File README.First-for.SuSE.packagers of Package gcc7.21370

IMPORTANT: Please change or and then
run ./!  Do not change any .spec directly!

Since GCC comes with a testsuite that runs for quite a long time and
that test suite also contains some known failures, we should run the
testsuite of GCC whenever the compiler is changed to ensure a high
quality compiler.

The package is now split into two parts, gcc$VER and gcc$VER-testresults
(plus various spec files for cross and offload).  The testsuite is run from
gcc$VER-testresults.spec, a dummy source package with the actual testresults,
gcc$VER-testresults, generated from it which contains testing logfiles and
a summary.

Before checking in a new compiler, please do the following steps as QA
measure to check that the new compiler does not introduce any new

- In your branch project make sure at least gcc$VER and gcc$VER-testresults
  are built for all relevant architectures of the product

- When the build finished, call
    /suse/rguenther/bin/ \
      gcc$VER-testresults gcc$VER-testresults \
      SUSE:SLE-15:Update standard .1234 \
      home:user:branches:gcc standard
  It will compare testresults of the base (shipped in the product already,
  look for the magic .1234 suffix as to the latest released update) to
  your proposed update.  The differences will be recorded in a temporary
  directory which is printed as output, they should not contain any new
  failures.  If they do, please fix them or discuss this with the gcc
  package maintainers.

- Do not remove this file.

Your GCC packagers.
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