pylint: ignore warning assignment-from-no-return for _write_network
  + stages: Fix bug causing datasource to have incorrect sys_cfg.
    (LP: #1787459)
  + Remove dead-code _write_network distro implementations.
  + net_util: ensure static configs have netmask in translate_network result
    [Thomas Berger] (LP: #1792454)
  + Fall back to root:root on syslog permissions if other options fail.
    [Robert Schweikert]
  + tests: Add mock for util.get_hostname. [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1792799)
  + ds-identify: doc string cleanup.
  + OpenStack: Support setting mac address on bond.
    [Fabian Wiesel] (LP: #1682064)
  + bash_completion/cloud-init: fix shell syntax error.
  + EphemeralIPv4Network: Be more explicit when adding default route.
    (LP: #1792415)
  + OpenStack: support reading of newer versions of metdata.
  + OpenStack: fix bug causing 'latest' version to be used from network.
    (LP: #1792157)
  + user-data: jinja template to render instance-data.json in cloud-config
    (LP: #1791781)
  + config: disable ssh access to a configured user account
  + tests: print failed testname instead of docstring upon failure
  + tests: Disallow use of util.subp except for where needed.
  + sysconfig: refactor sysconfig to accept distro specific templates paths
  + Add unit tests for config/ [Francis Ginther]
  + Fix the built-in cloudinit/tests/helpers:skipIf
  + read-version: enhance error message [Joshua Powers]
  + hyperv_reporting_handler: simplify threaded publisher
  + VMWare: Fix a network config bug in vm with static IPv4 and no gateway.
    [Pengpeng Sun] (LP: #1766538)
  + logging: Add logging config type hyperv for reporting via Azure KVP
    [Andy Liu]
  + tests: disable other snap test as well [Joshua Powers]
  + tests: disable snap, fix write_files binary [Joshua Powers]
  + Add datasource Oracle Compute Infrastructure (OCI).
  + azure: allow azure to generate network configuration from IMDS per boot.
  + Scaleway: Add network configuration to the DataSource [Louis Bouchard]
  + docs: Fix example cloud-init analyze command to match output.
    [Wesley Gao]
  + netplan: Correctly render macaddress on a bonds and bridges when
    provided. (LP: #1784699)
  + tools: Add 'net-convert' subcommand command to 'cloud-init devel'.
  + redhat: remove ssh keys on new instance. (LP: #1781094)
  + Use typeset or local in profile.d scripts. (LP: #1784713)
  + OpenNebula: Fix null gateway6 [Akihiko Ota] (LP: #1768547)
  + oracle: fix detect_openstack to report True on DMI data
    (LP: #1784685)
  + tests: improve LXDInstance trying to workaround or catch bug.
  + update_metadata re-config on every boot comments and tests not quite
    right [Mike Gerdts]
  + tests: Collect build_info from system if available.
  + pylint: Fix pylint warnings reported in pylint 2.0.0.
  + get_linux_distro: add support for rhel via redhat-release.
  + get_linux_distro: add support for centos6 and rawhide flavors of redhat
    (LP: #1781229)
  + tools: add '--debug' to tools/
  + tests: bump the version of paramiko to 2.4.1.
  + docs: note in rtd about avoiding /tmp when writing files (LP: #1727876)
  + ubuntu,centos,debian: get_linux_distro to align with platform.dist
    (LP: #1780481)
  + Fix boothook docs on environment variable name (INSTANCE_I ->
    INSTANCE_ID) [Marc Tamsky]
  + update_metadata: a datasource can support network re-config every boot
  + tests: drop salt-minion integration test (LP: #1778737)
  + Retry on failed import of gpg receive keys.
  + tools: Fix run-container when neither source or binary package requested.
  + docs: Fix a small spelling error. [Oz N Tiram]
  + tox: use simplestreams from git repository rather than bzr.
- From 18.3
  + docs: represent sudo:false in docs for user_groups config module
  + Explicitly prevent `sudo` access for user module
    [Jacob Bednarz] (LP: #1771468)
  + lxd: Delete default network and detach device if lxd-init created them.
    (LP: #1776958)
  + openstack: avoid unneeded metadata probe on non-openstack platforms
    (LP: #1776701)
  + stages: fix tracebacks if a module stage is undefined or empty
    [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1770462)
  + Be more safe on string/bytes when writing multipart user-data to disk.
    (LP: #1768600)
  + Fix get_proc_env for pids that have non-utf8 content in environment.
    (LP: #1775371)
  + tests: fix salt_minion integration test on bionic and later
  + tests: provide human-readable integration test summary when --verbose
  + tests: skip chrony integration tests on lxd running artful or older
  + test: add optional --preserve-instance arg to integraiton tests
  + netplan: fix mtu if provided by network config for all rendered types
    (LP: #1774666)
  + tests: remove pip install workarounds for pylxd, take upstream fix.
  + subp: support combine_capture argument.
  + tests: ordered tox dependencies for pylxd install
  + util: add get_linux_distro function to replace platform.dist
    [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1745235)
  + pyflakes: fix unused variable references identified by pyflakes 2.0.0.
  + Do not use the systemd_prefix macro, not available in this environment
    [Robert Schweikert]
  + doc: Add config info to ec2, openstack and cloudstack datasource docs
  + Enable SmartOS network metadata to work with netplan via per-subnet
    routes [Dan McDonald] (LP: #1763512)
  + openstack: Allow discovery in init-local using dhclient in a sandbox.
    (LP: #1749717)
  + tests: Avoid using https in httpretty, improve HttPretty test case.
    (LP: #1771659)
  + yaml_load/schema: Add invalid line and column nums to error message
  + Azure: Ignore NTFS mount errors when checking ephemeral drive
    [Paul Meyer]
  + packages/brpm: Get proper dependencies for cmdline distro.
  + packages: Make rpm spec files patch in package version like in debs.
  + tools/run-container: replace tools/run-centos with more generic.
  + Update version.version_string to contain packaged version. (LP: #1770712)
  + cc_mounts: Do not add devices to fstab that are already present.
    [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
  + ds-identify: ensure that we have certain tokens in PATH. (LP: #1771382)
  + tests: enable Ubuntu Cosmic in integration tests [Joshua Powers]
  + read_file_or_url: move to url_helper, fix bug in its FileResponse.
  + cloud_tests: help pylint [Ryan Harper]
  + flake8: fix flake8 errors in previous commit.
  + typos: Fix spelling mistakes in log messages [Stephen Ford]
  + tests: restructure SSH and initial connections [Joshua Powers]
  + ds-identify: recognize container-other as a container, test SmartOS.
  + cloud-config.service: run After snap.seeded.service. (LP: #1767131)
  + tests: do not rely on host /proc/cmdline in
    [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1769952)
  + ds-identify: Remove dupe call to is_ds_enabled, improve debug message.
  + SmartOS: fix get_interfaces for nics that do not have addr_assign_type.
  + tests: fix package and ca_cert cloud_tests on bionic
    (LP: #1769985)
  + ds-identify: make shellcheck 0.4.6 happy with ds-identify.
  + pycodestyle: Fix deprecated string literals, move away from flake8.
  + azure: Add reported ready marker file. [Joshua Chan] (LP: #1765214)
  + tools: Support adding a release suffix through packages/bddeb.
  + FreeBSD: Invoke growfs on ufs filesystems such that it does not prompt.
    [Harm Weites] (LP: #1404745)
  + tools: Re-use the orig tarball in packages/bddeb if it is around.
  + netinfo: fix netdev_pformat when a nic does not have an address
    assigned. (LP: #1766302)
  + collect-logs: add -v flag, write to stderr, limit journal to single
    boot. (LP: #1766335)
  + IBMCloud: Disable config-drive and nocloud only if IBMCloud is enabled.
    (LP: #1766401)
  + Add reporting events and log_time around early source of blocking time
    [Ryan Harper]
  + IBMCloud: recognize provisioning environment during debug boots.
    (LP: #1767166)
  + net: detect unstable network names and trigger a settle if needed
    [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1766287)
  + IBMCloud: improve documentation in datasource.
  + sysconfig: dhcp6 subnet type should not imply dhcpv4 [Vitaly Kuznetsov]
  + packages/debian/ add missing dependency on iproute2.
    (LP: #1766711)
  + DataSourceSmartOS: add locking of serial device.
    [Mike Gerdts] (LP: #1746605)
  + DataSourceSmartOS: sdc:hostname is ignored [Mike Gerdts] (LP: #1765085)
  + DataSourceSmartOS: list() should always return a list
    [Mike Gerdts] (LP: #1763480)
  + schema: in validation, raise ImportError if strict but no jsonschema.
  + set_passwords: Add newline to end of sshd config, only restart if
    updated. (LP: #1677205)
  + pylint: pay attention to unused variable warnings.
  + doc: Add documentation for AliYun datasource. [Junjie Wang]
  + Schema: do not warn on duplicate items in commands. (LP: #1764264)
  + net: Depend on iproute2's ip instead of net-tools ifconfig or route
  + DataSourceSmartOS: fix hang when metadata service is down
    [Mike Gerdts] (LP: #1667735)
  + DataSourceSmartOS: change default fs on ephemeral disk from ext3 to
    ext4. [Mike Gerdts] (LP: #1763511)
  + pycodestyle: Fix invalid escape sequences in string literals.
  + Implement bash completion script for cloud-init command line
    [Ryan Harper]
  + tools: Fix make-tarball cli tool usage for development
  + renderer: support unicode in render_from_file.
  + Implement ntp client spec with auto support for distro selection
    [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1749722)
  + Apport: add Brightbox, IBM, LXD, and OpenTelekomCloud to list of clouds.
  + tests: fix ec2 integration network metadata validation
  + tests: fix integration tests to support lxd 3.0 release
  + correct documentation to match correct attribute name usage.
    [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1420018)
  + cc_resizefs, util: handle no /dev/zfs [Ryan Harper]
  + doc: Fix links in OpenStack datasource documentation.
    [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1721660)

Fri Aug 24 21:42:43 UTC 2018 -

- Add a modified version of fix-default-systemd-unit-dir.patch
  + Removed pre-maturely, still needs 1 part of the patch

Fri Aug 24 19:29:03 UTC 2018 -

- Remove fix-default-systemd-unit-dir.patch
  + No longer needed, proper systemd config dir is queried from pckg-config

Thu Jul  5 17:59:12 UTC 2018 -

- The distribution inidcator is set to suse during template expansion,
  we do not replace anything set to ubuntu
- Do not run cloud-init after network-online, this breaks functionality in
  cloud-init. Certain parts of the code running in this phase expect to run
  before the network is on-line. This "re-introduces" boo#1097388. But the
  changes made are not generic enough.
- Root should not be enabled by default. For image builders/users that want
  root access by default they should provide an appropriate configuration
  file during image build or image setup

Wed Jun 27 15:42:34 UTC 2018 -

- Let distribution default to opensuse/sles (boo#1099340)
- do not disable root user to make it easier to work with
- Run metadata detection after network-online (boo#1097388)

Tue May 22 18:12:43 UTC 2018 -

- Re-add generator (bsc#1089824, boo#1093501)
  + Add cloud-init-setpath-dsitentify.patch, upstream solution to
    hanle PATH issue
  + Re-enable th egenerator to reduce effort in cloud-init configuration

Wed May 16 15:21:33 UTC 2018 -

- Drop the generator (bsc#1089824, boo#1093501)
  + The generator spawns a script called ds-identify which in turn calls
    blkid. When the generator executes the environment may or may not be
    ready. The generator speeds up the boot process in cases where
    cloud-init is enabled but we are not in an environment where cloud-init
    should run -> Don't do that.

Fri May 11 14:20:28 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 18.2 (bsc#1092637, bsc#1084509)
  + Forward port cloud-init-python2-sigpipe.patch
  + Forward port cloud-init-no-python-linux-dist.patch
  + Add cloud-init-no-trace-empt-sect.patch
  + Hetzner: Exit early if dmi system-manufacturer is not Hetzner.
  + Add missing dependency on isc-dhcp-client to trunk ubuntu packaging.
  + (LP: #1759307)
  + FreeBSD: resizefs module now able to handle zfs/zpool.
  + [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1721243)
  + cc_puppet: Revert regression of puppet creating ssl and ssl_cert dirs
  + Enable IBMCloud datasource in
  + IBMCloud: Initial IBM Cloud datasource.
  + tests: remove jsonschema from xenial tox environment.
  + tests: Fix newly added schema unit tests to skip if no jsonschema.
  + ec2: Adjust ec2 datasource after exception_cb change.
  + Reduce AzurePreprovisioning HTTP timeouts.
  + [Douglas Jordan] (LP: #1752977)
  + Revert the logic of exception_cb in read_url.
  + [Kurt Garloff] (LP: #1702160, #1298921)
  + ubuntu-advantage: Add new config module to support
  + ubuntu-advantage-tools
  + Handle global dns entries in netplan (LP: #1750884)
  + Identify OpenTelekomCloud Xen as OpenStack DS.
  + [Kurt Garloff] (LP: #1756471)
  + datasources: fix DataSource subclass get_hostname method signature
  + (LP: #1757176)
  + OpenNebula: Update network to return v2 config rather than ENI.
  + [Akihiko Ota]
  + Add Hetzner Cloud DataSource
  + net: recognize iscsi root cases without ip= on kernel command line.
  + (LP: #1752391)
  + tests: fix flakes warning for unused variable
  + tests: patch leaked stderr messages from snap unit tests
  + cc_snap: Add new module to install and configure snapd and snap
  + packages.
  + tests: Make pylint happy and fix python2.6 uses of assertRaisesRegex.
  + netplan: render bridge port-priority values (LP: #1735821)
  + util: Fix subp regression. Allow specifying subp command as a string.
  + (LP: #1755965)
  + doc: fix all warnings issued by 'tox -e doc'
  + FreeBSD: Set hostname to FQDN. [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1753499)
  + tests: fix run_tree and bddeb
  + tests: Fix some warnings in tests that popped up with newer python.
  + set_hostname: When present in metadata, set it before network bringup.
  + (LP: #1746455)
  + tests: Centralize and re-use skipTest based on json schema presense.
  + This commit fixes get_hostname on the AzureDataSource.
  + [Douglas Jordan] (LP: #1754495)
  + shellify: raise TypeError on bad input.
  + Make salt minion module work on FreeBSD.
  + [Dominic Schlegel] (LP: #1721503)
  + Simplify some comparisions. [Rémy Léone]
  + Change some list creation and population to literal. [Rémy Léone]
  + GCE: fix reading of user-data that is not base64 encoded. (LP: #1752711)
  + doc: fix chef install from apt packages example in RTD.
  + Implement puppet 4 support [Romanos Skiadas] (LP: #1446804)
  + subp: Fix subp usage with non-ascii characters when no system locale.
  + (LP: #1751051)
  + salt: configure grains in grains file rather than in minion config.
    [Daniel Wallace]

Wed Mar 21 22:27:40 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 18.1 (bsc#1085787, bsc#1084749)
  + Forward port cloud-init-python2-sigpipe.patch
  + Forward port 0003-Distro-dependent-chrony-config-file.patch
    partial integration into 0001-Support-chrony-configuration-lp-1731619.patch
  + Forward port cloud-init-no-python-linux-dist.patch
  + Remove 0002-Disable-method-deprecation-warning-for-pylint.patch
    use new cloud-init internal distro detection code
  + Remove cloud-init-resize-ro-btrfs.patch included upstream
  + Remove 0001-Set-syslog_fix_perms-for-SUSE-distro-addresses-bsc-1.patch
    included upstream
  + OVF: Fix VMware support for 64-bit platforms. [Sankar Tanguturi]
  + ds-identify: Fix searching for iso9660 OVF cdroms. (LP: #1749980)
  + SUSE: Fix groups used for ownership of cloud-init.log [Robert Schweikert]
  + ds-identify: check /writable/system-data/ for nocloud seed.
    (LP: #1747070)
  + tests: run nosetests in cloudinit/ directory, fix py26 fallout.
  + tools: run-centos: git clone rather than tar.
  + tests: add support for logs with lxd from snap and future lxd 3.
    (LP: #1745663)
  + EC2: Fix get_instance_id called against cached datasource pickle.
    (LP: #1748354)
  + cli: fix cloud-init status to report running when before result.json
    (LP: #1747965)
  + net: accept network-config in netplan format for renaming interfaces
    (LP: #1709715)
  + Fix ssh keys validation in ssh_util [Tatiana Kholkina]
  + docs: Update RTD content for cloud-init subcommands.
  + OVF: Extend well-known labels to include OVFENV. (LP: #1698669)
  + Fix potential cases of uninitialized variables. (LP: #1744796)
  + tests: Collect script output as binary, collect systemd journal, fix lxd.
  + HACKING.rst: mention setting user name and email via git config.
  + Azure VM Preprovisioning support. [Douglas Jordan] (LP: #1734991)
  + tools/read-version: Fix read-version when in a git worktree.
  + docs: Fix typos in docs and one debug message. [Florian Grignon]
  + btrfs: support resizing if root is mounted ro.
    [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1734787)
  + OpenNebula: Improve network configuration support.
    [Akihiko Ota] (LP: #1719157, #1716397, #1736750)
  + tests: Fix EC2 Platform to return console output as bytes.
  + tests: Fix attempted use of /run in a test case.
  + GCE: Improvements and changes to ssh key behavior for default user.
    [Max Illfelder] (LP: #1670456, #1707033, #1707037, #1707039)
  + subp: make ProcessExecutionError have expected types in stderr, stdout.
  + tests: when querying ntp server, do not do dns resolution.
  + Recognize uppercase vfat disk labels [James Penick] (LP: #1598783)
  + tests: remove zesty as supported OS to test [Joshua Powers]
  + Do not log warning on config files that represent None. (LP: #1742479)
  + tests: Use git hash pip dependency format for pylxd.
  + tests: add integration requirements text file [Joshua Powers]
  + MAAS: add check_instance_id based off oauth tokens. (LP: #1712680)
  + tests: update apt sources list test [Joshua Powers]
  + tests: clean up image properties [Joshua Powers]
  + tests: rename test ssh keys to avoid appearance of leaking private keys.
    [Joshua Powers]
  + tests: Enable AWS EC2 Integration Testing [Joshua Powers]
  + cli: cloud-init clean handles symlinks (LP: #1741093)
  + SUSE: Add a basic test of network config rendering. [Robert Schweikert]
  + Azure: Only bounce network when necessary. (LP: #1722668)
  + lint: Fix lints seen by pylint version 1.8.1.
  + cli: Fix error in cloud-init modules --mode=init. (LP: #1736600)

Fri Feb 16 13:23:00 UTC 2018 -

- update cloud-init-sysconfig-netpathfix.patch:
  * skip checking for files in /etc/sysconfig that never exist
  on a wickedd based system

Tue Feb 13 19:39:50 UTC 2018 -

- Fix logfile permission settings (bsc#1080595)
  + Add 0001-Set-syslog_fix_perms-for-SUSE-distro-addresses-bsc-1.patch

Tue Jan 30 13:20:57 UTC 2018 -

- drop dependency on boto (only used in examples, and
  should really be ported to botocore/boto3 instead)

Mon Jan 29 18:35:49 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 17.2 (boo#1069635, bsc#1072811)
  + Add cloud-init-skip-ovf-tests.patch
  + Add cloud-init-no-python-linux-dist.patch
  + Add 0001-switch-to-using-iproute2-tools.patch
  + Add 0001-Support-chrony-configuration-lp-1731619.patch
  + Add 0002-Disable-method-deprecation-warning-for-pylint.patch
  + Add 0003-Distro-dependent-chrony-config-file.patch
  + removed cloud-init-add-variant-cloudcfg.patch replaced by
  + removed zypp_add_repos.diff included upstream
  + removed zypp_add_repo_test.patch included upstream
  + removed cloud-init-hosts-template.patch included upstream
  + removed cloud-init-more-tasks.patch included upstream
  + removed cloud-init-final-no-apt.patch included upstream
  + removed cloud-init-ntp-conf-suse.patch included upstream
  + removed cloud-init-break-cycle-local-service.patch included upstream
  + removed cloud-init-reproduce-build.patch included upstream
  + For the complete changelog see

Thu Jan 18 09:57:10 UTC 2018 -

- patch distribution detection until a fix is delivered to python3 (bsc#997614)
  add cloud-init-add-variant-cloudcfg.patch

Tue Jan 16 10:03:00 UTC 2018 -

- Fix usage of fdupes macro: there is no '-n' parameter to the
  macro (there would be to fdupes, the command, though).

Wed Dec  6 13:08:04 UTC 2017 -

- Add cloud-init-reproduce-build.patch (boo#1069635)
  + Make builds reproducible

Mon Nov 27 13:21:13 CET 2017 -

- Add cloud-init-resize-ro-btrfs.patch
  + cc_resizefs fails if the current root is a read-only btrfs
    subvolume, use an always writeable subvolume instead [bsc#1042913]

Sun Nov 19 20:43:46 UTC 2017 -

- Add cloud-init-break-cycle-local-service.patch
  + Let systemd pull in the default targets. This breaks a cycle

Fri Nov 17 17:10:09 UTC 2017 -

- Fix variable name in cloud-init-translate-netconf-ipv4-keep-gw.patch

Thu Nov 16 22:48:40 UTC 2017 -

- Add cloud-init-translate-netconf-ipv4-keep-gw.patch (boo#1064854)
  + Properly insert the gateway information for v1 json network config data

Sat Nov 11 12:32:54 UTC 2017 -

- Add cloud-init-ntp-conf-suse.patch
  + ntp configuration was broken on sles and opensuse lp#1726572

Wed Nov  8 21:26:15 UTC 2017 -

- Add cloud-init-hosts-template.patch (bsc#1064594)
  + Properly expand the /etc/hosst file when manage_etc_hosts is set

Thu Nov  2 13:16:49 UTC 2017 -

- Fix sed expression to set distro properly (boo#1063716)

Thu Sep 21 17:32:55 EDT 2017 -

- Update to version 17.1 (bsc#1035106)
  + Version numbering scheme change now YY.NUMBER_OF_RELESE_THAT_YEAR
  + Remove cloud.cfg.suse, use generated default config file
  + Remove addopenSUSEBase.patch, included upstream
  + Remove suseIntegratedHandler.patch, included upstream
  + Remove openSUSEhostsTemplate.diff, included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-handle-no-carrier.patch, included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-digital-ocean-datasource.patch,
    use upstream implementation
  + Remove cloud-init-digital-ocean-datasource-enable-by-default.patch,
    use upstream implementation
  + Remove cloud-init-fix-unicode-handling-binarydecode.patch,
    included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-no-dmidecode-on-ppc64.patch, included upstream
  + Remove dataSourceOpenNebula.patch, use upstream implementation
  + Remove setupSUSEsysVInit.diff, included upstream
  + Remove suseSysVInit.diff, included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-finalbeforelogin.patch, don't block login 
  + Remove cloud-init-handle-not-implemented-query.patch, query option removed
  + Remove cloud-init-spceandtabs-clean.patch, indentation fixed upstream
  + Remove dynamicInitCmd.diff, different solution from upstream
  + Added cloud-init-more-tasks.patch, (bsc#1047363)
    replace cloud-init-finalbeforelogin.patch
  + Forward port cloud-init-python2-sigpipe.patch
  + Remove cloud-init-net-eni.patch, included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-service.patch, included upstream
  + Forward port cloud-init-sysconfig-netpathfix.patch
  + Remove cloud-init-net-sysconfig-lp1665441.patch, included upstream
  + Remove cloud-init-python26.patch, included upstream
  + Remove skip-argparse-on-python3.patch
  + Add cloud-init-tests-set-exec.patch
  + Add cloud-init-final-no-apt.patch
  + Add zypp_add_repo_test.patch
  + doc: document GCE datasource. [Arnd Hannemann]
  + suse: updates to templates to support openSUSE and SLES.
  + [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1718640)
  + suse: Copy sysvinit files from redhat with slight changes.
  + [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1718649)
  + docs: fix sphinx module schema documentation [Chad Smith]
  + tests: Add cloudinit package to all test targets [Chad Smith]
  + Makefile: No longer look for yaml files in obsolete ./bin/.
  + tests: fix ds-identify unit tests to set EC2_STRICT_ID_DEFAULT.
  + ec2: Fix maybe_perform_dhcp_discovery to use /var/tmp as a tmpdir
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1717627)
  + Azure: wait longer for SSH pub keys to arrive.
  + [Paul Meyer] (LP: #1717611)
  + GCE: Fix usage of user-data. (LP: #1717598)
  + cmdline: add collect-logs subcommand. [Chad Smith] (LP: #1607345)
  + CloudStack: consider dhclient lease files named with a hyphen.
  + (LP: #1717147)
  + resizefs: Drop check for read-only device file, do not warn on
  + overlayroot. [Chad Smith]
  + Do not provide systemd-fsck drop-in which could cause ordering cycles.
  + [Balint Reczey] (LP: #1717477)
  + tests: Enable the NoCloud KVM platform [Joshua Powers]
  + resizefs: pass mount point to xfs_growfs [Dusty Mabe]
  + vmware: Enable nics before sending the SUCCESS event. [Sankar Tanguturi]
  + cloud-config modules: honor distros definitions in each module
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1715738, #1715690)
  + chef: Add option to pin chef omnibus install version
  + [Ethan Apodaca] (LP: #1462693)
  + tests: execute: support command as string [Joshua Powers]
  + schema and docs: Add jsonschema to resizefs and bootcmd modules
  + [Chad Smith]
  + tools: Add xkvm script, wrapper around qemu-system [Joshua Powers]
  + vmware customization: return network config format
  + [Sankar Tanguturi] (LP: #1675063)
  + Ec2: only attempt to operate at local mode on known platforms.
  + (LP: #1715128)
  + Use /run/cloud-init for tempfile operations. (LP: #1707222)
  + ds-identify: Make OpenStack return maybe on arch other than intel.
  + (LP: #1715241)
  + tests: mock missed openstack metadata uri network_data.json
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1714376)
  + relocate tests/unittests/ to cloudinit/tests
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
  + tox: add nose timer output [Joshua Powers]
  + upstart: do not package upstart jobs, drop ubuntu-init-switch module.
  + tests: Stop leaking calls through unmocked metadata addresses
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1714117)
  + distro: allow distro to specify a default locale [Ryan Harper]
  + tests: fix two recently added tests for sles distro.
  + url_helper: dynamically import oauthlib import from inside oauth_headers
  + [Chad Smith]
  + tox: make xenial environment run with python3.6
  + suse: Add support for openSUSE and return SLES to a working state.
  + [Robert Schweikert]
  + GCE: Add a main to the GCE Datasource.
  + ec2: Add IPv6 dhcp support to Ec2DataSource. [Chad Smith] (LP: #1639030)
  + url_helper: fail gracefully if oauthlib is not available
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1713760)
  + cloud-init analyze: fix issues running under python 2. [Andrew Jorgensen]
  + Configure logging module to always use UTC time.
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1713158)
  + Log a helpful message if a user script does not include shebang.
  + [Andrew Jorgensen]
  + cli: Fix command line parsing of coniditionally loaded subcommands.
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1712676)
  + doc: Explain error behavior in user data include file format.
  + [Jason Butz]
  + cc_landscape & cc_puppet: Fix six.StringIO use in writing configs
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1699282, #1710932)
  + schema cli: Add schema subcommand to cloud-init cli and cc_runcmd schema
  + [Chad Smith]
  + Debian: Remove non-free repositories from apt sources template.
  + [Joonas Kylmälä] (LP: #1700091)
  + tools: Add tooling for basic cloud-init performance analysis.
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1709761)
  + network: add v2 passthrough and fix parsing v2 config with bonds/bridge
  + params [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1709180)
  + doc: update capabilities with features available, link doc reference,
  + cli example [Ryan Harper]
  + vcloud directory: Guest Customization support for passwords
  + [Maitreyee Saikia]
  + ec2: Allow Ec2 to run in init-local using dhclient in a sandbox.
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1709772)
  + cc_ntp: fallback on timesyncd configuration if ntp is not installable
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1686485)
  + net: Reduce duplicate code. Have get_interfaces_by_mac use
  + get_interfaces.
  + tests: Fix build tree integration tests [Joshua Powers]
  + sysconfig: Dont repeat header when rendering resolv.conf
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1701420)
  + archlinux: Fix bug with empty dns, do not render 'lo' devices.
  + (LP: #1663045, #1706593)
  + add initialize_network_device function and tests
  + [Chad Smith]
  + makefile: fix ci-deps-ubuntu target [Chad Smith]
  + tests: adjust locale integration test to parse default locale.
  + tests: remove 'yakkety' from releases as it is EOL.
  + tests: Add initial tests for EC2 and improve a docstring.
  + locale: Do not re-run locale-gen if provided locale is system default.
  + archlinux: fix set hostname usage of write_file.
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1705306)
  + sysconfig: support subnet type of 'manual'.
  + tools/run-centos: make running with no argument show help.
  + Drop rand_str() usage in DNS redirection detection
  + [Bob Aman] (LP: #1088611)
  + sysconfig: use MACADDR on bonds/bridges to configure mac_address
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1701417)
  + net: eni route rendering missed ipv6 default route config
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1701097)
  + sysconfig: enable mtu set per subnet, including ipv6 mtu
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1702513)
  + sysconfig: handle manual type subnets [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1687725)
  + sysconfig: fix ipv6 gateway routes [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1694801)
  + sysconfig: fix rendering of bond, bridge and vlan types.
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1695092)
  + Templatize systemd unit files for cross distro deltas. [Ryan Harper]
  + sysconfig: ipv6 and default gateway fixes. [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1704872)
  + net: fix renaming of nics to support mac addresses written in upper
  + case. (LP: #1705147)
  + tests: fixes for issues uncovered when moving to python 3.6.
  + (LP: #1703697)
  + sysconfig: include GATEWAY value if set in subnet
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1686856)
  + Scaleway: add datasource with user and vendor data for Scaleway.
  + [Julien Castets]
  + Support comments in content read by load_shell_content.
  + cloudinitlocal fail to run during boot [Hongjiang Zhang]
  + doc: fix disk setup example table_type options
  + [Sandor Zeestraten] (LP: #1703789)
  + tools: Fix exception handling. [Joonas Kylmälä] (LP: #1701527)
  + tests: fix usage of mock in GCE test.
  + test_gce: Fix invalid mock of platform_reports_gce to return False
  + [Chad Smith]
  + test: fix incorrect keyid for apt repository.
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1702717)
  + tests: Update version of pylxd [Joshua Powers]
  + write_files: Remove log from helper function signatures.
  + [Andrew Jorgensen]
  + doc: document the cmdline options to NoCloud [Brian Candler]
  + read_dmi_data: always return None when inside a container. (LP: #1701325)
  + requirements.txt: remove trailing white space.
  + Azure: Add network-config, Refactor net layer to handle duplicate macs.
  + [Ryan Harper]
  + Tests: Simplify the check on ssh-import-id [Joshua Powers]
  + tests: update ntp tests after sntp added [Joshua Powers]
  + FreeBSD: Make freebsd a variant, fix unittests and
  + tools/build-on-freebsd.
  + FreeBSD: fix test failure
  + FreeBSD: replace ifdown/ifup with "ifconfig down" and "ifconfig up".
  + [Hongjiang Zhang] (LP: #1697815)
  + FreeBSD: fix cdrom mounting failure if /mnt/cdrom/secure did not exist.
  + [Hongjiang Zhang] (LP: #1696295)
  + main: Don't use templater to format the welcome message
  + [Andrew Jorgensen]
  + docs: Automatically generate module docs form schema if present.
  + [Chad Smith]
  + debian: fix path comment in /etc/hosts template.
  + [Jens Sandmann] (LP: #1606406)
  + suse: add hostname and fully qualified domain to template.
  + [Jens Sandmann]
  + write_file(s): Print permissions as octal, not decimal [Andrew Jorgensen]
  + ci deps: Add --test-distro to read-dependencies to install all deps
  + [Chad Smith]
  + tools/run-centos: cleanups and move to using read-dependencies
  + pkg build ci: Add make ci-deps-<distro> target to install pkgs
  + [Chad Smith]
  + systemd: make cloud-final.service run before apt daily services.
  + (LP: #1693361)
  + selinux: Allow restorecon to be non-fatal. [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1686751)
  + net: Allow netinfo subprocesses to return 0 or 1.
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1686751)
  + net: Allow for NetworkManager configuration [Ryan McCabe] (LP: #1693251)
  + Use distro release version to determine if we use systemd in redhat spec
  + [Ryan Harper]
  + net: normalize data in network_state object
  + Integration Testing: tox env, pyxld 2.2.3, and revamp framework
  + [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
  + Chef: Update omnibus url to, minor doc changes. [JJ Asghar]
  + tools: add centos scripts to build and test [Joshua Powers]
  + Drop cheetah python module as it is not needed by trunk [Ryan Harper]
  + rhel/centos spec cleanups.
  + cloud.cfg: move to a template. changes along the way.
  + Makefile: add deb-src and srpm targets. use PYVER more places.
  + makefile: fix python 2/3 detection in the Makefile [Chad Smith]
  + snap: Removing snapcraft plug line [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1695333)
  + RHEL/CentOS: Fix default routes for IPv4/IPv6 configuration.
  + [Andreas Karis] (LP: #1696176)
  + test: Fix pyflakes complaint of unused import.
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1695918)
  + NoCloud: support seed of nocloud from smbios information
  + [Vladimir Pouzanov] (LP: #1691772)
  + net: when selecting a network device, use natural sort order
  + [Marc-Aurèle Brothier]
  + fix typos and remove whitespace in various docs [Stephan Telling]
  + systemd: Fix typo in comment in [Chen-Han Hsiao]
  + Tests: Skip jsonschema related unit tests when dependency is absent.
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1695318)
  + azure: remove accidental duplicate line in merge.
  + azure: identify platform by well known value in chassis asset tag.
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1693939)
  + tools/ support old cloudinit versions by using kwargs.
  + ntp: Add schema definition and passive schema validation.
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1692916)
  + Fix eni rendering for bridge params that require repeated key for
  + values. [Ryan Harper]
  + net: remove systemd link file writing from eni renderer [Ryan Harper]
  + AliYun: Enable platform identification and enable by default.
  + [Junjie Wang] (LP: #1638931)
  + net: fix reading and rendering addresses in cidr format.
  + [Dimitri John Ledkov] (LP: #1689346, #1684349)
  + disk_setup: udev settle before attempting partitioning or fs creation.
  + (LP: #1692093)
  + GCE: Update the attribute used to find instance SSH keys.
  + [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1693582)
  + nplan: For bonds, allow dashed or underscore names of keys.
  + [Dimitri John Ledkov] (LP: #1690480)
  + python2.6: fix unit tests usage of assertNone and format.
  + test: update docstring on test_configured_list_with_none
  + fix tools/ds-identify to not write None twice.
  + tox/build: do not package depend on style requirements.
  + cc_ntp: Restructure cc_ntp unit tests. [Chad Smith] (LP: #1692794)
  + flake8: move the pinned version of flake8 up to 3.3.0
  + tests: Apply workaround for snapd bug in test case. [Joshua Powers]
  + RHEL/CentOS: Fix dual stack IPv4/IPv6 configuration.
  + [Andreas Karis] (LP: #1679817, #1685534, #1685532)
  + disk_setup: fix several issues with gpt disk partitions. (LP: #1692087)
  + function spelling & docstring update [Joshua Powers]
  + Fixing wrong file name regression. [Joshua Powers]
  + tox: move pylint target to 1.7.1
  + Fix get_interfaces_by_mac for empty macs (LP: #1692028)
  + DigitalOcean: remove routes except for the public interface.
  + [Ben Howard] (LP: #1681531.)
  + netplan: pass macaddress, when specified, for vlans
  + [Dimitri John Ledkov] (LP: #1690388)
  + doc: various improvements for the docs on cc_users_groups.
  + [Felix Dreissig]
  + cc_ntp: write template before installing and add service restart
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1645644)
  + cloudstack: fix tests to avoid accessing /var/lib/NetworkManager
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
  + tests: fix hardcoded path to mkfs.ext4 [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1691517)
  + Actually skip warnings when .skip file is present.
  + [Chris Brinker] (LP: #1691551)
  + netplan: fix netplan render_network_state signature.
  + [Dimitri John Ledkov] (LP: #1685944)
  + Azure: fix reformatting of ephemeral disks on resize to large types.
  + (LP: #1686514)
  + Revert "tools/net-convert: fix argument order for render_network_state"
  + make deb: Add devscripts dependency for make deb. Cleanup
  + packages/bddeb. [Chad Smith] (LP: #1685935)
  + tools/net-convert: fix argument order for render_network_state
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1685944)
  + openstack: fix log message copy/paste typo in _get_url_settings
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
  + unittests: fix unittests run on centos [Joshua Powers]
  + Improve detection of snappy to include os-release and kernel cmdline.
  + (LP: #1689944)
  + Add address to config entry generated by _klibc_to_config_entry.
  + [Julien Castets] (LP: #1691135)
  + sysconfig: Raise ValueError when multiple default gateways are present.
  + [Chad Smith] (LP: #1687485)
  + FreeBSD: improvements and fixes for use on Azure
  + [Hongjiang Zhang] (LP: #1636345)
  + Add unit tests for ds-identify, fix Ec2 bug found.
  + fs_setup: if cmd is specified, use shell interpretation.
  + [Paul Meyer] (LP: #1687712)
  + doc: document network configuration defaults policy and formats.
  + [Ryan Harper]
  + Fix name of "uri" key in docs for "cc_apt_configure" module
  + [Felix Dreissig]
  + tests: Enable artful [Joshua Powers]
  + nova-lxd: read product_name from environment, not platform.
  + (LP: #1685810)
  + Fix yum repo config where keys contain array values
  + [Dylan Perry] (LP: #1592150)
  + template: Update debian backports template [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1627293)
  + rsyslog: replace ~ with stop [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1367899)
  + Doc: add additional RTD examples [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1459604)
  + Fix growpart for some cases when booted with root=PARTUUID.
  + (LP: #1684869)
  + pylint: update output style to parseable [Joshua Powers]
  + pylint: fix all logging warnings [Joshua Powers]
  + CloudStack: Add NetworkManager to list of supported DHCP lease dirs.
  + [Syed]
  + net: kernel lies about vlans not stealing mac addresses, when they do
  + [Dimitri John Ledkov] (LP: #1682871)
  + ds-identify: Check correct path for "latest" config drive
  + [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1673637)
  + doc: Fix example for resolve.conf configuration.
  + [Jon Grimm] (LP: #1531582)
  + Fix examples that reference upstream chef repository.
  + [Jon Grimm] (LP: #1678145)
  + doc: correct grammar and improve clarity in merging documentation.
  + [David Tagatac]
  + doc: Add missing doc link to snap-config module. [Ryan Harper]
  + snap: allows for creating cloud-init snap [Joshua Powers]
  + DigitalOcean: assign IPv4ll address to lowest indexed interface.
  + [Ben Howard]
  + DigitalOcean: configure all NICs presented in meta-data. [Ben Howard]
  + Remove (and/or fix) URL shortener references [Jon Grimm] (LP: #1669727)
  + HACKING.rst: more info on filling out contributors agreement.
  + util: teach write_file about copy_mode option
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1644064)
  + DigitalOcean: bind resolvers to loopback interface. [Ben Howard]
  + tests: fix AltCloud tests to not rely on blkid (LP: #1636531)
  + OpenStack: add 'dvs' to the list of physical link types. (LP: #1674946)
  + Fix bug that resulted in an attempt to rename bonds or vlans.
  + (LP: #1669860)
  + tests: update OpenNebula and Digital Ocean to not rely on host
  + interfaces.
  + net: in netplan renderer delete known image-builtin content.
  + (LP: #1675576)
  + doc: correct grammar in capabilities.rst [David Tagatac]
  + ds-identify: fix detecting of maas datasource. (LP: #1677710)
  + netplan: remove debugging prints, add debug logging [Ryan Harper]
  + ds-identify: do not write None twice to datasource_list.
  + support resizing partition and rootfs on system booted without
  + initramfs. [Steve Langasek] (LP: #1677376)
  + apt_configure: run only when needed. (LP: #1675185)
  + OpenStack: identify OpenStack by product 'OpenStack Compute'.
  + (LP: #1675349)
  + GCE: Search GCE in ds-identify, consider serial number in check.
  + (LP: #1674861)
  + Add support for setting hashed passwords [Tore S. Lonoy] (LP: #1570325)
  + Fix filesystem creation when using "partition: auto"
  + [Jonathan Ballet] (LP: #1634678)
  + ConfigDrive: support reading config drive data from /config-drive.
  + (LP: #1673411)
  + ds-identify: fix detection of Bigstep datasource. (LP: #1674766)
  + test: add running of pylint [Joshua Powers]
  + ds-identify: fix bug where filename expansion was left on.
  + advertise network config v2 support (NETWORK_CONFIG_V2) in features.
  + Bigstep: fix bug when executing in python3. [root]
  + Fix unit test when running in a system deployed with cloud-init.
  + Bounce network interface for Azure when using the built-in path.
  + [Brent Baude] (LP: #1674685)
  + add network config v2 parsing and rendering [Ryan Harper]
  + net: Fix incorrect call to isfile [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1674317)
  + net: add renderers for automatically selecting the renderer.
  + doc: fix config drive doc with regard to unpartitioned disks.
  + (LP: #1673818)
  + test: Adding integratiron test for password as list [Joshua Powers]
  + render_network_state: switch arguments around, do not require target
  + support 'loopback' as a device type.
  + Integration Testing: improve testcase subclassing [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
  + gitignore: adding doc/rtd_html [Joshua Powers]
  + doc: add instructions for running integration tests via tox.
  + [Joshua Powers]
  + test: avoid differences in 'date' output due to daylight savings.
  + Fix chef config module in omnibus install. [Jeremy Melvin] (LP: #1583837)
  + Add feature flags to cloudinit.version. [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
  + tox: add a citest environment
  + Further fix regression to support 'password' for default user.
  + fix regression when no chpasswd/list was provided.
  + Support chpasswd/list being a list in addition to a string.
  + [Sergio Lystopad] (LP: #1665694)
  + doc: Fix configuration example for cc_set_passwords module.
  + [Sergio Lystopad] (LP: #1665773)
  + net: support both ipv4 and ipv6 gateways in sysconfig.
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1669504)
  + net: do not raise exception for > 3 nameservers
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1670052)
  + ds-identify: report cleanups for config and exit value. (LP: #1669949)
  + ds-identify: move default setting for Ec2/strict_id to a global.
  + ds-identify: record not found in cloud.cfg and always add None.
  + Support warning if the used datasource is not in ds-identify's list.
  + tools/ds-identify: make report mode write namespaced results.
  + Move warning functionality to cloudinit/
  + Add profile.d script for showing warnings on login.
  + install and make consistent.
  + tools/ds-identify: look at cloud.cfg when looking for ec2 strict_id.
  + tools/ds-identify: disable vmware_guest_customization by default.
  + tools/ds-identify: ovf identify vmware guest customization.
  + Identify Brightbox as an Ec2 datasource user. (LP: #1661693)
  + DatasourceEc2: add warning message when not on AWS.
  + ds-identify: add reading of datasource/Ec2/strict_id
  + tools/ds-identify: add support for found or maybe contributing config.
  + tools/ds-identify: read the seed directory on Ec2
  + tools/ds-identify: use quotes in local declarations.
  + tools/ds-identify: fix documentation of policy setting in a comment.
  + ds-identify: only run once per boot unless --force is given.
  + flake8: fix flake8 complaints in previous commit.
  + net: correct errors in cloudinit/net/
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1665441)
  + ec2_utils: fix MetadataLeafDecoder that returned bytes on empty
  + apply the runtime configuration written by ds-identify.
  + ds-identify: fix checking for filesystem label (LP: #1663735)
  + ds-identify: read ds=nocloud properly (LP: #1663723)
  + support nova-lxd by reading platform from environment of pid 1.
  + (LP: #1661797)
  + ds-identify: change aarch64 to use the default for non-dmi systems.
  + Remove style checking during build and add latest style checks to tox
  + [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1652329)
  + code-style: make master pass pycodestyle (2.3.1) cleanly, currently:
  + [Joshua Powers]
  + manual_cache_clean: When manually cleaning touch a file in instance dir.
  + Add tools/ds-identify to identify datasources available.
  + Fix small typo and change iso-filename for consistency [Robin Naundorf]
  + Fix eni rendering of multiple IPs per interface
  + [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1657940)
  + tools/mock-meta: support python2 or python3 and ipv6 in both.
  + tests: remove executable bit on test_net, so it runs, and fix it.
  + tests: No longer monkey patch httpretty for python 3.4.2
  + Add 3 ecdsa-sha2-nistp* ssh key types now that they are standardized
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1658174)
  + reset httppretty for each test [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1658200)
  + build: fix running Make on a branch with tags other than master
  + EC2: Do not cache security credentials on disk
  + [Andrew Jorgensen] (LP: #1638312)
  + doc: Fix typos and clarify some aspects of the part-handler
  + [Erik M. Bray]
  + doc: add some documentation on OpenStack datasource.
  + OpenStack: Use timeout and retries from config in get_data.
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1657130)
  + Fixed Misc issues related to VMware customization. [Sankar Tanguturi]
  + Fix minor docs typo: perserve > preserve [Jeremy Bicha]
  + Use dnf instead of yum when available
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1647118)
  + validate-yaml: use python rather than explicitly python3
  + Get early logging logged, including failures of cmdline url.
- From 0.7.9
  + doc: adjust headers in tests documentation for consistency.
  + pep8: fix issue found in zesty build with pycodestyle.
  + integration test: initial commit of integration test framework
  + [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
  + LICENSE: Allow dual licensing GPL-3 or Apache 2.0 [Jon Grimm]
  + Fix config order of precedence, putting kernel command line over system.
  + [Wesley Wiedenmeier] (LP: #1582323)
  + pep8: whitespace fix
  + Update the list of valid ssh keys. [Michael Felt]
  + network: add ENI unit test for statically rendered routes.
  + set_hostname: avoid erroneously appending domain to fqdn
  + [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1647910)
  + doc: change 'nobootwait' to 'nofail' in docs [Anhad Jai Singh]
  + Replace an expired link in code comment.
  + user-groups: fix bug when groups was provided as string and had spaces
  + (LP: #1354694)
  + mounts: use mount -a again to accomplish mounts (LP: #1647708)
  + CloudSigma: Fix bug where datasource was not loaded in local search.
  + (LP: #1648380)
  + when adding a user, strip whitespace from group list [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
  + (LP: #1354694)
  + fix decoding of utf-8 chars in yaml test
  + Replace usage of sys_netdev_info with read_sys_net (LP: #1625766)
  + fix problems found in python2.6 test.
  + OpenStack: extend physical types to include hyperv, hw_veb, vhost_user.
  + (LP: #1642679)
  + tests: fix assumptions that expected no eth0 in system. (LP: #1644043)
  + net/cmdline: Consider ip= or ip6= on command line not only ip=
  + (LP: #1639930)
  + Just use file logging by default (LP: #1643990)
  + Improve formatting for ProcessExecutionError [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
  + flake8: fix trailing white space
  + Doc: various documentation fixes [Sean Bright]
  + cloudinit/config/ Remove repos before adding
  + [Brent Baude]
  + packages/redhat: fix rpm spec file.
  + main: set TZ in environment if not already set. [Ryan Harper]
  + Azure: No longer rely on walinux agent. (LP: #1538522)
  + disk_setup: Use sectors as unit when formatting MBR disks with sfdisk.
  + [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1460715)
  + Add activate_datasource, for datasource specific code paths. (LP: #1611074)
  + systemd: cloud-init-local use RequiresMountsFor=/var/lib/cloud
  + (LP: #1642062)
  + systemd: cloud-init remove After=systemd-networkd-wait-online
  + systemd: cloud-init-local change Before basic to sysinit
  + pep8: fix style errors reported by pycodestyle 2.1.0
  + systemd: drop both Wants and After
  + systemd: networking service adjustments. (LP: #1636912)
  + systemd: replace, with
  + (LP: #1629797)
  + doc: Add documentation on stages of boot.
  + doc: make the RST files consistently formated and other improvements.
  + Ec2: fix syntax and tox in previous commit.
  + Ec2: protect against non-dictionary in block-device-mapping.
  + doc: fixed example to not overwrite /etc/hosts [Chris Glass]
  + Doc: fix spelling / typos in ca_certs and scripts_vendor.
  + pyflakes: fix issue with pyflakes 1.3 found in ubuntu zesty-proposed.
  + net/cmdline: Further adjustments to ipv6 support [LaMont Jones]
  + (LP: #1621615)
  + Add coverage dependency to bddeb to fix package build.
  + doc: improve HACKING.rst file
  + dmidecode: Allow dmidecode to be used on aarch64 [Robert Schweikert]
  + AliYun: Add new datasource for Ali-Cloud ECS [kaihuan.pkh]
  + Add coverage collection to tox unit tests. [Joshua Powers]
  + cc_users_groups: fix remaing call to ds.normalize_user_groups [Ryan Harper]
  + disk-config: udev settle after partitioning in gpt format. (LP: #1626243)
  + unittests: do not read system /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d (LP: #1635350)
  + Add documentation for logging features. [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
  + Add support for snap create-user on Ubuntu Core images. [Ryan Harper]
  + Fix sshd restarts for rhel distros. [Jim Gorz]
  + OpenNebula: replace 'ip' parsing with usage.
  + Fix python2.6 things found running in centos 6.
  + Move user/group functions to new ug_util file
  + DigitalOcean: enable usage of data source by default.
  + update Gentoo initscripts to run in the correct order [Matthew Thode]
  + MAAS: improve the main of datasource to look at kernel cmdline config.
  + tests: silence the Cheetah UserWarning about NameMapper C version.
  + systemd: Run cloud-init.service Before dbus.socket not
  + [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1629797)
  + systemd: run cloud-init.service Before dbus.service (LP: #1629797)
  + unittests: fix use of mock 2.0 'assert_called' when running make check
  + [Ryan Harper]
  + Improve module documentation and doc cleanup. [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
  + lxd: Update network config for LXD 2.3 [Stéphane Graber]
  + DigitalOcean: use meta-data for network configruation [Ben Howard]
  + ntp: move to run after apt configuration (LP: #1628337)
  + Decode unicode types in decode_binary [Robert Schweikert]
  + systemd: Ensure that cloud-init-local happens before NetworkManager
  + Allow ephemeral drive to be unpartitioned [Paul Meyer]
  + subp: add 'update_env' argument
  + net: support reading ipv6 dhcp config from initramfs [LaMont Jones]
  + (LP: #1621615, #1621507)
  + Adjust mounts and disk configuration for systemd. (LP: #1611074)
  + dmidecode: run dmidecode only on i?86 or x86_64 arch. [Robert Schweikert]
  + systemd: put After (LP: #1623868)

Wed Sep 20 10:11:42 UTC 2017 -

- add skip-argparse-on-python3.patch: don't depend on argparse
  for python3, it is builtin there (as of python 3.2, so the
  patch should be good enough)

Mon Sep 18 09:39:26 CEST 2017 -

- python_sitelib does not seem to exist for non single-spec
  python modules, use python2_sitelib and python3_sitelib instead.

Mon Sep 11 18:21:54 UTC 2017 -

- Drop python-cheetah as requirement
  + Cheetah is no maintained and cloud-init switches to Jinja2 as
    templating engine if Cheetah is not available
- Drop argparse as dependency for Py3 build
  + argparse is built into Python

Fri Aug 25 23:11:41 UTC 2017 -

- Modify cloud-init-finalbeforelogin.patch (bsc#1047363)
  + Support user processes running in coud-init-final to consume a
    large number of threads.
- Modify cloud-init-service.patch (bsc#1055649)
  + Start after dbus.service, needed by hotnamectl
- Modify cloud-init-handle-not-implemented-query.patch
  + print needs () for Python3
- Add cloud-init-spceandtabs-clean.patch
  + Fix inconsistent use of spaces and tabs in various files
- Modify suseIntegratedHandler.patch
  + Fix mode setting passed to function for file writing
- Set packag up to build with Python 3 for distros later than SLE 12

Sat Mar 11 12:04:21 CET 2017 -

- On Tumbleweed we need net-tools-deprecated to setup the network

Mon Feb 27 11:45:05 UTC 2017 -

- add cloud-init-net-sysconfig-lp1665441.patch (lp#1665441)

Mon Feb 20 10:00:42 CET 2017 -

- Don't call insserv if we use systemd

Thu Feb 16 20:56:03 UTC 2017 -

- Do not set mount options for ephemeral drive, use the defaults
  that are built into the code (bsc#930524)

Thu Feb 16 19:39:16 UTC 2017 -

- Update fix-default-systemd-unit-dir.patch (bsc#1024709)
  + based on work by Thomas Abraham
- Add cloud-init-handle-not-implemented-query.patch (boo#1017832)

Mon Jan 23 20:52:03 CET 2017 -

- Require net-tools for network setup

Sat Dec 17 13:15:26 UTC 2016 -

- Configuration split (bsc#1016160)

Tue Dec 13 12:42:18 CET 2016 -

- fix syntax error in datasource LocalDisk (fix got somehow lost)

Mon Dec 12 12:47:09 UTC 2016 -

- adjust license (as of 0.7.8 AGPL-3.0 was added)

Mon Dec 12 11:25:03 UTC 2016 -

- fix unintentional edit in last change again

Fri Dec  9 09:50:50 UTC 2016 -

- Modify suseIntegratedHandler.patch (bsc#998103)
  + Store previous hostname so update_hostname module does not
    overwrite manually set hostnames 
- cloud-init-python26.patch
  + Compatibility fixes with Python 2.6

Thu Dec  8 12:35:51 UTC 2016 -

- fix the cloud.cfg split, cyclic non-versioned dependencies are
  bad. also fix changelog entries

Thu Dec  1 12:31:09 CET 2016 -

- add datasourceLocalDisk.patch:
  * Fix datasourceLocalDisk module in case directory exists but is

Wed Nov 30 08:48:11 UTC 2016 -

- Add Conflicts for otherproviders of cloud-init-config.
- Add require for python-six (used by several modules)

Mon Nov 28 07:20:13 UTC 2016 -

- Add LocalDisk datasource datasourceLocalDisk.patch [FATE#321107]

Wed Nov 23 15:05:06 CET 2016 -

- Reworked zypp_add_repos.diff to behave similar to zypper ar

Tue Nov 22 10:57:01 CET 2016 -

- Move cloud.cfg into an own sub-package, so that we can have
  a product specific version. [FATE#322039]

Sun Nov 13 13:33:41 CET 2016 -

- Add zypp_add_repos.diff to support repos for zypper [FATE#322038]

Tue Nov  1 15:56:50 UTC 2016 -

- Modify suseIntegratedHandler.patch (bsc#1007529)
  + Fall back to the previous method of writing network information
    We have to work out upstream how to have distro specific renderer
    for sysconfig

Mon Oct 31 12:44:21 UTC 2016 -

- Add cloud-init-sysconfig-netpathfix.patch (bsc#1007529)
  + Fix the default path for network scripts
- Cosmetic changes to suseIntegratedHandler.patch

Sat Oct 29 13:24:13 UTC 2016 -

- Update cloud-init-no-dmidecode-on-ppc64.patch (bsc#1005616)
  + aarch64 does support dmidecode

Sat Oct 29 12:40:38 UTC 2016 -

- Update cloud-init-service.patch
  + Break another cycle this one in -final

Fri Oct 28 20:14:48 UTC 2016 -

- Update cloud-init-service.patch
  + Better match upstream intend Ubuntu networking.service is equivalent
    to SUSE wicked, thus we cannot translate networking to network, but need
    to translate it to wicked

Fri Oct 28 19:37:24 UTC 2016 -

- Update cloud-init-service.patch
  + We need the following order:
    - something brings networking fully up (in our case wicked)
    - cloud-init.service runs
    - is reached

Fri Oct 28 19:20:32 UTC 2016 -

- Update cloud-init-service.patch
  + The network must be up an running in order to get ssh key injected

Fri Oct 28 15:21:39 UTC 2016 -

- Update cloud-init-service.patch
  + Had self reference and thus cloud-init.service was never executed
    which caused ssh key loading failure

Fri Oct 28 04:56:29 UTC 2016 -

- Do not own /lib/udev to not conflict with udev rpm

Thu Oct 27 19:40:31 UTC 2016 -

- Forward port suseIntegratedHandler.patch
  + Implement new abstract interfaces
  + Some minor implementation fixes

Wed Oct 26 14:27:55 UTC 2016 -

- Appease the build service, differences between OBS and IBS,
  and own the directories

Wed Oct 26 11:31:34 UTC 2016 -

- Fix package, udev rules should be in /usr for distros after
  SLES 11

Wed Oct 19 13:23:35 UTC 2016 -

- add cloud-init-digital-ocean-datasource-enable-by-default.patch,
  cloud-init-digital-ocean-datasource.patch: add DigitalOcean support
- run tests on build

Tue Oct 11 15:42:35 UTC 2016 -

- Add cloud-init-handle-no-carrier.patch (boo#1003977)
  - Handle the exception when attempting to detect if the network
    device is up when it is not

Mon Oct 10 20:28:47 UTC 2016 -

- Update cloud-init-service.patch (boo#999942)
  - Backport upstream commits 3705bb5964a and 6e45ffb21e96

Thu Sep 15 13:01:35 UTC 2016 -

- Decoding error (boo#998843)
  + Added cloud-init-fix-unicode-handling-binarydecode.patch
- Fix dependencies, depends on oauthlib instead of oauth

Wed Sep 14 14:24:07 UTC 2016 -

- Fix dataSourceOpenNebula.patch, missing closing paren (boo#998836)

Wed Sep 14 12:24:55 UTC 2016 -

- Fix typo in cloud-init-service.patch

Tue Sep 13 13:19:51 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 0.7.8 (bsc#998103)
 + added cloud-init-net-eni.patch based on work by eblock
   - Using config-drive instead of metadata failed because the network 
     translation to Ubuntu-style did not return gateway information to
 + added cloud-init-service.patch based on work by eblock
   - The service file cloud-init.service referenced networking.service
     which on SUSE is network.service
 + remove no_logic_change.patch included in updated upstream source
 + forward port suseIntegratedHandler.patch
 + forward port setupSUSEsysVInit.diff
 + forward port cloud-init-no-dmidecode-on-ppc64.patch
 + foward port dataSourceOpenNebula.patch
 + forward port fix-default-systemd-unit-dir.patch
 + forward port cloud-init-finalbeforelogin.patch
 + forward port cloud-init-python2-sigpipe.patch
 + SmartOS: more improvements for network configuration
 + add ntp config module [Ryan Harper]
 + ChangeLog: update changelog for previous commit.
 + Add distro tags on config modules that should have it.
 + NoCloud: fix bug providing network-interfaces via meta-data. (LP: 1577982)
 + ConfigDrive: recognize 'tap' as a link type. (LP: #1610784)
 + Upgrade to a configobj package new enough to work
 + MAAS: add vendor-data support (LP: #1612313)
 + DigitalOcean: use the v1.json endpoint [Ben Howard]
 + Get Azure endpoint server from DHCP client [Brent Baude]
 + Apt: add new apt configuration format [Christian Ehrhardt]
 + distros: fix get_primary_arch method use of os.uname [Andrew Jorgensen]
 + Fix Gentoo net config generation [Matthew Thode]
 + Minor cleanups to atomic_helper and add unit tests.
 + azure dhclient-hook cleanups
 + network: fix get_interface_mac for bond slave, read_sys_net for ENOTDIR
 + Generate a dummy bond name for OpenStack (LP: #1605749)
 + add install option for openrc [Matthew Thode]
 + Add a module that can configure spacewalk.
 + python2.6: fix dict comprehension usage in _lsb_release.
 + apt-config: allow both old and new format to be present.
   [Christian Ehrhardt] (LP: #1616831)
 + bddeb: add --release flag to specify the release in changelog.
 + salt minion: update default pki directory for newer salt minion.
   (LP: #1609899)
 + Fix typo in default keys for phone_home [Roland Sommer] (LP: #1607810)
 + apt config conversion: treat empty string as not provided.  (LP: #1621180)
 + tests: cleanup tempdirs in apt_source tests
 + systemd: Better support package and upgrade. (LP: #1576692, #1621336)
 + remove obsolete .bzrignore
 + DataSourceOVF: fix user-data as base64 with python3 (LP: #1619394)
 + Allow link type of null in network_data.json [Jon Grimm] (LP: #1621968)
from 0.7.7:
 + Digital Ocean: add datasource for Digital Ocean. [Neal Shrader]
 + expose uses_systemd as a distro function (fix rhel7)
 + fix broken 'output' config (LP: #1387340)
 + begin adding cloud config module docs to config modules (LP: #1383510)
 + retain trailing eol from template files (sources.list) when
   rendered with jinja (LP: #1355343)
 + Only use datafiles and initsys addon outside virtualenvs
 + Fix the digital ocean test case on python 2.6
 + Increase the usefulness, robustness, configurability of the chef module
   so that it is more useful, more documented and better for users
 + Fix how '=' signs are not handled that well in ssh_utils (LP: #1391303)
 + Be more tolerant of ssh keys passed into 'ssh_authorized_keys'; allowing
   for list, tuple, set, dict, string types and warning on other unexpected
 + Update to use newer/better OMNIBUS_URL for chef module
 + GCE: Allow base64 encoded user-data (LP: #1404311) [Wayne Witzell III]
 + GCE: use short hostname rather than fqdn (LP: #1383794) [Ben Howard]
 + systemd: make init stage run before login prompts shown [Steve Langasek]
 + hostname: on first boot apply hostname to be same as is written for
   persistent hostname.  (LP: #1246485)
 + remove usage of dmidecode on linux in favor of /sys interface [Ben Howard]
 + python3 support [Barry Warsaw, Daniel Watkins, Josh Harlow] (LP: #1247132)
 + support managing gpt partitions in disk config [Daniel Watkins]
 + Azure: utilze gpt support for ephemeral formating [Daniel Watkins]
 + CloudStack: support fetching password from virtual router [Daniel Watkins]
   (LP: #1422388)
 + readurl, read_file_or_url returns bytes, user must convert as necessary
 + SmartOS: use v2 metadata service (LP: #1436417) [Daniel Watkins]
 + NoCloud: fix local datasource claiming found without explicit dsmode
 + Snappy: add support for installing snappy packages and configuring.
 + systemd: use network-online instead of (LP: #1440180)
   [Steve Langasek]
 + Add functionality to fixate the uid of a newly added user.
 + Don't overwrite the hostname if the user has changed it after we set it.
 + GCE datasource does not handle instance ssh keys (LP: 1403617)
 + sysvinit: make cloud-init-local run before network (LP: #1275098)
   [Surojit Pathak]
 + Azure: do not re-set hostname if user has changed it (LP: #1375252)
 + Fix exception when running with no arguments on Python 3. [Daniel Watkins]
 + Centos: detect/expect use of systemd on centos 7. [Brian Rak]
 + Azure: remove dependency on walinux-agent [Daniel Watkins]
 + EC2: know about eu-central-1 availability-zone (LP: #1456684)
 + Azure: remove password from on-disk ovf-env.xml (LP: #1443311) [Ben Howard]
 + Doc: include information on user-data in OpenStack [Daniel Watkins]
 + Systemd: check for systemd using sd_booted symantics (LP: #1461201)
   [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
 + Add an rh_subscription module to handle registration of Red Hat instances.
   [Brent Baude]
 + cc_apt_configure: fix importing keys under python3 (LP: #1463373)
 + cc_growpart: fix specification of 'devices' list (LP: #1465436)
 + CloudStack: fix password setting on cloudstack > 4.5.1 (LP: #1464253)
 + GCE: fix determination of availability zone (LP: #1470880)
 + ssh: generate ed25519 host keys (LP: #1461242)
 + distro mirrors: provide datasource to mirror selection code to support
   GCE regional mirrors. (LP: #1470890)
 + add udev rules that identify ephemeral device on Azure (LP: #1411582)
 + _read_dmi_syspath: fix bad log message causing unintended exception
 + rsyslog: add additional configuration mode (LP: #1478103)
 + status_wrapper in main: fix use of print_exc when handling exception
 + reporting: add reporting module for web hook or logging of events.
 + NoCloud: fix consumption of vendordata (LP: #1493453)
 + power_state_change: support 'condition' to disable or enable poweroff
 + ubuntu fan: support for config and installing of ubuntu fan (LP: #1504604)
 + Azure: support extracting SSH key values from ovf-env.xml (LP: #1506244)
 + AltCloud: fix call to udevadm settle (LP: #1507526)
 + Ubuntu templates: modify sources.list template to provide same sources
   as install from server or desktop ISO. (LP: #1177432)
 + cc_mounts: use 'nofail' if system uses systemd. (LP: #1514485)
 + Azure: get instance id from dmi instead of SharedConfig (LP: #1506187)
 + systemd/power_state: fix power_state to work even if cloud-final
   exited non-zero (LP: #1449318)
 + SmartOS: Add support for Joyent LX-Brand Zones (LP: #1540965)
   [Robert C Jennings]
 + systemd: support using systemd-detect-virt to detect container
   (LP: #1539016) [Martin Pitt]
 + docs: fix lock_passwd documentation [Robert C Jennings]
 + Azure: Handle escaped quotes in WALinuxAgentShim.find_endpoint.
   (LP: #1488891) [Dan Watkins]
 + lxd: add support for setting up lxd using 'lxd init' (LP: #1522879)
 + Add Image Customization Parser for VMware vSphere Hypervisor
   Support. [Sankar Tanguturi]
 + timezone: use a symlink rather than copy for /etc/localtime
   unless it is already a file (LP: #1543025).
 + Enable password changing via a hashed string [Alex Sirbu]
 + Added BigStep datasource [Alex Sirbu]
 + No longer run pollinate in seed_random (LP: #1554152)
 + groups: add defalt user to 'lxd' group.  Create groups listed
   for a user if they do not exist. (LP: #1539317)
 + dmi data: fix failure of reading dmi data for unset dmi values
 + doc: mention label for nocloud datasource must be 'cidata' [Peter Hurley]
 + ssh_pwauth: fix module to support 'unchanged' and match behavior
   described in documentation [Chris Cosby]
 + quickly check to see if the previous instance id is still valid to
   avoid dependency on network metadata service on every boot (LP: #1553815)
 + support network configuration in cloud-init --local with support
   device naming via
 + FreeBSD: add support for installing packages, setting password and
   timezone.  Change default user to 'freebsd'. [Ben Arblaster]
 + locale: list unsupported environment settings in warning (LP: #1558069)
 + disk_setup: correctly send --force to mkfs on block devices (LP: #1548772)
 + chef: fix chef install from gems (LP: #1553345)
 + systemd: do not specify After of obsolete (LP: #1536964)
 + centos: Ensure that resolve conf object is written as a str (LP: #1479988)
 + chef: straighten out validation_cert and validation_key (LP: #1568940)
 + phone_home: allow usage of fqdn (LP: #1566824) [Ollie Armstrong]
 + cloudstack: Only use DHCPv4 lease files as a datasource (LP: #1576273)
   [Wido den Hollander]
 + Paths: fix instance path if datasource's id has a '/'. (LP: #1575938)
   [Robert Jennings]
 + Ec2: do not retry requests for user-data path on 404.
 + settings on the kernel command line (cc:) override all local settings
   rather than only those in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg (LP: #1582323)
 + Improve merging documentation [Daniel Watkins]
 + apt sources: support inserting key/key-id only, custom sources.list,
   long gpg key fingerprints with spaces, and dictionary format (LP: #1574113)
 + SmartOS: datasource improvements and support for metadata service
   providing networking information.
 + Datasources: centrally handle 'dsmode' and no longer require datasources
   to "pass" if modules_init should be executed with network access.
 + ConfigDrive: improved support for networking information from
   a network_data.json or older interfaces formated network_config.
 + Change missing Cheetah log warning to debug [Andrew Jorgensen]
 + Remove trailing dot from GCE metadata URL (LP: #1581200) [Phil Roche]
 + support network rendering to sysconfig (for centos and RHEL)
 + write_files: if no permissions are given, just use default without warn.
 + user_data: fix error when user-data is not utf-8 decodable (LP: #1532072)
 + fix mcollective module with python3 (LP: #1597699) [Sergii Golovatiuk] 

Mon Jun  6 09:43:12 UTC 2016 -

- Add cloud-init-python2-sigpipe.patch (bsc#903449)
  + Restore SIGPIPE default handler when executing shell scripts

Tue May  3 21:49:47 UTC 2016 -

- Add cloud-init-finalbeforelogin.patch (bsc#978048)
  + Ordering issue, avoid login prompt before cloud-init is finished

Tue Mar 15 21:40:25 UTC 2016 -

- Update suseIntegratedHandler.patch (bsc#971275)
  + Properly handle the package_upgrade configuration option

Tue Oct  6 10:53:11 UTC 2015 -

- Add dependency on jinja2 (bsc#948995,bsc#948996)

Mon Jun 29 14:51:15 UTC 2015 -

- Add no_logic_change.patch to undo upstream logic changes introduced during
  style clean up

Wed May 20 18:27:02 UTC 2015 -

- Properly write the routes file for static networks (bnc#920190)
  + modify suseIntegratedHandler.patch
- Remove suseSetInitCmd.patch
  + is now integrated with suseIntegratedHandler.patch

Mon Apr 27 12:26:32 UTC 2015 -

- pmtools only exist on Intel architecture (bnc#928552)

Mon Apr 13 08:46:40 UTC 2015 -

- update to 0.7.6:
  - open 0.7.6
  - Enable vendordata on CloudSigma datasource (LP: #1303986)
  - Poll on /dev/ttyS1 in CloudSigma datasource only if dmidecode says
    we're running on cloudsigma (LP: #1316475) [Kiril Vladimiroff]
  - SmartOS test: do not require existance of /dev/ttyS1. [LP: #1316597]
  - doc: fix user-groups doc to reference plural ssh-authorized-keys
    (LP: #1327065) [Joern Heissler]
  - fix 'make test' in python 2.6
  - support jinja2 as a templating engine.  Drop the hard requirement on
    cheetah.  This helps in python3 effort. (LP: #1219223)
  - change install path for systemd files to /lib/systemd/system
    [Dimitri John Ledkov]
  - change trunk debian packaging to use pybuild and drop cdbs.
    [Dimitri John Ledkov]
  - SeLinuxGuard: remove invalid check that looked for stat.st_mode in os.lstat.
  - do not write comments in /etc/timezone (LP: #1341710)
  - ubuntu: provide 'ubuntu-init-switch' module to aid in systemd testing.
  - status/result json: remove 'end' entry which was always null
  - systemd: make cloud-init block ssh service startup to guarantee keys
    are generated. [Jordan Evans] (LP: #1333920)
  - default settings: fix typo resulting in OpenStack and GCE not working
    unless config explicitly provided (LP: #1329583) [Garrett Holmstrom])
  - fix rendering resolv.conf if no 'options' are provided (LP: #1328953)
  - docs: fix disk-setup to reference 'table_type' [Rail Aliiev] (LP: #1313114)
  - ssh_authkey_fingerprints: fix bug that prevented disabling the module.
    (LP: #1340903) [Patrick Lucas]
  - no longer use pylint as a checker, fix pep8 [Jay Faulkner].
  - Openstack: do not load some urls twice.
  - FreeBsd: fix initscripts and add working config file [Harm Weites]
  - Datasource: fix broken logic to provide hostname if datasource does not
    provide one
  - Improved and less verbose logging.
  - resizefs: first check that device is writable.
  - configdrive: fix reading of vendor data to be like metadata service reader.
    [Jay Faulkner]
  - resizefs: fix broken background resizing [Jay Faulkner] (LP: #1338614)
  - cc_grub_dpkg: fix EC2 hvm instances to avoid prompt on grub update.
    (LP: #1336855)
  - FreeBsd: support config drive datasource [Joseph bajin]
  - cc_mounts: support creating a swap file
- Refresh addopenSUSEBase.patch
- Refresh setupSUSEsysVInit.diff
- Removed cloudinit-datasources.patch. Applied upstream
- BuildRequires pkg-config. Needed to find correct systemd unit dir.
- Add fix-default-systemd-unit-dir.patch . Use better default for
  systemd system unit dir.

Tue Feb 24 15:52:13 UTC 2015 -

- Fix (bnc#919305 & bnc#918952)
  - Properly handle persistent network device names for OpenNebula 
    + add dataSourceOpenNebula.patch
  - Properly set up network mode if interface config file 
    + modified suseIntegratedHandler.patch

Thu Feb  5 10:16:54 UTC 2015 -

- Require e2fsprogs for filesystem resizing

Tue Feb  3 15:28:37 UTC 2015 -

- Remove Requires for python-yaml . There's already the right
  requirement for python-PyYAML

Mon Nov 21 12:04:28 UTC 2014 -

- fixed syntax error in dmidecode on ppc64 patch (bnc#914920)

Tue Sep 16 11:09:01 CEST 2014 -

- users-groups module checks if the account is locked by
  calling 'passwd -l' which is ok but it should not raise
  if the account is already locked. This patch will cause
  lock_passwd to raise only if the account locking failed

Sat Aug  9 12:35:16 UTC 2014 -

- Make package Arch dependent otherwise package is not installable
  on architectures where dmidecode is not available.

- Avoid to run dmidecode on PowerPC as well

Mon Jul 28 15:54:32 UTC 2014 -

- declare rsyslog.d only for distros where it is created
  fixes build error on SLE 11

Mon Jul 28 15:14:02 UTC 2014 -

- add dmidecode (pmtools SLE 11) as dependency (bnc #888345)

Tue Jul 22 22:31:17 UTC 2014 -

- fix typo in cloud.cfg (gowpart -> growpart) 
- add cloudinit-datasources.patch: Fixes datasource list

Mon Jul  7 17:21:54 UTC 2014 -

- fix "typo" the rhel_util module is imported as rhutil, use the
  proper name when accessing (modifies suseIntegratedHandler.patch)

Thu Jun 26 18:53:21 UTC 2014 -

- add rsyslog filter rule to send cloud-init messages to

Wed Jun 25 22:24:31 UTC 2014 -

- initialize variable in method setting the instance hostname (BNC #884392)
  modifies: suseIntegratedHandler.patch

Tue Jun 24 19:49:34 UTC 2014 -

- add the python magic for package build on SLE 11

Tue Jun 24 19:23:07 UTC 2014 -

- add more dependencies to ensure commands used by the scripts are present
- add dynamicInitCmd.diff
  + support diffirent init systems across distribution versions for
    service restart
- add suseSetInitCmd.patch
  + properly setup the init command to support proper service restart

Fri Jun 20 17:59:37 UTC 2014 -

- integrate openSUSE and SLE handler code
  + remove openSUSEHandler.diff
  + add suseIntegratedHandler.patch

Mon Apr 14 18:58:18 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 0.7.5
  - open 0.7.5
  - Add a debug log message around import failures
  - add a 'debug' module for easily printing out some information about
    datasource and cloud-init [Shraddha Pandhe]
  - support running apt with 'eatmydata' via configuration token
    apt_get_wrapper (LP: #1236531).
  - convert paths provided in config-drive 'files' to string before writing
    (LP: #1260072).
  - Azure: minor changes in logging output. ensure filenames are strings (not
  - config/cloud.cfg.d/05_logging.cfg: provide a default 'output' setting, to
    redirect cloud-init stderr and stdout /var/log/cloud-init-output.log.
  - drop support for resizing partitions with parted entirely (LP: #1212492).
    This was broken as it was anyway.
  - add support for vendordata in SmartOS and NoCloud datasources.
  - drop dependency on boto for crawling ec2 metadata service.
  - add 'Requires' on sudo (for OpenNebula datasource) in rpm specs, and
    'Recommends' in the debian/ [Vlastimil Holer]
  - if mount_info reports /dev/root is a device path for /, then convert
    that to a device via help of kernel cmdline.
  - configdrive: consider partitions as possible datasources if they have
    theh correct filesystem label. [Paul Querna]
  - initial freebsd support [Harm Weites]
  - fix in is_ipv4 to accept IP addresses with a '0' in them.
  - Azure: fix issue when stale data in /var/lib/waagent (LP: #1269626)
  - skip config_modules that declare themselves only verified on a set of
    distros.  Add them to 'unverified_modules' list to run anyway.
  - Add CloudSigma datasource [Kiril Vladimiroff]
  - Add initial support for Gentoo and Arch distributions [Nate House]
  - Add GCE datasource [Vaidas Jablonskis]
  - Add native Openstack datasource which reads openstack metadata
    rather than relying on EC2 data in openstack metadata service.
  - SmartOS, AltCloud: disable running on arm systems due to bug
    (LP: #1243287, #1285686) [Oleg Strikov]
  - Allow running a command to seed random, default is 'pollinate -q'
    (LP: #1286316) [Dustin Kirkland]
  - Write status to /run/cloud-init/status.json for consumption by
    other programs (LP: #1284439)
  - Azure: if a reboot causes ephemeral storage to be re-provisioned
    Then we need to re-format it. (LP: #1292648)
  - OpenNebula: support base64 encoded user-data
    [Enol Fernandez, Peter Kotcauer]
- remove azure_1269626.diff, fix integrated in new version
- rename addopenSUSEBase.diff to addopenSUSEBase.patch, forward port

Sat Mar 29 21:40:00 UTC 2014 -

- fix implementation of the openSUSE handler, properly read the configuration
  from sysconfig

Wed Mar 19 21:36:19 UTC 2014 -

- do not package any none SUSE/openSUSE templates bnc#839707
- add patch openSUSEhostsTemplate.diff to add an openSUSE hosts template

Wed Mar 19 20:49:32 UTC 2014 -

- enable growing of root partition by default bnc#861473

Tue Mar 18 15:01:51 UTC 2014 -

- include the LICENSE

Mon Mar 17 18:37:58 UTC 2014 -

- include in SLE 12 (FATE #315990, #315991, and 316167)
- add patch azure_1269626.diff, fix for upstream bug 1269626
  + Azure instance do not boot properly after a capture operation

Mon Mar 17 17:58:23 UTC 2014 -

- add dependency on growpart to support root partition expansion

Mon Jan 20 17:51:24 UTC 2014 -
- add python-jsonpatch, python-pyserial, python-PyYAML requires,
  otherwise it immediately traces on startup

Sat Jan  4 16:03:57 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 0.7.4
  + fix issue mounting 'ephemeral0' if ephemeral0 was an alias for a
    partitioned block device with target filesystem on ephemeral0.1.
    (LP: #1236594)
  + fix DataSourceAzure incompatibility with 2.6 (LP: #1232175)
  + fix power_state_change config module so that example works.  Improve
    its documentation and add reference to 'timeout'
  + support apt-add-archive with 'cloud-archive:' format.  (LP: #1244355)
  + Change SmartOS verb for availability zone (LP: #1249124)
  + documentation fix for boothooks to use 'cloud-init-per'
  + fix resizefs module by supporting kernels that do not have
    /proc/PID/mountinfo.  (LP: #1248625) [Tim Daly Jr.]
  + fix 'make rpm' by removing 0.6.4 entry from ChangeLog (LP: #1241834)
  + fix omnibus chef installer (LP: #1182265) [Chris Wing]
  + small fix for OVF datasource for iso transport on non-iso9660 filesystem
  + determine if upstart version is suitable for
    'initctl reload-configuration' (LP: #1124384).  If so, then invoke it.
    supports setting up instance-store disk with partition table and filesystem.
  + add Azure datasource.
  + add support for SuSE / SLES [Juerg Haefliger]
  + add a trailing carriage return to chpasswd input, which reportedly
    caused a problem on rhel5 if missing.
  + support individual MIME segments to be gzip compressed (LP: #1203203)
  + always finalize handlers even if processing failed (LP: #1203368)
  + support merging into cloud-config via jsonp. (LP: #1200476)
  + add datasource 'SmartOS' for Joyent Cloud.  Adds a dependency on serial.
  + add 'log_time' helper to util for timing how long things take
    which also reads from uptime. uptime is useful as clock may change during
    boot due to ntp.
  + prefer growpart resizer to 'parted resizepart' (LP: #1212492)
  + support random data seed from config drive or azure, and a module
    'seed_random' to read that and write it to /dev/urandom.
  + add OpenNebula Datasource [Vlastimil Holer]
  + add 'cc_disk_setup' config module for paritioning disks and creating
    filesystems.  Useful if attached disks are not formatted (LP: #1218506)
  + Fix usage of libselinux-python when selinux is disabled. [Garrett Holmstrom]
  + multi_log: only write to /dev/console if it exists [Garrett Holmstrom]
  + config/cloud.cfg: add 'sudo' to list groups for the default user 
    (LP: #1228228)
  + documentation fix for use of 'mkpasswd' [Eric Nordlund]
  + respect /etc/growroot-disabled file (LP: #1234331)
- replace fixupSysVinit.patch with suseSysVInit.diff
  + sysV init files are now maintained by distribution, thus we need a patch
    that has the complete sysV init files rather then modifying existing files
- remove slesHandler.patch
  + SLES support is now integrated upstream
- add addopenSUSEBase.diff
  + remnants of the slesHandler.patch that add information about openSUSE
- add setupSUSEsysVInit.diff
  + integrate the SUSE sysV init scripts into

Fri Aug  2 06:57:30 UTC 2013 -

- remove the "nofail" option for the ephemeral storage
  + when using nofail an attempt is made to mount the filesystem twice
    once via udev and once through localfs, this results in a hanging
    system if fsck needs to run on the device

Thu Jul 11 08:00:50 UTC 2013 -

- Install service files into /lib/systemd/system on 12.2, the UsrMove
  happened afterwards

Wed Jul 10 07:15:50 UTC 2013 -

- Re-imported from IBS and some cleanup
- Package LICENSE
- Install service files to /usr/lib/systemd/system, not /etc/...
- Drop %py_requires, there are several autorequires for SLES and openSUSE
- Drop $all facility Required-Start in sysvinit/cloud-final

Wed Jun 26 15:41:24 UTC 2013 -

- require python-boto >= 2.7 because it fails with 2.5.2

Wed Jun 26 13:07:41 UTC 2013 -

- fix stray character in patch introduced by previous changes 

Wed Jun 26 12:37:10 UTC 2013 -

- fix zypper command in slesHandler, use non-interactive mode

Wed Jun 19 17:32:11 UTC 2013 -

- fix duplicate entry in the config w.r.t. ssh key generation
- fix distro indicator setting, sles vs. opensuse

Tue Jun 18 21:48:21 UTC 2013 -

- Integrate the sysV init script changes from Jens

Tue Jun 18 21:23:46 UTC 2013 -

- integrate changes from HP
  + update the sles handler, do not modify the util code integrate
    routines directky into the sles handler
    ~ add patch slesHandler.patch
    ~ remove patch openSUSEHandler.diff
  + add python dependencies
    ~ python-argparse
    ~ python-configobj
    ~ python-oauth
  + update the cloud-init config file

Sat Jun 15 10:40:42 UTC 2013 -

- add the distro specific handler for openSUSE
  + patch openSUSEHandler.diff
- fix syntax in SLE handler
  + dict access uses [] not {}, duh

Fri Jun 14 00:57:18 UTC 2013 -

- add the distro specific handler for SLE
  + patch slesHandler.diff

Wed Jun  5 15:12:52 UTC 2013 -

- update to version 0.7.2, see Changelog in source for fixes
- use the upstream sysvinit and systemd files
- remove all previously created patches
  + drop-MAAS-datasource.diff
  + drop-python27-only-code.diff
  + drop-ubuntu-default-username.diff
  + relative-authorized-keys-file.diff
- create a doc and test package to reduce size of main package
- add patch (fixupSysVinit.patch) to fix the upstream sysvinit LSB headers

Mon May  6 14:50:17 UTC 2013 -

- support relative path for authorized_keys file
  backport fix from upstream version 0.7.1 (bnc#818306)

Wed Sep 19 12:42:07 UTC 2012 -

- fix usage of patches for openSUSE builds

Thu Sep 13 16:44:26 UTC 2012 -

- drop ubuntu as default user name
- disable ssh ecdsa host key creation on SLE11

Wed Sep 12 16:28:01 UTC 2012 -

- replace python 2.7 code with 2.5 compliant code

Tue Sep 11 13:32:34 UTC 2012 -

- drop debian specific checks (bnc#779553)

Mon Sep 10 14:32:27 UTC 2012 -

- Add python-xml Requires that was missing (bnc#779588).

Fri Jul 20 13:04:01 UTC 2012 -

- fix init script, use killproc for stop operation (bnc#771803)

Tue Jul  3 15:51:01 UTC 2012 -

- change license to SPDX format

Wed Jun 27 09:34:01 UTC 2012 -

- rename to cloud-init
- drop MAAS support to avoid oauth dependency

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