File gcc7-rpmlintrc of Package gcc7.21370

# This line is mandatory to access the configuration functions
from Config import *

# gcc/gcc-c++ are devel packages even if not called -devel...
addFilter ("gcc.*devel-file-in-non-devel-package")
addFilter ("gcc.*devel-dependency glibc-devel")
addFilter ("gcc.*devel-dependency libstdc")
# libstdc++6-devel is the devel package of libstdc++6, no better name exists
# and we do package static libs and the .so links (but in a gcc versioned
# directory)
addFilter ("libstdc.*shlib-policy-missing-lib")
# We have names lib libgcc_s1-gcc7 for non-default GCCs
addFilter ("shlib-policy-name-error")
addFilter ("shlib-legacy-policy-name-error")
# Packages provide libgcc_s1 = $version and conflict with other providers
# of libgcc_s1
addFilter ("conflicts-with-provides")

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