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.TH "UNIX2_CHKPWD" 8 "2003-03-21" "Linux-PAM 0.76" "Linux-PAM Manual"
unix2_chkpwd \- helper binary that verifies the password of the current user
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/sbin/unix2_chkpwd \fIservicename\fR \fIusername\fR
\fBunix2_chkpwd\fR is a helper program for applications that verifies 
the password of the current user.  It is not intended to be run directly from 
the command line and logs a security violation if done so. 

It is typically installed setuid root or setgid shadow and called by
applications, which only wishes to do an user authentification and
nothing more.

unix2_chkpwd requires the following arguments:
The name of the service using unix2_chkpwd. This is required to be one of
the services in /etc/pam.d
The name of the user whose password you want to verify.

unix2_chkpwd expects the password via stdin.

\fBunix2_chkpwd\fR has the following return codes:
unix2_chkpwd was inappropriately called from the command line or the password is incorrect.

The password is correct.

Written by Olaf Kirch loosely based on unix_chkpwd by Andrew Morgan



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